"Love among pain"

He had finally reached the coast. Who was that girl and what made her to be so desperate? She was at the very corner of rock, looking down to the blue sea. Everything about this sea reminded of a pair of two beautiful eyes, two eyes that she had been in love with, when she saw them for first time on the painting, but now she was full of disgust because of them. The strange man ran towards her, fearing that she would fall of the rock, facing the death. It was a death place, indeed, the wind was blowing violently, the sea was full of waves and It was really cold, usual for a September afternoon.

"Wait", he finally told after going to the rock.

The girl was full of tears, her beautiful green dress was torn and her hair had was full of dust and drops of blood.

"What do you want? Leave me alone" she answered.

The man was stubborn, though, and made some steps closer to her.

"I have no intention to harm you", he whispered.

But Johanna didn't seem to be afraid of him at all. He would actually help her if he harmed her as she admitted "Harm me and I'll be grateful to you".

The man gave her a questioning look as if he was waiting to for answer to be given, but instead the woman turned her back to him and looked again at the sea. She was afraid to jump but she wanted to die. This man could help her, only this man.

"Do you want to die?" he asked as softly as he could, so she wouldn't get angry and do something bad to herself.

She immediately answer, being annoyed of the man, asking so many things:

"I am dead inside, does it matter?".

But the man kept annoying her again. He had decided to help that woman get out of this situation. There was something about her that made his heart beating. In any other case, he wouldn't have noticed a craze woman, with blood and dust to her hands, face and hair but that she was special. She seemed to pain and to be stubbed with knives of hatred, betrayal and likes in all her body, especially her heart. He felt he had kind feelings for her, he felt pity for her.

"Come with me", he finally told.

Johanna got angry. This man was bothering her. She felt as he was keeping her alive while she was badly injured and had no hope to live.

"My uncle once slipped over rocks like this one you are standing right one. It wasn't his own intention, though. The rocks were sharp, he was torn into pieces. A very bad view. As far as you are concerned, not only will you be badly injured but also you will drown. It's a really bad feeling." He added knowing that the lady wouldn't listen to him anymore or even come with him if he hadn't told an interesting and horror lie.

Now the strange woman seemed to be horrified but she didn't want to show it.
She just stared at him and swallowed hard.

"Anyway, you live me no choice. You jump I jump. I am now mixed in this situation, If I leave you die, then I will be kind of a murderer, won't I?" he told and offered his right hand again.

Johanna felt her heart beating as if it was breaking. This scene with the hand, it was so familiar to her. Perhaps it was her instinct. She looked deep into the handsome man's eyes, he seemed crazy and she didn't bother to tell her that exact thought " You are crazy".

"That's what everybody says but, with all due respect, Miss, I'm not the one hanging off the rock here. Come on. C'mon, give me your hand. You don't want to do this." He whispered and this time he was sure the lady would give him her hand. And she finally did. Slowly, with no fear, her fingers touched gently his. A flame was burning at the moment.

"I am William Brown", he introduced himself.

She slightly laughed, feeling his deep breath on her skin, they were too close.

"My name is Johanna Rolfe", she said to him and then she came back to reality, where she was taken from at these magical seconds after giving him her hand. By uttering her last name she remembered it was not her real last name, Rolfe wasn't her father. She burst into cry sobbing and crying, she was desperate again and her only shelter was this stranger. Johanna immediately fell on his muscular arms and he hugged her tightly and kissed her head as her tears were wetting his jacket. There was a strangely intimacy between them.

"Calm down my..lo..Calm down" he whispered just over passing the world "my love". I don't love her, he thought, I barely know her, then why did this word slipped of my mouth? "Tell me, why are you suffering?"

Johanna wasn't able to talk, she wasn't even able to stand up and walk. "Come on, I'll help you, I'll take you to my house. Noone is here at the moment. Perhaps you should drink and eat something", he uttered as he passed her hand on his shoulder. He had a strange affection on her but he couldn't explain it, after all, the girl was strange, he was strange because he cared so much about a stranger, their meeting was strangeā€¦

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