Water log:

Another long week has passed and Ziva sighs as she lets herself into the apartment. It's lonely, being back home in Israel and she wonders what to do next. A ding tells her that she has an email waiting for her and she scurries over to her computer to read what it says. A blush comes over her features as she reads it and she smiles wondering how her shy computer geek has the audacity to write such...suggestive stories for her. Still if he can write them, maybe one day she'll get to have him actually play one out for her.

She waves a hand over her heated face and heads for the shower, turning it on cold as she remembers one such scenario:

"You'll be in your shower, the water cascading over you. I'll quietly let myself into your apartment, stripping off my clothes and closing the bathroom door, I'll step into the cubicle behind you, pulling the shower curtain behind me. You'll first become aware of my presence when my hands start massaging your shoulders. You moan as your muscles start to loosen up and I kiss the back of your neck.

You put your hands on the front of the shower, allowing me more access and I keep the steady kneading up, massaging my way down your back, over your shoulder blades and down towards your buttocks. I massage all the way down your legs and then work my way back up again. Slowly, I'll press kisses to the back of your knees and then nip your butt cheeks. You'll try to turn but, I have one hand pressed against your back holding you in place.

My other hand comes up and slowly a finger will find those lower lips that I want to part and touch with my teeth and tongue, but for now a finger parts them, finding that small nub of pleasure that hides within. I'll caress it with my finger and my thumb as I straighten and reach around to pluck at your nipples with my free hand. My lips are at the back of your neck, nibbling and you curse me because I just inserted two fingers inside you while keeping that nub under attack with my thumb.

The water is starting to run cold, your nipples are starting to tighten with reaction when I finally lift you up and thrust myself inside you. You scream as you come and I pound firmly once twice, three times until I too have had my orgasm. By now the water is almost freezing and I turn it off, and lift you into my arms. Toweling us both dry, I take you back into the bedroom and place you under the covers. I turn to leave but you tug at my arm and I snuggle behind you, spooning you into my embrace as we both fall asleep, content for yet another day."

a/n: small chapters, but hopefully some warm ones...heheheh.