Dear Peter Pan,

Hello Brother. Yeah, that's right. Brother. Know who I am? I'm the guy who was sleeping in your bed when you came to visit. I say visit because you didn't stay.

I always looked up to you, Big Brother. That is, until I realized that you were the reason Mother was always so sad. The only thing you cared about was fun. You were off at intervals, never warning her in advance. Her heart broke. Several times. And then, you never came back. Why, Peter, why? What did Mother ever do to you? You blame her for closing the window. Did you know that Father was undergoing surgery and couldn't be in the presence of cold air? No, I bet you didn't. Like I said, you never actually cared.

Now our parents are dead, but when they were alive, they seemed more like your parents. I was just a replacement, and you were irreplaceable.

Know where in life I am now? I'm a director. Currently, I'm directing Peter Pan. Yeah, you happy now? You have a movie about you. There are books about you. You must love this, huh? But you wouldn't know, since you're too busy wasting your eternal youth and playing make believe.

Don't get me wrong, Brother. I don't hate you. I'm just disappointed that the Big Brother that I always looked up to was, well…this.

If you get this letter, and if you can read it, you should know that Mother and Father have loved you. A lot. That's the one thing that you shouldn't doubt. And maybe, in time, I will love you too.