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Summary: The truth behind Minato's heritage is told and how will it affect his son and his journey to become a Shinobi of Konoha and the rebirth of one of the greatest clans


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Chapter 1: Blue/Grey/Purple

A peaceful sunset in a little village turned medic/supply outpost during the Second Shinobi War located on a strategic river that ran through The land of Waterfalls. Sitting on the dock looking out toward the river were two people. The first one a pregnant blonde in her early twenties, the second was a young man with what could be described as a type of lavender hair it was too light to be classified as blue and too dark to be classified as grey. The women was sitting on the edge of the dock with her bare feet hanging over occasionally the water would lap the bottom softly when the waves rolled in which started to occurred more recently as the tide came in. The man was laying on the dock on his stomach his head turned on the side with one ear resting against the enlarged womb of the women who had opened up her grey vest so the only barrier between her womb and his ear was minimal, one arm had wrapped behind her back to join with the one that was lying across her thighs his eyes were closed, his expression one of bliss. Slowly the man opened his eyes and let out a soft sigh before closing his eyes again.

"Tsunade you know you didn't have to come all the way out here you are almost due for birth also it's not safe for you to be moving around so much and in the middle of a battlefield none the less" he softly spoke one could almost detect a worried tone.

"You worry too much my love there's two reasons you need not worry firstly I was not given the rank of Sannin for being weak and helpless you know and two I'm an known all around as the greatest medic-nin for a reason also we are in a medic outpost which is on the list of top priority's to protect" she replied with a smug look on her face "and you know what who else would watch over you and making sure you don't get yourself injured."

He chuckled lightly than he reached inside his shirt pulling out the Shodai Hokage's necklace, "isn't this enough good luck to keep me safe Tsunade? As his face broke out into a grin."

Dan tilted his head so he could look at Tsunade he scanned her face than it happened aqua eyes meeting Hazel ones. Just another part of her he loved so much every time their eyes would connect they fell in love all over again. I can't bear to lose her he thought to himself if I do I don't know how I would live on, but now it's no longer just her I must protect but also the baby now.

Tsunade watched him lost in thought then slowly she ran her finger though his soft blue locks…. Hmm blue locks she questions herself or was it lavender no it's too light to be that grey perhaps? Possibly baby blue she shakes her head. This is what drew her to him in the first place when they had first met in the medical academy shortly after she had begun studying medical ninjustu back in Konoha. His hair was what caught her eye almost immediately he always stood out in a crowd as If he wore a kill me orange jumpsuit she shuddered at that thought who I their right mind would wear something like that. Her first belief on Dan was that he was some of genetic freak of nature, like who in the world had hair that was some sort of weird combination of blue/grey/purple.

The closest she ever saw was to that was that girl that the Hyuga boy Hiashi had the biggest crush on Hitomi was her name I believe, her hair had a dark bluish tint which was unlike anybody in Konoha and was only surpassed in weirdness by Dan's hmm maybe I should ask Orochimaru next time she saw him he was into this kind of weird stuff anyway. She wanted nothing less but to study at that time his hair follicles and DNA but as time progressed slowly their relationship blossomed into love, and now here she was sitting on a dock in the middle of a war almost 9 months pregnant.

Maybe she could get Jiraiya to write a book about their relationship when the war was over. His first book although had great values, was not a big hit he should just stick to what he was good at which was being a perv ….. Immediately her hand shot up to her mouth all the while not noticing she had yanked a good few pieces of Dan's hair out in the process during her pregnancy her chakra control had become unstable at best placing her in weird situations where she would gain super strength randomly when she didn't want too this was one of those moments leaving Dan in a waterfall of tears and one hand reaching out toward her face while twitching madly.

Ignoring Dan's pain she shook her head violently and thought NO! She wouldn't let him write a story about their relationship because then they would have to go into all the details about their life behind closed doors, If some of these stories got out it would reveal a side of Tsunade nobody other than Dan had seen before, most likely destroying her reputation and she could not do that to what remained of the Senju line. Now that she thought about it, she for one wasn't too sure when specifically she had gotten pregnant, was it because they had decided to get a little frisky in the uni-sex hot spring or was it after they decided to have a short romp in the grass after their picnic on the statue of her grandfather's head, hell it could have even been the time where she had been not seen him for a whole week and the moment he had returned she happened to been doing an autopsy on a dead Iwa Kunoichi's body. Although she was the one who had initiated it Dan at first had been a bit hesitant telling her it kind of felt like he was cheating on her while doing it on top of the dead Kunoichi's body. She immediately waved him off saying they could slap her around a little bit without repercussions, she was done with the autopsy anyway. Turns out that was not the smartest idea after a few chakra enhanced slaps from Tsunade for some strange reason her eyelids opened up revealing her cold dead eyes. Instantly freaking them both out instantly throwing any mood for intercourse out the window. Yeah she could probably cross that off her list of where and when in the hell did she get pregnant. Making a mental note to think about it later she refocused herself and looked down at Dan who was staring up at her one of his eyes was twitching slightly.

"Is something wrong my love she asked him lovingly?" "Huh" instantly snapping out of his stupor Dan looked at her and replied "Tsunade have you decided on any more suggestions on what you want to name our son?"

Tsunade shook her head lightly than turned her gaze towards the river. "Not yet I want to see him first maybe than I will gain some inspiration."

Dan chuckled at her than also turning towards the river. "Regardless you should have still had some names prepared; you don't want our son to be wrongly named after something you came up with off the top of your head."

Tsunade scowled at him a bit, than thought, he's right I should have some names thought up of but with your funny genetics and hair color Kami knows what our son would look like.

Suddenly she felt something poke her forehead where her Creation rebirth seal was, she found Dan had gently tapped the seal with his finger

Then he said, "you know you shouldn't frown so much it will give you all those wrinkles old people have, than you would need to create a new justu just to hide them." He then proceeded to laugh lightly which was rewarded with a bop on his head from Tsunade; he inwardly thanked Kami that it wasn't one of her super strength ones.

As they slowly watched the sun disappeared behind the horizon in tranquility it was soon to be broken by a messenger running towards them

"Dan-sama Dan-sama" the messenger yelled, as he ran closer toward them when he finally reached them he had bent over with his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath, in one of his hands was clutching a note

"Whoa now take a few breaths we don't want you passing out before you deliver your message now do we," Dan said while lifting his head off of Tsunade's lap and smiling at the messenger

Finally catching his breath the messenger said, although still a bit winded "Urgent message from headquarters Dan-sama" as he handed over the note

Taking the note he sits up and begins to read it while Tsunade reads from over his shoulder.

Urgent news

Enemy Iwa troops have begun to mobilize along the western front we require all battle ready medics to deploy to the front lines in order to prepare to assist our standing ground forces


Placing his hand on his forehead Dan takes a deep breath looking up from the note toward the messenger he smiles and says to him. "Good work you have saved many lives today by bringing this message to me so quickly, you can go now I will be leaving right after I finish a couple of things here." Handing the note back to him.

The messenger salutes Dan than bows towards Tsunade and immediately runs off toward a different direction, no doubt to alert others of the situation.

Dan than turns towards Tsunade and looks into her eyes than before saying, "my love I have to go now they need me to help in the war," reaching out and grasping her hands in his before continuing, "I wish I could be here when our son is born but we live in the harsh time or war and I have no choice but to put Konoha before you an our son."

Tsunade with a few tears rolling down her face takes her right hand out of his and softly caresses his face than after a short sigh she says, "I understand Dan at times of war the village comes before any of our personal matters, In truth I would love to have you here to witness our sons birth, but as long as you promise to come back to us safe and in one piece all will be forgiven."

Memories of Nawaki's death come rushing back to her only to be broken when Dan leaned in and placed a kiss of love and care on her lips but too soon they had separated, with one last smile Dan stood back up and Shunshin away in a swirl of leaves.

Suddenly Tsunade's eyes widened in realization she softly whispered to the wind

"He didn't promise me!"

As tears began to run down her face again she continued to sit at the port staring out toward the river silently sobbing and praying her love would return safe to her.

Meanwhile in a forest some miles away Dan was running across the tree tops, while tears were also flowing down his face also whispering into the wind.

"I'm sorry Tsunade I couldn't promise you but if I ever want to become Hokage that is something I can't promise you"

He increased his speed as he towards the deployment zone in order to prepare for war!

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