Prequel: Rise of Darkness

"3" Harry Potter said, grabbing the Triwizard cup along with Cedric Diggory, they felt the familiar sensation behind the ear that they knew meant the cup was a Portkey, they landed on their backs in the a strange unfamiliar Graveyard.

Cedric wandered over to the cup, "Who would make it into a Portkey? Who had the chance?"

"Only Professor Moody" Harry replied getting up wandering next to Cedric, "We should be getting Back to Hogwarts" he reached towards the cup along with Cedric, then a pain shot through the Lightning scar hidden beneath his chalk black hair, then they both turned to see Wormtail wandering towards them, a small voice whispered, "Kill the Spare",

Wormtail raised a wand, "Avada Kedavra", he pointed the wand at Cedric, Harry automatically raised his wand and cast the first spell that came to his mind, "Expelliarmus" The jets of red and Green lights collided, stopping both spells, "Cedric. Go. Get Dumbledore" harry said, Cedric Nodded and then grabbed the cup and vanished with a small pop.

Then Wormtail waved the wand and harry drifted upwards and the statue behind him held him in place, Wormtail lit a fire with a small flick of his wrist, "Bone of the Father, Unknowingly Given. You will renew your son", a bone appeared from a grave and dropped into an old cauldron,

Wormtail whimpered, "Flesh of the Servant, Willingly sacrificed, You will heal your master" He cut his hand off and it fell into the potion with a small, rather comical Plop.

Wormtail rushed to Harry's side, "Blood of the Enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe" he cut Harry's arm and then allowed the blood to trickle onto the knife, then he rushed off to the potion and dropped the blood into the potion and it turned blood red, then a black shadow appeared hovering into the air, taking shape then the shape of the of the man that had plagued harry for years, Voldermort had risen again

"My wand Wormtail" Voldermort said looking at the little man before him, Wormtail bowed an passed Voldermort the wand he had tried to Kill Cedric with, Voldermort stood examining it, then he turned to look at Harry,

"We, hello Harry" He said wandering over, "Amazing how your blood can make me whole again isn't it?"

Then a sound filled the air all around them, it sounded like hope embodied, It reminded Harry of Dumbledore, of Hogwarts, then From behind the statue several people appeared, Sirus (In dog form) ,Lupin, Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic Fudge.

"Good evening Tom" Dumbledore said, drawing his wand,

Fudge looked over and gasped, "You-Know-Who" he said point

"Dumbledore" Voldermort hissed,

Then fudge looked around, "Peter Pettigrew! But Black killed you", The dog barked and regained the form of Harry's Godfather Sirus, looking at the two dark wizards, "No, Minister I didn't, And I Wasn't The Potters Secret Keeper, He was" He pointed at Pettigrew, then Lupin walked forward and flicked his wand, Harry jumped down in the misted of the group, Lupin Looked over and then made sure his Harry was ok before joining Sirus raising their wands, Fudge seemed near to fainting.

Voldermort looked among the men standing before him before aperating away along with Pettigrew, then Fudge turned to face the group, "I Believe I owe you an Apology Black, as Minister of Magic, You are Pardoned and we hope you understand that your story was less convincing than others"

Sirus just nodded in acknowledgement, Then Harry remembered what he and Cedric had figured out, "Professor Dumbledore, Moody…."

"We have dealt with him already, Professors Snape and McGonagall are dealing with him as we speak, Now We should return to Hogwarts, Harry Grab my arm if you would" Dumbledore replied, Harry Grabbed his arm and felt Dumbledore turn and he suddenly heard an explosion of speech, then it fell silent as Sirus, Lupin and Fudge Aperated next to Dumbledore and Harry.

Cedric, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall and Hagrid rushed forward towards the Harry,

"'What Happened 'Arry?" Hagrid asked,

"He's back. Voldermort's back" Harry replied, they looked over at the assembled adults , they nodded and Fudge stepped forward,

He placed his wand to his throat, as he did at the World Cup, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I Have some bad news, It appears, You-Know-Who has returned to life, he is indeed back again" Harry looked round, Draco Malfoy looked terrified, he seemed to whisper something and then looked over at Harry,

"What's More, It appears for the Last Thirteen Years that We were wrong about Sirus Black" Fudge continued, looking over at Sirus, "Peter Pettigrew Is also alive and he Killed the twelve Muggles" Sirus stepped forward and looked among the students, he seemed to be calm then Dumbledore put a hand on his shoulder, "Can you round up the old group? You can meet At the Burrow, I am sure Molly and Arthur will not mind", Sirus nodded and rushed off, followed by Lupin.

"Hagrid, would you escort Mr. Potter and Diggory to the Hospital Wing please?" McGonagall said looking at the injuries on Harry and Cedric,

"Corse Professor" Hargid said, "C'mon you two" Harry Wandered off with Hagrid followed by Cedric, Ron and Hermione who seemed happy to have Harry with them.

(With Dumbledore)

"Please return to your common rooms, We will cancel all classes for the rest of the week" Dumbledore stated, The students grumbled and walked off, Dumbledore was about to speak with Fudge when a small voice called his name, "Professor Dumbledore?"

"Draco, and How can I help you?" Dumbledore spun around to face the young student.

"You know my father is a Death eater" Malfoy said,

"I Do indeed"

"I Don't want to return to the midst of the death eaters" Malfoy said, " They would torture my Father in front of me for his failures, I can't stand to see that"

"I Have somewhere you could stay, But you would have to be near Some people, you aren't friends with, Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasly" Dumbledore said

"I Don't care if I have to stay in a cave, I can't see them suffer" Malfoy said,

"Come to my office at 2 pm tommorrow and we can discuss where you can stay, now, if I may, I need to speak with Fudge"

"Thank You Professor" Malfoy said, walking off.

(2 Weeks Later)

Dumbledore had summoned, Harry , Ron and Hermione to his office they walked swiftly, then the reached the Gargoyle that Guarded the Headmasters office, Harry spoke the password, and it jumped aside, revealing the steps to the office, they quickly reached the top in no time, Ron Knocked on the door and from inside they heard Dumbledore call "Enter"

They walked inside and noticed they were not alone, Draco Malfoy was looking at some silver instruments and Cedric Diggory was Standing in front of the Desk, behind which Dumbledore sat looking at the five teens, "Ah Good you've arrived" He said, seeing it was the three of them,

"Now you are all hear, I have something to tell you all" Dumbledore said, "You will all be staying at the same Address during the Holidays"

"What?" Ron replied

"it sounds like we are all staying together" Hermione replied

"Indeed, The Address is a Safe house, all of your families have been informed of this, Several of them are going to pop in now and again, as will I" Dumbledore continued

"So The safe house? Where is it?" Malfoy asked

"In Godrics Hollow" Dumbledore said, "I will be the secret Keeper and will only allow certain people to enter"

They all nodded, "You will return to school as normal, When you get on board the Hogwarts Express, you Must sit together, Remus Lupin and Sirus Black will meet you at Kings Cross, they will then take you to the safe house" Dumbledore said, "Also, If you wish, I can send specialist Books with you, meaning you can complete any Homework you are set, I know several teachers are going to"

"That would be nice" Hermione said,

"Then we best be getting to the feast" Dumbledore said, "We have guests to entertain", they all got up and walked to the door, they arrived at the feast at the same time as the rest of the school, they looked round and nodded to each other walking to their tables they sat there and watched as Dumbledore took to the stand,

"Good evening" He said, "Another eventful Year, But In light of the Dark time, we have shown we can stand together United against the darkness of Voldermort" nearly everyone shivered at the mention of the name, "But we Are united and strong, Voldermort's strength is in militating the people close to his enemies, so be warned, avoid trouble at all costs. Now, let's enjoy this feast, for tomorrow, You all leave back to the world for our families, or friends"

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