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Don sat down heavily on the bottom of his bed. He had left Megan on her hands and knees, picking spaghetti off the floor and wiping the walls with a damp cloth. He had half-heartedly offered to help, but she had shrugged his offer away, telling him sharply to just go to bed. And so he had.

Well, he had managed to make it to the bedroom anyway. After slipping his shoes off he flung himself backwards onto the bed and lay staring at the ceiling. He found his mind slipping back to the events of the evening. He smirked to himself, remembering Joan's giggles as he had tried jokingly (or at least, half jokingly) to seduce her. God knows what he would have done if she had said yes. She still scared the crap out of him. Joan was so confident, so beautiful, so... well Joan.

Not that Don hadn't ever thought about her like that before. Of course he had. He was an extremely red-blooded male and she was sexy as hell. That body, that swagger... Don felt his blood rush downwards as his mind briefly imagined what was going on under those fitted dresses.

But, if she had said yes, would he have? Don had been such a good boy for so long now. And he loved Megan, he really did. He didn't want to hurt her. He had already made a perfect job of screwing up one marriage, one woman and he was trying so hard not to do it again.

But it was Joan.

Joan Harris. Could he really turn down the opportunity to take a tumble with her? Don honestly wasn't too confident in his abilities to say no to her. When he got himself into situations like that, he wasn't exactly known of thinking with his brain.

Thankfully, Joan had been smarter than that.

The clatter of dishes in the sink woke Don from his little reverie. He sat up, ran his hands over his face, stood up and made his way to the bathroom.

When he returned Megan had come into the bedroom. She had begun to undress so Don walked up behind her and slid his hands around her waist. She turned to face him and he kissed her, pushing her backwards towards the bed. He could feel in her body language that she was still mad at him, but her body was reacting to him in the way it always did.

Megan was familiar. Joan was... No, would have been, something new. But Don was happy with familiar.

For now.