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NSU Chapter 48: Trapped In Darkness

It was quiet in the Hokage tower as Tsunade glared at Naruto and Kakashi, at the mention of the name Itachi, Tsunade had quickly silenced Kakashi and sent her Anbu guards away than quickly sealed her room with privacy seals. Tsunade had to mull and choose her words carefully in this next discussion.

The awkward silence in the room lead Kakashi to believe that he should continue, "I think he should be evaluated or at least tested for any possible genjutsu Tsunade-sama, I've been telling Naruto all these years to distance himself from Itachi but he refuses to listen!"

Tsunade somewhat ignored the statement then said hesitantly, "Kakashi what you hear now can never leave this room do you understand?"

Kakashi nodded as Tsunade continued, "Itachi Uchiha is not the evil person you think he is to be."

This announcement shook Kakashi a bit, he looked around to see if somebody was playing a cruel joke on him but there was no grin on Naruto's face nor was their one on Tsunade's "What do you mean Tsunade-sama, he betrayed his own clan and slaughtered all those innocent people!"

Tsunade stood up and turned to face the spot where the Uchiha compound once stood, she had to remember to thank Hinata for getting rid of that eyesore. "What if I told you, Itachi is actually a hero and that what he did was under orders?"

Kakashi couldn't believe what he was actually hearing, yes he had heard rumors about how the Uchiha's were being a little rowdy and restless. But for the Hokage to actually authorize the genocide of an entire clan!

"Pity them if you want Kakashi, but I have read the Sandaimes notes and spoken to him in-depth about it as well. The Uchiha refused to come to an any sort of peaceful agreement with Konoha, and when it was finally deemed we were on the brink of civil war, our final plan was put into action… one that would produce the least amount of casualties." Tsunade continued with her back to them.

While Kakashi accepted this hard truth, it was still a lot to take in, as he did have a few comrades who were killed that night. "And you?" he said as he turned to Naruto.

"Itachi agreed to serve as a spy for us in Akatsuki, he sends reports whenever he can. Today however we were meeting for a more personally reason." Naruto responded in a monotone voice.

"Which is?" Kakashi asked, though Tsunade was equally curious.

"It was about Sasuke." Naruto let out a sigh, "He tasked me to watch over his brother, and attempt to set him on the right path. However he also asked that if Sasuke ever inherited his families vengeance or hatred than I should put him down in order to ensure the safety of Konoha."

Kakashi clutched his forehead, as he felt that he also had that responsibility as Sasuke's sensei he was so caught up in his delusion of wanting a team like when he was a genin under Naruto's father that he ignored all the signs that Sasuke would turn to the dark side.

However it was too late for that now, as even he knew that the Hyuga clan much less Tsunade would never ever let Sasuke out of prison. Ultimately Kakashi didn't believe Sasuke could be redeemed either, especially not after what he did to little Hanabi.

Tsunade sat back down on her chair and picked up a scroll, "Remember Kakashi this is a S-Rank secret, none of this leaves this room. Or you will severely endanger Itachi's life and the safety of Konoha as a whole do you understand?"

She saw Kakashi nod in acceptance than she turned to Naruto, "Do you have anything else to report?"

Naruto thought for a moment about telling her about all that happened in the alternate dimension, but he honestly didn't see the point as there was nothing benefiting Tsunade in telling. So he just merely shook his head.

Tsunade looked up at the pair for a moment then said in a solemn tone, "Kakashi you may leave, but Naruto I want to talk to you…"

She waited for Kakashi to completely close the door before she exploded out at him, "Do you know how fucking stupid you are!" and to prove a point she hurled a stapler at him, which hit him on the chest and bounced off. His lack of response at her statement and at the stapler proved to Tsunade that he indeed did understand his foolish mistake but she would not let him off so easily.

"You had no right to meet him, just as I have no right to order you to do anything… however do remember this boy, if you force me I do have the right to order those you most love. As I said before maybe you don't realize but not only did you put Itachi's life in danger with your stupidity but also the safety of Konoha as a whole, he is the only reason Akatsuki hasn't come down on you or on this in village full force! "

Naruto's fist clenched as he heard that, his eyes narrowed into a glare but he remained silent but his mind didn't, inside his head he heard the chant





He felt the urge to lunge at her grow in the pit of his stomach, to run her through with his katana but he was able to restrain himself from such an act.

"So do you comprehend what I'm saying! You try something foolish and stupid again and I will insure you are punished for it!"

Wanting to be out of the room as quickly as possible he responded though somewhat sarcastically, "I understand Hokage-sama…"

Luckily for him it was enough for Tsunade as she merely waved him out as she had a pile of paperwork to do and this unexpected meeting had set her back.

Leaving the tower in a fit of rage Naruto wandered over to Inuzuka compound where the clinic was hoping to clear his mind a bit, his intention today was to pick up Neji-chan anyway, as long as he had a purpose he could push aside his festering rage for now also he knew the fox would do wonders in cheering up Hanabi.

Entering the clinic he waved to a number of Inuzuka's that also worked at the clinic, it looked like a slow day as some of the veterinary nurses were just lounging around playing with the animals. Hana's door was open so that meaning she wasn't busy at the moment so Naruto just knocked lightly on the door and entered.

Hana turned and gave him a light smile afterwards she walked over and pecked him on the cheek before heading toward another file on the counter near Naruto. She flipped through a couple of pages on the file as Naruto walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach resting his chin on her shoulder. Hana couldn't help but to lean into the embrace, "Here to pick up Neji-chan?" Hana asked.

Snuggling into her neck, Naruto replied feeling slightly better, "What I can't come just to visit my Hana-chan?"

"You can if you want. But I doubt you come all this way just for little old me'' Hana teased as she handed Naruto release papers to sign for Neji-chan.

Naruto quickly signed the papers teasing back, "You hurt me in thinking I don't love you as much as the others." He then made a clone to go pick up and return the fox to Hanabi.

As the clone left the room it closed the door behind it and placed a quick privacy seal to the room. Naruto asked as he began to play with some of her surgical tools, "Do you have anything booked today?"

She looked up at Naruto who was still playing with some of her tools, "Well according to what you have in your hand, apparently a certain fox wants to be neutered."

Naruto snipped the clamps a couple of times in amusement before setting it down then walking over to Hana's examination table and sitting on top of it. "Do you mind giving me a quick check up then?"
Hana eyed him suspiciously, "What grandma too busy to do it?"

"We had somewhat of a falling out." Naruto dully replied as he knew inside it was way more than just a simple falling out.

Hana set down the chart and picked up a tongue depressor walking over toward Naruto she inspected his head as she tilted it from side to side, "Huh, really now? And here I thought you were her favorite little Shinobi."

Naruto thought of what to say but couldn't even if he did think of something as Hana stuck the tongue depressor in his mouth, she mumbled something to herself as she threw the depressor away.

"So how am I?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

Hana returned the smile, "Well, as you already know I'm not a doctor…" she said in a playful tone. "But if you were actually a fox." She continued on as she slapped her hands onto Naruto's cheeks and began rubbing and scratching them as if Naruto was a furry woodland animal. "Then I would say such a good boy! Eating all your vegetables and staying active aren't you!"

Naruto chuckled at her actions, this chuckling incited Hana to unbuckle his flak jacket and begin to lift his shirt upwards, she saw Naruto's confused face and said as if it was the most normal thing, "Well since you are playing along so well I think I might as well do a full body checkup." She grinned with a sly tone.

She ran her hand briefly down his bare chest for a moment at first just enjoying the sensation before her eye brows bunched up in confusion. She leaned forward and took a sniff to confirm her findings, "What happened? Were you just fighting somebody?"

Naruto bit his lip, he didn't expect Hana to discover the hits he had taken when he was in the alternate universe. When Naruto.C had swiped him with one of his tails, it had actually left a wide gash across his chest and had he not immediately called upon the powers of Kurama to save him, then he would have definitely bled out in moments.

Locking eyes with Hana, Naruto knew she wasn't going to let this go easily. "Yeah I got into a bit of a scuffle this morning, nothing too bad though I'm still up and kicking aren't I?" he said as he tried to reassure her with a charming smile.

Hana didn't really buy it as she ran her hand from the top of his right shoulder all the way to the bottom of his ribs on the left side, tracing the wound that had closed up perfectly. Shaking her head in annoyance and concern, Naruto was still stumped on how she found out and if Hinata could as well.

And as if Hana could read his mind, she said in a demanding tone. "Let me guess the princess doesn't know?"

Naruto shook his head, so Hana snorted and softly patted his chest. "Don't worry I can only tell because of my medical training and my acute sense of smell, your skin might have healed but new flesh and old flesh are distinctly different. This was really intensive trauma you sure you feel okay?"

Naruto nodded to her as well as letting out a sigh of relief, as Hinata would never stop worrying about him if she found out. He never liked lying to her but minor things like this he did not believe she needed to be bothered with, especially because she had so much to do no being a clan head and all. Honestly she was so busy sometimes with paperwork that she might as well be the Hokage.

Lemon Start

Ctrl-F (Lemon Over) to skip




In Naruto's musings he did not notice the predatory glean that started to envelop Hana's face. Hormones hit Inuzuka's pretty hard, and their urge to mate was often maddeningly difficult to suppress. But as a female Inuzuka with a gorgeous alpha male of a mate Hana had to admit her self-control could probably be compared to that of a monk.

But straight from the mouth of Anko directly it seemed that it was open season on sexy time with Naruto and she would not let this opportunity slip away, she had no appointments, it was a slow day and for once maybe one of the other vets could do something.

Nearly openly salivating she said as she unzipped his pants and pulled them off leaving Naruto only in his boxers. "Well let me just make sure there's no lasting damage these next few 'exercises' will be my gauge. That's if you want to submit yourself to these exams?" All that she needed was slight wink from him and she reached inside the opening in front of his boxers fishing out Naruto's package. She let out a nearly silent "Oh" in amazement as she could hardly believe her eyes, nose and hands.

Her senses were being bombarded with pleasure and her inner self was roaring at her to bend over and let him dominate her.

Her normally coral colored shorts were now a dark brown from her juices that were flooding as if it was monsoon season in Kiri. She licked the tip of it gently her eyes remaining locked with Naruto's. As his face became more feral she grew even more turned on by him.

A soft whimper from Hana was all she was able to let out as Naruto suddenly gripped the back of her head pulling his shaft further into her mouth. This might have been a little too rough for the others but Naruto knew Hana was the type of girl that enjoyed when she was treated in a slightly rougher manner. Her willingness to the task was mind blowing to Naruto as she actually grabbed onto his waist so she could help in her task in going even deeper.

While Naruto would never openly admit it, he didn't mind the change of pace occasionally. It didn't take long for Hana to have the entirety of Naruto penis in her mouth, and she was rather proud of it. However in her eyes it was not one of accomplishment but one of total submission toward her future husband.

Testing that conviction Naruto held her down, knowing that what he was doing was denying her oxygen. But to a Shinobi like Hana, this was nothing as she had been subjected to fates much worst then this.

Releasing her head from his hold, slowly Hana lifted her head even though she had been denied oxygen for some time already; however she wanted him to see how much she had to offer. This marriage wasn't supposed to be competitive but that was too bad.

Being competitive was in Hana's nature, and if that meant taking time from somebody else well it was just too bad for whoever it was.

Even with Naruto's enlarged member no longer fit snuggly in her mouth and down her throat she remained closed to it, rubbing it against her cheeks and laying soft kisses on up and down the length of it.

Naruto chuckled and brushed a few strands of Hana's hair out of her face so he could get a better view of her actions, and as pleasing as the view and feeling was he knew they both wanted more so he grabbed onto her arm so he could lift her upwards.

In a flash he had pushed her white lab coat off, and in the next second the zipper of her flak jacket was already zipped all the way down with that piece of garment falling away as well. All that remained under that was a beige bra which almost blended in perfectly with her natural skin color.

Naruto grinned and made a comment about it, "Were you expecting something today?"

Hana grabbed onto the back of his hands and maneuvered them so that he was groping her, "Just a precaution, I don't know how much longer I could have held on without jumping you Naruto-kun." She moaned as he began to fondled her breasts.

Naruto licked his lips as he pulled, twisted and squeezed with all his heart's content. "These are amazing you know. Not as big as Anko-chan's, but yours are perky compared to hers." With that he gripped her two nipples between his fingers pulled them toward his body stretching them slightly." Hana moaned from the pleasure as she gripped the side of the table so she could keep her body remained in place.

Letting go of her breasts Naruto stood up off the table, and pushed Hana so now she was lying face down on top of the table. The cool metallic surface of the table was a far cry from where they belonged in the strong hands of Naruto; however she couldn't say anything as Naruto had now maneuvered behind her and unbuttoned her dark brown short shorts yanking them downwards along with her panties.

Getting a strong whiff of Hana when he aided in completely removing her shorts, Naruto couldn't help but to reach down and scooping a small sample for him to taste, tangy yet satisfying he thought to himself. This time he stuck nearly his whole hand into her trying to draw as much of her syrup up as possible so he could greedily lap it up. This went on for a while as Naruto continued to scoop from the honey pot.

However soon he could not control his raging hormones as Hana's moans of pleasure got to him and he did not want to deny Hana any longer as she had probably had the worst of being forced to wait all these years. Positioning himself right outside her moist center, he rubbed the tip of his shaft around the folds just to test the waters a bit before plunging almost his entirety in without warning.

Hana let out a gasp, a delicate mix of pleasure in pain rose from her throat however she would never let out any sort of complaint or opposition.

She gripped the edge of her metallic table because without any pause Naruto began pounding into her doggy style, it was not in any way a brutal sense, but it was rough and that was exactly how Hana liked it. Yeah Hana was bleeding it was just slightly and she couldn't be more turned on because Naruto knew exactly the way to treat her, and she definitely wasn't going to hide her pleasure.

As she let out quite audible yelps every time Naruto bottomed her out, thank Kami Naruto had the sense to sound proof her office especially after the incident from a couple of years ago that led to the two fatefully falling for each other.

In time the yelping would be replaced with Hana just whispering Kami-sama over and over into the metallic surface, her mother was right Naruto was a god. An alpha among alpha's, and she was loving every minute of it as Naruto continued to speed up his thrusts. Every time she thought she had reached the heavenly plateau of pleasure, Naruto found some way to prove her wrong. Whether that was rapidly upping his thrust speed, or increasing the pressure he put on her.

She honestly didn't know how long this continued for, as she had lost all sense of time and in her haze she was counting orgasms rather the minutes. One minute she was bouncing happily then when she blinked she was face down on her table with a tiny puddle of drool near her mouth.

"Ngh!" she let out as she suddenly remembered what was happening as Naruto hit her cervix. He held his position there as he reached and grabbed her pony tail, gently yet still firmly helping her up so that her back pressed directly against his chest. He rubbed his nose into the side of her head for a moment than commented softly into her ear, "Tsk, tsk, tsk my Hana-chan, was I boring you? Is that why you fell asleep? I'm going to have to punish you now!"

Hana's eyes opened in horror at the implication of what she had done, however she felt better when Naruto just chuckled lightly. Oh the feeling of his chest vibrating when he laughed, she just wanted to run her hands all over him.

She would not get to do this as Naruto eased her back down onto the table, while she didn't have anything against doggy style but she had hoped to switch to missionary position to be more engaging with Naruto. What she didn't expect was a sudden pop noise than a platter of footsteps as Naruto walked in front of her, Hana's jaw dropped as she realized that this was a clone and was more than happy to take his member into her mouth as the clone offered it to her.

Being Naruto's clone their rhythm together was perfect from the get go, Hana's reward was she was being treated as she was the saw in a two-man saw back and forth back and forth she went, the clone pulling on the back of her head while the original Naruto pulling her hips.

With Naruto being Naruto Hana was surprised when the clone actually shot his seed down her throat without disappearing in a puff of smoke. Right at that moment the real Naruto slammed into her with a roar and started spilling his seed into her inner sanctum as well.

Hana's eyes rolled to the top of her skull in a perfect climax as the world quieted around her, all she could hear now, was the rough breathing of Naruto and his clone, the sound of liquid flowing down her throat and the drip and platter of cum leaking out from between her thighs. Eventually the clone did pop which caused a groan to emerge from Naruto as he felt the pleasures of the clone's orgasms entering his body.

Slowly Naruto flipped Hana's body so now her back was on the table and with a tired sigh he softly flopped onto her body.

Hana wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders as they just panted from their combined release while still connected at the hip. It wasn't long before she could feel his arousal regaining strength so she supposed into his ear, "How about we take this to my room?"

And so they did, safe to say that they continued for quite some time after that. Naruto awoke to the sounds of dogs running around outside, pretty normal for a morning at the Inuzuka clan. His eyes remained closed as he brought his arm up to his forehead allowing him to organize what happened in the outside world while he had Hana were having some fun.




Lemon Over

Hanabi definitely been cheered up by the return of Neji-chan. The little white fox had also greatly missed her as well, Naruto's clone played with them for hours before the two were finally tired out by all the action.

And in the embassy it had been a normal day except for the fact that he received nothing from Iwa, usually there was at least a message or two delivered by hawk. He would put it off as a slow day at Iwa it happened from time to time.

The sudden movement on his side brought him out of his thoughts, an easy-going "Hey" was what he heard as he removed his hand from his forehead and opened his eyes.

"Hey," Naruto replied to the Inuzuka heiress as she was resting her chin on the top of her hands which were on the top of his chest. "Sleep well?" he added on with a smile.

"Best night I've ever had." Hana said as she returned the smile, she lifted herself upwards slightly as she leaned toward Naruto starting with a soft peck, which soon evolved to full blown lip locking and salvia exchanging.

Their ascension to pleasure was suddenly halted by rapid raping on the door, Hana let out a exclamation of displeasure and muttered, "It's Kiba, terrible timing as usual." With that said she flopped down onto the bed next to Naruto and pulled the covers over herself to conceal her naked body. "What is it Kiba?" she asked loudly.

"Urgent message from Iwagakure, Tsunade-sama is requesting Naruto's presence immediately at the Hokage tower!"

Kiba barely finished that message when the door was yanked open by a completely naked Naruto, "What happened!" he demanded without a care of his lack of attire.

Kiba immediately shut his eyes and yelled back in response, "DUDE SERIOUSLY! PUT ON SOME FUCKING PANTS!

Naruto ignored his outburst, "Note? Anything at all?"

Kiba just shook his head with his hands still covering his eyes as he turned and left, easily able to navigate the halls of his own home blind.

Naruto closed the door and walked over to the pile of clothing he had brought back from Hana's office, Hana had assumed an alluring pose on her side on top of the sheets giving Naruto a perfect view of her entire nude body.

She knew Naruto's sense of duty was second to none, but would it honestly be so wicked to try? If Naruto's hum of enjoyment at the sight of her body was to go by anything, something she did was going right.

Too bad his pants were already back on as was his skintight thermal sleeveless undershirt, he walked over with his red Iwa top in his hand and sat on the bed giving her a final loving kiss. But even that was over too soon and it wasn't long before Naruto himself was gone leaving a lonely Hana pouting as she laid flat down upon her bed.

Rubbing her face against the bed sheets she murmured to herself, "Could have at least left something for me to remember him by." Well at least she would have memories until he returned.

It didn't take Naruto long at all to reach the Hokage tower, being a Shinobi really allowed him to truly know the city. Leaping from rooftop to rooftop soaring through the air allowed him to determine which alleyways to take and which walls to dash across in order to get to his destination as quickly as possible.

Leaping through the open window he flipped through the air and onto one knee right in front of the Hokage's desk. "You requested my presence Hokage-sama?"

"I did." Tsunade said with a sense of urgency in her voice, "Ten minutes ago we received a messenger hawk from Iwa." She finished as she threw a scroll at Naruto.

Who caught it and was quick to open it up, he quickly scanned the document and had to read it twice to ensure his eyes weren't deceiving him, "Akatsuki!" he whispered angrily under his breath crushing the parchment in his hand.

Apparently four members of Akatsuki had showed up in the morning and laid siege to the village. A message had gone out from the Tsuchikage recalling all capable Iwa forces back to aid in repelling this invasion. Regardless of his status as an ambassador Naruto was in no way exempt from this.

Naruto did a quick salute, "I'm grateful that you got this message to me so quickly Hokage-sama, I must take my leave in order to prepare for my return to Iwa with God speed." Naruto stated

Just as he was about to leave Tsunade raised a hand to halt him. "And what allies would we be if we were not to aid in times of emergency such as these. The majority of Team Gai has been assembled with the exception of Neji who has not been contacted yet, they will meet you at the front gate in ten minutes, in addition Shizune will be sent along with as much supplies as we can spare at this time to aid in medical efforts."

Naruto was struck with surprise for a moment before he bowed to the Hokage and responded, "Very well… behalf all the people of Iwagakure I thank you and your city for its most generous assistance Hokage-sama."

Once again Naruto was about to leave, but Tsunade stopped him one last time as she could see he was visibly itching to leave right at this very moment, "One more thing Naruto-kun, stay safe… if not for me for the ones you love."

They locked eyes for a moment before Naruto responded sincerely, "I will Hokage-sama." He could see that she genuinely was helping him from the bottom of her heart and even though they argued yesterday she still cared so deeply for him, especially the fact that she was going to send Shizune somebody that was practically her right hand, left Naruto almost in disbelief

And if his mad dash to the Hokage tower was fast, his trip to the Hyuga compound was in record time. His entrance was so quick the guards almost missed him dashing by and that was not something that could just happen especially in one of Konoha's most influential estates. Neji was found quickly in the courtyard training his stances. Naruto took a glance around and also saw a couple of servants on their daily errands recognizing one that he was familiar with he called to them.

"Ayumi, Neji! Attend to me." Naruto said with an authoritative voice that he rarely ever used. Maybe it was that or the sense of urgency in his voice but the two that were called fell into stride behind him as he was traversing the hallways of the Hyuga compound. "Neji you and your team have been assigned a vital mission to aid in the defense of Iwagakure from a recent Akatsuki invasion. I need for you to prepare supplies for a weeklong trip as quickly as possible, after that I want you to alert Hiashi-sama of your mission then meet me in front of the compound you have seven minutes!"

Knowing he would be filled in on further details during their trip to Iwa, Neji did not object or question anything Naruto said and just replied with, "Understood." And quickly left to his room in the Branch house.

"Ayumi." Naruto quickly said as he turned the last corner leading to Hanabi's room. "Yes, Naruto-sama?" she replied.

"I need for you to go and withdraw a sixth of all the medical supplies in the Hyuga storage room in addition I need twenty jars of Lady Hyuga's personal healing cream. If anybody questions you tell them that I am requesting them and the bill for all those supplies in addition to a nice new hair pin for your birthday can be left with my wife Hinata."

Ayumi blushed slightly at the fact that Naruto remembered that her birthday was coming up, but remembered she had a job to do and immediately responded, "Understood and thank you Naruto-sama." In a blink she was gone.

With all that said Naruto knocked on the door to Hanabi's room and slid open the door. Inside was Hanabi as well as Neji-chan who was dozing by the window and Hinata who was currently teaching her how to be a proper clan head.

Hinata and Hanabi both turned their attention toward Naruto and greeted, "Husband/ Naruto-kun!" Respectively, Naruto quickly strode over and gave Hanabi a quick kiss on the forehead while he offered a slightly longer one on the lips to Hinata. Then he lifted his forehead protector up so he could bump his forehead against Hinata. "Hime, Akatsuki has attacked Iwa and I have to go help."

Hinata tensed at that and grabbed onto Naruto's hands to prevent him from going anywhere fearing that he would disappear without warning, "Let me come with you." She requested even though she knew the answer already.

"I cannot allow that, if something were to happen to you I would spend an eternity in grief and mourning in this life and in the next. Also if something were to happen to me, than I need somebody here who is strong enough to lead this family, somebody to watch over the estate and Hanabi-chan." Naruto sadly replied understanding that this mission was potentially one he wouldn't return from, and had to clearly emphasize this to Hinata.

"No!" Hinata selfishly countered. "Nothing can happen to you! Promise me nothing bad will happen to you! And if it does… then I will die! My heart surely would not be able to bear it!"

Naruto sighed but kept a loving smile toward his wife who meant the world to him, yet she could be a bit naïve at times "Hime it's hard to accept this but we have to grow up, we aren't kids anymore. I've been telling you for a long time now I can't make that promise to you anymore." a single tear rolled from her eyes. "However some things will always remain the same, like how you will always be with me regardless where I am right Hinata?"

Hinata stared down at her lap wiping any remaining tears from her eyes and just nodded in defeat. Reaching inside her sleeve Naruto tapped a seal and a poof of smoke emerged from her sleeve followed by a large storage scroll, carrying it under his arm. Naruto gave Hinata one more lingering kiss before whispering quietly to her, "Goodbye."

She whispered back as she held her self together, "I'd much prefer I'll see you later."

Naruto smiled and offered one last comforting peck before he left the room.

Hinata quickly closed the textbook that was left on the table and stood up, knowing Hanabi couldn't see her like this. "I think… that is enough for today… Hanabi." She stuttered which was far better than completely breaking down, "I'm… feeling rather tired, I must get some rest." Not even giving Hanabi the chance to reply Hinata left the room just as quickly as Naruto did.

Being on time was crucial especially when you were a member of the branch house, so even though Neji was a fully trained Shinobi and genius to boot. Ayumi did not allow herself to be later in completing her task, even if it meant asking a couple of other servants to aid her.

Naruto was waiting patiently at the gate examining the giant storage scroll he had unraveled along the ground. He traced along some of the exquisitely drawn lines, this one was done personally by Hinata and him in unison.

He watched as Ayumi and two other branch members put satchels of medicinal supplies upon the unraveled scroll, he gave Ayumi a somewhat apologetic look because clearly all these provisions would have been difficult for a single Shinobi to carry, much less for a normal house servant it would have been nearly impossible.

Yet like most Hyuga females, Ayumi was very forgiving of Naruto and let him off with a wish of good luck and a bow.

Quickly sealing up all the supplies, Naruto strapped the scroll around his shoulder and dashed toward the main gate with Neji in tow.

The speed Team Gai and Shizune was forced to travel at was in one word absolutely brutal, possibly that was why Tsunade assigned Team Gai to aid him knowing all the crazy regiments Gai-sensei had put the team through. Surprisingly even Shizune was hanging with them pretty well, probably due to the fact she had to run away from debtors all her young life with Tsunade.

Nevertheless the more brutal it was, the happier Gai became. He just saw it as another way to test his and his team's power of YOUTH!

And as unwavering as Gais commitment was, his team was starting to show tell-tale signs of exhaustion and fatigue. Understandable seeing that they had been running since just around after sun rise all the way till long after sunset.

Gai was able to notice this and called out, "Naruto-kun, as un-youthful as this sounds I have to say that my team needs to stop and rest."

Naruto was so lost in his own thoughts that he almost missed this, but he stopped but kept his back towards the Konoha Shinobi.

But even by just looking at his back, they could see the sense of urgency almost rolling off of Naruto, and just as Gai was about to apologize and will his team to continue on. Naruto said in a monotone voice.

"I'm sorry if I ran everybody ragged, I forgot you guys don't have a giant fox inside your gut fueling you. Gai-sensei is right, we should set up camp and rest."

Neji was quick to activate his Byakugan scanning around for any potential areas where they could set up camp. Naruto leapt down into a heavily forested area with tons of undergrowth. They were confused as to why Naruto would pick that spot until he reached up and touched the trunk of one of the trees.

Loud creaking was heard from the immediate area as trees and fauna began to bend to Naruto's will. At one point Neji swore he saw a tree uproot itself walk ten meters from its original position and plant itself back down.

He would ignore it as a figment of his imagination but what he couldn't ignore was the fact that there was a beautiful wooden 2 story cottage now right in the middle of the woods.

The exterior offered a homey yet quaint feeling, leading Ten-ten to run immediately inside to explore the house. While Lee followed quickly mentioning how nothing was impossible with the power of youth. The house while sparsely furnished was more than enough to accommodate all of them. Even Neji had to admit that it was way better than some of the motels they had to stay in for certain missions.

Furthermore Neji wasn't surprised at all when Naruto unsealed and hung a portrait of Hinata and him over the cabinet. He had grown to respect both of them very much since losing to Naruto during the chunin exams. Even so, he admired even more the unbreakable conviction the two had for each other.

After Naruto kissed his fingers lightly then tapped it onto the picture of Hinata he turned toward the Konoha Shinobi and said, "You all can rest up, I will have clones posted to stand watch. I assured there are more than enough rooms for all of us.

Without another word he left toward one of the rooms and the door closed with a click.

Lee commented, "Naruto-kun has changed so much this past year, he has always been quiet and collected but now he seems so cold and distant. Something must have happened to his flames of youth!"

Leave it up to Lee to somehow find a way to add something about the flames of youth into whatever he said even something serious Ten-ten thought to herself. "When we were little I admired Naruto for how mature he was for his age, and while I still do now for some reason I can't shake the fact that I kind of fear him now like he is holding some sort of evil back and sooner or later he will unleash it upon us." She added on to Lee's statement.

Shizune just patted the two genin on the shoulder and responded in a hopeful tone, "Don't worry he's just stressed out, and Jiraiya-sama also mentioned that he also has extreme cases of multiple personality disorder sometimes, something about how he went temporarily insane during the Finals of the Chunin exam."

A chill went down the backs of the Genin's spines, they all remembered that moment when Naruto was laughing like a maniac to the point that it even frightened Gaara.

Neji was just glad that he didn't face that Naruto, when they fought. They couldn't stand there contemplating what was wrong with Naruto forever. So they slowly settled into the house, cooking some food for themselves then eventually nodding off for the night in their own respective rooms.

Dawn was quick to arrive and once again the combined Iwa and Konoha Shinobi were on the move within two hours they were now on the final leg of their trek.

It was at this point Naruto decided to leap up one of the taller trees in the area, standing at the very top his eyes widened in complete shock as he saw in the distance many of Iwagakure's earthen spires missing, and smoke rising from all over the city.

Shizune joined him soon after and she her hand shot up to her mouth, "Oh no!"

"This is definitely most un-youthful." Gai said in a surprisingly serious tone. "We should hurry Naruto-kun!"

Naruto nodded to that and in a blink of an eye he dived back down into the understory of the forest and increased the speed they had been traveling at before. As the forest gave way to the more mountainous region, the group tensed because before they were even in sight of the city limits they could all smell the stench of scorched earth, vegetation and reek of death.

It was almost unbearable to the group, merely because of how pungent and strong it was. However this was able to hardly prepare them for what they saw.

The entire gates of the mighty city had been literally blown off its hinges and now they both laid deep down the main street of the city.

Just outside the walls of the city were fresh mass graves that were filled to the brim with bodies of both Shinobi and civilians alike that were starting to decay in the scorching hot Iwa heat and humidity. And if the giant earthen mounds around them were to go by anything, these pits of the dead were not the first.

And as quickly as these bodies were buried, more were being pulled from the ruins of the city. Such was the lack of man power that the injured laid helpless on the ground around them. Begging, crying for aid.

Naruto's grimaced as he quickly strode over toward a fallen female Shinobi, she was one of the more well-off if the hastily done gauze wrapped around her abdomen was to go by anything.

Shizune kneeled down next to him and began healing the Shinobi as Naruto helped raise her into a somewhat sitting position. "We're too late." Naruto remarked with sadness in his voice.

Shizune quickly stabilized the wound and did what she could to prevent the girl from bleeding out, but she knew that she had to conserve her chakra as there would most likely be many more than needed her help.

"No…" the female Shinobi commented in a hoarse voice, she violently let out a dry cough as she tried to continue speaking. Naruto shushed the girl and gave her a drink of his canteen before allowing her to continue. "It was all over in a couple of hours, nobody knew what was going on but we tried to fight them off they were just too strong too many…" she finished tiredly.

Naruto would not push her any further for information as she had been through enough already. Gently he eased her back down onto the floor and scanned the area and saw the usually jolly Akatsuchi limping over toward him. He looked severely banged up with pretty nasty looking cuts and bruises.

"Uzumaki-sama!" he cried out.

"Akatsuchi-san," Naruto replied as he met him half way, "Hokage-sama sends her regards, however it seems we might have to request more back up especially more medic-nins. We did not expect the battle to be over by the time we got here. But for now I hope this will be of some help." He said as he took the giant scroll off his back, unraveled it across the floor and activated the seal releasing all the medical supplies.

Picking up one of the many bottles of Hyuga's secret ointment, Naruto handled it to Akatsuchi. "Use this it will help.

Unscrewing the bottle Akatsuchi tested it on a wound on the palm of his hand and to his surprise; the wound began to sizzle slightly then slowly began stitching together. As he continued to apply the cream onto his other wounds, he began to explain what happened to Naruto, "I don't know how it happened but they caught us completely off guard, four of them slipped by our patrols and guard towers we only knew we were being invaded when they quite literally kicked down our front doors."

"Four of them?" Naruto asked surprised at that turn of events seeing as he had heard Akatsuki usually only attacked in pairs.

Akatsuchi nodded, then said solemnly, "We recognized Deidara and his partner Sasori but the other two were a mystery. We guess their strategy was to come for both Han and Roshi at the same time. They were able to capture Han, Roshi on the other hand was not in the city. He had been set a deadline to be back by today but ever since he and Tsuchikage-sama had a falling out, we have not heard back from him. So maybe being hard-headed actually saved Roshi's life, but I fear for his safety too as Akatsuki will be hunting him soon if they are not already."

Naruto clenched his fist angrily, his brothers and sisters were being hunted like animals. Merely because they were forced into being jailors for creatures who just wanted to be free. And if being a Jinchuuriki wasn't hard enough already now this rogue Akatsuki group was going around and kidnapping them. It disgusted Naruto what people would do for power.

"Has any rescue mission been planned to try and rescue Han?"

Akatsuchi scratched the back of his head and averted his eyes from Naruto and shook his head. "We just don't have the man power to lead a rescue mission at the moment, we barely have enough to ensure our walls can withstand another attack, we don't want our enemies to catch us unprepared again."

Pinching his forehead Naruto turned back towards the Konoha team, "Gai-sensei if you and Lee could, we need help distributing the medical supplies and helping the trapped and wounded. Neji with his Byakugan will be of great benefit especially in finding those trapped beneath all the rubble. And Ten-Ten do you mind staying and helping Shizune-senpai?"

Ten-ten nodded to that as it would be a great opportunity to learn from one of the students of her hero Tsunade-sama, and also Ten-ten didn't really trust the Shinobi from Iwa as she had heard terrible stories about them involving betrayal and such. Naruto was honestly the only exception because she knew him for most of her life and to her he was always going to be a Konoha Shinobi regardless of what headband he wore. So while Shizune had to concentrate on healing the injuried Ten-ten would focus on protecting and learning from her.

Hearing that brought some glee to the minds of Gai and Lee as they now saw this as a challenge whether that was who could clear the most rubble or who could save the most lives. Naruto really didn't care, because these two were known for getting the job done even if it was in rather eccentric ways.

With that completed Naruto turned back toward Akatsuchi and asked, "How is the Tsuchikage? I want to speak to him about going out on a rescue mission."

"He was injured in the fight, but it was most likely just him throwing out his hip again. Tsuchikage-sama would not be injured so easily hurt from the likes of these terrorists." Akatsuchi said proudly as he began to walk down the once great main road of Iwagakure toward the damaged Tsuchikage tower.

While Naruto surveyed the carnage around him he could help but feel as if something was wrong something tugged at the back of his mind, and it wasn't until he finally saw Kitsuchi standing next to Onoki did he realize what was wrong. "Where is Kurotsuchi!" he said as he froze on the spot.

Possibly it was the situation the city was in, but the three other Iwa Shinobi suddenly realized that Kurotsuchi had not been seen for quite some time. And none was more worried than her grandfather Onoki.

No matter what that brat did, Onoki loved his granddaughter very much and could not wait to see the day she took the mantle of Tsuchikage from him, that's if he lived that long to see it. But the fact that Naruto was standing right here and Kurotsuchi wasn't doing something embarrassing like climbing all over him was quite nerve-racking for the elder kage.

"Akatsuchi!" Onoki demanded, "Where is she?"

It would make sense that he would know since they were team mates, but judging by the fact that Akatsuchi was quiet and his face was also of one in shock that assumption was wrong. "I… I.. don't know Tsuchikage-sama… we were separated during the invasion. I haven't seen her since."

That was all Naruto and Onoki needed to hear as Onoki immediately ordered Naruto, "FIND HER!" without another word Naruto leapt away looking for one person that could help him, "Neji!" he cried as he landed next to the boy who had just marked another area where bodies were trapped underneath.

"Yes Naruto-sama?" he replied.

"I need you're help in finding Kurotsuchi, I fear for her as she hasn't been seen or heard from in a while. You remember what her signature looked like from the chunin exams right?" Naruto asked with haste.

Neji recollected for a moment than nodded, "I do, but what about all the other people trapped?"

Naruto stilled his tongue from answering because the first thought that came to his mind was to ignore the others and focus on Kurotsuchi, but his morality was able to catch him just in time. Quickly going through all the possibilities, and while he was no Shikamaru Naruto formed a cross with his hands, "Kage-bunshin-no-jutsu!"

He cried as over a hundred clones of him suddenly appeared, "They will find the survivors." Naruto said as he motioned toward his army. While they did not possess the Byakugan, they had the benefit of sheer numbers. At the moment I need the specialty of your eyes!"

The clones instantaneously got to work as Naruto and Neji took to higher points of the city. Neji scanned the immediate area with his eyes. And when the search came up empty he and Naruto leapt toward another area repeating the process. They continued to do this for over half an hour, until they ran into Akatsuchi and Kitsuchi, who had been also looking for her.

Akatsuchi had gone to search the hospitals and other, emergency medical tents and even hesitantly the mounds of bodies. But somebody as outspoken and widely known as Kurotsuchi would not pass through either of these places without somebody reporting it.

Kitsuchi had aided in unearthing many of those trapped inside buildings or underneath the earth hoping to find his daughter but like Akatsuchi and Naruto he had no success.

Naruto knew with every passing minute the chance of her being alive was shrinking, adding on to the fact that Neji could not keep this up forever, he might be a prodigy but he was showing signs of minor fatigue.

It was in this disheartening time Neji called out, "Naruto-sama! I see something."

The three Iwa Shinobi leapt after Neji as he jumped toward a one part of the city that did not take as much damage. Only a few buildings were fallen here but something was odd about the way they were destroyed. As if they were blown from the inside out.

Neji quickly approached a slab of large concrete and the moment he said behind here. The slab of stone lifted under the noise of creaking wood growing from under it. It wasn't Kurotsuchi, instead it was Akatasuchi's other team mate.

"Suzumebachi!" he cried out. As dashed in and lifted the girl out of the hole she was just lying in.

"I couldn't find Kurtosuchi-san, but I did recognize her signature." Neji stated out of breath, as the lines around his eyes that showed his Byakugan was activated began fading away.

Naruto formed a quickly stretcher with his mokuton abilities and Akatasuchi gently placed her down upon it. Naruto was just starting in the field of medical jutsu's, Hashirama and Tsunade had been giving him the occasional lesson.

So his mystic palm technique was not perfect, but it would help. After about a minute he saw her eyes flicker, this gave Naruto the assurance to continue his work until finally she coughed a couple of times she was silent for a moment before she tried to quickly sit up but Naruto grasped her shoulder and forced her to lay back down. "You're hurt don't move!"

"No! Forget about me you have to help her!" Suzumebachi franticly yelled out.

"Who!' Kitsuchi demanded.

Suzumebachi coughed a few more times before saying in a voice that was proof she was in pain, "Kurotsuchi!... Setsuko… she did it she betrayed us, she took her to the vaults!"

"The vaults?" Neji asked,

"Special personal vaults for those who can afford them virtually impregnable unless you have the combination that is, makes the failsafe's and the security on the Hokage tower look like a joke honestly." Naruto answered as he continued to focus on finishing up stabilizing Suzumebachi.

Once he was assured that she would be okay, Naruto turned to Akatsuchi and asked, "Could you stay and look after her?"

The boy nodded as he moved to position his teammate into a more comfortable position. The remaining three then took off toward the vaults.

"It would explain why you couldn't find Kurotsuchi, if she really is in the vaults then they have seals everywhere blocking anything from entering from your all seeing Byakugan to the tiniest mold growing fungus." Naruto said as they approached the underground system.

The above ground entrance was hardly damaged, credit to the engineers who wanted to ensure buildings like this, the hospital and other government buildings were as structurally sound as possible.

They entered with caution as they heard no sound from within, entering the main hall, Kitsuchi's blood froze as he spotted the body of the two receptionists and their guards dead.

Naruto covered his mouth due to the stench or blood and burnt flesh approaching the desk where one of the female receptionists laid in a pool of her and her partner's blood; he turned her head to see her face and had to immediately turn away in discomfort.

He moved on to the next one and it revealed the same thing to Naruto all of these people had died in a gruesome manner but he assumed it was quick. As the entire front of their faces had been blown inwards, mashing the brain and skull into a gooey pinkish red paste.

Even without faces Kitsuchi could recognize all of them, they were all loyal and powerful Shinobi in their own right. All of them at least Jonin level, the fact that were killed so easily was proof and lack of struggle further hammered home the fact that this was an inside job. And as unbelievable as it seemed to him at first, now the truth was evident one of theirs had actually betrayed them. Then he saw on the table a batch of fresh cookies, with white bits in it. If you weren't paying attention you would have thought they were nuts, but Kitsuchi knew what it was and how his comrades died. They had been tricked to eat bits of explosive material. It was the same kind the bastard Deidara was famous for, they must have all been offered the cookies at the same time then when they were chewing it, Setsuko must have activated them blowing all of their faces off.

He nearly threw up in disgust as he thought about it. Knowing there was nothing further they could do except to get justice, the trio pushed on toward the vaults, Naruto asked cautiously, "Can you tell me about this Setsuko?"

Kitsuchi was quiet for a moment as their continued to walk down the long hallway, "She was a member of our Explosion Corps, as a Shinobi she was average at best, but she made up for it and was accepted because she had the natural ability to use Bakuton (Explosion Release). However the most daunting part is that she and Kurotsuchi were very good friends, they played together often and I can say that I knew her on a personal level because she would always come over, sometimes even staying for dinner. If it weren't for those four bodies outside I would have never believed you if you told me she was a traitor."

They slowed as they began to hear a female voice mumbling to herself,

"Senpai will be so proud of me!"

"He will surely reward me for doing my job perfectly."

"Calm down Setsuko, calm down soon everything you ever wanted will be yours!"

Setsuko finished with a squeal leaping around before suddenly stopping and facing toward the door way with a kunai drawn. "WHOSE THERE SHOW YOURSELF TO ME I DEMAND IT!"

Naruto stepped out of the shadows also with a kunai drawn but held down in a non-threatening manner, Kitsuchi and Neji following behind him. Getting his first glance at her Naruto noticed she was the complete opposite of Kurotsuchi, she had long caramel colored hair soft looking skin and a body clearly indicting that of a maturing female.

"Where is Kurotsuchi?" Naruto requested in a monotone voice.

Setsuko's eyes perked up and a glow came about her, "Naruto-kun, you're actually here with me! And you really are as handsome as Kurotsuchi said you were." She swooned completely ignoring Naruto's question.

"Where is Kurotsuchi?" Naruto asked again, this time taking a step toward the girl. Who immediately reacted by raising the kunai and pointing it directly at him. "Why does it matter where Kuro-chan is, You came for me didn't you?"

Naruto slowly placed the kunai back inside his pouch, "How about you tell me about Kurotsuchi first, then I'll answer your question."

Kitsuchi was quickly losing his patience, what in the world was Naruto doing he thought to himself. Was he somehow smitten by Setsuko, Kitsuchi had to admit that girl was very beautiful and had a body that Kurotsuchi would kill for but was Naruto really such scum that he would forget all about his daughter just because this girl was attractive and he was horny? And just as Kitsuchi was about to confront him Naruto asked Setsuko another question, "Is she in that open vault?"

It was hardly noticeable but Naruto and Neji both caught it, her head turned and her eyes averted to a vault door that was clearly closed. Setsuko suddenly realized her blunder, "YOU TRICKED ME! HOW DARE YOU TRICK ME!"

She roared as the Kunai in her hand shook in anger. Naruto ignored her and walked over toward the vault door examining the number lock. It was a six digit passcode but it had a failsafe being that you only had three tries before it locked you out for a day and alerted the guards.

There were just so many possibilities, and if Kurotsuchi was inside then she didn't have much time as the vault was air tight. Naruto doubted that even with Neji's Byakugan they could find any sort of weakness to get in.

Honestly possibly the only thing that could break it open was if he dropped a Bijudama on it, however the destructive power would most likely destroy everything inside the vault.

He had no choice but to confront Setsuko again, "If you truly like me then maybe you should tell me what your passcode is."

Setsuko violently shook her head, "HA! I'm smarter than that you know, you won't trick me so easil… GACK" she tried to say as Kitsuchi caught her completely unaware with such speed and sound that in no way could she react too.

Her Kunai dropped to the floor with a clang and now she was being suspended two feet off the ground, with Kitsuchi's hand wrapped tightly around her throat.

She struggled against the bigger and stronger man but it was of no use as she kept sputtering out trying to breath.

Naruto took a quick step toward his direction, "PUT HER DOWN KITSUCHI!" He demanded.


Naruto took another step closer to that enraged Iwa commander and growled lowly at him so Setsuko couldn't hear, "You don't think I know Kurotsuchi is in danger, but she is our only chance of getting into that vault and you know it. She's not going to respond to normal torture or interrogation you and I both know she is clearly mentally unbalanced!"

Kitsuchi let those words set in, how was this girl the same one he knew from the past. He looked her in the face and even though she was on the verge of passing out, she still had a maniacal smile on her face.

Snarling at her he released her from his hold and she collapsed into a help on the ground as she rubbed her delicate neck.

Naruto kneeled next to her and stated, "Setsuko If you tell me the passcode to the vault, I won't let that happen to you again…"

She tilted her head up and leaned over toward his face, "Naruto-kun he hurt me!" she whined. Naruto tried to fight off the annoyed look on his face and it just got worse as she then said, "But you would never hurt me right? You're so handsome and kind and forgiving you would never hurt me. RIGHT! TELL ME!"

He just didn't understand this girl, he had never met her before yet she had stalker like tendencies with him, was this just a trait all Iwa kunoichi had? It was than it suddenly hit him, "Setsuko-chan, just how much do you know about me?"

She brightened up substantially from hearing him call her with such an affectionate tone and that gorgeous smile. Both of which unknowingly to her she had hallucinated, "I know a lot about you Naruto-kun your birthday, your favorite food, your hobbies, even your Konoha registration ID, I did all this research on you, I'm so smart aren't I!"

It was now that Naruto truly smiled at her, however he made no comment as he stood up and walked back over to her numeric lock, "Your obsession with me is your weakness isn't it? So what is your passcode my birthday?"

She glared at him as he entered in the digits of his birthday, hitting the enter button Naruto expected the door to swing open but was just able to mask his dismay when buzz of entering the wrong passcode sounded.

He bit his lip and said almost shakily, "I guess that one would be a little too easy to guess wouldn't it?"

This time he entered his Shinobi registration ID, and like before he anticipated it to be correct but this time it shook him to the core with the blaring sound of him being wrong once again sounded. He had to remain composed, he just had to for Kurotsuchi's sate.

His entire mind raced at a mile per minute struck with horror, Setsuko was actually laughing, "You're so silly Naruto-kun just come over here and be with me."

Even Kitsuchi was starting to lose hope as he knew they only had one more chance to get this right.

Then suddenly Naruto said, "No…"

"I get it now, all of this is a ruse, you don't love me."

Setsuko stopped laughing when she heard this and stuttered, "What are you talking about? I know who I love."

Naruto turned and slowly walked back over toward her, "Yes, I know who you love too, and it's not me. I noticed something Setsuko."

Standing in front of her he reached down and grasped her hands lifting her so she was standing. "You love the idea of you being in love with me that's what you love."

She didn't understand as Naruto then pulled her into his body, and ran his hands down her body. Both Kitsuchi and Neji couldn't believe their eyes as Naruto grabbed her rump and squeezed it.

Even Neji had to admit this was something revolting, perverted and unforgiveable. And just as Kitsuchi was about to attack the both of them, Naruto in a sudden one-eighty threw her to the floor.

He confidently walked back over toward the lock then said, "Every sentence you say, you can't help but mention and praise yourself." Naruto chuckled, "You are so self-centered that you just couldn't help but to make your password something you are so proud of? Something like your body measurements could you? If I'm not mistaken their 36-24-36 right?"

"NO" she screamed as she tried to get up and stop him, however Neji maneuvered in front of her and hit her chakra points disabling the use of her legs. She crumpled to the ground struggling to crawl her way toward Naruto.

But all hope was loss for her when Naruto hit the enter button for the third time and the lock briefly flashed green for a moment before the sound of unraveling locks and the giant metal doors swinging open froze her in her tracks.

Naruto quickly dashed inside as he noticed an injured Kurotsuchi lying near a stack of papers. Picking her up bridal style she stirred slightly and mumbled, "Naruto-kun?"

He gave her the most reassuring smile he could and walked her out of the vault and responded, "Yeah it's me. How are you feeling?"

She quietly whispered back, "I'm fine, just tired." and snuggled into Naruto's body to embrace in his warmth.

Taking a quick scan of the vault he noticed an assortment of things that shouldn't have been here, Iwagakure guard schedules, blueprints for municipal buildings and secret documents that were for official eyes only.

Naruto's face marred in anger, how many innocent lives were lost today because of this girl and whatever delusional reason compelled her to do such things.

Kitsuchi ran up to them and dotted over his precious daughter. "Kuro-chan you okay?"

Kurotsuchi smiled, it had been a long time since her father addressed her in such a way and in such a tone. It was not that he didn't love her, he loved her with all his heart it was just that he was far too busy training and leading Kurotsuchi by example that he sometimes seemed a little stoic.

This moment of peace was broken when a ranting of a maddened women started echoing, "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" Setsuko screamed as she clutched her head shaking it violently, "IT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN THIS WAY! DEIDARA-SENSEI PROMISED ME I WOULD BE REWARDED!" Suddenly her eyes keyed in on Kurotsuchi in Naruto's arms, they narrowed and now Naruto could see she truly was mad.

"It's your fault, ITS ALL YOUR FAULT I'LL FIX THIS, I'LL FIX THIS!" She screamed hysterically as she suddenly pointed her palm toward them and they all gasped as they saw a bloody and deformed mouth on the palm of her hand.

Kitsuchi growled and said, "NO, HE GAVE THAT TO HER!"

Unexpectedly the whole of her arm began to swell; she screamed in pain and clutched the continually swelling arm. Naruto realizing an explosion was imminent immediately cried out. "MOKUTON WOOD LOCKING WALLS!"

Wooden pillars quickly rose to form a dome to shield Naruto, Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi and Neji and just as the wood locked together, they saw a brief glimpse of bright light and then a loud explosion that nearly knocked the group behind wooden dome to the floor. The building shock around them but remained intact, hearing the last few pieces of rubble bounce off the wooden dome, Naruto lowered the shield and saw the damaged the explosion had caused.

Parts of the roof and some stone supporting pillars had been damaged but what was most surprising was that Setsuko was somehow still alive even though her entire right arm was gone and the rest of her right side was badly destroyed or charred but judging by her convulsing body she was hanging onto life by a thread now.

Kurotsuchi slowly slipped out of Naruto's arms and hobbled slowly over to the body of Setsuko, where she collapsed onto her knees in front of the body with tears in her eyes, "WHY! WE WERE FRIENDS! WE WENT TO SCHOOL TOGETHER! YOU WERE MY SISTER!"

Setsuko let out a gurgle of blood before scornfully saying with her remaining strength, "Why? Because fuck you! THAT'S WHY All you could fucking talk and think about was Naruto-kun this, Naruto-kun that, Deidara-sensei promised me happiness, he promised me everything you had. You would have done the same you dumbass!"

Setsuko than said as she began to draw her last few breaths just to spite Kurotsuchi, "How Naruto every fell in love with your 9 year old school boy body is a surprise to me, you must have seriously whored yourself out to Naruto just to catch his eye didn't you? And dont call me your sister slut, I never liked you and know that In the end your nothing but a cock sucking tomboy." With a final maniacal laugh her eyes glazed over as her heart stopped beating to the sound of Kurotsuchi sobbing while still trying to convince the deceased girl, "He lied to you! HE FUCKING LIED TO YOU! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO HIM!"

It tore at Naruto's heart to see Kurotsuchi this way, to see her cry and sob all because of that one organization… Akatsuki!

He never felt so angry in his life, he turned and walked back into the vault looking for something anything that would lead him to where the Akatsuki members that had kidnaped Han were, something that would lead him to the members that corrupted Kurotsuchi's best friend were.

There wasn't much to give him any leads except a note, signed from Deidara to Setsuko. The contents were ordering her at what time to carry out these acts, however next to the note was a tiny clay bird figure. Naruto recognized it and almost without him realizing it Kurama's chakra formed around him and a single tail emerged, he mashed the tiny bird in his hand and brought the remains up to his nose taking a sniff of it.

He wasn't an Inuzuka but he did receive some basic training with Hana and with just one tail of Kurama's power his senses greatly increased in effectiveness. Angrily he left Setsuko's vault and proceeded out of the building without saying a single word to the others, returning back to the surface and the ruins of Iwagakure, he took a deep breath and honed his senses trying to pick up the same scent as the clay he found in the vault, it was scattered all over the city which wasn't surprising at all.

With the aid of Setsuko, Deidara most likely had her secretly carry and set his bombs all around the city in vital areas to do the most damage as possible and create a big enough distraction to capture Han. Just as he was about to dash toward the entrance of the city where the scent was at its strongest Neji came up behind him.

"What's your plan Naruto-sama?"

Naruto didn't say anything as his eyes were closed and his fist were clenched together angrily, "I'm going to kill them… I'll kill them all!" he then said with a slight turn of his head, Neji had to take a step back because he swore he saw a glimpse of insanity within Naruto's eyes it was almost the same as Setsuko's.

"By yourself? That's unreasonable; I cannot allow you to go as per Hinata-sama's orders. I vowed that I would do my best to bring you back alive from whatever mission we partook together. As such I cannot allow you to go headfirst into a fight with who knows how many Akatsuki members."

"I admire your loyalty Neji…" Naruto said as he fully turned around to face him, when Naruo's gaze was cast upon him Neji felt more afraid than he had ever felt in his life. His expression, his elongated teeth the glowing red chakra cloak surrounding him at the moment the blonde Hyuga consort looked more like a demon then a human.

"That's why I won't ask you to break your promise to my wife, but then again I can't promise this won't hurt!" Naruto said before he thrust two fingers right at Neji's neck at speeds that not even the Hyuga prodigy could comprehend. Neji's body jerked for a moment before it crumpled to the floor in a heap and as hard as he tried Neji could not move any part of his body.

This was usually a Hyuga technique but dam Naruto for being so accustomed to Juken that he could use it as well.

Without another word Naruto leapt away toward his original destination, the entrance of the city where Deidara's scent was the strongest.

Landing at where the gates once stood Naruto noticed that Shizune and Ten-Ten were no longer here, most likely they moved to a more sterile and better equipped area to heal others.

The scent went forward for a couple of meters until it completely stopped. Getting down on one knee he examined the dirt in detail, of course the ground here would be laden with footsteps as this was one of the most highly trafficked areas in the Land of Earth. However among the thousands of foot prints one stood out above all, a pair that looked feet belonging to a giant bird.

Naruto wasn't born in Iwagakure but even he was well versed enough to know that such animals did not live here nor would they be brought to an environment such as this. If it was truly a bird then it would be impossible to track Deidara, and without any other sort of physical item from the three other members of Akatsuki then he would not be able to track them either.

He punched the ground in anger and inhaled deeply and it was at this moment he picked up another scent one that was different.

"Blood of a Jinchuriki." Kurama commented, "Long exposure to a tail beasts chakra will give human blood a distinct smell." Kurama deeply wanted revenge too for his fallen brother. He might not have necessarily liked them all but they were family.

"It would make sense that Han was injured in a fight that caused so much destruction, his blood will make a perfect trail of crumbs right to the Akatsuki hideout!" Naruto replied to which Kurama quickly nodded in response.

Naruto tore through the rocky terrain following the scent of blood and the more and more he took in the angrier he got subconsciously a second tail emerged when suddenly he finally reached a remote mountain side. A giant boulder covered up the opening to a cave and a paper seal was slapped in the middle of the boulder.

Naruto walked up to the seal and almost laughed at how amateur it was, well at least when compared to his expertise in the subject. He had to admit though it would have provided a formidable defense had Naruto not been able to easily deactivate it.

Inside the cave

A hologram of the leader of the Akatsuki Pain commented, "We seem to have a visitor." Before his eyes widened and he immediately de-summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. And not a moment too soon as an explosion rocked the cave system destroying the giant boulder and all the members of Akatsuki that were not holograms scattered as a Bijudama flew inwards hitting the back of the cave where the Statue was just moments before.

Because the ritual was interrupted before it could be completed Han's body fell to the ground with a thud.

The hologram of Pein ordered, "Sasori, Deidara ensure the Gobi jinchuuriki is secure and move him to the next hideout."

"Hmm!" Deidara growled in disappointment as he wanted to fight this boy, but knew following his leaders orders was far more wise.

Forming another giant clay animal this time an ox, Deidara slung the body of Han over the back of the ox and retreated with Sasori into a tunnel at the back of the cave, most likely to a secret exit.

Naruto would have gave chase had Kakuzu and Hidan the so called Zombie Combo of Akatsuki not barred his path.

"My, my I would have never imagined such a bounty to walk right through my door step. I will make riches off your body boy! Not only are you the Kyubi Jinchuriki, the heir of the Senju clan but also the consort of the Hyuga clan. Your fame will net me a FORTUNE!" Kakuzu commented frantically with glee in his voice.

"I know him…!" Hashirama said in utter shock, "He was sent to assassinate me! I heard rumors about him escaping Takigakure while also stealing the village's secret jutsu but I thought those were just rumors!"

"What jutsu did he steal?" Naruto asked as he narrowed his eyes on the two men that stood in his way.

"A secret and forbidden kinjutsu called Earth Grudge Fear, it turns one's body into something akin to a ragdoll connected by powerful black threads. I also heard that it allows one to steal the hearts of other Shinobi to not only extend the life of the user but have full access to their abilities!" Hashirama explained as he tried to remember back to the fight he had against Kakuzu in the past so he could provide some help to Naruto.

The other member was Hidan, Itachi had told him a little about this S-rank missing-nin. Apparently he worshiped some cult that believed in a God called Jashin and that he couldn't die regardless of how much damage you did to his body. What to watch out for was if Hidan got your blood, he could draw a seal and deal damage to his own body in which it would inflict the same damage upon the body of the person's blood Hidan had.

While Naruto thought of a plan, Kakuzu was not one to stand around, he immediately revealed two masks a red one and a dark blue one.

The red one attacked with, "Katon: Zukokku"

The dark blue one attack with "Futon: Atsugai!"

The two jutsu's sped toward Naruto and combined to form a giant firestorm. That quickly encased Naruto.

When the fire settled and cleared all the two members saw was a wooden where Naruto stood.

"Moktuon!" Kakuzu commented as he saw ryo's continue to stack up. On the other hand this also brought back a couple of bad recollections of the time he had lost to the Shodaime Hokage.

Expecting the boy to be inside the dome he barely dodged a "Leaf whirlwind" from behind him. While Kakuzu almost missed it Hidan was on his toes and he swung his scythe hoping to outright impale the boy if not wound him.

Instead of dodging Naruto parried the attack with his Katana and attempted to sweep Hidan off his feet in one motion.

Hidan jumped backwards as Naruto then turned his attention to Kakuzu and engaged the Akatsuki giant in taijustu and kenjutsu.

Using his unique style of bo-staff plus sword kata's he was able to draw a few wounds on Kakuzu's bodies but all it revealed was those black threads Hashirama told him about. Not getting anymore time to think about it as Hidan reengaged him and now he was sandwiched between these two immortal members fighting for his life.

Seeing an opening he once again parried Hidan this time followed up with a riposte running the Jashinist through with his blade. However before he could pull his sword back out he had to activate a "ROTATION!" To stop Kakuzu's right fist imbued with "Doton: Earth Spear" from hitting him.

Naruto's sphere of chakra was able to not only break through Kakuzu's hardened arm but also shred it to pieces allowing Naruto to get right into Kakuzu's guard and fire a fully charged juken palm into the area where his heart was supposed to be!

Kakuzu roared out in anger as he felt the heart that contained the affinity of lightening burst and shatter. Lashing out with the arm that Naruto had just previously destroyed, large amounts of black thread burst from the stump and smashed into Naruto while on the other side Hidan who had recovered swung his scythe in perfect unison so that it would be impossible for Naruto to dodge, and without his Katana there was no way he could block this!

The combined attack caused a large amount of dust to be kicked up and even though Hidan couldn't see he felt his scythe hit something somewhat soft, strangely enough he couldn't seem to go any deeper.

Hidan's eyes dilated in shock as he was suddenly face to face with a six tailed Naruto in a Jinchuriki's second form. And his scythe had been caught by the enraged Jinchuriki who was holding onto one of the blades.

Hidan angrily tried to drive his weapon through the skin of this demon, but he didn't realize it was going to be easier said than done. Kakuzu wound up his fire and wind masks again for another attack this one at close range this time. But before he could he had to suddenly raise up a shield of black threads to protect himself as Naruto turned his head toward Kakuzu and let out a giant roar that created a powerful shockwave. Had Kakuzu not raised the shield he knew he would have died instantly especially at that range, he grimaced slightly as he didn't come away from that battle unscathed as his heart containing the Earth element had been ruptured even through his shield from the sheer might of the shock blast alone.

"What the hell is going on!" Kurama wondered as he suddenly had full control over Naruto's body, he had been watching the boy fight just a moment ago than when the two Akatsuki members tried to combo attack him Kurama felt a sudden power spike and then he was in total control of Naruto's body as if his consciousness had completely vanished.

He would deal with this later right now he had to fight off two members of Akatsuki, however suddenly another voice rang in his head, "I can't reach him!" Hashirama said urgently. "He's fallen deep within his subconscious all the way down where the cage is, however something is locking me out I can't get to him."

Kurama mentally snorted, "Well let me deal with these two pieces of Akatsuki waste first then we will think of something!"

As the fighting picked up in the outside world, deep within Naruto's mind Naruto struggle to slog through the murky waters where Kurama's cage resided. He would have normally just walked on top of the water however for whatever reason he had no access to his chakra at all at the moment.

The water only came up to his ankle, however he had a lot of difficultly moving mainly because at the moment he was feeling a painful sensation in his chest. Almost as if a banshee was clutching his heart and squeezing it. (See what I did there)

He stumbled wildly as he tried to find his bearings, he tried to continue pushing forward but he tripped on his own feet and crashed into the ankle high water he lifted himself up with one hand while his other hand clutched his chest as the tightness there continued to grow.

He tried to calm his breathing anything to lessen the pressure, it was at this moment he heard clapping, and it was sarcastic clapping at that.

"Finally you don't know how long I've waited for this day." A dark but familiar voice said to him.

Naruto tilted his head up and narrowed his eyes at the Dark image of himself that once tormented him.

Growling Naruto stated, "YOU AGAIN! But you don't exist!"

The darkened version of him merely laughed and turned and walked in the opposite direction toward a chair, an odd place for one to be Naruto thought. Yet his breath hitched when he realized who was sitting on the chair.

It was Naruko and by the looks of it she wasn't their voluntarily, she was tied up and gaged he watched the evil version of himself stroke her cheek with the back of his hand. Judging by the fact that Naruko gave him a look of anger as well turning her face away from him she was not pleased with this turn of events either.

"If I didn't exist would I be able to do THIS!" he said in a dark tone as he back handed Naruko across the face, causing her to let out a muffled scream of pain.

You bastard Naruto roared as he suddenly felt a surge of strength rise up within his body and he charged at his evil twin looking to destroy him once and for all.

He threw a punch which his dark side easily counter, the two fought viciously for a minute until suddenly the pain in Naruto's chest swelled again which nearly sucked the air out of him and because his hand shot over to clutch his chest he was unable to defend himself from a powerful punch to the gut causing him to fly backwards and skip across the surface

(Dark Naruto will be refered to as Naruto.D from now on)

Naruto.D walked toward the fallen Naruto as he taunted, "Hurts doesn't it? And that's only a portion of the pain you ask poor Naruko to shoulder."

Naruto gritted his teeth as he slowly stood back up and tried to reengage Naruto.D, however his strength was greatly waning and soon he found himself face first in the water again when he was thrown like a ragdoll to the floor by Naruto.D.

This time Naruto struggled to stand up again as his strength was nearly all gone.

"Look at you so weak and useless, where is that rage of the Uzumaki-Senju you are so known for?" Naruto.D mocked as he walked back over to the still bound Naruko and ripped the gag off her mouth than began to untie her, believing he was making a crucial mistake. Naruko tried to catch him off guard by bursting upwards trying to stab him in the neck with a hidden kunai.

Naruto.D smirked he had actually counted on her doing this and caught her hand and squeezed it hard enough for her to loosen her grip on the kunai just slightly before wrenching it from her hand and turning it around stabbing her in the heart with it.

Naruto was struck speechless as he watched Naruko's breath hitch and sputter as Naruto.D tore the kunai from her chest. Blood poured from the wound as she fell to her knees, one of her hands raised shakily toward Naruto. Who also was frantically crawling his way toward her with whatever power he had left, it was a slow and painful process for both of them and Naruto.D loved watching every second of it.

And just as Naruto was a few feet away, Naruto.D maneuvered his way behind Naruko then grasped the side of her head tilting her head upwards so they locked eyes for a moment he had to laugh seeing that she was so weak now that she didn't even have the strength to look angry at him anymore. Leaning down he gave the girl a kiss on the forehead and then allowed her to look down at Naruto one more time before.


Naruto.D violently twisted Naruko's neck snapping it she remained upright on her knees for just a second before her body fell forward into the water with a splash.

This entire turn of events seemed to be in almost slow-mo for Naruto as he lunged toward her body refusing to let it hit the water but ultimately did not make it.

Naruto choked on his breath as he stared at Naruko's unmoving body, "Please! No!" he whimpered and at that moment the pain in his chest spiked and his body jerked wildly as he was suddenly bombarded by the torrential memories and feelings Naruko had once shielded him from.

Naruto.D stalked around him taunting and jeering, "Do you feel it? All the regret, arrogance, vanity and guilt of your actions, you thought you were so smart when you asked Naruko to filter all of it for you didn't you? You thought those feelings would just disappear into thin air."

He laughed deeply at Naruto's cry and shaking form before continuing. "They had to go somewhere you stupid FUCK! However I have to admit it was a good plan really; Naruko wouldn't disperse even if she was attacked in the physical world. So in a way I guess it could have worked." Naruto.D shrugged as he kicked Naruto in the ribs for the fun of it.

"Too bad by having her block any rage and hatred from coming into you for so long, you couldn't control the same rage and hatred when it started to become too much for even her to handle. You weaned yourself of it for too long and in that moment, I overpowered her I dominated her, then I slowly even overpowered you and took control of your so called perfect mindscape. Who do you think whispers in your ears when those tiny bits of rage began to leak out, who do you think is playing with your emotions?"

Seeing Naruto struggle to try to get up again, Naruto.D chuckled and gave him another swift kick in the ribs. Taking all the wind out of Naruto's sails, Naruto.D then scratched his chin in a thoughtful manner, "Remember when I promised I would kill Hinata? Now that I think about it I actually wont, she could actually be amusing to watch as honestly I could trick her into doing anything I want. Like let's say killing all of the others, it wouldn't be hard you know simply just play on her jealously a little and I bet I could make her even smother her own sister in her sleep!"

That was all Naruto could take as he launched himself up wards with a straight right hook which was easily caught by Naruto.D who then roughly twisted his arm dislocating his shoulder. Naruto yelled out in pain and didn't even see a kick to the side of his head coming which all but knocked him out. Sending him crashing into the water again, this time Naruto was almost unmoving.

Naruto.D shook his head at Naruto's pathetic resistance. "You've grown so weak, complacent and pathetic, without that giant fur ball and idiot of a Shodai you are nothing. Well I hope you enjoyed the last thirteen years of your free life, but don't worry Kurama and Hashirama will be joining you in this cage very soon."

Walking over toward Naruto, he bent over and whispered, "And maybe just maybe if Hinata serves me diligently maybe, just maybe I'll let her live." Any last bit of resistance Naruto could have put up was squashed when Naruto.D stepped on the side of his head. "It's just too bad I can't kill you."

Letting this feeling savor for a moment Naruto.D turned and began walking out of the cage as he had much to do, "Well I guess you were right when you told Hinata, good bye…"

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