I absolutely love the songs, so now I've decided to write fanfic. I know that it's been done a thousand times over, but this is my interpretation.

Story of Evil

Chapter I

Second to the Princess

Rin tripped over her dress and splashed into the salty waters. She reeled back and gasped in horror. Len couldn't help laughing. "What?" the girl shrieked, and Len laughed even harder.

Len sighed and looked out at the setting sun over the rippling waves of the ocean. "You know," he said, "if you write your wish on a piece of paper, put it in a bottle, and send it out to sea, it'll come true.

"I said that?" Len confirmed.

"You did!" Rin thrust the glass bottle into the boys' hands. "We never go to the sea anymore, though."

"So you're giving it to me?"

"You're more likely to grant my wish than the sea."

The pair of them were only eight. They were twins. Rin was only a few minutes older, but those minutes made all the difference; those minutes divided them.

Len pulled the cork out of the bottle and and unrolled the scroll within.

"I wish Len would never leave me."

Len slumped his shoulders. Rin was afraid. Their mother was dying. Her illness would consume her as it had their father. They would both hate to let her go, but it was worse for Rin. She was the oldest, and she would be next to succeed the throne.

The king had ruled well, as did his wife after he passed away. Rin had always known that it would fall on her shoulders to follow in their footsteps, as did the entire kingdom. This, however, did not provide comfort as the young princess was a rather selfish child.

Len flinched as he was brought back to reality by his sister's touch. She placed a daisy chain on his head with a smile. Len smiled back. He was the only one who understood her. She may have been a little spoilt, but he knew how kind she could be.

"Your Highness!" called Rin's nursemaid as she came running out into the field. "What are you doing out here? Anyone could come and snatch you up!"

Rin blew a raspberry rudely. "I'm going to be queen," she reminded pretentiously with her nose in the air. "I can do what I like." She leaned over and coiled her arms around Len. "Besides, Len is here to protect me."

"Your Highness, come back to the castle!" The nursemaid pulled the princess away and dragged her off. Rin whined childishly and resisted, but there was nothing she could do.

Len wouldn't be taken back. He was free to roam as he pleased. That was the blessing of being born second. It didn't seem fair to him. He reaped the rewards of losing a race.

"Len!" Rin cried. "I still expect you to come have tea with me."

Len smiled. "Of course!" Rin grinned from ear to ear and now went willingly with her nursemaid.

Len dropped back onto the grass with his hands behind his head and sighed. Life wasn't so bad. Even at the age of eight, Len understood his situation very well. His mother would die, but he still had her for now. Rin would become the ruler, get married, and the kingdom would then either go to her husband or child, but he wouldn't be a peasant. It wasn't really in Len's interest to become king anyway. He was perfectly satisfied with just living in the palace with his sister. There were, however, other things that kept him from being completely happy with his current situation.

The children from the village found him there on the hill. They were all at least a little older than him, between nine and thirteen most likely.

"There he is," one sneered. Len jolted. "The would-be prince."

"Beaten by a girl," another teased.

"Your ma's gonna be pushin' up daisies soon, and you'll still be the same ol' loser."

Len knew where this was going and jumped to his feet. One of the bigger boys grabbed him and threw him back down. "Nearly an orphan," he mocked, "and not quite a prince." Len pulled himself up again. The boy grabbed him by the collar and shook him violently. "Nothing to say?" he spat. "You're no prince, so you can't boss us around anyhow!"

All the other children started pick up rocks and long sticks. The boy holding Len gave him a punch to send him to the ground and let the other children have at him. They threw their stones and twigs. The ones with bigger sticks beat him over and over.

Len held back his tears and desperately scrambled to his feet. "Going to hide behind your sister?" the boys pestered. "Coward!" Len ran as fast as his cut and bruised legs would carry him. The village kids pursued him and continued to stone him until they ran out of ammunition and let him be. Len ran all the way back to the palace and stumbled through the back door to the kitchen.

"Len!" Rin exclaimed. She leaped from her perch on the bench and rushed to her brother. "You're hurt!"

"You're all dirty and bleeding!" the nursemaid added. "Cook, get some water for his cuts.

"Len, what happened?"

Len grimaced as he knew he had to lie to her. He licked his dry lips and forced a smile. "I tripped and fell in a gully," he chuckled. "I just wasn't looking where I was going."

"Honestly!" Rin huffed melodramatically as if she were so much more mature. "You're so clumsly! Whatever am I to do when you worry me so?" She acted tough, but Len could see the tears in the corners of her eyes.

Len held out his arms. "You could hug me."

He had seen right through her disguise. Rin broke down into tears and embraced her brother. She wept uncontrollably, and he smiled, despite the fact that he was the one injured.

He smiled, even though he was born second to her.

The flustered cries woke Len in the middle of the night. He crawled out of bed and scuffed out into the hall, rubbing his weary eyes as he struggled to grasp the situation. "What's happening?" he asked someone passing by, concern evident in his voice.

"It's your mother!"

Len was twelve when his mother passed away. He knelt at her bedside and held her cold hand. Rin was in a chair beside him, but she retained perfect posture and kept deadpan. Len knew her. He knew she wanted to cry. She wouldn't if Len cried because it would just remind her of her position. Len held back his tears and waiting, knowing that she couldn't hide her feelings forever.

Sure enough, Rin dropped her shield and bawled like a baby. She covered her face in shame of her emotions and sobbed hysterically. Len moved his attention to her. He stood and hugged her to his chest, giving her a soft kiss on the head and stroking her hair.

Len was afraid but not of the same things as Rin. He was afraid of the fact that Rin feared what she did. She feared the workload. She feared the need to deal with things herself. That's what scared Len. Rin had been fed the thought that she would be the deciding vote on everything just as soon as her mother was dead. By the time this actually happened, her mother was just a a fallen tree blocking the road. Under the exterior, Len's sister was still the same person. She still cared for him more than anyone and trusted him to protect her, but the princess she showed to the world had grown into something ugly.

Len did not cry for the loss of their mother because he didn't want Rin to have to pretend. Rin did not cry for the loss of their mother because she did not consider it a loss.

Her heart was rotten.

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