Phantom Spider Chapter 1

Post PP

Post Final Curtain

"Yes!" said Doctor Otto Octavious (AKA Dr. Octopus,) cried out triumphantly. "Soon, we will destroy that meddling Spider-Man once and for all!" he told his companions, Electro and Mysterio.

"How will that help us squish that bug?" Electro asked in confusion, gesturing at the giant metal ring in the middle of the underground room.

"My dear Electro," said the doctor, "This device will allow us to access a dimension not normally connected to ours that I found, solely by accident. We will find beings within that will help us, and use their power to crush the arachnid. And if they don't want to help," he said, gesturing with a metal arm towards an apparatus on the other side of the room, "I will use my powers of persuasion on them."

"Fire it up then!" Electro shouted, sparking like crazy. "I want to see that costumed freak squished!"

"I just did," said the mad scientist after lifting a plastic box and pushing the big red button underneath.

As the villains watched, the portal started to glow green, and a blast of energy burst out of it!

"Was it meant to do that?" Mysterio asked as they watched from the side of the room. "Or did it malfunction?"

"Do not worry Mysterio," said the doctor, waving a metal arm dismissively. "I calculated the probability of such a surge, but that should be the only one. Now watch, as we gaze on the arachnid's doom!" he shouted triumphantly as the portal stabilized to a swirling green vortex.

Suddenly, the vortex was disturbed as something from the other dimension started to pass through. The three villains gasped in shock and awe at what emerged…

To be continued….

I know I'm evil, blame my muse for it!

What is coming through the portal? You'll see!

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