One year on, two figures in florescent jackets stood in front of Holby HE College. The rain was thundering down, but that didn't stop people laying flowers and lighting candles in memory of the terrible tragedy that took place one year ago to the day. Relatives, Friends, Students and Lecturers alike paid their respects at the shrine that had been set up. People came and went, but the figures of two people remained constant for a while.

Jeff stood staring at the picture of Miriam, the girl who died in his arms, fresh tears forming in his eyes as he recalled her final few moments. Dixie sensed his sadness and placed her arm in his bringing them closer together.

A lot had changed for them in that year, they had both been through review panels, both been on various courses and Dixie's mentoring and retraining had gone without a glitch – Jeff never doubted her ability to do her job, unlike the review panel. They were grateful that they were both allowed to carry on with their work and grateful that they had each other.

'Go on sweetheart.' Dixie urged as she handed Jeff the flowers they had brought to lay at the college. Taking them from her, Jeff managed to give her a half smile before stepping slowly forward, placing them in front of Miriam's picture. He crouched down for a while staring at her and the messages people had left. It saddened him to think that someone so young had their life so cruelly taken. Someone was missing their daughter, sister, and friend. He wondered what she would be doing now if she had still been alive. He didn't know how long he had been there but he felt someone crouch next to him and place their hand on his leg, looking up, his eyes met Dixie's.

'Well done, you have been really brave.' She said to him as she helped him to his feet.

'Have I?'

'Yeah, one year Jeff, it has been one year. You have been through so much and have held it together. I am proud of you Mr Collier.' Dixie replied placing a light kiss on him.

'Why thank you Mrs Collier.' He responded taking hold of her hand giving it a squeeze. He looked around the pictures and shrine for the last time and took a deep breath. He had been on a long journey this last year and had come to realise that Dixie was right all along, he was only human and should stop blaming himself. It had been a hard thing to do, but he had done it.

For the first time, he felt he had his life back, he was back in control. Smiling to himself, he turned to his wife, the one person who had stuck by him, supported him, held him and cared for him.

'You ready them Mrs Collier?'

'Yeah, think so.'

'Right, let's get this back to the Ambulance Station then we can be off.'

'I won't be missing this weather.'

'Nah, me neither, we are long overdue this aren't we?' Jeff said as he walked Dixie back to their ambulance.

'God yeah, we need a break, two weeks in Tenerife doing nothing but sunbathing, swimming, eating and …..'

'Many other wicked and naughty things.' Jeff cut in quickly


'Oh come on Dix, what did you think I meant?'

'God only knows.' She replied to a smug looking Jeff who blew her a kiss across the cab causing her to smile back at him.

'Thank you.' Jeff said as he started the engine changing the tone back to one of seriousness for a while.

'For what?'

'Putting up with me and helping me. Oh yeah, and agreeing to come away with me.'

'You don't need to thank me Jeff, I would have done all of those things for you and you know it.'

'I am just counting my blessings.'

'Don't get all sentimental on me, now come on, we have a holiday to go on.'

Jeff smiled at her, something which she returned before they drove off towards their new life. The year had been tough, but they still had each other, for that, they were both grateful and happy. With the help of his Dixie, Jeff had finally moved on with his life, things were looking up for the pair of them and they couldn't have been happier.

A / N – I know it is short and rather rushed, but I hope it finished the fic off well. Thank you to all my reviewers, I am grateful for all your kind words.