It had been sometime since Rngo had left the newly named town of Mud.

In the time of his absence the townspeople had rebuilt their homes and had plenty of water for all

That was until the town caught on fire. No one knew how it happened, yet the fire caused everyone to be homeless. At least they had plenty of water to put it out. So for a time, Priscilla, Beans, and the rest of the towns folk were forced to endure the chilling cold nights of the dessert

Thankfully the humans that drove by and threw trash into the dessert made a new home for them all.

Yet as the people rebuilt, Priscilla noticed something strange about Angelique the fox.

"Angelique," she asked the frech fox "How come your not smoking anymore?"

"It's a bad habit little girl," Angelique said "It'll cause you nothing but pain and misery. Remember that,"

Beans called Priscilla over to help her with something and the little mouse left the foxy woman.

"Good thing nobody found out I accidently burned the town down," Angelique thought. Who knew a little ember from a cigarette could cause so much destruction

Angelique never smoked again, and lived a healty life from then on.

As did everyone else in mud

The end