FAGEtastic Four

Title: Homeless in Seattle

Written for: Anisah Beegud

Written By: Addicted Necker

Rating: NC-17

Summary/Prompt used: Edward and Bella meet in the delivery room

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Before we begin, I'd like to take a moment to thank my wonderful beta Tammy, and Blackagurl (Angel) for helping me brainstorm. Without them, this story probably wouldn't be here. Xx MUAH!

Homeless in Seattle

There he is, in his entire 6'4" smug, cocky bastard, glory.

Edward Cullen is standing over me with a deep crease edged into his brow, looking as handsome as ever. He wears an expensive black designer suit while holding a black umbrella close overhead to hide from the gloomy Seattle sky. I cringe further into the corner of the brick building I am slumped against. If I press hard enough, perhaps I will disappear. I stare down at my wet, dirty jeans that are covered in mud and holes. I snort at the irony.

"What are you doing on the streets, Isabella? It is pouring and you look…" Edward lets his sentence trail off, with disgust evident in his tone.

Why did he have to be the one to find me?

FLASHBACK TO June 19, 1988

"Great, Renee, I think it is finally time to start pushing." Dr. Sanders motions for the nurses to begin prepping the patient.

Relief floods Renee;, after eighteen hours of labor she is beyond ready for her bundle of joy to enter the world. Charlie leans over the hospital bed and kisses his lovely wife on her damp forehead. The anticipation is killing him. They have been here for a day and a half and he has never seen Renee in such pain. He would give anything to take the suffering away, but it will be over soon and it is for a good cause. Their first of hopefully many children to come is getting ready to enter the world!

Renee nervously nibbles on her bottom lip as the doctor sits down in front of her. It is time.

Outside of the tiny Forks, Washington hospital the rain and the wind have come in with fury. The lights flash as a booming thunder soars, followed by the delivery room doors flying open. The loud ruckus causes everyone in the room to jump, including Dr. Sanders.

"Esme, what are you doing here? You're not due for another two months!" He rises with panic, rushing over to the woman Renee rightfully assumes to be Esme.

"It's time, doc. She's contracting every two minutes and her water broke about a half hour ago. Please, help her!" The man standing next to a posh, but very pregnant wife shouts.

Esme and her husband Carlisle have rushed in to the hospital, drenched from the downpour outside. However Renee can't help but notice that even wet and experiencing agonizing labor, Esme is stunning. She subconsciously runs her hands through her sweat soaked hair.

Dr. Sanders begins to pace as his usual calm manor deteriorates. "Oh my, this isn't good. We don't have enough room or supplies for two deliveries!"

Esme's knees buckle and she drops to the floor with a shriek.

"Doc, please!" Her husband cries as he drops down to support her.

"Okay, alright. Nurse Jackson, find me a bed for Mrs. Cullen and bring it in here. We'll move the Swans over to one side and I'll be able to monitor both. I'll need everyone's cooperation!." Dr. Sanders shouts with uneasiness to everyone in the room. The nurse quickly exits the room, while the distress is clearly sketched on the doctor's face.

Fifteen minutes later and Renee and Esme are lying next to one another, each being consoled by their fervent husbands. The nurse is tending to Renee, as Dr. Sanders talks Esme through her labor.

Isabella Marie Swan is the first to enter the world by Nurse Sara Jackson, at 2:13 A.M. The Swans are elated while they share an affectionate embrace, looking down at their precious newborn daughter. Renee winces when the nurse lifts the baby away to be cleaned and weighed, with an ecstatic Charlie tagging behind to assist. But something is wrong, as she feels a jolt of pain in her stomach and the room and her world fade black.

Edward Anthony Cullen is born shortly thereafter at 2:15 A.M. Esme sags with relief as Dr. Sanders cradles the baby and lays him across her chest. After four years of desperately trying to have another baby, he is finally here.

Dr. Sanders leans to the back of the chair to admire his handy work. Two babies in within a few minutes of each other. Who would have thought his night would have been this hectic?

Granted, he had the help of Nurse Jackson. He sighs and glances from Esme to Renee. Esme's tears stream from her, with an ear splitting grin across her beautiful face as she hands her baby to Nurse Jackson.

And Renee, well Renee is…

The doctor bolts upright as he notices Renee is no longer coherent. The nurse quickly and gently places the Cullen's baby next to the pink swaddled baby girl, and rushes over to assist the doctor.

Charlie is by Renee's side in an instant, shouting at the doctor to help his wife. "Do something, damn it! Renee honey, wake up! Renee!"

However, it is too late. The Cullen's stare in shock and horror, witnessing Renee Swan die after delivering her first and only daughter, Isabella.

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