Immortal Undeath

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Chapter 1: Mutual Agreement

Daken was the former Dark Avenger Wolverine. His father was the original Wolverine, and, though Daken had claws grafted like his father, and a healing factor, the two could not be more different. Daken was a murderer and a manipulator, playing to people like a musician plays his instrument. He did this by secreting special pheromones that the mohawk-styled warrior had discovered, and it helped in his manipulations of people. Of course, he did enjoy a good kill every now and again, but Daken was a total sadist, enjoying the pain of someone's last precious seconds of life as it left their body. Ever since that time eighteen months ago, where he successfully evaded capture by this world's law enforcement agency Checkmate, Daken had been take in by the mysterious, and, in theory, immortal Ra's al-Ghul.

Ra's al-Ghul was also known as 'The Demon's Head'. He was hundreds of years old, being kept alive by numerous pits of primordial energy called Lazarus Pits. Often, after bathing in one of them, Ra's would go mad and strike at everyone around him. However, Talia was able to calm him down and manage to regain his senses. He knows leads a group called the League of Assassins, a highly trained group of martial artists that take any job for the right price. However, very few knew of Ra's real plan, which can be summed up best as ecological terrorism. Ra's was determined to return the Earth to what it was, before all this technology 'corrupted' it.

A frequent foe of Batman, and one of only a few people outside the Justice League that knew of the secret identity of the Dark Knight, Ra's has perplexed Batman many a time, and has admitted, that Batman is just as shrewd a player in the game as he was. It was the discovery of Batman's love for Talia that Ra's could truly capitalize on an opportunity. Instructing Talia to carry the detective's child, Ra's would be able to raise an heir to the League of Assassins that possessed the cunning and possible prodigious fighting techniques of Batman, and trained to be the most lethal assassin and leader of a new generation of assassins.

And time was of the essence. Ra's knew Batman was sealing pits left and right to try and stop Ra's al-Ghul, and that was when he heard about the other realities. After the battle in Metropolis, where heroes and villains Ra's had never heard of collided in an epic battle, he saw Daken and managed to capture him. A deadly assassin and a cunning fighter, Ra's could use Daken to his advantage. Taking him in and training him, Daken surpassed even the supreme assassin Lady Shiva. Lady Shiva was one of the premiere fighters, specializing in many forgotten forms of martial arts and was believed to be able to defeat Batman.

Alas, that would never come, for, as soon as she had finished training Daken, the mutant warrior used the special Muramase blade that had been grafted into his claw and decapitate Lady Shiva in her sleep. Ra's was a bit surprised at that, but, nonetheless, it was a true demonstration of just how effective a killer Daken was now.

Ra's was in a tent in the middle of the Sahara desert, and was busy deciphering a scroll. He had studied Daken and realized that Daken's healing factor could be a key to immortality. And, so was this scroll that the leader of the League of Assassins was researching.

Reportedly, it was a process, a story of some sort, that this chest contained an undead darkness. The chest was large, almost like a coffin, and it had several curious symbols. The coffin had been excavated and was sitting one of the other tents. The symbols, which Ra's was translating, were that of the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra. For whatever reason, it was placed over lid of the chest, as if to keep some terrible evil from escaping. There were also seals of Bast, the goddess of protection, around it. Ra's looked further down the scroll. As he did, a creeping darkness came over the camp.

Daken entered at that moment, but the ubu, Ra's personal bodyguard, blocked entry. Ra's, not looking up, signaled,

"It is all right. He may pass."

The ubu stepped aside, but cast a glare at the smug Daken. Daken stepped on by and said,

"You wanted to see me?"

Ra's nodded,

"Yes. I understand my grandson has already begun training."

Daken gruffed,

"Yeah, the kid may be a pint sized runt now, but he's gettin' the best. But, I take it this ain't about the brat."

The eco-terrorist shook his head in disgust and said,

"I must ask something of you. You're ability to heal from your wounds; is it possible to transfer that into others?"

Daken was a bit surprised at the question, but said,

"Possible, yeah. If you want to mess with kid's gene pattern. But, why-?"

Suddenly, the feral mutant sniffed the air and popped his claws,

"Somethin's here, and it ain't pretty."

The ubu was then suddenly snatched from the tent and, in moments, blood-curdling screams could be heard throughout the camp. Daken and Ra's rushed out to find what had happened, but a sinister looking figure, draped in black, smiled,

"I thought I smelled fresh blood around here."

Daken grinned evilly,

"And you're about to smell adamantium."

He charged in and tried to stab the mysterious figure. However, at the last second, the figure whirled around Daken and bit into his neck with his fangs. Daken was instantly taken down.

Ra's looked on in surprise and the mysterious figure rushed to him in blinding speed. Ra's said,

"You are from the scroll, aren't you?"

The mysterious figure pulled off his cowl and revealed a pale man with white fangs. He smiled hungrily,

"Yes. The one that was supposed to have been sealed for all time, the one whose coffin you tried to ascertain the location of and excavated for your own purposes?"

He bowed,

"Yes, I am he. I am…Crucifer."

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