TF FanFiction A

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The Seigaku tennis courts are as lively as usual. The regulars are engaged in their practice matches against each other. The reserves honing their would-be signature techniques. And the second years are helping and training with the first years.

Afternoon tennis practice is going smoothly, set aside the pressure and perseverance evident on it's members' determined faces and excellent forms. Tezuka had taken his usual spot at the side, with the best view of the entire practice session. This specific spot guarantees that he could detect every intricate details of everything that's happening. And although the physics couldn't quite explain, the said spot also magnifies his voice (like a microphone or a megaphone, but not really :D) when he gives specific commands, as well as, assigns laps to whomever he deems slacking off.

Yes, it is a very good spot... One that had grown with him since he first entered and joined the Seigaku tennis team. No one bothered with it, as if that specific spot is reserved solely for Tezuka. Though nobody knows his real reason for claiming that specific spot - call in dibs if you must.

That spot is his, as simply as the spot beside it is his perpetually smiling 'friend's.' That is Tezuka's reason, as the others just added to its advantages. Fuji had always taken the spot next to him... Even before Tezuka claimed his. He didn't quite understand it before. At first, he thought it was because he saw the Tensai as his greatest rival, and that he needed to be on the lookout for that - much like the saying: 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.' But as their friendship grows, he found himself drawn to always wanting to be beside the Tensai. And soon after, he had dominantly took over the spot on the right of Fuji, staying that way for the three years they've shared together in the tennis courts.

Tezuka glanced at the smiling brunette. Beautiful as always. He knew his feelings for Fuji had long passed through the lines of friendship, and had been venturing on the highroads of romance. It is more than liking as a friend... It's more of daisuki...

Well, who could resist the Tensai's charms, anyway? Even without him trying, Fuji exudes the sex appeal of a crouching Bengal tiger... Radiating with feline sensuality, elegance, dignity, and fierceness... It's no wonder why Fuji has the largest fanclub in the whole Seishun Gakuen, as it is also no mystery why everyone just wants to be close to his Tenshi...

'That sounds nice,' thought Tezuka, as he once again focused on the matches before him, 'MY Tenshi~'

Both of Tezuka's arms are crossed over his strong chest, but his hand kept tapping every now and then. It's as if his hands demanded to touch the Tensai... His soft and silky honey-brown locks gliding with the wind... His flawless porcelain skin that glows with the sun's rays... And his luscious pink lips moistened with his slick cherry-toned tongue...

'Kami-sama, give me the strength to control my desires,' Tezuka silently prayed, as both his hands momentarily gripped on his jersey jacket's sleeves.

Fuji laughed discreetly, sensing that there was something going on with his Buchou. Really, Tezuka was acting quite strange, although nobody seems to have noticed except for the Tensai. "You seem distracted, Tezuka," Fuji stated without as much as a peek to his side, "care to share what's bothering you?"

"Hn." He was surprised at the sudden conversation, but his strict upbringing had taught him well not to make it apparent. Truthfully, Tezuka had known Fuji to have always been sharp. That is to undermean the Tensai's specialty with personalities and emotions, that no one can really hide anything from him. Yes, sometimes it's a bummer, but it's just as well... He rather enjoys the other uses of his innate talent, especially for the purposes of teasing and blackmailing materials. It is, often times (he wouldn't deny), bad for other, but at least it makes Fuji happy.

"So?" Fuji inquired gain, "Are you going to tell me what you're thinking about?" He, then, turned his innocently smiling head to face Tezuka. "It must've really been interesting, to have made you smile like you just did, ne?"

"Fuji," Tezuka started. With the way things are, it's just a matter of time before Fuji knew anyways. Besides, it's better if he just come clean with it. "Could you wait for me until after my student council meeting? I need to tell you something." He faced the Tensai to gauge his reaction - nothing much, his smile just twitch a wee bit upwards...

"Hmm~? Tell me what?" Fuji smiled teasingly, bending over towards Tezuka, and cocked his head closer to his Buchou's regal visage. "And, why can't you tell it to me now, Te~zu~ka?"

Tezuka felt the urge to either face-palm himself or roll his eyes at Fuji's remark, but decided against it. It wasn't becoming of him... Neither is sighing, which he did, inwardly though.

'Why does his teasing mode be flicked on right now?' Tezuka groaned in his thought. 'How can I even tell him now? In front of everyone inside this court?' Tezuka felt himself stiffen at the mere thought. 'Besides, aren't confessions supposed to be done seriously? Personally? Well, at the least, one-on-one?' His thoughts continued rummaging on the idea for a few more seconds, with a minuscule frown forming between his finely drawn eyebrows.

Fuji's melodious chuckle brought Tezuka back to reality, as he once again tried to focus on the tennis practice. Fuji had also straightened himself beside his Buchou, with his vague smile securely in place. "No need to be so stiff about it, Tezuka," he cooed, wearing an invisible pout. "Fine, I'll wait for you in the library until then." He once again faced Tezuka, now, with a more calming smile. "You know I'll always wait for you, ne?"

"Ah. Thank you, Fuji," Tezuka nodded his agreement, and was rewarded with a pleased smile from the Tensai, before the two of them tried - again - to focus on the tennis practice.

If only it was that easy, what with 'someone' ranting inside Tezuka's mind.

******** (Inside Tezuka's head) ********

'Thank you? Thank you?' chibi-Tezuka roared in annoyance. 'Is that all you can say?'

'Its the only polite response,' replied Tezuka, wondering why there is a super-deformed being floating in his subconsciousness with an uncanny resemblance to himself.

'Politeness is what you give your elders and superiors, Kunimitsu!' the chibi Buchou retorted. 'Is that how you wanted it to be?'

Tezuka rethought about what chibi-Tezuka had said. 'No, it's not... but...'

'But what?' chibi-Tezuka asked impatiently.

'I don't want to be seen like his other suitors, ogling and throwing themselves onto his feet. I wanted us to be equally treated with respect...,' Tezuka explained his hesitance.

'And you, of all people, think that putting in a little more emotion would make Syuusuke think less of you? That's just outright idiotic for you to even think that way, after all the things you've been through together!' the chibi megane intended to knock some senses into Tezuka.

'Hey! Watch what you are saying!' Tezuka snapped. He had every intention to simply swat the chibi doppelgänger with the tennis racket that somehow had materialized in his hand, but restrained himself. 'Besides, I have no intention of giving a confession like some giddy high school girl - no offense. I'll carry out my confession my ways, with all seriousness, otherwise I might not be taken seriously at all.'

'Might, you say,' the chibi megane stated open-endedly. 'Well, seriousness might be just as well. But, at least this once, please try opening your true self - behind the sternly strict model student, president of the student council, and boys tennis club Buchou -, and put a sincerely genuine smile on the blankly determined face of yours... A special smile that's solely Syuusuke's alone. Afterall, this is a confession of the heart...'

******** (Back to Reality) ********

Tezuka was brought out of his reverie when he felt a tug on the left sleeve of his jacket. Apparently, practice session had already passed by him, that he inwardly scolded himself for partially letting his guard down. The Buchou knew that the scuttling sound around him meant just that, and that the members are already piling up in their designated position in the line-up: the regulars upfront; then the reserve; followed by the second years; and, last but not least, the first years.

All that, Tezuka knew without actually seeing the scene. Not being able to see meant... not being able to thoroughly focus his attention to the situation.

Meaning: Fuji is standing before him, in a saluting position (as if a soldier reporting to his commander), and veiled with an amusingly teasing smile.

"Tezuka Buchou, Fuji Syuusuke reporting the current situation of todays practice session! All practice matches have ended. Those victorious have already ran their training laps, 20 laps around the court. Those who lost have already drown in Inui's latest concoction - which I must add have been the tastiest of all his past juices -, and have, subsequently, been brought to the infirmary to ensure their fast recovery. After which, each of them ran 50 laps around the court as the consequence entailed for losing. The seconds years have already completed their training module for this week, and would be requiring further upgrade in their regiment. Also, all the balls have been picked up and returned properly to the clubroom by the first years. Report complete, sir!"

Tezuka appreciated that Fuji initiated the flow of practice session while he was in his un-Buchou-like state. He is also grateful for the 'report' the Tensai had provided him with. It would have all been good had Fuji not stated it in a mischievous tone, which just meant he had evidently caught Tezuka off-guard. It was dreadful to be on the receiving end of Fuji's sadistic ploys - very much like a challenge of patience, control, and utmost discipline - even for Tezuka. The Tensai could really do so much damage betrayed by his deceiving innocently angelic, lithe figure. Either way, Tezuka was not one to back down from any challenge.

The Buchou gave Fuji a steely glare. No, he isn't mad, at all... just a little annoyed, maybe? Fuji always had a childish playfulness in him... not like Eiji's, but more on the intellectual side. It is helpful in keeping others mentally on-guard, but at time it also gets scary or tiring, depends on the circumstances. The glare was merely pointing out to Fuji to quite fooling around - one that only Tezuka recognize and, at times, appreciated. Well, nobody could really be mad at Fuji for long... and Tezuka definitely isn't immune to that either.

Fuji seemed to have gotten the message, because he laughed silently and glided aside to give way to Tezuka.

"Everyone great performance today. Tomorrow's practice will be much harder with the regionals coming up, so prepare yourselves. Yudan sezu ni ikō! Everyone, dismissed!"

After all the member had washed up, gathered their belongings, and left the tennis club room, Tezuka would always be the one left to lock up. It is, after all, Tezuka's responsibility, as Buchou, to secure the tennis courts, equipments, club room, and all other parameters related. But as for Fuji being there with him... It simply became the usual...

The two of them had long before formed an unspoken agreement to wait for each other and go home together. Their respective home are just a couple of blocks away from each other, you see, but that's just the basic reason. Both of them have felt it is just right to always be by each other's side... It felt like the void for someone special had been filled by the other... It's like they are meant to be with each other... It isn't easy to explain, as no words can truly express their feelings. It's simply that... They finally found each other...

"So~? Still not telling me, Tezuka?" Fuji asked, as he watch Tezuka slightly shaking the knobs to make sure the club room is locked.

Tezuka inhaled a hefty amount of oxygen into his lungs, then slowly exhaled. He wasn't ready yet, though not being ready never happened before, he just wasn't. The Buchou knew what he would say, but he needed a little more time to boost his confidence to express them.

Tezuka pocketed all the facilities' keys. His eyes focused on the Tensai interrogatory look. The Buchou took in as much of his radiating Tenshi, and drown in Fuji's willing presence. Just beautiful... Ever more beautiful with each passing second... But, for now, he had cope with having some time off from his muse. "Fuji, I need to go to the student council now."

"I see..." Fuji tried to put on his 'dejected charade,' but knew very well that it wouldn't affect Tezuka, since his Buchou clearly knew of his intention. So, instead he tried a different approach: a staring match. The Tensai opened his cerulean orbs, and leveled them to match Tezuka's hazel gems. It wasn't really the best choice of a challenge realizing earlier on that Tezuka would win, still he is drawn in to captivity by those strong determined gaze... They were so strong, as if his gazed could strip off all his mask, and seem everything that the Tensai is... See something that Fuji, himself, couldn't see... Something unfathomable that had caused the Tensai to unconsciously divert his gaze, and smile towards the ground...

"Th-then I'll see you later, Tezuka," Fuji replied levelly, despite feeling the heat of angel's blush tap his on his face's porcelain skin. He smile assuringly at his Buchou, telling him that he'll wait for Tezuka at the library, no matter how long it takes. After which, he gracefully turn toward the said direction, smiling back a wave.

As Tezuka watch Fuji's enticing figure grew farther and farther from him - watching how the Tensai's hair flew freely with the wind, trailing its lavender scent into every breathe... his lithe figure striding with confidence, as well as, graceful regality... And his hips swaying with sensual naturality only his muse is capable of... -, he remembered a very wise man (Aristotle) once said, 'law is reason free from passion.' For someone like Tezuka who grew up with a strictly justified respect for the law, passion was simply spared on the sideline. But Fuji had taught him that it is passion that drove his attachment to the law. Cultivating his passion for the law made him powerful... As it was known to all: some are given power, others strived on passion... And because of his muse, he is blessed - entrusted - with both... Only would he yield both before his beloved Tenshi.

Seeing that Fuji had finally reach the first turning point, Tezuka waited a little more until he could no longer see the Tensai. He wouldn't deny that, physically, Fuji looked extraordinarily but naturally beautiful - dare say, more effeminate than most women. But what made his Tenshi more beautiful, is the fact that he doesn't realize how beautiful he is in Tezuka's eyes... the most magnificent apple of Tezuka's eyes. Really, Fuji had changed and given him a lot more than 'enough' could exaggerate. Fuji may have his sadistic tendencies, but he possessed the most truthful, courageous, and compassionate heart the Buchou had ever known. Truly, a living beauty, in and out, anyone would be blessed to be with.

Tezuka smiled widely, vividly visible, with not a care on who might witness his uncharacteristic expression. The smile wasn't forced... Nor does it felt out-of-place... It is actually becoming of him, and actually made him look a whole lot younger and approachable... But it was a smile reserved only for his beloved - and no one else (of course, with the exception of his family).

As he turned threaded the path leading to the student council meeting room, chibi-Tezuka began singing a recognizable song inside his head. A good song, though Tezuka was reconsidering whether it is being sang to encourage, to mock, or to simply annoy him. Either way, it entertainingly match his opinion of Fuji, and had allowed the chibi megane to continue serenading him along the way.

.•* Being the way that you are is enough
.•* Everyone else in the room can see it
.•* Everyone else but you

.•* Baby you light up my world like nobody else
.•* The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
.•* But when you smile at the ground,
.•* It ain't hard to tell
.•* You don't know
.•* Oh oh
.•* You don't know you're beautiful!

.•* If only you saw what I could see
.•* You'd understand why I want you so desperately
.•* Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
.•* You don't know
.•* Oh oh
.•* You don't know you're beautiful!

.•* Oh oh
.•* That's what makes you beautiful!