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Chapter one: Beginning of the journey.

One morning at the Jade Palace, not long after the defeat of Shen, Po and Tigress were training fiercely.
The rest of the Five watched from the sidelines.

Tigress and Po were at opposite sides of the Training Hall.

Tigress on the, Seven Swinging Club's. Po working through the, Wooden Warriors.

Tigress carefully and cautiously jumped and ducked around the clubs. Smashing one, as she went.
Po continually fought the warriors as their arms came around to strike him down. He continued to punch and kick his way through them.

Then he and Tigress met of the Fiery Field of Death. They both looked at each other for a moment.
Then attacked.

Po had the upper hand at first. He started his attack with a Palm Strike, to Tigress' chest. Sending her backwards, towards a flame that had just come up out of the field. She quickly jumped to the side, and started her counter attack. She came at Po, claws extended. Ready to finish this. She attacked with a side kick. Knocking Po on his side. Then she leapt into the air, and came down with a Drop Kick. Po quickly rolled to the side. She was about to attack again, when both their ears perked up.

The full field strike was coming!

Tigress and Po got off as quickly as they could.

Po making a running leap, while Tigress gracefully back flipped off the field.

As the final field strike ended. Po joined Tigress in the center of the room. They bowed respectfully to each other. Po smiled at Tigress as she came from her bow. She smiled back and walked over to the others. Rubbing her arm as she did. Po followed her over. The others greeted them with smiles and a 'job well done!'. As Tigress looked at her friends. She could still see some of their scars.

They all had them. Po and her more then the others. While the rest of the Five had scars.
She and Po and scars, physically and mentally! You know about Po's scars and his past.

Let's find out about Tigress'.

Our heroes continued to talk about the spar. When suddenly…


"What was that?" Tigress asked quickly.

"I don't know, but I think it's time that the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five went and checked it out!" Po said. A broad grin on his face. Tigress let out a quiet chuckle at her comrade's enthusiasm.

Then Master Shifu burst into the training hall. Surprising our heroes slightly.

"Po, I want you and the Furious Five to go check out that sound right away!" he said, when he knew he had their attention.

"How does he do that?" Po asked. Monkey chuckled quietly at his friend.

"We're on it, Master Shifu!" Tigress said, bowing in the Fist-to-Palm style.

"Yeah, whatever or whoever is making that sound is about to get it good!" Po said, bowing as well.

The rest of the Five bowed as well. Then they took off running, towards the sound.

*Deep in the Bamboo Jungle*.

"Hahaha! Soon the Valley of Peace will be conquered and I shall rule, just like it should be." A cloaked figure laughed. Watching with delight, as Bamboo stalks fell to the ground, causing quite a commotion.

The very commotion that the Five, Po and Master Shifu had heard.

"Master, the Dragon Warrior and his friend's are on their way!" another figure said, coming down on one knee, to bow respectfully.

"Well done, Leon. My trusted friend and apprentice. Now let us go to finish the master plan!" the first figure laughed with an evil smile.

Then the two leapt high into the Bamboo Trees and disappeared from sight...

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