Melting Heart
By: Monkan

Pairing: Thor/Loki
Copyrights: I own nothing; all credit goes to Marvel and the mythology.
Warning: M/M, more to come.
Genre: Adventure, Action, Angst, AU, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Friendship, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance, Slash, Suspense, Thriller.

Full Summary: Loki, the prince of Jotunheim, had given up on surviving another year because he couldn't enter the Jotuns yearly heat, which made him useless to his people and family. But the snowy day he meets – and saves – Asgards heir and golden thunder God, his destiny will begin to unfold in a way he had never believed possible.

A/N: For those who are taking their first look here, Thor and Loki is not related in any way in this story. Update rate will depend on interest rate. If you like this story, then let me know, otherwise, who knows when the next chapter will come out. I hope you enjoy this story.

~ Prologue ~

Loki looked out over the icy plains of Jotunheim. His crystal blue skin stood out against the dark interior of his room. His blood red eyes didn't really focus on anything, his mind too busy with his situation.

Not long ago, he had been talking to Laufey. His King, and father. He had known what the subject was about; it was not like he could hide from the truth.

He was oldest of three, but still the runt of the family. He didn't know why he was so different.

His height was small compared to the other Jotuns'. His skin was not rough like all others, his markings stood out more clearly against his smooth skin. His hair, which should have fallen off when he began to mature, was still growing on his head. His strength did not lie in the weapon or battling the others of his kind liked, his talent laid in magic.

He was the heir to Jotunheim's throne and a child of Laufey, which should have made him very desirable to others. Since Jotuns' didn't bear their young, they created them with a special rock. It wasn't that surprising, since they were all one gender. But Loki was far from desired by others.

Loki had never understood how any race could survive being divided into two genders. All he saw in that was discrimination and unnecessary trouble. The only rule or limitation to the Jotuns' was their yearly heat. If a Jotun hadn't entered the heat, then he wasn't able to create children. They were also not seen as an adult either. The adults could share intimacy with each other, which was only the natural result of a heat. Jotuns' might be different in some ways, but they were still similar in that aspect to other races. They chose a partner and stay with them for a year, until the next heat. Should the match work then the pair would stay together for many more years. Otherwise, they would find other partners.

Loki sighed as he turned away from the view. His hands ghosting over the crystal walls, as he walked over to his bed. He stood beside the luxury structure and placed his hand on his chest.

In Loki's case, the heat was the problem. He should have entered it 50 years ago. Fifty years of loneliness as he watched the others of his generation, and those under his, go into heat and become adults.

No one knew why Loki was so different. Many had put it together with his appearance, but there was no one who knew really why.

It was three years ago, during a meeting with the court, when Loki began to cough violently. He could still remember how his blue hand had been painted even darker blue by his own blood.

This was his reality. His body was beginning to react to the lack of heat seasons and reject his own organs. Since his body couldn't find what was wrong with it, it had begun to reject everything inside it.

This would be Loki's last year. His body would not last beyond this year's heat season. He was dying, and Laufey had already begun to prepare his second born son for the throne. The ceremony would be held soon so Loki could pass on his responsibilities honorably.

Loki had no idea what was worst; being unable to leave behind children, or dying useless.

The kingdom didn't need an heir who was useless, and his race didn't need someone who was unable to have offspring's. He still couldn't suppress his sense of betrayal. He had not died yet, and still the court acted like his younger brother was already on the throne. His brother had more support in one day than he had in his whole life. That's what you get for being a freak.

It really didn't take much these days for Loki to feel like his whole existence was useless.

He guessed he should be thankful that his misery would end soon.

The howl of the wind ran through his room as he lay down on the bed. He curled up on his side and closed his eyes.

It was not like tomorrow would be any different from today.