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Jazz looked worryingly at Bella. "She needs a hospital." Everyone nodded.


"Urgh…" I moaned, feeling worse than I had throughout my entire life. I heard the sound of urgent whispering, and a weird beeping sound that was seriously annoying me. My right hand felt heavier than usual. I wrinkled my nose in disgust, and tried to rip them off, but another hand prevented me from doing so.

"I wouldn't do that," a voice said, sounding anxious.

Confused, I fluttered my eyes open. Though, the light was so bright it forced my eyes shut again. I blinked several times before I was fully able to see. Danny Fenton was next to me, sitting on a chair. Everyone was sleeping—Gil was on a chair next to Danny, slumping over the edge.

My head was throbbing horribly, and I felt bandages around my arms, torso, head, and right leg.

"Danny?" I croaked.

"Hey," he said, trying for a smile. He frowned a second later, his blue eyes full of compassion. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I lied, croaking. I grimaced, feeling my throat closing. "Water?"

He nodded, and went to get me a glass. I took a moment to see that we were in the Specter Speeder, or at least the back of it. Sam and Tucker must have been at the front, flying the mobile.

Danny returned, helping me sit up. I drank the water gratefully, drinking like there was no tomorrow.

"You're leg was broken," Danny announced. "But it was just fractured; thankfully…you're friends had something called Nectar and Ambrosia? Well, it's helped speed up the healing process."

"Thanks," I whispered.

"No," Danny said, shaking his head. "I need to thank you." He gripped my hand. "You helped me through the darkest hours of my life—honestly, I don't know how to thank you."

"There's no need," I laughed, but it hurt to.

"You don't understand," Danny whispered, looking angry with himself. "I was so stupid…" he sighed. "I'm just trying to say…I'm sorry."

I smiled at him weakly. "Me too."

"What for?" Danny asked, looking confused.

I frowned, and shifted my head to stare at the metal ceiling above. "For messing things up for you…I know it must be shocking to discover you're a cartoon in a parallel universe."

Danny blinked and then shrugged. "Well, it's your universe…technically it's real over here."

"Yeah," I chuckled. "I guess so."

I must have been hooked to some morphine…the medicine was taking its toll and the world seemed to be blinking at me from above.

"You'd better get some rest," Danny announced, his voice coming from far away. "We'll be at Fenton Works by tomorrow morning."

"Good…" I yawned, closing my eyes. The blackness was welcoming and I knew I was safe with my first superhero watching me.

No Pov

The Nectar and Ambrosia had defiantly helped Bella's healing process speed up. She was sore, but she was able to walk fine. Though, she was advised to sit down when not active. Demigods and ghost hunter alike were sitting in the Fenton lab.

"There's something we need to tell you," Anna announced.

Bella pursed her lips looking at her friend with curiosity. "What is it?"

"Yeah," Erin said, crossing her arms. "After going into a cartoon, battling a freaky snake woman, and battling Danny's older self-things can't possibly get more weird."

Anna laughed. "Then prepared to be weirded out."

She cast Gil a look and they both nodded. Slowly, they took off their jackets and stuck out their forearms. The Greek demigods gaped at the Roman numerals etched onto Anna and Gil's skin. Anna had two stripes under a tattoo of a lyre. Gilbert had a lyre also but just one stripe.

"I've always taken after Mom's side of the family," Gil laughed, looking at the face if his sister. "Turns out she's a second-generation of Apollo…but I'm the one that got the powers."

Anna smiled weakly and patted Gil's arm in a sisterly manner. She turned towards the Greek demigods and ghost hunter who looked puzzled to the extreme. "I'm a direct decedent…and I panicked once I realized you weren't Roman…I thought about abandoning you guys." She took a deep breath. "Then I realized…even if we're from enemy sides, we're always and will be best friends."

Miranda stared at her. Then she ran up and hugged Anna; soon enough, all the demigods were hugging each other. Bella smiled from her chair. Anna had been her friend since the seventh grade…and yet she was as loyal as ever.

The ghost hunters just watched smiling.

"Awkward," Sam finally said, making everyone break apart. The Demigods returned they're attention to the cartoon characters.

Bella grunted, and got up, stumbling slightly. She looked at Danny, Sam, Tucker and Jazz with compassion.

"How can I ever thank you?" She asked, grinning. Her eyes had returned to a stormy gray.

"No need," Danny said, raising his hands. "I was merely returning a favor."

Tucker and Jazz grinned. Sam was glaring at Bella.

"By the way," Danny asked, pretending to not look interested. "How popular am I? You know where you're from?"

"Oh you were very popular," Bella said.

"Were?" Sam asked.

The Demigods became very interested in their shoes.

Miranda looked up shyly. "You kinda, sorta, got...canceled."

Danny was silent.

"Three, two, one," Jazz, Tucker, and Sam said.

"I GOT CANCELED? THEY CAN'T DO THAT TO ME! KIDS FREAKING LOVE ME! WHERE ARE THEY? HUH? WHY I- CRIPES!" Danny screamed. Then he faced the Demigods. "Bring me with you guys...I want a word with them!"

"Um," Bella said. "We don't know how to get back!"

"Easy," Alexa said, looking at her black painted nails. Everyone looked at her. "I can just shadow travel, everyone."

"That...that is genius!" Erin exclaimed.

They all grabbed Alexa and in a poof, they were gone.

Meanwhile at Nick Studios

Butch looked angrily at his workers. "We need a good idea! We've been losing teenage viewers since 2008!"

A woman raised her hand.

"Yes?" Butch said.

"Why don't we make another Jimmy Timmy power hour? Those are really fun!"

Everyone nodded in agreement, smiling.

Butch face palmed himself. "No," he said. "We got rid of Jimmy a long time ago."

"Why did we get rid of that show again?" A bald dude, wearing glasses asked.

Butch shrugged.

"We need something! I mean, we kinda brought Avatar back! Sorta."

"Yeah," A ginger woman said sarcastically. "We killed all the old characters, made one about a thousand years old, and made things less funny."

"Katy," Butch said.


"Your fired."

"Fine!" Katy snapped. "I'm gonna watch some real shows! On Nicktoons! That's where all the good shows went!" She screamed, grumbling, and throwing her note pad on the floor.

"I got an idea," An echoy voice said. Everyone gasped, and looked at a corner of the room.

"Um, over here."

They looked at the other corner.

"Sup," Danny grinned. Sam, Jazz, and Tucker all held Fenton weapons. The Demigods were blocking all the exits of the room.

Butch backed against the wall. "H-How?" Butch was speechless.

"Hey Butch," Sam winked, grinning evilly. Tucker held his PDA in a threatening way.

Jazz smiled coldly.

Danny, still hovering above the ground shrugged. "I met some fans. Now, let's talk shall we?"


"And that's why," Butch said, his eyes glowing green. "That we've decided to bring back Danny Phantom! Because, of the petitions, demands, and wonderful fans!"

Every one of the teenagers in the audience cheered.

"This new series, will be taking place two years after Phantom Planet! Plus, more Danny with an "I" will be included!"

"DANI! YEA!" The crowd cheered.

"And," Butch continued. "It's thanks to these wonderful girls, and boy!" Butch directed his attention to the girl's and one boy in purple and orange t-shirts.

They waved grinning.

"Plus, we have decided to relaunch all the old episodes, so you all get caught up!"

The crowd cheered harder.

Danny flew out of Butch's body, leaving him confused; but never less he continued to wave.


Back in the cartoon world

"So, is this goodbye?" Danny asked, in his human form, shaking hands with the demigods. They were standing outside of Fenton works.

Bella bit her lip, and then smiled. "Something tells me we'll meet again."

Danny smiled.

Miranda and Emily tackled Danny. Danny frowned, and his left eye started twitching. Miranda and Emily glared at each other.

"MINE!" They screamed. They then began playing tug-o-war with Danny's arms.

"OW!" He complained.

Hannah hugged Tucker. "Have fun, ya Techno Geek!" She said ruffling his hat.

Tucker pouted. "I am NOT a Techno Geek!" He screamed. Hannah backed away slowly, and joined Erin, Victoria, Isabelle, and Sam who were laughing they're heads off.

Anna and Gil hugged Jazz, thanking them for everything.

Jazz smiled. "Of course! It was great having you guys here!" She said her hands on her hips. "We were Ghost Getters! Hey, I should really keep that name! It sounds like a great tem name!"

"Ha-ha," Gil and Anna fake laughed, nervously.

Miranda left, and fist pumped with Sam, and Alexa hugged her too.

Bella smiled at them all. Just then her godly mother's voice spoke in her head.


Bella jumped. "Mother?" She asked incredulously.

"Phantom. He must touch the key."

I looked down, and saw the owl key on my chest. I cleared my throat, and Danny looked at me, trying to shake Emily off him.

"You know, I do love black hair," She purred.

Danny turned intangible, and walked to Bella.

"What?" He asked.

"I need you touch this," She said, taking the key from around, her neck, and held it in her palm.

Raising an eyebrow, he touched the key. The owl's eyes glowed pure white, before dimming.

Bella closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and put the necklace around her neck.


As soon as I placed the necklace around my neck, these memories flowed through my mind:

A fourteen year old boy entering a dark wiry tunnel, full of electrical stuff, and leaning on a red button. The dark tunnel glowed, and I heard a blood chilling scream. I saw a teen stuffing a brutal looking blonde football player through a locker, and laughing his head off. I saw the same teen, crawling over to a gothic girl, hanging for dear life, holding onto a giant cardboard cutout. Then I saw flashes of enemies: A punk on a motorcycle; a rocker chick, with flaming blue hair; a gray floating nerd; a robot man; an evil scientist; a meat juggernaut; a gypsee; a vampire looking man saying "Ginger snaps." Then a new memory came. A group of girls standing and laughing. An embarrassed boy was having his hair ruffled, by the one wearing the owl necklace.

I gasped and came back to reality.

"What's up?" Sam asked me, narrowing her violet eyes.

I shrugged.

"Alexa, time to go," I whispered.

Alexa grumbled. "I am going to really need something sugary after this one."

All us demigods waved, "BYE!" We all called.

The cartoon characters waved back.

"Have fun you two lovebirds!" Miranda yelled, addressing Danny and Sam.

They blushed, looked at each other, and then glared at Miranda. "WE ARE NOT LOVEBIRDS!"

"Must you always get the last word?" Sam asked.

"Yes," Miranda blinked.

I grinned, before we disappeared in a black haze.

Real world

I saw Alexa shudder, and she fell on a nearby bean bag chair. Hannah and Alexa fed her some Ambrosia to heal her up.

I sighed and collapsed on my bed. I had never been so glad to be home.

My door burst open, and my mother (The mortal one) came in the room.

"I brought you girl's some brownies- WHY IS THE WINDOW BROKEN!"

Gil looked at us. "Run while you can." Then he ran out of the room.

"Crap," I muttered.


Arum gasped and broke from her icy prison. It was a good thing she could radiate heat.

She apparated onto a beach, which had a rainbow over it, and coughed out whatever water, had been in her throat.

"Well played," She gasped. "But This Means war!" Arum, noticed the rainbow above the beach.

She took a drachma from her pocket. "O Iris Goddess of the Rainbow accept my offering. Wormtail, Spinner's End."

An image shimmered, and a rat looking man appeared in the image. "M-Mistress A-A-Arum," He stuttered.

"Wormtail," She said. "We've got to make plans. This is only the beginning."

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