What did he forget?

"Cobras are not native to Indiana Charlie, the only one you're ever going to find around here is the health insurance law, COBRA." Charlie blinked. Then he sighed.

"Well, you've got me there."

"Come on Charlie," Sally said, "you could have said Blue Racer and it would have been fine."

"Well excuse me for not knowing what kind of snakes are indigenous to northern Indiana." Charlie huffed, crossing his arms.

"So where were you, really." Leroy asked, flinching when his knee knocked against a raccoon skeleton. Charlie uncrossed his legs then crossed them the other way.

"Fine. If you must know I was seeing a movie with Bugs." Leroy and Sally both raised their eyebrows.

"What movie?" Sally asked, green eyes sparkling with intrigue.

"Killer Klowns From Outer Space." Leroy and Sally shared a brief glance before they both descended into laughter.

"That's a real movie?" Sally asked between giggling gasps.

"It's on the top 25 worst horror movies ever made!" Leroy doubled over, chuckles still pouring from his throat. Charlie blushed, ducking his head.

"Go on, laugh. It was violent, okay? People get liquefied."

"Killer Clowns? Tell me they don't spell Clowns with a K." Charlie blushed again. Sally laughed even harder.

"Okay," Leroy said, wiping his eyes, "How late did you two stay at the theater?"

"I stayed for the double feature, I think that ended at ten but Bugs had to leave at eight."

"Did he say why?"

"I didn't ask but he wasn't too happy to leave."

"When was the murder?" Sally asked, still giggling but attempting to stay serious.

"I'll have to ask my dad." Leroy replied.

"You don't think Bugs did it do you? That doesn't make any sense, he wouldn't do something like that."

"How are you so sure? Do you know him really well?" Charlie coughed, coloring a little more. Sally smirked.

"Never mind." She said, pulling Leroy towards the door by his sleeve. "We have a lot more people to talk to."

"We'll leave you to your bones." He called over his shoulder before they stepped out of the shed. It was beginning to drizzle and it seemed like it might begin to rain in earnest quite soon. "Why do you think he didn't want to tell us that he was at the movies with Bugs?" The tall boy asked as they walked down the road. Sally's eyes twinkled.

"Think about that for a minute." They walked on, not speaking and Leroy found himself beginning to understand. He grinned.

So, at the movies with Bugs? What do we call that, hint: it begins with a D and ends with an ATE. Not that I'm implying that whatsoever but that's for you to decide. It looks like Bugs is back on the suspect list…