Part Three

The week after Mr. Knives saved my son, I really couldn't keep my eyes off of him. It was like I was staring at a different man. Mr. Knives wasn't the cold-blooded killer I always thought he was. He was just this could. He was now a man with a heart, man who didn't always want to destroy humanity, but a person who might want to save it.

Now that I knew Mr. Knives could be good, every time I saw him I stared and I wondered what other good deed be could do if he put his mind to it. Could he be like his brother and help complete strangers, expecting little reward for his efforts? I was so unsure.

Exactly two weeks after Mr. Knives saved Mathew from being crushed, I was walking pass Mr. Knives' room. I couldn't help myself, I looked inside to see him sitting on his bed. I was shocked. This was normal. He often did this. What was shocking was he was staring at me.

Mr. Knives' icy blue eyes glared into my soft blue ones. I could tell he knew I had been watching him for the past couple of weeks, because the look he gave me said stop.

I gasped, then gulped, my eyes wide at being caught. A shiver of guilt ran up and down my spine.

"S-Sorry, Mr. Knives," I stuttered in a squeaky voice.

"You are not," Mr. Knives said in a deathly calm voice.

"Ye-Yes, I am," I said.

Mr. Knives stood and approached me.

"You are lying to me spider," he said using 'spider' as a curse.

I backed away into the hallway.

"Why have you been staring at me?"

"I-I-I'm not sure," I sad backing into the wall.

Mr. Knives stopped only two inches from me. He was close enough to be a threat, but far enough that we did not make physical contact.

"Well, stop it," Mr. Knives snapped at me.

I nodded mutely and Mr. Knives turned, walked back into his bedroom, and slammed his door shut.

I remained at the wall, whimpering back my tears. It wasn't long before Meryl found me.

"Millie," she asked calmly. "What's wrong?"

"Mr. Knives," I sniffled.

I did not look at her.

"What did that antisocial maniac do?" Meryl asked instantly becoming angry.

"Nothing really," I answer. " He just told me to stop staring at him.

"Why do you keep staring at him?"

"He fascinates me," I answered finally looking my friend in the eye. She was all blurry, because I hadn't wiped away my tears.

"Oh, in what way?" Meryl asked. Her voice was now calm again.

"I'm not sure. All I know is, that I can't stop staring at him and I can't stop thinking about him either."

"Maybe you like him," Meryl joked satisfied that I was okay. "Anyway, I've got to get some work done. Tell Vash not to bug me when he gets home, okay?"

I smiled down at her.

"Okay," I said with a laugh in my voice and I watched her walk back to her room to do some work.

As soon as Meryl closed her bedroom door, my smile dropped. I know she was only joking, but what if I really do like Mr. Knives in a romantic way. Mr. Knives was the man that lead to My Nicholas's death. How could I have feelings for him?