Phantom Spider Chapter 2

Post PP

Post Final Curtain

As the shape emerged from the swirling green portal, the assembled villains could see it was a metallic humanoid, with bright green eyes, a flaming green Mohawk and goatee, a muscular-looking form that screamed danger, and a faint white glow.

"Well, what realm is this?" the figure muttered to it (him) self in a deep voice.

"My lab," said Doctor Octopus, quickly recovering from his surprise. "And who or what, might you be?" he asked the metal man.

"I am Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter!" said the metallic figure. "Do you know of any worthy prey in this realm for me to hunt?"

"As a matter of fact, I do," said the mad scientist with a grin the size of the Big Apple itself as he rose up on his metal arms and headed towards a large bank of powerful looking computers that were set into the far wall.

"I bet Kraven won't be too happy to hear that he has some new competition from out of town," Mysterio muttered to Electro, who nodded in agreement as Dr. Octopus opened video, text and image files of their hated enemy: Spider-Man!

"This is Spider-Man, the so-called hero who has stopped my plans time and time again," said the tentacle wielding doctor with an expression that radiated pure hatred on his face. "I can think of no greater prey anywhere in our world for you to hunt, and I can think of no one better suited to the task of finding and destroying him than you!"

"Hmmm," said Skulker, "Are you sure this Spider-Man is a truly formidable foe? I only hunt the rarest and most difficult prey".

"I assure Skulker," Dr. Octopus said with an evil look, "the arachnid is strong and resourceful, and I will even upgrade your weapons so his tricks won't work on you, free of charge. All I ask in return," he said, seeing the ghost grin with anticipation as Electro started grinning as well as he saw where the conversation was going, "Is that you take down Spider-Man once and for all!"

To be continued….

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