Title: Armageddon

Rating: T

Warnings: Major spoilers for "Utopia", "The Sound of Drums" and "Last of the Time Lords"; violence; mild language

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Part I: Utopia

Chapter Two

The four of them took off running back down the hill, trying to catch up with the man. Martha struggled along behind them, almost tripping over rocks and gravel as she went. Jack and the Doctor were a few feet ahead and Reid lagged only a bit more behind them, glancing back to make sure that Martha was keeping up alright.

As they ran they passed what looked like old construction equipment, maybe parts of metal buildings or roofs perhaps. They couldn't be sure and they were too busy running to really pay much attention. The closer they got to the man, the louder the yells and snarls of his pursuers became, the fires of their torches cackling a bit.

Reid was surprised to see how much they looked like humans, but they were just a little… off. A bit more on the animalistic side, razor sharp teeth glinting in their torchlights as they snarled, bodies half hunched over, eyes blazing with some odd light. Unkempt and poorly clothed, they were at the very least a good example of what happened to human beings when they spent too much time away from society: feral, dangerous and a bit unhinged.

They almost ran right into the man as they cut the man off, Jack catching him before he could stumble and fall to the ground.

"We've got you!" he assured him, helping him straighten up and passing him back, stepping between them and the fast approaching attackers.

Reid and Martha took the man and Martha did a quick, cursory check for injuries, spotting a few bruises and cuts, but nothing life threatening. She was certain the man was human though they couldn't really say the same about the things chasing him.

Jack pulled his gun from his holster, about to shoot the things when the Doctor spotted the weapon, "Jack, don't you dare!"

A bit reluctantly, Jack aimed the gun into the pitch black sky and fired off three loud shots, stopping the creatures in their tracks, all eyes going to the sky, panic on their faces for the briefest of moments.

"Doctor, what are they?" Reid asked, eyeing them with a heavy dose of fear and curiosity. The sound had stopped them for a moment, but they were soon running at them again and closing the distance fast.

"There's more of them!" the man warned, his voice high with fear, "We've got to keep going!"

"Look, calm down, I've got a ship, I can help it's right over –" The Doctor stopped, eyes glancing back the way they'd come. Appearing just over the crest of the hill was another group of the things, all bearing weapons and torches and doing a good job of imitating the others' angry snarls.

"…Or maybe not," the Doctor sounded a bit defeated for a moment before the man spoke again, voice urgent and scared.

"We're close to the Silo," he said, "If we can get to the Silo, we're safe!"

"Silo?" The Doctor glanced back at Martha, Reid and Jack and the three of them nodded eager, none of them wanting to stand around and wait to see what these things were going to do once they caught up with them.

"Silo sounds good," Jack said, spinning in a circle with his gun ready.

"Silo for me!' Martha agreed.

"Alright, Silo it is," The Doctor said, "Which way?"

The man grabbed his arm and lead the way, taking off at a full run again, the creatures only a few hundred yards behind them and closing. It took them several long minutes of running to reach the "Silo" that the man spoke of. A high chain-link fence greeted them as they spun around a corner and several armed men were guarding the gate.

The man began yelling as soon as the fence came into view, "It's the Futurekind, they're coming! You've got to let us in! They're right behind us!"

The guards raised their rifles, "Show us your teeth!" they demanded as they came right up to the gate, "Show us your teeth!" Their fingers were tense over the triggers and the man immediately grinned wide, pulling his lips away from his teeth.

The guards look satisfied and jabbed the rifles at the others, "Show us your teeth!" they demanded as the Futurekind appeared over the hill, snarling and spitting and hissing as they closed in. Martha, Reid, Jack and the Doctor stood there, frozen in fear and confusion at the order and the man snapped at them, eyes darting back at the Futurekind.

"Show them your teeth!"

Slowly, they followed his example and pulled their lips back in an odd grin and the guards nodded, pulling the gate open. "Humans! Let them in! Quickly, get inside," they ordered, ushering them in and shutting the gates quickly, aiming the rifles at the Futurekind as they nearly slammed into the fence.

"Humans. Humani. Make feast," one of the Futurekind said, his voice rough and slightly sibilant.

One of the guards hefted his gun higher, "Alright, all of you, go back to where you came from!" he ordered, finger tight over the trigger. "Go back!"

"Kind hungry," the same Futurekind spoke again, "Kind want you…"

The guards lifted their guns readying to fire, "Go back!" one of them ordered again, "Get back!"

"Oh, don't tell them to put their guns down," Jack muttered.

The Doctor frowned, "They aren't my responsibility,"

"And I am? That's a change,"

The Doctor sighed as the guards fired several shots at the feet of the Futurekind, sending the group stumbling back with angry, yet fearful eyes. The group finally had a moment to catch their breath as the guard turned and led them away from the fence.

"Thanks for that," the Doctor breathed, glancing back at Martha, Jack and Reid. "You alright?"

"Fine," Reid nodded, "Confused, but… fine."

"Same here," Martha agreed, looking around the open yard curiously. They were approaching what looked like a large electrical warehouse. It was huge, a couple of towers around it. Looked dingy and old, but definitely still in use. She wondered what it was there for and what these people were even doing here.

The man from before broke away from the back of the group and stepped up to the guard leading them, "My name is Padra Fet Shafe Cane. Tell me, just tell me… Can you take me to Utopia?"

The guard smiled, nodding, "Oh yes sir! Yes I can!"


Inside, they were greeted by a friendly looking dark skinned man in shabby clothing, asking them for their names and writing them down on a clipboard like thing. He seemed intrigued when the Doctor told him his name and smiled at bit at Reid's introduction as "Dr. Spencer Reid," He asked what kind of doctor they were. The Doctor answered, as usual, with the cryptic and, mostly true answer of "everything" while Reid was a bit more exact, explain that he had PhDs in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering.

Jack whistled lightly as the man whispered something to someone else, who hurried off into another room explaining, "The professor will be happy to see you!"

"Beauty and brains, huh, Spence?" Jack teased.

Reid's face blushed a deep shade of red while Padra and the Doctor argued with the man, the Doctor asking about retrieving the TARDIS and Padra trying to find out if his mother and brother had made it or not. Apparently, the computers were down, but they could check the books. He promised the Doctor that they would search for the TARDIS on their last water run and the group found themselves being led down a narrow hall by a tiny little blond headed boy named Creet.

The hall was dotted with tiny little family groups, people were cramped in together, stuffing all of their belongs that they could into the smallest possible spaces. Voices registered as a low hum as Creet led Padra down the hall, calling out for his missing family.

"It's like refugee camp!" Martha said, looking around.

"It's stinking," Jack said, scrunching up his nose and looking around. One man gave him and indignant look and he forced a small, "Sorry. No offense, not you."

"Ah, c'mon, Jack, can't you see? The ripe old smell of humans! You survived!" The Doctor sounded excited, grinning as they maneuvered their way through the tight space.

"So they are human," Reid said, curiously eyeing the people. "What are they here for?"

"Don't know," The Doctor said, "Surviving, I guess. Humans, you lot are brilliant, you know that? Clinging onto life, even at the very end of the universe! Indomitable, that's the world!" He grinned at Reid, taking him by the arm and shaking him a bit.

"The race that just refused to give up."

Reid couldn't help but grin at the Doctor's excitement. The littlest, most amazing things seemed to make him happy. The existence of life on this dead planet had put him in a better mood than Reid ever remembered seeing him.

And even more good news came a moment later when Padra spotted his family and rushed forward to hug his mother, relief evident in their faces as the family was reunited. Martha grinned brightly at the sight and Reid rolled his eyes as Jack eyed a man, grinning that flirtatious grin of his.

"Captain jack Harkness, and who are you?"

"Stop it!" The Doctor didn't even bother looking over his shoulder, having pulled out his sonic screwdriver and using it on a door in the side of the hall. "Give us a hand with this."

The three of them gathered around the Doctor's side, watching as he worked to unlatch the metal door. "It's half deadlocked, Jack, see if you can override the code," Jack started to move to the keypad, but Reid was already there and had already figured it out. The door's air seals hissed as they popped open.

The Doctor gave Reid a funny look and the young agent shrugged, "I spent a lot of time with you, Doctor," he said quietly. "Picked up a few things." He didn't mentioned, however, that he'd learned that not from the Doctor, but from someone else entirely. A woman he had gotten to know exceptionally well named River Song.

The Doctor considered that answer slowly before nodding, pushing the door open, and immediately almost falling to his death. Jack caught him quickly around his waist and yanked him back him as Reid and Martha leaned out for a closer look, eyes widening as they took in the sight of a massive rocket.

"Now that… is what I call a rocket," Martha said, smiling in awe as she stared.

"They're not refugees, they're passengers!" The Doctor said in a hushed whisper.

"Padra said they were going to Utopia," Reid pointed out, frowning. The rocket appeared to have been cobbled together from spare bits of metal and parts, all different sizes and colors, welded together inexpertly, but impressive and massive all the same.

"The perfect place," the Doctor smiled, "One hundred trillion years in the future and the dream's still the same. Do you recognize those engines?" He turned to Jack and Reid this time, unsure of exactly how much Reid might know already.

"Nope," Jack answered, eyeing the rocket, "Whatever it is, it's not rocket science. Sure is hot though…"

"Boiling," the Doctor agreed, pulling back in and shutting the door, a thoughtful frown on his face as he tucked the sonic screwdriver into his coat pocket.

"If the universe is falling apart, what does Utopia mea?" he wondered out loud, probably about to go off on another his hard to follow, tangent thoughts. Luckily, they were saved from the babble by a smiling older man.

"…Hello," he greeted them, looking around the group for a moment, eyes going between Jack, Reid and the Doctor for a moment before settling on Jack, "Doctor?"

"No, that would be me," the Doctor said, smiling and raising his hand, "And him," he added, nodding to Reid.

"Good! Good! Good!" The man was practically beaming now as he grabbed both Reid and the Doctor's hands, dragging them along beside him, nearly causing them both to run into people and the walls as Martha and Jack hurried to catch up, wondering what so good about them being there.


The man, who introduced himself as Professor Yana while they were in mid-run down the halls, led them into a large lab, still babbling excitedly, dragging Reid and the Doctor over to some machine and whizzing them past a tall, blue creature in a lab coat who greeted them with a high, friendly female voice.

"Chan, welcome, tho," she said, smiling. She was a beautiful, if strange looking creature. Sort of a mixture of human and… insect? She had a large head with antennae shooting up out of her forehead and her skin was a blue-ish green color, swirling with lovely patterns.

Reid tried to keep up with what the Professor was saying as he motioned to the "gravitissimal accelerator" (whatever that was) and several other machines in the lab, talking excitedly, if a bit anxiously, about each one and the things that were not-so-great about them.

Martha and Jack hung back as the Professor led them around the lab, never ceasing in his over-their-heads scientific speech. Martha smiled at the alien who had greeted them.

"Hello," she said, "Who are you?"

"Chan, Chantho, tho," she said, bobbing her head gently and smiling at them. Jack smiled that trademark smile of his and offered her his hand.

"Captain Jack Harkness," he introduced himself.

"Stop it!" the Doctor ordered, looking up from the machine the Professor was showing them.

Jack sighed, "Can't I say hello to anyone?"

Chantho smiled, ducking her head a bit, "Chan, I do not protest, tho,"

Jack grinned at her, "Maybe later, Blue," he teased, clapping his hand together and moving over to the Doctor, Reid and the Professor, removing his pack from his back as he did. "So what do have here?"

"All this feeds into the rocket?" the Doctor asked, looking around.

"Yes, but without a stable footprint we'll never achieve escape velocity," the Professor said sadly, "If only we could harmonize the five impact patterns and unify them! Then we might yet make it."

He sighed heavily, looking around the space sadly, "So, doctors… any ideas?"

Reid looked completely out of his depth; he'd seen a lot in his life and he was more than a little intelligent, but this went beyond him, he knew. "I'm sorry," he said, "I… I've never seen anything like this." He glanced to the Doctor along with the Professor, both seeming extremely hopeful while the Doctor looked, for the first time ever, reluctant to speak.

"Well… sort of… not a clue…"

The Professor deflated, "Nothing?"

"I'm not from around these parts," the Doctor admitted, "I've never seen a system like it. Sorry,"

It was almost heartbreaking to see the look on the Professor's face as he sighed, "No, no, I'm sorry. There's been so little help, " he trailed off, shaking his head. Reid gave him a sympathetic smile while the Doctor examined the machines more closely and Jack looked over something in the corner.

Suddenly, Martha's voice cut through the sadness of the moment, "Oh… my… God…" she was bent over, pulling something out of Jack's bag and sitting it on the table. It was a large jar. With a hand inside it, liquid bubbling quietly around the hand. Reid, the Professor and Chantho moved closer to the table, wide eyed and curious.

"You've got a hand!" she exclaimed, looking up incredulously at Jack. "A hand, in a jar. A hand, in a jar, in your bag!"

Jack smirked, leaning against the wall as the Doctor knelt beside the hand, stuttering for a moment, "B-but… that's my hand!"

The former Time Agent shrugged, "I told you I had a Doctor detector,"

"Wait," Reid frowned, "What do you mean your hand?"

"You've got both your hands!" Martha said, "I can see them!"

"Lost my hand, Christmas day, in a sword fight, didn't I tell you?"

"So what? You just… grew another one?" Martha laughed, eyeing him disbelievingly.

"Yeah," the Doctor nodded. "Yeah, I did."

"You're joking," the look on Martha's face was one of absolutely astonishment as she stared at the hand in the jar and back at the Doctor's two hands, shaking her head. She was hardly listening as the Professor asked the Doctor what species he was, still staring at his hands, unable to make the connection in her mind. He grew another hand. Like a lizard. Seriously.

Reid moved to stand next to her, smiling a bit, "That's not even the scariest thing he can do," he said in a quiet voice, "I don't think there's any end to the weirdness of the Time Lords."


The Professor explained that the planet they were on was once called Malcassairo and was Chantho's home planet. She was the last surviving member of the Malmooth people. Humans had taken refuge on the planet years ago in hopes of being able to one day reach Utopia. Martha still hadn't quite gotten over the new hand, but the Doctor did his best to calm her down while the Professor explained that the Futurekind were believed to be what humans were to become in the future, though he himself believed that to be a myth.

"So, um, Utopia?" the Doctor asked, trying to get them back onto the subject at hand.

The Professor nodded and led them over to a computer screen, "The call came from beyond the stars, originating from that planet: 'Come to Utopia', it said."

The Doctor frowned, not recognizing the planet of the screen, "Where is that?"

"Oh, far beyond the Condensate Wilderness," the Professor said, "Out toward the Wildlands and the Dark Matter Reefs. Calling us in. The last of the humans, scattered into the night. The Science Foundation created the Utopia Project years ago to preserve mankind through the collapse of reality itself. Trying to find Utopia. Perhaps this is it, perhaps not. But it's work a look, don't you think?"

The Doctor nodded, babbling about the size of the planet and the distance from Malcassairo and whether or they could fly there or not. The Professor seemed to not be listening at first, eyes closed, lips pressed together tightly like he was in pain.


The Professor blinked, nodding slowly, "Yes, sorry," he moved away from the computer, "Why are we all standing around? There's work to be done!"

The Doctor watched his face, "Except… this rocket's not gonna fly, is it? The footprint thing, it's not working."

"We'll find a way!" the Professor protested.

"You're stuck on this planet," the Doctor continued, "…And you haven't told them, have you?"

The Professor sighed sadly, shaking his head, "I suppose… It's better for them to live in hope," he said, looking every bit a man of his years and then some, that sadness and defeat aging him visibly.

The Doctor smiled, "Quite right too," he said, picking something up. Reid, Martha and Jack watched curiously as he approached the Professor, "Now, I'm not an expert, but all the same, a boost reversal circuit, in any time frame, must be… a circuit that reverses the boost, so what would happen if I did… this!"

He pulled out the sonic screwdriver and it whirred for a moment and suddenly the lights in the room began buzzing and whirring and Chantho looked around excitedly.

"Chan, it's working, tho!" she said.

"How did you do that?" the Professor asked incredulously, shaking his head in fascination at the Doctor. The Doctor just grinned, shrugging it off.

"Oh, while we've been chatting away I forgot to mention… I'm brilliant!"


The passengers were all being led into the rocket, getting ready for takeoff; Martha helped them all get ready while Reid, Jack and the Doctor stayed in the lab to help the Professor. The Doctor was absolutely in awe of the Professor's work. He'd built his entire system out of "strings and staples!" and food extracts.

The man was a genius and Reid and Jack couldn't help smiling as they listened to the Doctor shower the man with compliments. It was so rare that the Doctor met anyone on level with his intellect. Even Reid, who was a genius, wasn't really a match for the Doctor's brilliance.

They were all busily plugging things in, checking wires and computer readouts, making sure everything was running the way it was supposed to for the rocket to take off properly.

"But," the Doctor paused, glancing up at the Professor, "That footprint engine of yours, it can't be activated from onboard… You're staying here."

The Professor nodded, "Mhm, with Chantho. She refuses to leave without me," he smiled fondly.

"You'd give your life so they can fly?"

The Professor shrugged, "Oh, I think I'm a little too old for Utopia," he said, "Time I had some sleep."

"Professor! Tell the Doctor we've found his blue box!" A static-filled voice came through the speakers and Jack spun the monitor around to reveal the TARDIS in the back of the water truck, returning from its last water run.

The Doctor grinned, clapping a hand on the Professor's shoulder, "Professor, I think I might just have found your way out."


All the passengers had been loaded into the rocket except for a few of the guards and other workers seeing to the final preparations. They'd just managed to cart the TARDIS into the Professor's lab when Martha returned, looking relieved to see the TARDIS there. The Doctor was fiddling with something, pulling a long cord from inside the TARDIS and directing Reid to help him pull it back out to the console of the footprint engine, explaining that he was going to give them an extra boost of power with the TARDIS engines.

The Professor didn't look like he was really listening to anyone at the moment. For an older man, he was generally full of energy and excitement, but Reid had noticed the rare few moments where he looked twice his age; worn down and tired. He was sitting in a small chair; face pinched a bit tight, looking like he was in pain.

"Chan, Professor, are you alright, tho?" Chantho asked anxiously, kneeling beside him.

"I'm fine," he said, sounding tired. When Chantho didn't leave his side, still looking concerned he huffed a heavy sigh and waved her away, "I'm fine! I'm fine." He looked a little guilty as Chantho nodded and moved away quickly, head down, eyes on the ground.

Reid frowned and nudged the Doctor gently, nodding toward the Professor, "Doctor, are you sure he's alright?"

"Hm?" the Doctor looked up and spotted the Professor, frowning a bit as he plugged in the cord and made his way over to him, kneeling at his side.

"Professor, are you alright?"

The Professor looked up at the Doctor and sighed, "I'm fine, Doctor. It's just this… noise. This constant noise inside my head, like it's getting closer and closer."

"How long has that been happening?"

"All my life, I suppose," the Professor said sadly, shrugging.

The Doctor looked thoughtful, "What's is sound like?" he asked curiously.

The Professor looked thoughtful for a moment, frowning, "…It's the sound of drums," he finally said, nodding.

"But, no rest for the wicked." He smiled a bit as he forced himself back to his feet and went back to work. The Doctor watched him for a second, smiling a little fondly before going back to what he was doing.

"Can't you help him?" Reid asked quietly, bending over the machine and glancing at the Doctor, "You helped me."

The Doctor sighed, "That was different, Spencer. I doubt there's much I could do for the Professor if he's had this for his entire life," he glanced back at the older man, "I can ask him if though, when we're done here. Let's get these people to Utopia first, hm?"


They were nearly ready to send the rocket flying, they just to set the couplings in the radiation chamber and the Professor could activate the footprint. They watched on a grainy monitor while a man donned a radiation suit and entered the chamber.

"Stet radiation?" the Doctor asked, glancing to the Professor, "Don't think I've ever heard of that."

"Oh, you wouldn't want to. Nasty stuff. We can hold it back from here though; it's perfectly safe right now."

The Doctor nodded, watching curiously as the man twisted one of the couplings into place and moved on to the second. Just as he popped it into place, the power flickered and suddenly died, emergency lights going on, giving the place strange reddish hue.

The Professor was panicking, looking around in fear while they waited to see what had caused the power outage.

A few moments later, they heard the sounds of gunfire and were informed that a Futurekind had somehow made its way into the compound and destroyed the fuses and they had no way of holding back the radiation, even once the system's power was back. The young man in the radiation chamber had died before being able to escape – he was entirely evaporated, the only evidence he was ever there at all the pile of clothes he left behind.

Dejectedly, the Professor shook his head, "We'll never get to Utopia now," he said, "Without those couplings the rocket will never fly!"

Jack frowned, "We've just got to force the system reboot," he said, grabbing two ends of frayed sparking cords and jamming them together.

"Jack don't!" Martha tried to stop him, but it was too late and his entire body jerked with the electricity before he fell limply to the floor. Chantho pushed the cords away and Martha was already kneeling at his side.

"Just step back," the Doctor said gently, grabbing her around the shoulders and tugging her away, staring down at Jack thoughtfully.

"But he's just killed himself!" Martha said, eyeing him anxiously. "We can't just –"

"It's alright," Reid assured her, "Really."

"Professor," The Doctor was still staring down at Jack's prone body, "It seems to me you've got a room which no one can enter without dying…" he paused, glancing over at Jack again, who suddenly jerked up, gasping for breath like he had earlier.

"I think I've got just the man for the job,"


Martha was in shock when the Doctor and Jack headed for the radiation chamber, sending everyone to the rocket apart from Martha, Chantho, Reid and the Professor. They set up a shaky communication feed with the rocket's pilot and were monitoring the Doctor and Jack's progress by the radiation chamber.

The Professor had seemed extremely interested in Jack when Reid explained to all of them that Jack was the man who could never die because of something that had happened to him while he was with the Doctor. Jack had never told him what the reason for his immortality was, but Reid had seen him die and come back more than once before.

"So he was really dead out there, before?" Martha frowned, "I thought… Well, that is strange."

The Professor nodded, "This Doctor, does he often travel with such strange people?" he asked.

Martha smiled, glancing back at the monitor. The picture was terrible, but she could hear Jack and the Doctor's conversation. They were talking about the reason – the real reason – the Doctor ran away from Jack and apparently it was because of the immortality. It wasn't natural, even the TARDIS had tried to shake him off, running to the end of the universe to get away from him. A fixed point in time and space that shouldn't exist.

She did her best to ignore the admiration in the Doctor's voice when he talked about Rose. The wonderful, fantastic, brilliant Rose. She didn't think he'd ever talk to her like that and it sent a pang of jealousy and hurt right to her chest.

"I suppose," she said, "He travels through space and time and picks us up wherever he goes." She frowned, "God, I make us sound like stray dogs, suppose we are, in a way…"

Reid glanced back at the Professor, who wasn't even looking at the monitor anymore, staring at the TARDIS with an odd look on his face while Martha explained that it was time machine. Reid stepped a little closer to the old man, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" he asked quietly.

"Time travel! They say there was a time travel… in the old days," the Professor said quietly, shaking his head. "I never believed…" he sighed, shrugging helplessly. Martha and Chantho were watching him now. He looked like he was about to cry, or maybe had just finished crying.

"But what do I know? Stupid old man,"

"Oh, Professor!" Martha shook her head, about to protest when he fiddled around and pulled a pocket watch from his side, running his fingers over it.

"I never could keep time. Always late. Always lost. Even this ting never worked…"

Martha's eyes had become as round as plates and Reid frowned at her as she stared at the watch, "May I…?" she took it gently, turning it over in her hands carefully.

"How long have you had it?"

"I was found with it," the Professor explained, eyes going a bit distant. "Yes, I was a naked child found on the cost of the Silver Devastation. Abandoned."

"Have you ever opened it?"

"It's broken," the Professor said.

Martha nodded, "H-How do you know it's broken if you've never opened it?" she asked, glancing at him.

"It's jammed," he said, "See, here," he pointed to the latch and tugged a bit uselessly at it, shaking his head. "It's not meant to be. Why?" he frowned and Martha pressed the watch back into his hands, shaking her head.

"No, it's nothing," she said quickly, grabbing Reid's hand, "Look, everything's fine here. Why don't Reid and I go see if we can help the Doctor?"

She didn't wait for an answer; she just dragged Reid along beside her, practically running out of the lab, leaving the Professor staring down at the watch, confused.

"Martha!" Reid was stumbling to keep up, surprised at how fast she was running. "What's going on? What's so important about that watch?"

Martha almost laughed, "Wow, for once I know something you don't… I'll explain in a minute. We need to find the Doctor… Where's that radiation chamber?"


"Doctor!" Martha practically screeched to a halt when they found the Doctor and Jack, plugging cables and flipping switches outside of the radiation chamber. "Doctor!"

The Doctor wasn't listening at first, still twisting wheels and getting the rocket ready for launch, that excited gleam in his eyes as he worked.

"Doctor!" Martha cut him off again, shaking her head, "The Professor, he's got a watch, a fob watch, just like yours! Same writing, same… everything."

The Doctor paused suddenly and Reid and Jack frowned, watching the exchange. "Where did he get it?"

"I asked him; he said it's been with him his whole life,"

"What's so important about the watch?" Reid asked, sighing heavily. Martha hadn't been one for talking while they raced down the corridors to find the Doctor, but whatever it was it must've been important because she had an almost desperate look in her eyes as she talked.

Martha shook her head, "No, it's not a watch though, it's this… chameleon thing…" she frowned, making odd gestures with her hands, trying to explain what it was she was talking about. It wasn't easy to explain those odd three months in 1913 with the Doctor.

"No, no," the Doctor shook his head, "It's this… this device, it holds a Time Lord consciousness, rewrites biology, changes a Time Lord into a human."

Reid frowned, "You mean… The Professor could be a Time Lord?"

"This is good!" Jack said, "Doctor you might not be the only one!"

"It is good isn't it?" Martha asked as the Doctor went back to the buttons and levers on the wall. He nodded anxiously, looking unsure.

"Good, yes, good… I dunno. Depends which one,"

Reid felt his stomach bottom out at those words. Which one… He'd almost forgotten. The Doctor was the last of the Time Lords. He was the only one left. Except for that other one. The one he'd met before. He felt sick.

"But they died! The Time Lords," the Doctor's voice was a bit harsh, his hands shaking a little while he worked furiously, "All them. They died!"

"Not if he was human," Jack said, glancing over at the Doctor, wondering what the big deal was. He'd have thought the Doctor would have been happy to know he wasn't alone in the universe. If there were more Time Lords, that meant he had someone he could talk to about the Time War that had taken his people and his planet. Reid was the only one who knew that the Doctor was the reason for Gallifrey's destruction.

"What did he say, Martha? What did he say!" he sounded desperate, grabbing onto Martha's shoulders and shaking her roughly.

"He… he looked at the watch like he could hardly see it. Like that… perception filter thing,"

The Doctor held her tight, "What about now? Can he see it now?"


Back in the lab, Chantho was helping the Professor activate the footprint. She was actually doing most of the work; the Professor had been staring down at his watch, running his fingers over it thoughtfully ever since Martha and Reid had left. Things were all clear for the rocket and a moment later, she heard the sounds of its engines as it shot into space.

"Chan, Professor, are you alright, tho?" she asked quietly.

The Professor wasn't listening. He turned the watch over in his hands and fiddled with the latch for a moment, watching as it – for the first time ever – popped open. A golden light swooped out of the watch and his eyes widened, hands clutching the small device as if his very life depended on it.


As soon as the rocket took off they were running down the halls again, trying desperately to make it the lab. They were immediately stopped by a closing door and the Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver, trying to unlock it while Reid and Jack worked on undoing the deadlock with the numeric pad to the side.

A moment later, they heard the furious, snarling noises of the Futurekind and Martha's heart was pounding hard in her chest. "Doctor!" she yelled as they got the door open. Faintly, they thought they heard a scream that sounded like Chantho, but as they reached the lab they were stopped by yet another closing door.

"Professor!" the Doctor screamed, banging on the door while Reid and Jack once again worked on the keypad together, glancing back anxiously, the sounds of the Futurekind getting closer and closer.

"Professor, let me in! Chantho! Are you there! Please, let me explain! Don't open that watch! It's important! Please, let us in!"

The Doctor was sounding desperate now, his entire body shaking as he banging on the door, shouting at it. Martha wasn't sure what was wrong, but she knew if they didn't get that door open soon they'd be food for the Futurekind and she certainly didn't want that.

"Hurry up!" she said anxiously.

The Doctor stopped shouting when they heard a faint shot and someone screamed inside. Jack decided enough was enough and pulled out his gun, shooting the lock. The door slid open and the Doctor rushed in, stopping in his tracks when he spotted the Professor standing outside the TARDIS, his eyes going wide with panic for a second too long. The Professor was holding his side, wounded, but managed to get into the TARDIS before the Doctor could stop him, shutting the door.

The Doctor tried to unlock, but it was deadlocked only seconds later and he pounded furiously on the door, "Let me in! Please! Let me in!"

Reid knelt next to Chantho on the floor, glancing at Martha who shook her head sadly, "She's dead," she whispered.

The Doctor was shaking, "Please! Listen to me, I'm begging you. Everything's changed! We're the only two left! Please let me in!"

Jack was trying to get the door to close, but the lock was broken and Jack called Reid and Martha over to help him force it closed, the sounds of the Futurekind getting louder. They must've been right around the corner. The Doctor seemed oblivious to their struggle, still staring at the TARDIS, breathing hard as the man inside screamed, bright light flashing through the glass. He was regenerating.

"Doctor!" Jack yelled as the Futurekind made it to the door, trying to shove it aside. They held them back with all their strength, but it wouldn't be enough. "Think of something!"

"Now then, Doctor!" the voice came through over the speakers in the TARDIS and Reid and Martha frowned. Reid knew that voice. "Oh, new voice. Hello… Hello. Helloooo. Anyway, why don't we stop and have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you work out a way to stop me? I don't think!"

"Hang on, I know that voice!" Martha gasped, frowning, racking her brain for where she had heard it.

The Doctor looked terrified, "I'm asking you, really, properly, just stop! Just think!"

There was a pause from the other end and Reid could just see that insane, sick grin flashing on the man's face. "Use my name."

The Doctor hesitated for a moment, "Master… I'm sorry,"


The TARDIS engines were whirring and the Futurekind were tugging the door back inch by inch.

"Doctor!" Reid screamed, heart pounding in his chest, "Doctor, we need help!"

"End of the universe!" the Master taunted, "Have fun! Bye-bye!"

The Doctor ignored them, holding up his sonic screwdriver, a pained look on his face as the small device buzzed for a moment and then the TARDIS, with the Master, was gone, leaving them all trapped on the planet with a pack of hungry Futurekind about to break down the door.


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