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Chapter thirty two: Best. Day. EVER!

The Master's and the Shadow Ninja's all slowly woke up, to the sun shining through the trees. They all got up and began to brake camp. But they all looked up when they saw, Leon and Shadow, coming over the hill.

"SHADOW!" Tigress cried, as she ran to her best friend.

"TIGRESS!" Shadow cried as well. She released her grip on, Leon's paw and ran down the hill, into her best friends arms.

"Oh, I'm so glad you're ok!" Tigress said, as she pulled away from Shadow.

"You know it!" Shadow said with a wink.

Then Shadow backed away from, Tigress and stood beside Leon. She looked at him, then to the others.

"Everyone... there's something that Leon and I need to tell you!" she said.

"What's going on? Is something wrong?" Po asked, as he and the others joined the three Tigers.

"Wrong? Why, nothing's wrong at all!" Leon said. He looked down at Shadow and smiled. She smiled back at him.

"Then what is it?" Tigress asked.

"Well... would you like to do the honors, Shadow?" Leon asked.

"I'd be happy to!" Shadow said with a smile.

"Ugh. Will you just spill the beans already?" Tanani asked, though she was smiling the whole time.

"Well. Leon and I... we're going to get married!" Shadow said. Leon wrapped his arm around her waist and gave her a hug.

They just stared at them in shock. Not knowing what to say. Tigress was the first to find her voice.

"Shadow, that's wonderful!" Tigress cried. She grabbed her friend and hugged her tight.

"Well done, Leon!" Master Shifu said.

"Yeah! Not bad!" Tanani teased him, then she walked over and shook his paw.

"But when are you going to do it?" Viper asked. She loved a good wedding.

"Well... I guess when we get back to the Valley of Peace!" Leon said. He began to blush at the thought of marrying the love of his life.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Po said. They all nodded their heads.

Then, the Shadow Ninja's went and got Tanis. He continued to complain, but they were all to happy to care. And they all headed off to the Valley of Peace.

"Wait! What are we going to do with Tanis?" Sola asked. Tanis growled, when he heard his name.

"Well. Why not let him stay for the wedding?" Shadow suggested.

"I like your thinking, Hon!" Leon said, as he put his arm around Shadow's shoulders and gave her a hug.

"Ah! And so the nick names start." Shadow said, with a sly smile. Leon grinned at her.

"Um. Are we there yet?" Po asked. They all rolled their eyes, then started to laugh like crazy.

Finally, The Valley of Peace came into view.

"Race ya there!" Shadow called, as she dropped down and took off on all fours. Heading straight for the Jade Palace.

"HEY! No fair! You got a head start!" Tigress yelled, as she too, dropped down on all fours and raced after Shadow.

"Come on! Let's go!" Leon yelled, as he chased after his sister and his fiancé. The others ran after them.

"I win!" Shadow cried, as she slid to a stop at the top of the palace steps.

"No way!" Leon yelled, coming to a stop beside her.

"Leon's right. I won!" Tigress said with a playful grin.

"Ye- hey!" Leon exclaimed. Tigress punched him in the arm playfully.

"Alright! Calm down, everyone!" Master Shifu said.

Everybody became very quiet.

"Now then... if we're going to have a wedding, we need to get ready. Girls. You take Shadow and find a nice dress and get her ready!" Shifu said.

Tigress nodded her head and they ran off.

"Po. I want you and Monkey to go decorate down by the lake! Crane. You take Leon and get him ready!"
"Yes, Master Shifu!" they all said. Then they ran off.

"You two" Master Shifu said, pointing to Strak and Wen, "take Tanis down to the lake. I have something that should keep him out off trouble!"

They both nodded their heads and then led Tanis down to the lake. Shifu walked off, and into the Hall of Heroes. He walked over to a glass case. He stared into it, then opened it and pulled out a pair of cuffs. Then he walked back to the lake. Tanis looked up when Shifu came into view. He glared at him and growled under his breath. Shifu walked over and strapped the cuffs, tightly to his wrists.

"There... that should do it!" Shifu said, as he stepped back to admire his handy work.

"What are these?" Tanis demanded. He lifted his wrists to his face and stared at the cuffs.

"These. Will make sure you can't use your power. What they do is drain your power levels, so that you can't brake away!" Shifu said. Then he walked away from the angry Lion.

"Is everything ready, Po?" Shifu asked, walking over to the black and white Panda.

"Yeah! Leon is as ready as he can be. And Tigress just came and told us, that they have Shadow all ready too!" Po replied. Shifu nodded his head and smiled.

"Alright everyone! It's time." Shifu said as he took his place at the altar. Ready to marry the two Tigers.

Leon walked up and stood beside him. He had always known, deep down inside, that he and Shadow would be married someday. And today, was that day!

Soon, they all saw, Tanani, Sol and Sola, walking down the path. They were dropping flower petals as they went.

Tigress ran from the lake and into the Jade Palace. To find her best friend and tell her; it was time!

"Are you ready, Shadow?" Tigress asked, walking into the Hall of Heroes, where Shadow was waiting.

"*sigh* Ready as I can be!" Shadow said with a smile.

Tigress smiled at her. Then the two friends headed out.

Tigress walked in first, and took her place next to Tanani, Sol and Sola. Then came Shadow. When Leon first saw her, he didn't think it was Shadow. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Shadow wore a long white dress with blue jewels all over it. She had a white veil and a long train. The train had blue flowers on it. And Shadow's blue eyes shone bright, against her white dress.

'Blue... just like the water! That's perfect! Just like her.' Leon thought, as Shadow walked towards him.

When Shadow reached him. He gave her his paw and they walked up to, Master Shifu; together.

"Friends... we are here to join Leon and Shadow together, as husband and wife!" Shifu said, smiling at the two.

"We all know what we have been through this week. And we know that because of it, it has brought the two of you together! Even through the hard times, you stayed strong! You both have a strong bond that will never be broken! You both were meant for each other!" Shifu said.

Then the two Tigers, turned to face each other.

"Do you, Leon. Take Shadow to be your wife?" Shifu asked.

"I do!" Leon said, as he smiled at Shadow.

"And do you, Shadow. Take Leon to be your husband?" Shifu asked.

"I do" Shadow said, smiling as well.

"Po. The rings!" Shifu said.

The Panda quickly jumped up, "Oh! Yeah here." Po replied, handing his Master the rings.

Master Shifu hand them their rings and said, "These rings, show your love for each other. The stones match your power. Blue like the water, for Shadow! And White like the wind, for Leon!".

They put the rings on each others paws and smiled.

"Now! By the power vested in me. I pronounce you husband and wife" Shifu said, as he turned to Leon, "You may kiss your bride!"

Leon turned to Shadow. He lifted her veil away from her face. She smiled at him. Then he pulled her close. Their lips met. And their vows to each other were sealed.

"I'm not going to cry. I'm not going to cry!" Po said as he started to whimper.

Tigress just rolled her eyes at him and smiled.

Leon and Shadow pulled away from each other and smiled.

"Congratulations, you two!" Shifu said.

"Thank you, Master Shifu!" Shadow said, as she flashed a smile at him.

"Go on!" Shifu said.

The two Tigers smiled and grabbed each others paws, then walked down, the flower covered path, together.

Everyone then followed them towards the lake, where they had their party. They danced, ate, and just had the times of their life. Then when it was time for, Leon and Shadow's dance. Leon spun her around, then threw her up on his shoulders and jumped in the lake. Shadow hadn't laughed so hard in so long. The last time she had this much fun. Was a long time ago. When she was living with her adopted sister, Kasaru.

*Later that day*

Everyone stood at the front doors to the palace. They all watched happily as ten guards, from Chor Ghom Prison, came to take Tanis to there.

"I WILL BE BACK!" Tanis yelled, as the cart carrying him, rolled away.

"And we'll be waiting!" Monkey yelled.

"So, where will you two go?" Tigress asked, our newly weds.

Shadow looked to Leon and replied quietly, "Home..."

"We're going back to the Kin-Do Valley!" Leon explained. Tigress became sad, at hearing this news.

"You're not going to stay here? In the Jade Palace?" Po asked.

"No. Leon... why don't you explain!" Shadow said.

Leon nodded, "After Tigress and Shadow disappeared. Tanis tracked down all the Tiger's he could find. Many being some that lived in our valley. But none of them were the two of you. So he left them be. But I was able to find the scroll he wrote their address's on. We're returning home because, Shadow and I are going to try and restore the valley!" Leon said.

Shadow nodded and continued, "On the way there. We're going to stop by the other Tiger's home's and ask if they want to return to the Kin-Do Valley! If they want to return home." Shadow said with a smile.

She looked to Tigress and could see she was sad.

"Don't worry, Tigress! We'll be back in about a year. Maybe less!" Shadow said, comforting her friend.

"Yeah! We just want to make sure that everybody has enough time to settle in!" Leon explained.

"Well, you won't forget to write us, will you?" Po asked.

"We won't!" Shadow promised.

Then she turned and hugged Tigress. Leon could see that they were both upset.

"We'll be together again soon, my friend!" Shadow said, as a tear slipped down her face.

"I know." Tigress replied. She pulled away and hugged her brother.

Soon everyone had been hugged and it was time to say good bye.

"Be safe!" Viper called, as the two Tiger's headed down the Jade Palace steps.

"Good bye, my friends! We'll be back soon!" Shadow yelled back.

The Master's of the Jade Palace and the Shadow Ninja's watched them set off on their journey.

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