~ Chapter 107 ~

-Connecting the past: 2 of 2-

-How much time has passed? Why am I still alive?-

Unn looked up from the throne and into the endless abyss surrounding him. Nothing changed and nothing came close to him. It was like time had stopped and didn't matter anymore as he floated around endlessly. There was no sunrise or sunset. Nothing to tell him how long he had been alone except for the feeling inside his small body which had stopped crying from sorrow and had just left a hole in him.

He hadn't eaten in what felt like an eternity but he didn't feel hungry or that he was starving.

When would this end?

It was growing.

The area around the throne was no longer crumbling at the edges but it seemed like it was growing.

Unn looked up at the red sun which had finally come into view although it didn't leave him any more sense of time he knew that something was happening.

At first he didn't do anything as the first ones appeared on the floating marble which had grown to be a kilometer across. Unn had stayed still as the invaders moved around and poked, took samples of the ground, flashed some strange light and talked among themselves in a language he couldn't understand.

He had paid them no mind and continued to rest on the throne when they suddenly came closer and started to touch the golden dragons. He didn't like it. He didn't like them touching Ragnar's property.

Then when one of the strange creatures took out a strange device and pushed something. A piece of one of the dragons snapped off and it shrieked in pain, causing not only the strangers to rear back, but for Unn to open his eye as he was overcome by the scream of dying dragons.

Of Ragnar... dying-

Faster than the creatures could react Unn attacked them. He ripped them with his legs, scratched them, injured them, and for some reason he somehow managed to do a lot of damage to them because most of them stopped moving except one who was crawling toward the door of light which had appeared and they came through.

Unn followed after and it didn't take long for him to catch up. He even stood still and watched the struggle as the fury inside him grew into something else and he felt a change which had never happened. The area bellow his big eye ripped until a mouth, just as big as his eye with sharp white teeth lining it, was revealed.

The creature screamed when Unn sank his teeth into his leg like limb and bit right through. He bit and bit and bit and bit and swallowed until the scream ended.

Unn sat on the throne and looked down on himself.

He had grown.

Not much but the throne was not as big as it used to be.

Looking over to the stain that was the only reminder of the intruders.

He had eaten them all. Ever last piece of them.

Looking over to the strange doorway with a strange jewel on top, Unn got up.

Unn walked through the doorway with blood drying on his furry body. Now large enough to rival some of smaller dragons, Unn felt himself grow stronger before he jumped up and devoured the jewel. It crunched between his teeth and disappeared into a dust down his throat.

The change was extremely slow and painful as his body restructured itself into something it was not meant to be. The area around him now looking more like a resemblance of where he once lived. His limbs, now two meters long and thin was retracting and wrapping into itself as the black paled into white skin. Only the middle part though, the lower and upper parts looked like his black spider leg.

Looking at the change, Unn smiled.

How long it took him was an unanswerable question. Time had never been kind to him so he guessed an eternity. His upper body had finally been finished.

Unn traced his pale hands over his arms and chest. Short black hair from his head and he smiled as he traced his face and compared it to his memory. It was different. It was wrong. It was his own. It was Ragnar's.

Although his lower body was that of his real self, he felt something he hadn't in a long time. Happiness. Because although it was only a fake and not even identical to the real one, he felt his heart beat in joy.

With pale legs, Unn walked toward the throne before turning to look at the mess left behind by him. His hair, now reaching his shoulders caressed his skin as a thought ran through his head.

Naked like he had always been, Unn sat on the throne with his hair spilling down his pale thin body. He looked out over the abyss when he heard the tiny tapping of legs coming toward him.

With a graceful jump, the little black spider like creature landed on the armrest and looked up at Unn with one big yellow eye and some small ones around it.

Smiling at the creature, Unn held out his hand and let it walk on top before lifting it up.

The second time someone invaded his home he let his 'children' eat them.

Overpowered by just the sheer number of his 'children' Unn looked on with black eyes as he leaned back on the throne.

His 'children' grew bigger and their number started to grow without his help. Still they stayed close to him, peacefully. Faithfully.

Despite his 'children', the hollow feeling inside of him had never left him.

He wanted to see Ragnar. He wanted to talk to him. Do experiments, take walks, slumber together, fly in the sky, explore, play with the dragons. He wanted to live together with Ragnar again.

He wanted to be with Ragnar again.

He looked up and saw the hand stretched out to him. Trying not to run Unn crawled with his tiny body up on Ragnar's hand and all the way up to his shoulder.

-Ragnar. I have so much to tell you.- As he babbled on, the Millennium Dragon just smiled as they walked through the green garden with tiny dragons buzzing around, hound size dragons lazying around on roof-tops and branches; and enormous dragons peacefully minding their own business all around them.

When Unn woke he felt his eyes burn and for the first time in a very, very long time he cried.

He couldn't wait anymore.

He had to meet Ragnar. He had to see him. He had to hear him. One last time.

So he searched. He searched and searched until he noticed a realm of ice and giants. And dragons. Not as many dragons as he had once seen but still plenty to remind him of the realm he used to call home.

There he found a blue giant with powerful magic. Similar to Ragnar. Ragnar didn't have a body anymore. If only he had a body then Unn could see him again. If only he had the perfect body.

-I've found it! The perfect body.-

Unn reached down and touched Loki's cheek, caressing the soft white skin before the eyes opened to reveal black that gave way to purple eyes.

"I've missed you. Ragnar."