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Based on characters owned by:Akira ToriyamaCody CollinsLarry ArmstrongJoseph SmithAlex Cloninger

Alex Cloninger Proudly Presents:Dragonball Grand Tour (DBGT):The Return of The KliqBlack Star Ball Saga

Dr. Myuu paced back and forth as his colleagues, Dr. Gero and Dr. Wheelo worked hard to finish connecting the final piece of their newest invention. The three scientists all shared one common dream, reshape the world in their image.

"The Dimensional Rift is preparing to open," a computerized voice stated loudly in the hidden laboratory beneath North City. "All three access codes need to be inserted now,"

Myuu, Wheelo, and Gero all three went to separate consoles and input their commands. Turning towards the giant arc in the center of the room, the three doctors all started rubbing their hands, claw in Wheelo's case, together. They had done it. Together the three of them had finally found a way to rid the world of that god awful fighting force, The Kliq. The universe would soon be theirs.

In a different dimension, Emperor Pilaf has just made his way to the top of Kami's Lookout Tower. He and his two associates have discovered The Black Star Dragonballs.

"These balls, Shu, were created when Piccolo and Kami were still one. Which means they are able to do more than the Dragonballs we chased down," Pilaf said, laughing. "Gather them now, Mai. Let us make our wish,"

Using battle suits, Mai and Shu gathered the balls as the impish Pilaf stood before them. He cleared his throat and shouted, "RISE SHENRON!"

Just Goku and Uub finished their sparing and lunch. Goku saw the sky darkening and went to see what was happening. Before he found Pilaf, something happened the caused Pilaf, The Dragonballs, and The Dragon to disappear, so all Goku found was Mai and Shu.

Back in this dimension….

The Guardian's Lookout Tower was in a mess. It stood in shambles as Aidan Kenta, Burter, Kenjiro Nakamura, and Recoome exited the training room. All four men where exhausted, and all four men wore tattered and battered clothing.

"Feels good to see the open space," Aidan said, pointing to the sky. "You guys did great. Return to your homes, and await for our next session,"

Burter and Recoome both leaped high into the air before blasting off in the direction of North City. The Guardian of Earth waved his hands as Kenji and Aidan's clothing repaired itself. The two Saiyan Warriors suddenly felt strong energy signals coming towards them. Both prepare to attack whatever it is that is coming towards them, training their eyes forward.

"Expecting Santa Claus or something?"

Aidan and Kenji both jumped. Somehow, this person had gotten behind them. Turning to look behind them they found the familiar lime green gi of their best friend and fellow Kliq-mate, Alex Ruler. And beside him, the unspoken Leader of The Kliq, Kurokon Shikyo.

"How'd you? When did you? AH!" Kenji shouted in frustration ,"My mind is too tired to be worried bout how you got behind us,"

Before anyone could say anything else, lightning flashed across the sky as it darkened. A red, very long dragon appeared. The source of this dragon could not be seen.

"What the hell?" Alex asked.

"Look, Shenron," Aidan said, pointing upward.

"That ain't Shenron," Kenji said, "Shenron's Green," "No, this dragon is more powerful than Shenron," Kuro said, calmly.

Lightning scattered across the deck of the Lookout, allowing Alex, Aidan, Kuro, and Kenji to trace the origin. Inside an unused room, they found the Dragonballs and a little imp man cowering in the corner.

"I wish Goku were a child!" Pilaf shouted.


Alex looked to Kuro who shook his head at the booming voice. Some idiot gathered the Dragonballs and didn't know what they were doing.

"I wish to know about the dimension I am in. Who are the strongest warriors?" Pilaf asked.


Pilaf looked up at The Kliq and almost fainted but he regained his composure.

"I wish they were at their weakest forms!" Pilaf shouted.


Suddenly lightning arced around the room, striking each member of the Kliq. Beginning with Alex, who reverted to a young appearance, from his mid-40s to his mid-20s. He also regrew his tail, which he would lose during a fight with Saki, The Legendary Super Hellfighter years ago. Kuro was next. Kigi was expelled from his body and rocketed throughout the universe, and his appearance reverted to normal. Aidan and Kenji both changed the most. They both returned to twelve year old children.

"What the hell?" Kenji asked.

"His wish," Aidan said in shock, "We're kids!"

"Always knew you had were a Kid, Kid," Alex said, chuckling to himself. "Now, with you four out of the picture, you shall witness the rise of Emperor Pilaf in this dimension. SHENRON! I WISH TO BE SUPREME RULER OF-" Pilaf started to say before the sound of running interrupted him.

Aidan leaped, springing off Pilaf's head and shouted, "THE WORLD'S MOST COMFORTABLE PAIR OF UNDERWEAR,"

Pilaf instantly became covered in panties. Everyone laughed as The Dragon Returned to the Dragonballs and they scattered.