'Go.' Volt thought to herself. She ran straight into the graveyard, her thinking place. Volt is a 16 year old girl in Romania. She is an orphan, and is terrible at talking to people. She is an unstable emotional wall ready to be knocked down by her enemies, ready to be caved in. Her only friend, Bianca had been captured. Volt couldn't do anything in her ability to get her back. The soldiers were burning her town.

"Dead." A voice in her head said. "She's dead stop looking." Volt stopped in her tracks looking horrified, she sat down by an uncovered grave with a knife extending out of the tombstone. She put her head in her arms. 'No, this can't be happening.' She thought to herself, unknowing what to do next.

She got up, unknowing that her butterick skirt had caught onto the knife on the tombstone and she fell into the uncovered grave. She fell straight down, there was, what seemed like no end to the grave.

Her life flashed before her eyes. She remembered her going home with a strange set of people who she would now call "parents", the single black orchid they would plant for her every year on her birthday, a scream and bloodshed on the ground leaking from underneath her parent's door, a strange man who bared knives, herself running and leaving behind seven black orchids, finding a girl named Bianca in the streets, going back to an orphanage that smelled of antiseptic, nine years of peace, then running from a fire that scorched her town, her heart and now her mind.

Then *thunk * she landed on something that looked like a cart, and Volt recognized what was in it. Pomegranates.
Volt got up and looked around, everyone had dyed hair which were extravagant colors: hot pink, Purple, blue, Green, and Dark red. She got up and wandered around scared to the bone. She was amused with the tall cobblestone walls that were twice her size. She also noticed that everyone had piercings, spiderbites, lip rings, nose rings, and tattoo's, she looked very out of place with her vintage skirt, blond hair, and white dress shirt.

Then she realized that she was all alone in this alternate universe. Shivers went down her spine. She had no control over herself so she started to run. Unknowing where she was going, she ran into a cart. "ouch" She said looking up, then down again. The contents of the cart were spilled. Volt looked closer. The area around her was covered with black orchids and skulls. Before she even had time to look horrified, a voice came from above her. "Hey, you okay there?" Volt looked up to see a guy about 17, with dyed black hair and grey eyes. "Van, Van Ash." And he extended a hand out for volt.