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Stupid stupid stupid, Piper cursed herself. What was she thinking? She should have captured him on the spot and handed him over to Annabeth. But no, she had to go and be an Aphrodite girl and notice that he was well muscled, and that his blue eyes were so bright it was almost unnatural, and he had this cute little scar on his lip that made a moon when he smiled... Abruptly, Piper flung herself down onto her pillow and screamed. She was supposed to be the hardened tomboy of Aphrodite Cabin, what was she doing, losing a chance to capture a stupid Roman; and not just any stupid Roman, but the leader of the stupid Romans, all because he was cute? And not to mention an amazing kisser, whispered that small voice inside of her, making Piper groan in agony, it didn't help she had gotten literally no sleep the night before, she had been with him until about 11, and then took the rest of the night dropping him off near Camp Jupiter.

"Umm... Piper?" came a small voice from her right; she looked up to find Lacy, all blonde pigtails and braces, looking at her, concerned. "Are you all right?" Piper looked around the room; all of her half siblings were looking at her with weird looks or concern. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine," she said with as much authority as possible, stepping out of her bunk and dusting off her kitten pajamas. "Oh, I think she's more than fine," One of Piper's brothers, Mitchell, teased playfully "I think the unattainable Piper McLean has a crush," Piper cringed as mascara eyes widened in amazement.

"OMG! Who is it who is it?" "Is he cute! Blonde or brunette?" "Is it that new Hebe guy? He's got that pale hair dark eyes thing going for him," "Is it even a guy? Piper, do you like girls?" Screw Tartarus, this was real chaos. Piper plunked back down on her purple bed, head in hands, and let her siblings have a few seconds of indulgence, before standing again and pulling out her best taxi cab whistle. The sound pierced everyone's ear drums, putting them in enough pain to fall silent. "Right, listen up; I do not have a crush on anyone! He is not blonde, he is not a brunette, it's not a girl, and it's definitely not the new Hebe guy because I'm pretty sure he has a thing for you," Piper added, pointing to Charlotte, who immediately started giggling and chatting with her nearest sister "He is not any of those things because he does not exist, capiche?" She finished, a few weary heads nodded. Piper sighed "Thanks," she added, before picking up random clothes from her suitcase and bolting to the bathroom. However, before she had completely closed the door, she heard someone whisper "The first stage always has been denial," making Piper roll her eyes and lock the door with what might have been more firmness than needed.

Oddly enough, Piper had been so busy cursing herself for… pretty much everything she had done that night, she totally forgot she had given Jason her number, so it came as a total surprise when her phone started ringing when she was halfway up the lava wall. As you can imagine, this wasn't the most convenient time, as she nearly jumped off the wall in surprise when a Cold Play song started blasting from her pocket; fortunately, she managed to scrabble back into her hand hold and clung there for dear life, trying to slow her rushing heart; before she decided ignoring wouldn't make her phone shut up, and if she let it ring too long she would probably get in trouble for having a phone on her. So Piper swung up the last few feet and perched herself comfortably on the top of the climbing wall, about 17 meters in the air, before tugging her still painfully loud phone out of her pocket and putting it to her ear.

"Hullo?" She asked, still a little out of breath "Um, hey, this is Jason." It came out almost as a question. Piper was suddenly very grateful her siblings had no interest in learning to climb, and hadn't even bothered start on the wall, and as a result were where they exactly where they belonged, far out of ear earshot.

She caught herself trying to fix her hair, but then mentally slapped herself, he couldn't even see her. "O-oh, hey Jason," she stuttered a little, before shaking herself; a slightly awkward silence followed, as neither of them knew what to say to each other, "You have magnificent timing," Piper interrupted the static "I'm on a climbing wall right now, when my phone started ringing, I almost jumped into some lava," she finished laughing slightly, making Jason laugh a little was well "Sorry if a startled you, but, wait, lava?" he asked, sounding so baffled that Piper laughed a little harder "In Greece the only way to prepare for a situation to be in the situation," she joked lightly, making Jason laugh again. There, the awkward silence was gone. "So listen, I have this friend in Kansas City, and he was telling me about this amazing coffee shop, and since it's pretty much in the middle of our… camps, I thought we could meet up there, get a coffee, maybe see a movie after…?" He trailed off, waiting for her reaction. Piper was currently blinking in surprise, she didn't know what she had been expecting, but this wasn't it. She also had no idea how reply but, for better or for worse, words started slipping out her mouth before she could stop them "Oh… I don't know… You'll have to convince me…" Piper trailed off flirtily, internally impressed and a little frightened of her own daring; her sisters were rubbing off on her. All of these stray emotions faded when he laughed his strangely comforting laugh, "Oh, that's easy, let a guy repay you for most graciously not killing him and even healing him after he gets knocked out. Not many would do that, and I'd like to spend some time with the kind person who would," Piper laughed again, she was beginning to feel like a school girl, giggling at everything he said "You're making me feel cheap, Jason, winning me over to so quickly," Piper mock groaned "Hey, I'm not complaining, helps my ego. So, Murray's Ice Creams & Cookies, two-ish, wing it from there?" Piper grinned "It's a date," she agreed, and then suddenly she sang into the phone "Toodles, Sparky!" an impish tone in her voice, and hung up before he could reply. Grinning to herself, she began climbing down the ladder built into the back of the climbing wall, she was going to have fun, for a Roman, Jason was surprisingly good company. But may the Gods forbid her siblings find out she was going on a date, Piper had heard that the painful thing possible was death by hair curler.

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