What follows is a work of fiction that was inspired by the anime Blue Submarine No 6 which

was produced by Bandi America and Gonzo entertainment. As such I do not own the rights

to any of the characters printed herein (except the ones I made up). Now since this story is a

labor of love I will not seek any profit from it except the enjoyment of those who read it.

*********************************Author's Note*********************************

The format of this story is similar to that of a movie script because I found the traditional writing

formats to be very restrictive. However with this format I can write what I see in my head and leave

enough out to help spur the imagination of the reader. Now if this is not what you are

used to I can understand but please don't dismiss my story until you have read it.


"The Sea Will Grant Each Man New Hope As Sleep Brings Dreams Of Home."

~Sean Connery, Captain Marco Ramius, The Hunt For The Red October, 1990~

****Location: Blue Colony Dome # 7 Observation Deck****

[Hayami Tetsu is laying on his back staring up at a projection of the ocean lost in thought.]

[Mayumi Kino enters suddenly.]

"So there you are."

"Somehow I thought I would find you in here."

"What do you want Kino?"

"You... you're late for the morning briefing AGAIN!"

"Yuri is going to be really pissed when WE show up late."

"Screw Yuri... after all what can he do?"

"It's not like he can fire me or anything."

"No, he can't fire you but he CAN give US all the shit work AGAIN!"

"Or maybe you like pulling septic duty?"


"Don't you get it yet Kino all of THIS is shit work!"

[Hayami stands up and motions angrily]

"I am a pilot Kino, not a gofer!"

"I shouldn't be hauling around cargo like some kind of underwater trucker!"

"Well, what do you expect Hayami?"

"The war is over, it has been for three years now, and the Blue Fleet is no more."

"All that we have left are a half-dozen grampus units and ONE functioning boat."

"There is no need for combat pilots anymore."

"The only thing we can do now is lend a hand whenever we can."

"And what about US Kino, when do WE get to try and find some kind of a life?"

[Hayami storms out of the room leaving a shocked Kino alone.]

[Kino soon recovers and runs after Hayami.]