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The Premonition

Honda strolled down the street toward The Game Shop Monday morning, trying to shake off the horrible premonition of impending evil that he had. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't shake off the feeling that something was coming. Something UN-natural.

He started when he suddenly felt an arm across his shoulders, and Joey's grinning face was right beside his.

"Hi Honda! Can I take a quick peek at your math book? Please, buddy of mine?" He asked pleadingly.

Honda shrugged off Joey's arm, and began to walk again, Joey falling into step behind him. "No."

"Oh, come on! Please? I'd let you see mine if you needed to." Joey said pleadingly.

"Yeah, but why would I ever need to?" Honda said jokingly. "Your math's worse."

Joey gave him a mock glare, which rapidly changed back into sad puppy eyes. "Please? I'll get detention forever if I show up without my homework done again. You don't want to see your friend in detention, do you?"

Honda started to look around searchingly.

"What are you doing?" Joey asked.

"Looking for my 'friend' that you keep talking about."

Joey frowned. "This is no time to joke. My entire academic career is at stake here!"

"Yeah, all nine years of it." Honda muttered dryly.

"Please!" Joey asked again desperately.

'What's my chances of getting you to shut up about this if I don't?"

Joey appeared to think about it for a moment. "Oh, I'd say slim to none."

"Fine." Honda sighed, stopping to slide his backpack off his shoulder, and get his math book. Finally finding it, he held it out.

"Thank you!" Joey eagerly took the offered book, and clutched it like a lifeline. "You're a lifesaver. Cherry, even! The best!"

"Yeah, yeah. Just copy it already!"

Joey walked along carefully balancing both his book and Honda's, frantically copying answers. By the time they arrived at the Game Shop to meet Yugi, Ryou, and Tea, it was done.

"Hey Joey, Honda! How are you both this morning?" Ryou asked.

"Fine." Joey said cheerful, now that his homework crisis was over.

"Fine." Honda said, still unable to shake his bad feeling.

Together they walked to school.

Parting in the halls they each went to their separate lockers, and pulled out the books they'd need for their morning classes. First was math, then English, then history, and after that lunch! After lunch, there was physical education, and then geography. Honda hated Mondays. He'd never use most of the things they learned in math; I mean when was the last time someone had asked him in everyday life what the square root of 98796 was. It just didn't happen. And where was he going to even use English? He never planned to go to America, or anywhere else that you needed to be able to speak English to go. Frustrating language that had so many exceptions to its grammar rules. History was okay, he could deal with it. Physical education was great! He planned to kick Joey's ass in the soccer game that afternoon. Geography was boring. Hopefully he'd be close enough to pass notes to his friends without getting caught.

He grabbed his books, and hurried into the classroom. He sat down in his seat in the very back of the room between Joey and Yugi, with Ryou ahead of Joey, and Tea ahead of him. The seat in front of Yugi was the only empty one in the classroom.

The day began as normal. The teacher called for their math homework, and Joey got detention anyway because he'd copied the wrong pages. Joey groaned loudly, and buried his face in his arms. He muttered something that sounded suspiciously like a muffled curse.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that. Would you like to repeat it so that the rest of us can hear?" The teacher, Mr. Tanaka asked.

"No, sir." Joey said straightening up in his seat.

Mr. Tanaka opened his mouth to say more, when there was a knock on the door. Mr. Tanaka sighed, and went to answer it.

"Yes?" He said, opening the door slightly. Joey made a face at his back, and Honda had to smother his laughter. Tea rolled her eyes at them.

There was a voice too low to hear that spoke for a moment.

"Oh." Mr. Tanaka said, accepting a piece of paper. Opening the door wider, he turned back to the class. "Class, we have a new student with us. Please welcome," He paused as he glanced at the paper in his hand. "Mary Sue."

A girl stepped into the room. Long blond hair shining, blue eyes, and a friendly pretty face. Even the school uniform she wore couldn't disguise her figure. A Barbie doll of perfection come to life.

Mr. Tanaka smiled at her. "I don't seem to have your last name down on this sheet of paper. A mistake at the office no doubt. Why don't you tell it to us?"

"I don't mean to seem contrary, sir, but you do have my last name. It's Sue. My first name is Mary. Therefore my full name is Mary Sue." She said in a musical voice.

Honda raised an eyebrow. Something just didn't feel right about her. Her presence in the room caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end.

"Why don't you go sit," Mr. Tanaka scanned the room. "In front of Yugi. Yugi please raise your hand so she'll know who you are."

Yugi raised his hand, and she went to sit in front of him. Joey looked over at Honda and raised his eyebrows at him, mouthing 'cute', and nodding his head in Mary Sue's direction. Honda shrugged.

"We're on page 144 in your math book. Tea would you please share with Mary, and we'll begin."

The morning went by rather fast, and before Honda knew it, it was lunchtime. The bell rang and Joey leapt to his feet, heading for the door.

"I'll meet you guys outside!" He called back to them.

Tea was still sitting talking to Mary.

"Pleased to meet you, Mary. My name is Ryou." Ryou told her politely. "Would you like to eat lunch with us?"

"I'd be happy to!" She exclaimed. "And I'm very happy to meet you also, Ryou."

"My name's Yugi." Yugi said, blushing slightly when she looked at him.

"Pleased to meet you Yugi!" She chirped happily.

Honda froze when she looked at him. They locked eyes for a moment. Honda shuddered, and was it his imagination or did those blue orbs narrow for a moment? She quickly assaulted him with a wide smile, before he could be sure.

"I'm Mary Sue, and you would be?" She paused expectantly.

"Honda." Honda said, slowly.

"Nice meeting you. Anyway, shall we go for lunch?" She asked, rising to her feet.

"Okay." Yugi agreed. "We usually eat, this way."

They all followed him out into the courtyard to eat. Honda trailed along last of all. Something wasn't right here. Her entire presence in the group made him feel odd. Plus, he was sure that she had glared at him earlier. Something just wasn't right, and he was determined to figure it out.