Authors Note : First time I write for this series. And I'm pretty sure I watched ¾ of all the episodes for each season, but it's been a while, so… I watched the Revenge of the Island Premiere and I have to say, my favorite character was Dawn so far. So of course I'm writing something for her.

Authors Note 2 : Please realize that I haven't seen all the episodes, only when the first premiered for CN recently. It might also switch between a narrative and Dawn's perspective.

Dawn laid down on the uncomfortable bed, in their shabbier cabin. It just wasn't… It just wasn't good enough. She walked out of the cabin, tired.

She laid down on the grass, which, Chris was right, had been slightly affected by the Toxic Waste. But it was softer than the brick life Mattress, so she'd risk it. Besides, there was no harm.

The other campers were also easy to read.. She felt like she knew everything about them, and she'd only known them for a day. Her father was right. Dawn's training was, paying off.

Staci wasn't bad, she just talked too much, and everyone else was annoyed by it. Besides, her aura tells me none of her relatives invented the things, such as log cabins. She's a bragger, and that won't help her.

She turned over, looking at a beaver. At least, she knew it was a beaver because there were still some distinguishable features, like a dark paddle tail. Fiery patterns ran down it's hide, and a spike sized tooth was in place of one of it's eyes. She cringed. Nature had been messed up here, and it was Chris's fault. She'd have to try to not trust him.

Dawn thought about the other campers. Lightning was athletic and strong, but was kinda…of a wimp at the same time, he wasn't able to climb a tree, just trying to show off.

She thought about Dakota. She was the stereotype, literally, of a teen diva. She called photo shoots out here. Then again, Chris blowing them off the Island wasn't the best decision either.

Mike had some sort of mood swing condition, she knew, and if he wanted any chance with Zoey, he'd tell her. His aura was all corrupted with worry about what people would think of him… And Zoey, she is one of the people here who I sense are…well, I guess the word is nice. She sees the best in everyone she could see so far.

Dawn awoke the next morning to a loud blaring horn and Chris's shouting.