****Location: Blue Colony Dome # 7 Level 23 Infirmary Isolation Room # 12****

[Hayami sprinted out into the hallway heading straight for Kino's room.]

[But as he did so he could feel his pace slow and eventually come to a stop.]

[Standing just feet away from Kino's door.]

[Hayami found himself gripped by an emotion he had never known before.]

[Fear... for the first time in his life Hayami was afraid.]

[Afraid of what Kino would say.]

[Afraid of what Kino would do.]

"What if she holds me responsible?"

[Hayami thought as he remembered Kino's words.]

"I have put up with your bullshit for the last time!"

"Either you get a grip or you find yourself another partner."

[These words hurt Hayami more than Kino's right hook.]

[Not knowing what to do Hayami just stood there like an adult schoolboy.]

"Oh for Christ sake!"

[Iga groaned as he stepped forward.]

[Placing his hands on Hayami's back Iga pushed Hayami the rest of the way.]

"Iga what the hell are you doing?"

[Hayami snapped.]

"Being your spine!"

[Iga retorted as he guided Hayami into Kino's room.]

[Directing him to the chair that he had occupied hours before.]

[As Hayami sat down he noticed that Kino was unconscious.]

"What the hell... you told me she was awake!"

[Hayami growled.]

"She was when I went to get you."

[Iga countered.]

"Relax Hayami the doc said this might happen."

"It's just the brains way of resetting itself."

[Iga reassured.]

"Look at it this way... when she wakes up you will be the first thing she sees."

[Iga said as he leaned against the doorframe.]

"I don't think she'll be that happy to see me."

[Hayami said in a downtrodden voice.]


"After all you two have been..."

[But before Iga could finish the phone beside him came to life.]

[Iga picked up the receiver and spoke.]

"Sickbay actual... alright I'll be right there."

[Iga said as he replaced the receiver.]

"I am sorry but duty calls."

"If you need me I'll be in the conn."

[Iga said as he headed for the door.]

"Hey Iga..."


[Hayami choked out.]

"Don't let it go to your head."

[Iga smiled and left.]

[With Iga gone an awkward silence descended upon the room.]

[And time seemed to pass at a snails pace.]

[Soon Hayami became drowsy and was heading back to that warm place.]

[But before his mind was completely enveloped.]

[Hayami was brought back to reality by a familiar voice.]

"Ha... ya... mi?"

[Kino sputtered out as she slowly opened her eyes.]