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Chapter 10:

The shoot-off competition

"Miss, m-may I have your names?" The man at the reception asked, fighting hard against his own urge to run away. I mean, who wouldn't, right? Wouldn't you want to run from a Varia boss's intense glare as if your life depended on it (literally, because he could shoot your head off in one blow with his bloody flame of wrath).

"You can call me Kitty, honey~" The oblivious to the atmosphere girl said, winking at the man in front of her. The guy just nodded, trying to hide his sweat.

'Who was the oblivious, pretty girl next to Xanxus? Is she that stupid to be with him? Or just a good actress?' His head was starting to feel kind of high from the intense thinking, 'It can't be...No, it's possible. No matter how scary he is, the heir is still in his teenage years. It's not impossible for him to start getting interested in girl and get, for some reason that just sounds wrong.'

"Oh, and this scary piece of work is-" Annette was cut short by none other than the said guy himself, "-Xanxus." he answered in his sexy Italian (he didn't really care, because he spoke like that all of the time. Though his companion, being herself, seemed to label it in that category), starting to feel like he might as well go with the flow.

The receptionist gulped his saliva down his dry throat. Whatever was happening right now in front of him was not any of his business...though maybe he should still inform the Ninth...he might get a raise for such interesting information, right?

Alright, as you might've guessed already, this 'carnival' was one of those many festivals the Vongola and its allies would prepare for their hard-working subordinates and make them bond more. How convenient it would be for the Italian teenager to just make them give him a ride to the mansion, right?

Dispite that, there was one thing that was not falling into place for such a plan : Xanxus still had no idea about this. And there you go, thinking that he is such a smart guy who would know all about the crazy things his 'family' was enthusiastically making. Nope, sadly he is not one of those types. The Varia boss was more of - 'Do whatever you want as long as it doesn't disturb me' - type of guy.

While walking slowly into a closed up building, Annette was confidently humming the french 'Alouette' song's tune (director: yes, it's supposedly is a childish song...but it's about plucking a bird. I just think it's very appropriate for the occasion). Xanxus, on the other hand, seemed to be wondering just what's going to happen.

Considering one thing which was obvious - he never in his life even held a gun...The boy had to come up with a plan that would leave him in the victory anyway. Since, first of all, he would be able to go back to the mansion. And second of all, he would never in his dear life lose to a girl (or actually anybody under Xanxus's 'trash' naming. Since, you know..they're trash)...especially that girl. Wait, that would probably be considered as the first and most important point. Oh well.

"This is where the practice will be, beauty." Xanxus came back to concentrating on what the trash was about to say. He knew that the random man, who was in front of them, wasn't talking to him, but Annette Claire (or as she called herself 'Kitty'). I mean, I don't think too many people would go around calling him a 'beauty', and he knows that.

'Worthless piece of trash.' The boy thought in a monotone realization, analysing the man in front of him.

"Hmm~, is that so~?" Varia's maid asked innocently, looking around, "We~ll, will you point some spots for us to practice then?" Although the girl knew she had no reason to even warm up, she did figure that her 'boss' was an entirely different story.

"Of course, sugar." And a smirk crept up his thin lip-line, rubbing her cheek and chin with his rough fingers, "A girl like you should have the best spot~." "-The guy is with me." Annette replied sharply, somehow getting impatient already (she wanted her fun to start as fast as possible...but this man kept on trying to get something from her...and she wasn't in the 'mood').

It was a long time since the dark-haired girl felt her eyes wanting to burn with excitement over a mere competition, and she liked it. That's why the maid wasn't going to let some cheeky old man waist the time of her fun.

The 'cheeky old man's' eyes travelled from the pretty girl to the scary boy next to her. This definitely surprised him, 'Well, isn't this is a surprise? Senior Xanxus in person. Here. With a girl. Going to a shooting competition. The Vongola really does keep evolving its mysterious.'

Nevertheless, the middle aged man just smiled at them and gave out the practising guns and showed them the free spots that were still free.

"I'll be rooting for you, young girl~!" He waved good-bye to them with a sparkly aura, 'I have a feeling this competition is going to become a bit more interesting this year.' He thought, while watching the teenagers' backs.



"Why the hell are we practising?" Xanxus noted, trying hard to avoid embarrassing himself.

"That attitude of yours is one reason. Don't worry, I can read men in seconds." Annette answered, getting slightly annoyed at needing to make that big lazy-bone of a teenager stand up from his glued to his butt chair, "What's so embarrassing about shooting a few kilometres off? Holding a gun is not that hard, you know?!"

Xanxus's vein on his forehead was aching to pop, "What's that suppose to mean, trash?!" His voice though still stayed low and calculating (yes, calculating just how high the pitch needs to go before his companion's nerves coming to the small risk of breaking into pieces.)

Right now, instead of a shooting competition, they had a staring..a.k.a. glaring contest.

"It means you're a lazy butt who is too 'prideful' to even move and learn something new!" Annette emphasised the word prideful with her fingers, "And who cares about this anyway? Can't you see that half of these people are even worse than bad? Or are you THAT clueless about all of this..." The rest of the stuff Xanxus couldn't bare to hear.

'Does she ever shut up?!' was all that he was thinking right now. He hardly even put any meaning into things that she was saying, since it all rather sounded like a waste of time, bother AND nerves.

Finally deciding that his poor ears had enough, he figured that he should just get this over with. After all, he wasn't bothered to make a ruckus, since he knew that the girl had an upper hand over him.

"Ohh~, so you finally decided to stand up and practice, oui?' Varia's maid noticed, breaking whatever chain of thought she was spurring out a minute ago.

The spiky haired boy took his gun and went to the spot from where he was suppose to shoot. Well, it wasn't the first time he saw how to hold a gun really. Since he was rather peculiar on action and horror movies when he was a small boy (director: probably after the adoption).

Holding up the gun, or more like the rifle, with his elbows. Looking straight into the hole. Locking his target, he pulled the trigger and the bullet went flying...the different direction (well, it felt like that to a 'professional' like Annette anyway).

Annette was so shocked at this 'I wanna be awesome, but just made the most embarrassing thing ever' that she was pulled speechless...for now. A few minutes later, the girl couldn't help but start snickering, trying to hold in the laughter with whatever willpower that she had left.

Well, it didn't take long for it to turn into none-stop laughter, "BUahahahaHA! You HAD to see that look on your face! AHAHAHA!"

Though it took one glare from the crimson eyes to make her stop, "Alright, alright...I figured you're new to this...It..AHAHA-" "Shut up trash!" Xanxus commanded her, getting his arm ready to start firing his flame of wrath, making the rifle get a few burns.

Holding her stomach really tightly, the french girl started apologising, while laughing, "AHAHA! Ok, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. AHAHA!" The boy's forehead was about to pop open and screaming.

But before that could happen, the maid coughed several times, breathing in and out to stop. "Sorry, I wasn't going to...Anyway, that wasn't that bad of a shot actually." She gave a sympathetic look, trying to sound very serious, but the Varia's boss knew otherwise.

"Your position wasn't that bad. Your only problem was that you didn't concentrate until the very end. Try again, I'll show you the right way to do-" "That's enough, trash. I don't need a woman to teach me how to hold a weapon." Xanxus was going to show his true colors. After all, he wasn't a boss of the Varia for nothing, right?

"Uu~, talking big now, oui? Well, do whatever you want." Annette smirked , walking off to her own practice space, 'This revenge is going to be sweet~!'

The rest of the practice was silent...well, in a way, really. Lots of guys noticed Annette's shooting skills, and she wasn't embarrassed to show it off (as you probably figured).

With swift movements and cat-like flexibility, the girl almost made it look like a show. Making her positions more and more difficult as time passed by.

Oh, and did I tell you that she was wearing, cut to the shorts size, black leggings and the long, purple top, making the 'shorts' looking even shorter than they were? Well, yes, she was, making the men pay even greater attention to her than if she wouldn't be.

What? She IS an attention-lover, right?

Several whistles were heard from the crowd as Annette raised her long, yet shapy, leg and made a high-kick pose. Xanxus didn't even bother look at her, since he was busy thinking of a way to kill the girl slowly and painfully, so that she would pay for the embarrassment that he had felt.

Behind all of the crowd, a pair of people walked from the spot, feeling like they were made fun of. ...'No one messes with the Jiggy Jags!' they thought darkly and left to get coffee. Because obvious that's what all the cool people get.

"So~, Xanxus, are you prepared to compete against me?" The girl asked in a mocking voice as more cheers for her were heard.

She was chuckling creepily until she turned her head...and as one would expect from the spoken to guy, he was just lazily shooting bullets without a care in the world for what the girl said.

This made her tick and a bit of a cloudy aura was starting to form around her, but it wasn't thick enough to make her new developed fans scared. 'So we're gonna be playing cool until the end, oui?' she thought, putting down her gun and walking away to get some refreshments.

Some of the guys told her that they can bring her whatever she wants, and if the circumstances would've been normal, she would've made them to bring her also the best chocolate cakes and a cup of hot cocoa for a drink. (Well, you might say that she is has an obsession over chocolate). The only problem...she didn't feel like it for some reason, so the girl declined their offer by just walking through and ignoring them.

'Jesus, he is so stubborn that I'm not even going to care. After this competition I'm going to get enough money to forget whatever that freaky baby stole from me.' She thought, trying to think of a way which she is going to take from the Varia mansion.

Walking into the small cafeteria the girl was so into her own thoughts that she didn't see that she bumped into someone. "Hey! Girly, what the do you think you're doing?!" that guy she happened to bump into said. Annette was about to just ignore him too, but before she could just turn away, the guy grabbed her hand making her delicate skin get a bruise, "Where d' ya think yar goin', girly? Apologise right now!" he demanded, twisting her hand.

"Q-quoi*?" Annette asked, trying to hold the pain.

"French, eh?" He grinned as if he had a wicked plan of some sort, "Aincha a hottie, it's a shame that I'll have to make you feel embarrassment when we win this tournament. I'll wait for your apology until then." After stating that, he let go of her hand and turned to walk on.

The Varia's maid's face turned serious and emotionless, "Heck I'll ever apologise to the likes of you and I'm not losing to anyone." her tone turned almost manly, before she flipped her hair and turned away to eat a chocolate cake in frustration.



"Now let's have the competitors move to the official tournament's spot~!" A voice was heard from the speakers. Everyone started moving, so our Varia members did too. Both of them were silent and serious, that Xanxus started wondering if something happened. Since you know, she was always so annoyingly loud. 'If only she could like this all of the time...' he thought, finding it much easier to tolerate.

When they came to the big arena-like place the names of all the contestants were put out on a big paper.

Annette saw something suspicious there - there were two names for every team. And when she found what she was looking for, the girl thought that there was a mistake made, "! What's going on? Why is my name written with his?" She asked one of the 'guards' that stood there.

"Well, isn't it suppose to be?" The guy asked, wondering what the problem was here. Varia's maid was about to make a hole through his brain, 'Why me?!' she thought, pitting herself for all the bad things that happened to her.

"I wouldn't be asking if it was suppose to be like that." Annette said through her teeth. "Ouch, tough luck... The organisers can do things like that if they feel like that. And you can't change their mind anyhow...oh well, you'll just have to go with whatever you've got, I guess." He answered in pity. "HUH?! What's tha sup-" And before the black-haired girl could finish her complain, someone pulled her by the back of her shirt..hard.

"Auu. Wha-" "Be quiet woman." Xanxus replied, staring at her with his crimson eyes, making the girl remember the first day they met. The teenager gulped, 'So he really is pissed too, huh?'

"Ahaha~, real tough luck, eh?" someone said, bumping into her on purpose. Seeing the same back from before, Annette's eyes started burning lively with revenge, "We're going to win this Xanxus, and set our score later!" she told him, taking his hand and leading the way.

This didn't sit too well with the Varia's boss, but he wasn't going to bother, since he'll be able to sleep through the thing.



And just as the both of them predicted, Annette ended up shooting through the tournament, getting the best scores. Since that was what the competition was about. It was about who could shoot straightest, and as the more people kept on falling out, the more difficult they were making the targets.

The ex-student of the best hitman in the world though had no troubles. Which was why Xanxus got himself a comfortable chair and a good cold glass of tequilla...Ok, maybe he commanded some low rank trash to do it for him (and even if he didn't know who they were, they did who he was), but that's not important here, right?

After a few hours, there were only two groups left: Jiggy Jags and...well, the Varia duo (nobody called them that though) of course.

"So it's us against you, girly?" The guy said in a mocking voice, "I'm happy to see that you had enough luck to make it here~." The woman next to him added. She wore very tomboy-like clothing, but wore a smug look anyway.

"Heh, at least I have a sense of style." Annette smirked, putting her hand on her lips and giving an air-kiss.

"This girl is annoying. I bet she forced some men to shoot straight for her from behind the scene." The opponent stated, brushing her short hair away from her forehead with her hand and turning.

A shot was heard right a millimetre away from her ear, in the next millisecond, "Oops, didn't want to miss there honey~. Oh well, I'll make sure to hit your heart next~." Our heroine smiled sweetly, reloading her gun.

"W-wha?!" Both of the Jiggy Jags' duo freaked out. They were good shooters, but fighters...not so much.

And before anything could get any more complex, a whistle was heard and a couple of guards came running in and grabbing the girl by her arms and started dragging her out.

"Quoi?!" Annette squealed, "What's going on?! Why are you dragging me? And where?!" she started nervously asking questions, as if she really was in trouble. Well, it's not an 'if' it was a 'fact' actually.

"Raising a weapon against a fellow contestant is prohibited, so you're disqualified from the competition. Completely." The guard on her right answered in monotone, making the poor girl drop her jaw.

"No way..." Annette started panicking. It was really ironic how before she met up with the Varia, the girl would never be caught..and now it was almost on daily occasions.

Before they could pull her completely out of sight and away from the games, the Varia's maid had enough sense to shout out, "Xanxus! You better win thiiiisssss!" And the door closed behind them.

The Varia's boss opened his eyes, as he heard the shouting, 'Heh, you don't have to tell me, woman.' he thought, looking in the direction of the opponent..s.

"That couldn't possibly be..." The man from the Jiggy Jags commented, letting his partner finish, "Yes, that definitely is the Ninth's son, Xanxus. Just what in the world?"

Though the guy started chuckling evilly, "I saw him practice..I have no idea how he got here, but in the practice, he was a total loser. Our winning is guaranteed now!"

Little did he know that Xanxus had really sharp ears and that he heard that, 'Trash, I'm gonna make you pay!' he thought, boiling up his temper (which was really short and easy to snap).

For the finale, the organisers decided to make it interesting, by putting a few moving metal objects before the target. There were five different ones, and they all moved in different times.

The woman from the opponents' team started, her bullet went flying through the first four metals, buuttt...sadly for her, the fifth one came out randomly and stopped the bullet. Oh well. Move it on.

Since it was the finals, they were allowed two tries, but after their opponent gets his first.

Xanxus remembered something from before, "You should concentrate to the very end." Annette's voice ringed in his head. His forehead nerves were yet again about to burst, but then another thing came out from his memory, "In the practice, he was a total loser...loser...loser...loser..." Xanxus's hands were burning up with the flame of wrath.

The audience stopped whatever chatter they had before and also probably stopped breathing, but no one noticed, since they were all struck with fear, 'He is going to kill us and blow the place up!' was a thought that sprang in all of their heads. I wonder why?

But before they could run all out of their seats and out of there, they saw that instead of the guns melting down because of the intensive heat, they started glowing a shiny orange colour.




Annette was taken out of the competition, but the people weren't evil enough to not let her see it through (or they were cruel to make her see her 'partner' fail? you decide on that ^^).

The girl sighed, feeling like the Varia were really having a bad influence on her. 'How could I let myself be caught?!' she started getting angry at herself..something that was new to her too and it wasn't a nice feeling at all.

Pinching her cheek, the maid thought of just concentrating on watching the finals.

When she saw that the woman missed, Annette started laughing hard, "Buahaha! That's what you get for making me in trouble!" Life felt finally in place for her.

But now the moment that she was waiting for came...Xanxus's turn.

'Please! Please! Please! Don't miss!' She started praying with all of her heart, 'For, for your own god sakes pride! I don't care, just hit!!'

And as if God was hearing her, a miracle was happening and the gun that the guy was holding were glowing with orange shiny colour and smoke was coming out of it. The next second was like a breathless moment as a the Varia's boss stretched his hand with the weapon in it, said in his low voice, "Die, trash." and pulled the trigger to make a huge explosion in the targets direction.

There was a whole lot of smoke everywhere, making everyone still, as if they became statues (the woman from the Jiggy Jags fainted by now actually. Though the guy wasn't doing very well either).

And as the smoke was starting to clear, the whole population of the arena (plus Annette) started looking nervously to see what happened.

Well...what could be seen was Xanxus in a relaxed pose, with one hand in his pants' pocket and the other looking at the gun in curiosity. His face showed little interest in the rest.
And behind him was a whole wall that was blown to dusty charcoal, together with the target of course.

The french self-loving teen felt her heartbeat raising drastically. "WE WON!" she squealed in the highest tune possible. Afterwards a bunch of jumping around, the girl decided to run through the guards that were suppose to be looking after her.

Annette jumped through the seats down the arena (as she was taken to the very top), "Move it!" she told the people that she pushed with her legs.

"And the winner of the 20th annual of the shoot-off competition is...NONE OTHER THAN OUR DEAR VONGOLA NINTH'S SON, XANXUS!" One of the organisers shouted, coming out in a fancy fashion!

He was standing on a round platform that was automatically rotating. The guy happened to wear a totally white suit with a purple under-shirt and a big hat, his hands were filled with a huge sign that looked like a big version of a check.

The Varia boss reacted on that straight away, 'Damn the old man, if I knew earlier I wouldn't have needed to bother for the trash!' he was getting a bit irritated at his own stupidity for not knowing it earlier.

"DARLING~ come to mamma~!" Annette squealed yet again, jumping into the spot light... The organiser sweat-dropped, 'What did she just say?'

"Girl, what are yo-" "I'm his partner silly, did you forget already?" The girl interrupted him, giving off a silly face, "Now, if you please..." she added, holding out her hand for the check, but before he could give it to her, a hand came from behind, "I won it." The black-haired guy replied Annette's stuttered face, giving her also a smug expression. He took the check, put it over his own shoulder and then started walking off.

The girl's right eye started to twitch...pretty badly, 'How dare that ** of a **?!' she thought, thinking that fire would start spilling out from her.

And as if a storm passed by, she ran after Xanxus.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON IT?! I CAN'T BELIEVE JUST BECAUSE YOU GOT THE LAST SHOT ALL OF THE CREDITS WENT TO YOU!" Annette started pulling out her frustration, "AND anyway, why do you need more money?! You got plenty, ain't that right?!..." That was as far as Xanxus could bear to hear it, "That's what you get for trying to challenge me, trash. And as a punishment for this, you better get me steak, or else I'll blow your head off." He said, making the poor girl remember that she was stuck being a maid in the Varia...again.

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