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After Saphira made her way out of the storm, I looked to the sky and saw a swirling green circle.

What's that in the sky? I asked Glaedr.

Eragon if you must know the truth, I have no idea what that is.

Suddenly I saw a boy fall out of the green swirling thing and he started falling.

"Wait you stupid ghosts! You dropped me in the middle of the sky!" He yelled on the way down.

I know, I know. Saphira told me. Must she always know what I'm thinking!

I heard that.

"Grab on to anything but her wings or her face!" I yelled to the boy. He apparently heard because he grabbed onto her tail.

You know, you could have used a spell. Glaedr told me. I decided not to reply.

"How long can you hold on?" I yelled to the boy.

"A while!" He yelled back. He then mumbled something I couldn't hear. The boy wore odd clothes and was holding an oval shaped black rock. It almost looked like Saphira's egg when I found it in the Spine.

Hold on a second, he's holding a dragon egg!

We can ask him about it when we reach Vroengard.

It took us an hour and a half to reach Vroengard.

When we landed I looked to see the boy squished underneath Saphira's tail.

"A little help here?" He said. However it came out muffled due to the amount of Saphira's tail mass on him.


Oh fine if you must ruin my fun. She said. She lifted her tail and the boy rolled out from under her tail.

"Thank you. I would shake your hand but I'm holding this... rock -that for some reason I feel I have to keep with me at all times- and I have no use of my other arm from an hour and a half of holding your... dragon's tail." He said. I just nodded.

I want to search is mind. Personally. Saphira told me.

"Saphira wishes to search your mind. May she do so?" I asked.

"Saphira? Search my mind?" He asked.

"My dragon, Saphira and there is no real way to explain searching your mind." I explained.

He hesitated. "...Alright. You can search." He said.

Saphira entered his mind. I knew better than to interrupt her during these situations.

Do you think he is a threat? I asked Glaedr.

No, I do not. He is unarmed,which is always a good sign. We will know more when Saphira finishes.

What about the dragon egg?

I do not think he knows it's an egg.

It was a few minutes before Saphira finished.

He can be trusted. She said. However she seemed somewhat depressed. Who knows what she saw.

What did you see? Glaedr asked.

I don't wish to speak of it. He can be trusted, his name is Daniel, and he is oblivious to the fact that he possesses a dragon egg. That's all I will say. Leave me in peace. She said before she retreated to the depths of her mind.

Women. Glaedr said.

"So," I began. "Your name is Daniel. What is your surname?"


"I have two, for example. Bromson and Shadeslayer."

"I don't think I have one."

"Hmm. Then in time you shall. For now, are you with the varden or the empire?"

"To tell you the truth I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Where exactly are you from?"

"Amity Park." He told me. Before I started to ponder over what that was, I asked him about the egg.

"Are you aware you have a dragon egg in your possession?"

"Dragon egg!" Suddenly the black egg in his hands began to shake. The egg began to chip away and a black, dragon head poked it's way through. It made it's way out of the egg and touched Daniel's palm. Daniel's palm glowed before he fainted, the same way my first experience with Saphira went.

Well this brings back memories doesn't it Eragon? Saphira asked him as she gave him a playful nudge.

You still can't have my name. I told her

Why would I want the name Eragon when I have the name Saphira?

For your information I happen to like my name.

Not as good as mine!

Are you two done with your childish feud about your names! Glaedr growled.

We apologize Master. Saphira told him.

I looked at Daniel and the dragon. He saw the dragon start to push him, however Daniel was to heavy so the dragon pushed, thinking it was making progress even though it wasn't.

Master is there any way to tell what gender it is? I asked Glaedr.

I don't believe so. At least not until he talks.

I hope it's a girl! Then I'm not pressured to get together with Thorn, Shruikan, or the green dragon. But if it's a boy, I can get together with him if he's good. I don't know okay! Saphira argued with herself. I hope it's a girl, because Saphira won't be the only female dragon anymore.

I woke Daniel up with a few phrases in the ancient language.

"What happened? Who's attacking?" He said as he awoke.

"Nothing and nobody. Now, you're a dragon rider. In some time your dragon will have a mental bond with you and will be able to fly. For now, try to connect with it mentally and find out what gender it is. If it's a boy, great. If it's a girl, even better."

"Why is it better if it's a girl?"

"Saphira is the last female dragon in existence."

"That makes sense." Daniel paused. "It's a girl."

Yes! Saphira squealed.

Since when do you squeal? I asked.

Since another female dragon was born!

"How do you know it's a girl?" I asked. It took me three months to connect with Saphira!

"I connected with her mentally."

"How did you do it so fast?"

"I guess she's just fast." Daniel told me.

I just flew for ten hours straight, can I get something to eat? Or at least be allowed to sleep! Saphira said. She had stretched out to Daniels mind so I'm sure he could hear her.


I'm hungry okay!

Why don't you go to sleep? I'm not sure if it's safe to hunt here. I suggested to her. After the Nïdhwal I don't know what I'm going to find out there.

Without answering Saphira went to sleep. Daniel and I stood there awkwardly for a few seconds.

"So you know my name, but I don't know yours." He said to me.

"Eragon. Now that you know your dragon is a female, what shall you name her? I suggest discussing it with her. However, she may choose your own name at first."

"What are some female dragon names?" He asked. I remember Brom gave me some, but I can't remember what they were, except for "Saphira".

"All I remember are Saphira." I told him. He paused for a moment, probably in deep conversation with his dragon.

"She said she likes the stone or precious jewel concept such as 'Saphira' and 'sapphire'. Are there any black stones or jewels besides coal?" He told me.

Glaedr? I asked.

I know of ebony and black diamonds. However I know not of anything more. He replied.

"There is ebony and black diamonds. She may choose."

He did not reply for about two minutes. "She chose Ebona. Do you think it fits?"

Well I do. Glaedrsaid.

So do I. I told Glaedr. "Yes. It suits her."

Ebona stretched her wings and jumped, trying to fly. However, due to her age of about ten minutes, she fell on her face. She let out a small cry as her face was on the ground.

She will fly soon enough. Glaedr told me.

I then remembered that Daniel had come from a green swirling circle in the sky. "Where did you come from?" I asked.

"I came from a horrible place where I was part of two worlds."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I am nor dead nor alive. I am both."

I burst out laughing. "That is hilarious. No I am serious where did you come from?"

"Search my mind if you must. I am not lying." he told me with no expression.

"If I must." I said.

I searched his mind from his childhood. As I began to withdraw, I saw a memory. It was painful. Not mentally, but physically. It was a bunch of green light that surrounded Daniel. As it went black, I moved to the next memory.

This one was Daniel looking in a mirror. It looked exactly like him, however this person had green eyes and white hair. Not old man white, but ghostly white.

I moved to the next. The next for a long time after that were fights with other ghostly beings. Until I came across one memory.

Daniel was in a lab and it seemed he was tied to a table. A woman and a very large man moved toward him with knives. Daniel pleaded for them to stop, saying he was their son, but they only ignored him. They advanced and started to cut open his chest. When I could bear to look no more, I moved on.

There were the same two people, only they were with some of the beings I had seen Daniel fight earlier. One of the beings grabbed him and threw him into a swirling green circle. Then Daniel started falling and the shape of Saphira became visible.

Then it occurred to me. They had cut him less than a day ago. At the least he still had deep cuts from the incident.

"They cut you." I told him. "Where?"

He lifted his shirt to show a cut in his chest. I then realized that his shirt should be soaked with blood, but it wasn't.

"Where is the blood going?" I asked.

"I heal quickly. It has healed to the point where it will not bleed. However that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt."

"I can heal it if you wish."

He only nodded. I began to heal him with a spell, and when I finished I turned to him tiredly. "Saphira and I will need time to rest. The flight here was a long, and tiring flight, even for me. We must rest. I recommend you do the same."

He nodded and sat. He leaned against a rock and Ebona crawled into his lap.

Will you keep watch? I asked Glaedr.

Aye Shadeslayer. Rest now, you will need it for tomarrow.

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