It was a quiet day at the station. Nick had just punched out, and was leaving. Before he could end the peaceful day of work, he was stopped by a very anxious Hank. Nick sighed at the sight. He had just gotten through a very bad hang over, and the head ache was returning.

"What NOW?"

"Didn't you hear? I'm goin' to Santa Barbra tomorrow! It's an exchange program. Had you not been working on a case, you would be goin' too."

"Wait, two exchanges from Santa Barbra?"

"Yea man! I'm being replaced with some Shawn Spencer, and Wu is being replaced with a, Burton Guster. "

"Great, hopefully this Shawn guy can keep his head better than you can around the news."

Meanwhile at the Santa Barbra Police Department

"WOO HOO!" Shawn screamed at the top of his lungs in the police department.

"Why is HE representing us at Portland?" Lassie spoke with reason. Shawn was the MOST irresponsible, childish, and least mainstream of the officers there.

"Now agent Lassiter, I would have chosen you and O'Hara for this, but the regulations for the swap strongly suggest two detectives with OUT a case. Due to your VERY insistent remarks at our last staff meeting, Shawn is only to be assigned to cases that are in desperate need of his talents and to only be given one case otherwise every month. And you seem to have scooped up three cases in a row. So, Mr. Spencer and Mr. Guster, pack your bags, you're going to Portland for two weeks!" the chief finished the lecture with many hand gestured in the last sentence. This would probably not be her best idea, but it would certainly teach Lassiter to act more appropriately towards Mr. Spencer. The case he had made at the last meeting were to ONLY last a month. And, now, the last two weeks of that month were to be spent in Portland.

Shawn looked like a boy on Christmas morning as he was explaining the details to his dad. Henry just looked stunned as he was NEVER even given the OPROTUNITY to be transferred. But he was happy all the same. He'd never seen his son so thrilled to be doing work.

"You do realize that you will be representing your fellow policemen, right Shawn?"

"Huh? Oh, yea sure." Shawn was scarcely paying attention to his dad over the phone as he zoomed left and right, gathering warm clothing and hygiene products. Gus had made it VERY clear how cold it was in Portland.

His dad didn't mind that Shawn wasn't paying him any more attention than he usually did. Shawn continued back and forth. Gus was there, unpacking things, like Shawn's Gameboy, until the essentials were completely packed. Shawn hung up, and packed a winter coat, which Gus took out shortly after.

"You will NOT need THIS. It may be cold, but it's still summer Shawn. Think of something you'd wear in fall. Like this jacket." Gus held up a leather jacket from Shawn's closet with red stripes going down the sleeves.

Shawn quickly shoved it back in the closet with the winter coat. Despite the disorder of his room, his closet was actually neatly put together with clothes on the hangers, and boxes of assorted items on the shelf. "I think I've taken out a good third of my jackets Gus. And now on to some fun games while packing up. What name should I give the guys at the new station to call you? Maybe I could do a repeat. What do you say 'MC Clap-Your-Hands'?"

"No Shawn! We are representing our station this time, and, as you know, I tend to take that SERIOUSLY!"

"Come on man, this is gonna be like a paid vacation! Sure maybe there's no hotel swimming pool, or resort, but we can make the best of it."

Meanwhile in Portland at a certain Blutbad's house

"What do you mean you're gonna need me at the station tomorrow?" Monroe said, looking tired, Nick couldn't blame him. It was four in the morning.

"We're getting a psychic detective in an exchange tomorrow and I need to know if that means anything. I can't find anything on psychic creatures in Aunt Marie's books, so maybe you'll know something."

"Ugh, you're lucky that I have nothing to do tomorrow."

Nick scanned over the police department, looking for Shawn Spencer, and Burton Guster. His body jumped a bit as a voice appeared from behind him.

"Excuse me, but I'm looking for a Nicolas Burkhart?"

Nick turned to see a scrappy man in a green 'Applejacks' shirt, jeans, and black shoes. He had a hair cut that made him look about 25, and light brown stubble on his chin.

"Gus I found him!"

Nick was stunned, how did this man know his name? He stood up, and got his answer.

"Before you ask, I'm your transferred partner from Santa Barbra California, and I'm psychic!"

Nick stared long and hard, but the man did not morph. He let his suspicions flow out until an even younger looking man came over. He morphed into a beaver, and was left scared shit less after.

"So, this is Gus, Gus, this is Nick. You two have fun now." The man who Nick believed to be Shawn Spencer walked away, leaving a surprised Nick and a terrified Gus.

"Look," Nick said leaning in to Gus, "I won't hurt you! I pretty much freed a tribe of your people, they STILL won't stop sending me baskets! So, I won't hurt you, nor do I want to. I can introduce you to some very nice people around here who can probably tell you that I won't."

"Okay," Gus said, beginning to breathe. Then, he began to shake Nick's hand furiously in a handshake, "Hi, Burton Guster! You can call me Gus though! If you like, or I could tell Shawn to create some ridiculous nick-name for you to call me if you want! Or maybe, you could-"

"Gus is fine, thank you," Nick ceased the handshake with a motion he made with his free hand, "just be cool, okay? Pretend I'm an average guy! I mean, you must have SOME experience working with supernatural people, considering your partner is PSYCHIC!"

Gus could only nod awkwardly, and smile. Soon, they were rejoined by a VERY excited Shawn.

"So, APPERENTLY, there has been a murder on SW 17th Ave.! Let's get going Nick! Oh, and, I'm Shawn!" Shawn said before leaving the doors of the station.