Prologue: Stronger

Disclaimer: All characters belong to MTV.

Summary: Derek begins his hunt for his new pack as the Argents declare war. The Code has been broken and neither side is going to play by the rules. Contains SPOILERS for season 2.

Time: Season 2

POV: Derek

Genre: Drama, Romance, and Horror

Rating: PG-13

Date Finished: June 5, 2012

Hale House

Isaac ran away from his home. He had to get as far away as possible from his father. He could no longer stay there. Things had gone from bad to worse. He had to get away before he got hurt any worse. His father put on the nice act, but it was just an act. It was an act that Isaac was not going to live with any longer.

He ran to the brunt out Hale house. He was not sure why he was drawn here, but he was. It was some sort of power drawing him there. Even though the place creeped him out, he knew that it was a place that his father would not look for him. He knew that his father was out there looking and trying to draw him out. He would not allow that to happen. His father would not have any control over him. The battle line had been drawn.

He pushed the front door open and stepped slowly inside. The door shut behind him. It was kind of creepy.

Isaac slowly stepped forward. He hoped that no wild animals or homeless people were around. He was breathing heavily. A young woman had been killed here a few weeks ago. That same young woman set this house on fire and killed innocent people. He would not be surprised if this house was haunted.

Isaac walked slowly up the stairs. He was afraid that they were so fragile that they could fall in at anytime. He did not understand why those people had been here that night. The house was clearly unsafe. Yet, he was here seeking safely.

He entered the second floor. The dim light from the moon provided him with enough light to see any holes in front of him.

He guessed that this house had been once grand. The cravings in the wood provided that much evidence. He did not understand how that young woman could have done this to innocent people. He had not lived in Beacon Hills when the fire occurred and had been horrified when he learned the news.

Isaac looked up through the brunt out ceiling. The moon was almost full. It was so large and that he could see the carters in it. He wanted to reach out and touch it. He stretched as far as he could and still could not reach.

He was breathing heavy. He paused to catch his breath. It did not sound as if he was alone now. He placed his hand over his mouth and the breathing continued. There was something else in here with him.

One Mile South

Jackson kicked off from the bottom of the pond. He was not entirely sure how he had gotten there. He emerged from the top and discovered that his shirt was ripped.

The last thing he remembered was asking Derek Hale if he would give him the bite. To Jackson becoming a werewolf was not a curse, but rather a gift. McCall viewed it as the other way around, but not Jackson. He needed it to become strong. He was not weak to be with by any means. He just needed it to become stronger.

He stepped out of the water and pulled up the side of his shirt. The bite was concealed by one of the few places that he shirt was not torn. It looked painful, but he did not feel any pain. In fact, he felt amazing and more alive than he had ever felt. He felt complete and powerful. He felt as if he could take on the world and nothing would bring him down. The world was his playground and he had come out to play.

Jackson sat down on a rock next to the water to take it all in. Tomorrow night he would complete his first Change. He would not be something as weak and pathetic as a human. Instead he would something much better. He would become a werewolf and it would feel amazing.

He stood up and went toward where he believed he parked his car. He was going to be better than everyone else. He already was better than everyone else, but this was going to improve that status.

Hale House

Isaac inched back toward the steps. He was not going to stay up here if there was something else in the house. He kept inching back.

"You can keep running, but it will not do you any good," a voice called from the shadows.

Isaac's eyes went wide. He looked around, but did not see anyone. "Who is here?"

"You are trespassing on private property," the voice said again. This time it was right of where it had been a few minutes ago.

"I am sorry." Isaac fought to keep his voice steady. The task was very difficult, but not impossible. He had had lots of practice with his father. However, he could not keep his heart from racing.

"No, you are not," the voice said again. It was more of a growl that time. "I can sense your fear." The voice was circling him. "I can smell it on you." The voice was getting closer. "I can make you stronger at a price."

Isaac was breathing hard and his heart was pounding in his chest. "Wh-who are you?" He could not help the stutter even though he knew he should not.

In front of him, staring at him, was two red, glowing eyes.