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^^~ Omake: I felt bad about neglecting Mitsu-chi and Syuu-chi for so long T-T, so I thought I might gift them a little lovin', too. Thank you, minna-san for staying with me all the way. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it for your pleasure. Please continue to guide me along my future endeavors.

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******** (Somewhere between the fleeting reverie where reality, dreams, and fantasy collide) ********

'Finally, their 'first' 'real' kiss!" exclaimed chibi-Tezuka. 'Everything had turned out nicely, don't you think so?' he said, turning to face his companion.

His smiling companion merely hummed in consent, but a barely visible pout shadowed his beautiful visage.

'What's the matter, Syuu-chi? Don't you agree?' chibi-Tezuka asked, concerned with chibi-Fuji's lack of enthusiasm.

'Mou, don't get me wrong, Mitsu-chi,' said chibi-Fuji, facing the chibi megane. 'Truthfully, I'm very happy for the both of them. It's just that..."

Chibi-Tezuka notice chibi-Fuji slightly fidgeting, as his lids lifted slowly, revealing those entrancing cerulean orbs. They were gazing back at the the chibi Buchou darlingly soft, but the teasingly mischievous glint of azure couldn't be ignored.

'... I envy them...,' chibi-Fuji said cocking his head to one side and shifting his weight towards chibi-Tezuka. 'I also want my happy ending~'

Obviously, chibi-Tezuka understood what the chibi Tensai implied, considering how his smile widened a notch nearer the cheshire grin. Chibi-Fuji began crawling to the chibi Buchou, who seemed to be stunned immobile at the moment. His hazel eyes, although covered with his fogged rimless glasses, were focused on how the chibi-Tensai's hips swung seductively... how his delectable ass moved gracefully enticing... how his loose shirt opened in plain sight, revealing his well-toned built, and... and his perked pink nipples...

Oh dear, the chibi megane felt the warm surge of blood threatening for a nosebleed, but instead his face blushed in flaming ruby red. He felt so hot... So much heat running through his body...

The chibi Tensai perched directly on top of him on all fours, effectively trapping the chibi megane. Then, chibi-Fuji lowered his head... drawing his luscious lips closer... and closer... and closer, that chibi-Tezuka just had to close his eyes in anticipation. He can feel chibi-Fuji's breathe tickle his shaking moist lips... the comfortable warmth emanating from body pressing against his entirety... But, then, the next second, it was gone and he heard his companion's amused chuckle.

'You were expecting me to kiss you, we're you, Mitsu-chi~?' chibi- Fuji grinned, half-sitting himself on chibi-Tezuka's stomach. 'You know I won't kiss you until you, yourself, invite me to, ne?'

Chibi-Tezuka bilnked once: what did he say? Blinked twice: oh yeah, his lord (Syuusuke) said he'll always wait for my liege (Kunimitsu), and so will Syuu-chi? Blinked trice and slowly nodded: I know.

'So are you going to ask me?' chibi-Fuji smiled endearingly, his hands tracing along chibi-Tezuka's thorso.

'Ask you what?' chibi-Tezuka, who have regained his voice, asked quizzically, trying not to run away from his brewing desire.

'Too kiss you, of course, luv~,' chibi-Fuji laughed softly.

Chibi-Tezuka considered his options, all the while gazing back sternly... silently at the chibi Tensai. Seriously, what was there to think about? The chibi Tenshi, the most beautiful of all manifestations of subconsciousness, the one and only Syuu-chi is asking him for a kiss... There's really no need to think, as the answer is so obvious.

Chibi-Fuji took in chibi-Tezuka's silence, and was about to release his hold on the chibi megane, when he felt the latter's hand pulling his arms. Consequently, he tumbled and landed back on chibi-Tezuka's legs. His ass could practically the pulsing desire of the chibi Buchou's manhood, underneath their clothing.

'I may not have invited you,' chibi-Tezuka looked straight at chibi-Fuji's eyes. One of his hand strategically placed behind the latter's neck, while the other at the small of his back - both of which pulled the chibi Tensai closer to himself. 'But that doesn't and won't stop me from kissing you, luv~'

Chibi-Tezuka pulled himself near the chibi Tensai, and closed whatever space remained between them. Those soft lips, brought flames into his mouth... The sweetest of all scalding burns in apples and cinnamon flavors. He felt chibi-Fuji's arms gently wrap around his neck, running erotically through his tousled hair... It doesn't matter... All that matters is that his luv was sitting over him, and is... straddling him. Ah, hot! So hot! So very, very hot! He snaked his hand inside chibi-Fuji's loose shirt, and began teasing and pinching playfully over the chibi Tensai's perked up nipples. Chibi-Fuji moaned in the most erotically arousing pleasure, but didn't release his hold on chibi-Tezuka's lips... moist... sweet... hot... luscious... tempting... Addicting!

Oh, Kami-sama! Chibi-Tezuka roused in with a huge stallion reigning over the purest nectar... Chibi-Fuji felt honored to have been bestowed with such grandeur magnificence, and smiled ever so ethereally enchantingly...




Let the rest be for their own privacy...

Making love blossom in the most pleasurable and wildest of all fantasies, dream and reality... ^.*~

******** (Until Everlasting!) ********