Fata Morgana Chapter 1

Generation Zero

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Chemistry – Period

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST – Tsunaida Te (By Yuuki Kuromitsu)

****Fata Morgana****

"Have you decided?" a deep but feminine voice sounded through the dark shadow of a ruined building.

A tall man chuckled in the direction of the black blank screen, floating above the communication device with which he was receiving a phone call, "I'm not exactly full of free time. Tell me though, I'm more interested in exactly how did you manage to persuade the Academy to accept someone like me."

"There's a new student here. A male."

"Ah. Your brother wasn't it? There was a huge fuss over here about it."

"En. That's why I enrolled him in the Academy. But once he was here, we realized that our syllabus was mostly geared towards females. I argued that because we've never had a male pilot before, the teachers here cannot fully teach him what he needs to know, especially since we don't know how a male will affect an IS. Also, another male student will be coming in next month. It helped that your boss also wants you here..."

"Sigh... it's bad enough if it's just you. But whenever you and her gang up together, I can never win."

"Mmm..." she gave a non committal sound, "Not to mention... there are other things a woman just can't teach him."

He couldn't see her face since it was a voice only call but he couldn't help but chuckle as realization hit him, "Are you... blushing, Yuki?"


As the man chuckled even louder, the shaking of his shoulders brought his face out of the shadow of the wall, displaying a finely chiselled face, high cheek bones, sharp and unnaturally diamond like blue eyes and sunshine blonde hair. When the chuckles had finally subsided, he spoke again, "Still, it's not that I want to refuse you but your brother is going to become an IS pilot. I'm not a male IS pilot." He pointed out with a casual smile.

"You're the closest thing to one."

Naruto sighed with a wry smile, "You're just going to keep pestering me until I give in, aren't you?"


"Brutally honest. At least until it comes to your brother anyway."


He began chuckling again as the sound of the call being disconnected reached his ears.

Standing up and stretching slightly he peered out from behind a wall, immediately ducking back down as a brace of beams hammered the wall, "Delta. Xiphas cannons please. Set to deactivate and stun only, let's not commit a massacre just because we're in a hurry, hmm?"

"Understood." A flat robotic tone replied out of nowhere.

Two glows appeared under his arms and behind his shoulders. The great blue polygons floating around behind his shoulder materialized into stylized turbines while the ones under his arms solidified into massive gun metal gray cannons, thrice the length of his arms. Cannons that the man swung about at the wall easily despite their apparent size and weight.

He squinted at the wall.

"Hmm... bout 2.6 degrees don't you think? Oh and don't forget the stabilizers."

"Adjustment to 2.6 degrees. Deploying stabilizers." Two metallic pods appeared behind his thighs and deployed a black a gray tripod, as big as the man himself to brace from the inevitable G-force.

The turbines began humming louder and louder. The moment they reached their peak, two massive yellow beams ripped out of the weapons, destroying the wall he had been hiding behind completely before rushing outwards to slice through an entire battlefield with its golden light, blowing through a massive fortress like building at the other end of the field.

When the bright golden blast had finally dissipated, the entire battle field was still in shock and the mansion at the top of the hill had been reduced to a half standing mass of rubble robbed of its former dark glory.

"Mmm... that should be enough. They'll be too busy regrouping from that to fight for a long time. Oh and reminder to self; buy some of that Indian curry that Chifuyu likes so much before we get out of here."


****Fata Morgana****


The cry of IS Academy's only male student rang out in pain as his sister hit his head with the spine of a hard looking folder, "Wh-why Chifuyu-nee?"


"It's Orimura-sensei in class you idiot. It's bad enough that you lost so beautifully in yesterday's match, but now you have the gall to sleep in my class?" she swung her folder at his head another time, the sound of plastic on flesh resounded through the class along with the sounds of the other girls in class fangirling at the forceful teacher.

"I- I was tired! That wasn't an easy match you know!"

The black haired teacher sighed exasperatedly, "What am I going to do with you?" she asked no one in particular. Suddenly the PA system blared static for as few moments, startling the class into silence before a feminine voice spoke, "Orimura-sensei. You have a visitor. Please head to the teacher's lounge." The speaker's voice cut out to some static again before going silent completely. The teacher in question let out another tired sigh before speaking again, this time to the excitable class in general, "Enough, class is almost over anyway. Everyone watched the match yesterday right? Write a report on what mistakes you could see in that match and hand in the report tomorrow."


Ignoring the loud grumbles, Chifuyu smacked her brother one more time, "Don't let me catch you sleeping in class again. You're the class representative of 1-1 now, you have a reputation to keep up, so show some backbone."

Ichika mournfully and warily watched his older sister stride out of the room confidently, he waited for the sounds of her heels clacking on the floor to properly fade before slumping back into his seat and releasing a pent up sigh, "I never wanted to be the class rep though..." he mumbled despondently, "Still.. I actually lost. So I don't get why I became class rep anyway."

"Tha-that, I forfeited the right, so you can have the position." A girl replied from behind him. He didn't have to turn around to see who it was because he already recognized her English accent.

"But why Alcott-san?"

"U-um you can call me Cecilia. Anyway I ceded it because gaining experience in combat is the fastest way to improve as a pilot, so I let you have it because class reps will always be first in line."

"Ah... ok."

Thanks for the trouble.

The girl in the modified uniform fidgeted with her long skirt, "Anyway, you want to improve more don't you? If you want I suppose I can spare some time to instruct you."


Ichika and Cecilia both jumped at the loud sound, at the other end of class, the source of the sound, Houki Shinonono who had apparently been listening in to their conversation had suddenly slammed her thick textbook onto the table and stood up stiffly, glaring at the blonde princess as she did so, "There's no need for you to offer. Ichika has already asked me to be his instructor."

Cecilia took the glare head on and simply smiled slyly, "Hoh? You want to claim the position of Ichika's instructor and monopolize him?"

A faint red stain crossed the Asian girl's cheeks and she immediately began blustering, "N-no that's not it! It-It's because Ichika that asked me first! Its only good manners if I continue teaching him!"

"Hmph, still it's in human nature to seek better things, if the elegant and beautiful me, grade A representative of England instructs him, he will definitely improve faster than under you, IS Grade C, Houki Shinonono-san.

"Grades have nothing to do with this! Enough, we'll let Ichika decide!"

Both females turned their burning eyes on the only male student of IS Academy, he shivered slightly under those fierce gazes as he frantically tried to find a way out, "Ah. Um, that..."


Wooh... them shouting singularly was bad enough, now both of them were suddenly shouting at him, to make things worse, they were synchronized as well!

"Enough!" a loud commanding voice pierced the tension between the trio.

All three of them immediately spun around to face the speaker, "Ah, Orimura-sensei! Chifuyu-nee?" Without anybody in class noticing, mostly because everyone other outside of the trio had been so focused on watching the drama unfold, the black suited woman had stepped back into class.

"There's no need for you two to argue about Ichika's instructor. The Academy has already recruited someone for the idiot." She said calmly.

Both of the earlier arguing girls immediately joined forces again, this time Ichika was immensely thankful that their sights were set on his sister instead of him, "I said that someone has already been hired to teach him. A male teacher." The teacher clarified calmly.

"Eehh? But everyone knows boys can't pilot ISes, so there is nothing that the man can teach him right?" Cecilia argued fiercely.

"He cannot pilot an IS, but he will be a suitable teacher. Leave the matter alone."

Houki seemed like she was going to give in but this caused the blonde haired princess to only get more riled up, thrusting her chest out, she spoke imperially, "Where is this so-called teacher? I refuse to accept that a man that can't even activate an IS can teach Ichika to operate one better than the representative of England!"

"Maa, maa, there's no need to say something like that is there?"

A new voice entered the class room. Immediately all the girls watching the show began to chatter excitably. The new individual was tall, well built and sharply dressed in a body hugging formal white shirt, black overcoat and black slacks similar to Chifuyu's that accentuated his sunshine blonde spiky hair. Strange whisker like scars littered his cheeks, giving his sharp appearance a rugged look. More than one girl was drooling as they stared at the muscles evident because of the suit's tightness.

But that wasn't what caught Houki's attention; behind the man's stylish but simple sunglasses she could see glowing neon blue irises. She knew only one person with those eyes.

She gasped, "Na-Naruto-san?"

The blonde man smiled warmly, "Shinonono-san. Long time no see. How is your sister?"

Houki's face immediately closed down, only Naruto and Ichika who had been watching her, shocked that they somehow knew each other noticed the movement, "She is... fine."

The blonde seemed to understand and didn't pursue the matter any further, simply waving one lean hand cheerfully, "Anyway, I heard that there was some doubts about my ability?"

"That's me!" the blonde girl who had been watching the interaction quietly up till now declared as she puffed out her shoulders again.

The man who was nearly a head taller than even Chifuyu quirked a smile at the furious girl, "Hmmm? You are that confident in your skills?"

Beside him, Chifuyu rubbed her temples, "Sorry about this Naruto. But she's a representative, if you get my drift."

Naruto simply smiled crookedly at her, scars on his cheeks stretching as he understood the hidden meaning of the emphasized word that his friend was trying to convey to him, "S'okay, Yuki. It's not every day that you see someone who doesn't know how to use an IS, teach someone who does anyway."

Ichika felt his jaw slackened at the taller man, he seemed rather close to his sister, or at least close enough to nickname her. He wasn't entirely sure which one surprised him more, the fact that the blonde had enough balls to get close to her or the fact that his sister actually accepted the nickname without question.

His sister. The woman that regularly beat up people who tried to give her nicknames, be it in an attempt to make her seem more feminine or try to be closer than they really were.

Ignorant of Ichika's thoughts Cecilia continued to rail at her teacher, "See! Even he admits that he can't use an IS!"

"That's enough Alcott. The matter has been decided." Chifuyu cut in sharply.

"Guuu..." Cecilia quieted but everybody could see that she wasn't satisfied by the situation, including the usually dense Ichika.

"Maaa, how bout we settle this through a match? I heard you guys had one just recently, so it shouldn't be too strange right?"


He simply waved his hand as if to placating his furious colleague, "I know, I know, but I don't want to start out my career as a teacher with students already doubting me. Plus, they're only concerned about Ichika's IS education isn't it? In that case it's only reasonable for me to prove my suitability in an IS match isn't it?" He put one finger to his chin in a thinking pose, "Still... it's not really fair..."

"Ohohoho!" the noble lady laugh came from the formerly depressed blonde girl, "Now you understand the difference between a man and a woman? Don't worry, because it's me, I'll give you a handicap!"

"Hmm?" the man tilted his head as if he hadn't understood, "Ah, no I meant it wouldn't be fair if you fought me alone." He caught sight of Houki's frame from the side from his eyes and snapped his fingers as if in realization, "I know! Why don't you and Houki team up?"

In the situation of Houki, Ichika had to wonder if there was something wrong with the normally strong, straightforward and bold girl. Ever since his childhood friend had recognized the blonde, she had been steadily inching away from them, as if desperate not to give the blonde a reason to notice her. Suffice to say, she failed.

Her shoulders slumping, she managed to barely whisper a quiet, "Hai."

"Jaa. Then it's all settled. We'll meet for the match after dinner. Come on; show me around the place Yuki." Chifuyu simply face palmed, a motion so smooth and fluid as if she was used to his spontaneousity and sighed as she allowed the energetic blonde to drag her out of the classroom.

The moment the two left the class room, everyone in the classroom who had been utterly stunned at his one sided handicap to the England representative, began chattering loudly.

"Talk about bold! He didn't even give Alcott-san time to decline!"

"Fufufufu, just like when Ichika-san wanted to fight her too! Maybe it's because they are men? Are all men really that stupid?"

Ichika winced and slowly looked back at his two friends. He winced again, the blonde girl's eyes were shadowed by her blonde bangs and her clenched fists were trembling at her side, even he could not mistake the shaking for fear.

Cecilia Alcott was incredibly furious.

Houki on the other hand looked like strangely resigned, like she just wanted to get it over with.


Ah. Mount Cecilia erupted.

She started stomping to the door but surprisingly, Houki of all people clamped down on her and dragged her back to her seat, "Are you crazy? Just take the handicap!"

"What are you talking about Shinonono=san? I thought you were better than this!"

Houki grimaced but seemed to swallow her pride, "You don't know him, but I do. That guy isn't... normal."

Ichika slowly moved over to complete the circle, meanwhile behind the three, everyone else in the class began to stealthily eavesdrop with comical expressions. Most of them were drooling at the thought of gaining more information on the first genuine bishounen of IS Academy.

"Explain what you're talking about, Houki!" the blonde loudly ordered the pony tailed girl.

She shook her head, "If we can still move after the match, I'll tell you what I know."

With that ominous declaration, the girl who had her hair tied in a split pony tail immediately left the classroom to prepare.

"Wha-what's going on?"

"Maa... I'll cheer for the both of you."

Alcott's mood instantly improved, "Thank you Ichika-san! You want us to be your instructor don't you? Don't worry; we'll beat him for sure! Someone who can't even use a suit is no match for us!"

Personally, Ichika simply felt more relieved at the thought of having another person of the XY chromosome around but he didn't dare say so lest Mount Cecilia erupt again.

****Fata Morgana****

Play Chemistry – Period

Two girls dressed in dark blue skin tight normal suits stood ready in the middle of the school's arena as they ignored the excited voices of everyone in their year group who had heard about the fight and had gathered at the arena to watch. Gossip travelled extremely fast in IS Academy, though that was probably to be expected in a school filled with girls.

The arena itself was wide enough to fit three football fields and enough space to seat 300 thousand spectators, equipped with fully functional environmental managing systems for battle simulation in all kinds of weather and thick energy shields powerful enough to resist continuous blasts from RX-3 Solomon Express anti fortress missiles for nearly 5 minutes.

As expected of a facility that was widely touted as the fore runner in IS research and education.

Inside the Combat Information Centre of the arena Yamada Maya and Orimura Chifuyu sat, calmly watching the massive screen displaying all angles of the arena as they waited for the blonde to show up.

"Wa-was it really wise to allow this match to happen Orimura-sensei?"

Looking away from the screen at the small timid voice, Chifuyu grunted in annoyance, "It was either that or he would annoy me for the rest of the day. Besides his reasons were actually logical for once."

"Yo-you sound like you know him very well?"

"Mmmh... something like that."

Sensing the finality in the taller woman's tone, the smaller green haired woman timidly refocused on the screen, awaiting the arrival of the only male teacher in IS Academy.

Back in the arena, the two combatants had already deployed their IS suits and were waiting impatiently, "Where is HE? He was the one to want a match and he dares to show up late?"

The fins on the back of Cecilia's Blue Tears trembled slightly as if in agreement with their operator's anger, beside her, Houki who was mounted on a 2nd Generation mass produced Uchigane training model, had her eyes closed as she calmly meditated with a 170cm long black katana in her hands.

Just as Cecilia was about to blast her partner for seeming so carefree, a nonchalant male voice called out over the stands, "Sorry I'm late! I couldn't find a toilet so I had to walk off campus!"

The black katana in Houki's hands flashed up and down as she swished it, steadying herself into a steady stance, "Don't get angry Cecilia. That's just how he works." She quietly advised her partner, in front of them, the blonde leaped off the stands and somehow fell 9 feet to land on the ground with nothing but a small puff of dust.

Seeing that the blonde had arrived, the speakers situated around the arena began blaring with the familiar mousy voice of their Homeroom co teacher, Yamada Maya.

Seeing the blonde stretch uncaring of the loud magnified voice, Houki continued flatly without giving the blonde girl time to rebuff, "I'll take him from the front, while I keep him busy and distracted, you shoot from far. If you get a lock on, take the shot, don't care about me."


"Just do as I say for now."


Vaguely, Houki heard Yamada-sensei shout the word Start but she only had eyes for the blonde who carried himself with a relaxed posture.

"NOW!" As the shout was released from her throat, the Uchigane burst forward, spurred on by the electronic signals it was receiving from the receivers embedded in the spine of the suit that was making contact with Houki's normal suit, simultaneously, behind her Cecilia exploded onto the sky and began raining down bright blue laser shots on the blonde.

A small smile quirked on the blonde's lips as he swayed to and fro, dodging the bolts of light with minimal movement, the ground around him cratered with each wasted shot.

Cecilia who could see it from the magnified window floating around the bottom right of her heads up display growled and increased the number of shots from her powerful rifle, the Starlight MK lll.

The blonde's smile widened as if he knew what was going through her head but all he did was sway faster, as if listening to some sort of rock music that only he could hear.

"Hyaaah!" Houki dashed through the rain of lasers and executed a perfect side slash, cutting the air in front of her in a half moon arc and fluidly reversed the blade as she jumped, following the blonde into the air, intending on slashing him in half.

"Delta; Armor Schneider."


Two small, combat knives materialized in his hands. They were barely 10 inches long, yet the blonde somehow managed to catch the incoming katana smoothly with the hilt of one blade and deflect a laser shot with the other.

All in mid air.

Houki barely had a moment to register the fact that her 6 feet long katana had been stopped by a tiny knife when she noticed another one of the blonde's small sly smiles but by then it was already too late to react when the blonde used the arrested momentum from blocking her blade to flip in mid air, slamming one leather shoed foot on the Uchigane's shoulder guard and sending the black haired girl spiralling to the ground.

Cecilia's eyes widened, "Ho-how? That's an IS! A normal human shouldn't have the strength to even move one! Much less kick a flying IS hard enough to crash it!"

The blonde who softly landed on the ground looked up at her.

Then he winked at her.

"Gyaaah! No matter, he can't reach me in the air. Blue Tears!"

The four fins that had been shaking in their holders earlier shot out on her command and once deployed began to pepper the ground around the male with so many shots that it threw up a cloud of dust. As if that wasn't enough, the skirts of armour attached the hips of her machine flipped open to display row upon row of tube shaped missiles. Smirking, she began to barrage homing missiles at the blonde's general location, explosion after explosions of laser and missiles had been chained together to the point where it seemed be just one long blast.

The one single window devoted to Houki showed that the black haired girl had thrown herself on the shaking ground and shielded herself from the explosions with the Uchigane's armour. Cecilia kept firing long after she had lost sight of the blonde due to a large cloud of thrown up dust that had covered nearly half the arena, obscuring almost everything from view.

Panting as the adrenaline from firing so wildly ran through her body, Cecilia still managed to smile triumphantly, completely convinced that there was no way he was coming out from something like that completely fine. Even Ichika's Byakushiki would have folded under an attack of that calibre. Although what she would never tell anyone was that, that particular attack pattern had originally been designed to be used against Ichika's fast and agile Byakushiki if they ever fought again.

Huh? Why was Houki running into the dust cloud?


Her blue eyes widened, "That insane bastard is still there?"

Her eyes widened even further as familiar black katana was suddenly sent rocketing out of the smoke cloud straight at her, its owner was nowhere to be seen.

Even more surprising was the fact that there was someone riding atop the speeding katana, using it like a surfboard.

"Kyaah!" Panicking, Cecilia fired her thrusters to gain some distance away from the blonde, firing her Starlight MK lll at the other blonde wildly. Said blonde winked at her again, threw two small blades that clipped her wings, destabilizing her flight pattern as he manoeuvred the black blade with one foot, using the broad side of the blade to block her shots before pivoting and kicking its hilt, changing its speeding trajectory from under his feet while the blonde allowed himself to fall through the air unsupported from a height of about a hundred feet of the ground.

The blonde princess was too busy to take advantage of Naruto's helplessness in the air as the katana hit her chest straight on, though her shields managed to stop the blade's momentum, brightly sparking as they did so, the massive inertia still somehow managed to throw the Blue Tears off balance and she had to struggle to keep herself in the air.

She failed as the Blue Tears crash landed badly.

The sound of heavy footsteps echoed through the dust that Cecilia's crash landed as Houki limped over to help the girl up, "We should give up. We're badly out matched." She whispered urgently.

"I refuse to give up!" a panting Cecilia rebuffed Houki, "He's not even in an IS! This is a disgrace of the highest order!"

"Really?" a male voice cut through the smoke veil and both of them stiffened.

Naruto calmly walked out of the dust and threw the Katana in his hands back to Houki with a warm smile, "I thought it was a good fight. Both of you did well. That barrage was really interesting. Two of your drones handled counter revolving spread shot patterns while the other two used the AI to predict my location, corralling me to one spot where you focused all your missiles at wasn't it? A bit too wasteful for my tastes but it should be pretty effective against fast targets that are too big to dodge through the openings. Targets with weak defence will easily go down after a while. Houki was good too; your blade and movements have gotten really sharp, but you shouldn't just focus on what is in front of you. This is IS, not kendo, up, down and behind counts as well, Houki. Because you cannot change your mindset from Kendo to IS, your slashes are too inefficient and easy to counter because you over extend in mid air."

The two of them were stunned speechless as the man somehow managed to lecture them in the middle of a battle.

Cecilia was the first to gather her wits, "Wha-what? Don't think because you complimented us, we'll give up!"

"Muu? Still haven't had enough?"

"I refuse to lose to someone who can't even get on an IS!"

"Ah... I see there's no choice then." He smiled widely, "You are using a 3rd generation IS aren't you? Perfect. I haven't had the chance to test this on a newer model so thanks for volunteering."

"What?" both of them echoed simultaneously.

The blonde simply smiled mysteriously, "Delta. Armour mode please."

"Roger." A flat monotone replied out of nowhere.

Cecilia blinked as a light appeared in the centre of his chest, shining through the white cloth of his shirt. Then she blinked again as gray metal folded out from behind him, mechanically folding and systematically covering the blonde's body.

Normal IS suits usually only consisted of some head gear and exaggerated clawed gauntlets and elevated greaves, leaving the pilot's torso and head generally unprotected but the machine in front of her was a full bodied armour, not a hint of flesh could be seen. A pointed snout like helmet with two pointed extensions that resembled canine ears sticking out at the top seemed to be made out of some sort of black glass covered his head, while plain segmented bluish gray armour accented with dull, burnt orange stripes covered the rest of his body. Two neon blue irises burning behind the helmet was all that could be seen of his face.

Most standard IS suits elevated their users at least a foot or two above their normal height because of the elevated leg armour but the one in front of her only showed minor changes in height, so he was still about 6 feet tall. The plain armour's most striking feature was the two fractured and wing like extensions behind its back.

All in all, it looked like a 6 feet tall bipedal jackal with fractured wings reminiscent to those one would expect to see on fallen Angels. Although the two of them were technically taller than him, because they were both on the ground, the jackal seemed to tower ominously over them.

"Wha-what is that?" The England representative barely managed to ask in a whisper.

"Mirage System." The jackal seemed to answer her.

Even as everyone watched in shock, the wings behind the bipedal jackal began to hum and glow as they vibrated.

''KYAAAH!" Beside her Houki started screaming, "Ho-Houki? What's wrong?"

The moment those words spilled from her lips, she realized what was happening to Houki.

Because it was happening to her as well.

Her heads up display began to fill with static and frizz as everything acquired a blood red tint, alarms built into her suit began wailing right into her ear as all her sensors went haywire at the same time, screaming the words Emergency over and over again.

Buzzing yellow words in an ominous font scrolled down her display, 'Fatal damage to pilot detected. Suit reverting to life support mode. Deploying Absolute Defence.'

"Wha-what? Fatal Damage? But I wasn't hurt!" she tried to scream, but the words wouldn't leave her throat, simply because it seemed to be blocked by her own panic.

"Absolute Defence detected. Match Over. Naruto Namikaze wins by default." Adding to her panic was the blaring voice of Yamada Maya speaking over the arena speakers.

The machine in front of them which hadn't even taken a step nodded once with its jackal head and the armour glowed before shattering into blue polygons that fizzled away.

The blaring alarms in Houki's and Cecilia's suits immediately stopped and automatically deactivated, dropping both tired girls on to the ground unceremoniously, much to their relief. Neither of them felt like ever leaving the nice steady ground ever again.

Naruto simply smiled and gently helped the two shivering girls into the medic ward.

****Fata Morgana****

Play Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST – Tsunaida Te

Two girls lay on white infirmary beds, one blonde and white black haired. In between them a quiet male sat watching them in concern. Neither them had spoken a word ever since Yamada-sensei had decided that even though there was no visible damage, they both needed to stay in the infirmary for shock over 3 hours ago.

"What was that?" Cecilia finally croaked quietly.

Houki maintained her silence for awhile before breaking it with a quiet phrase, "... Naruto Namikaze; my sister's childhood friend and enemy."

She looked over at a questioning Ichika as he quietly spoke, "Bu-but your sister and mine have been friends since middle school. How come I don't know him?"

Houki simply gave a nod and continued as promised, "You probably don't because Naruto-san wasn't always healthy, so he stayed at home. His parents were genius scientists at the time, and since they were friends with him, Chifuyu and nee-san always went to his house to play. However, nee-san took an interest in their work, and because she's a genius, they took her under their wing. I don't know what really happened, but one day Naruto's condition worsened. All I know was his body stopped functioning, to even breath he needed to be hooked up to a machine but his brain was still working."

The curtain around their bed was drawn apart slightly and Chifuyu gracefully stepped through.

"Chi-chifuyu-nee! Orimura-sensei! We-we weren't talking about anything forbidden!"

The black haired woman simply waved their protests off as she gave a sad smile and continued for Houki, "At the time, Naruto was to put it frankly, a genius of the highest calibre alongside your sister. Born from two of the best scientists in the world; one specialized in Bio-augmentation and the other in Computer Science, he grew up under a lot of expectation but he suffered a rare defect from birth that gave him an extremely weak body. He refused to let it bring him down and lived as best as he could, he loved Kendo, that's how Houki met him. But by the time we reached 6th grade, he could no longer even talk or breathe without a machine helping him. His parents combined their skills in order to find a way that would allow their son walk and talk again. They obtained funding for that purpose under the guise of creating a multi-purpose exoskeleton for space exploration."

Ichika frowned, that phrase sounded very familiar for some reason, beside him a look of realization dawned on Cecilia's face.

Seeing their looks, Chifuyu could only smile and verify Cecilia's thoughts, "You could say that his parents were the creators of IS."

Suddenly she frowned, "But before their research could be completed, they were assassinated because of their work. Everything seemed like it was going to fail and that Naruto would have to pass away without ever walking or smiling again but Shinonono Tabane, Houki's sister, their apprentice managed to finish their work. She finished the project that successfully allowed Naruto's brain to mechanically control his limbs through the exoskeleton."

England's representative swivelled her eyes between the two black haired women, "That sounds good?" she asked tentatively, "I mean, his parents passed away but he could still live a proper life?"

Chifuyu nodded shortly, "It sounds like a happy ending but..." here she looked at Houki who had a bitter look on her face, "Tabane got carried away by her thirst for knowledge. She took the project even further and created what we call IS nowadays. Countries vied for that knowledge; the pure destructive potential that resulted in the death of Naruto's parents. Tabane ignored all that; she just wanted to finish her work in the name of science. As the use for IS got more and more widespread, Naruto became angry. His parents' life work that allowed him to walk and talk again had become twisted in to a weapon."

The tall woman glanced at Cecilia, "You remember what he called your Blue Tears?"

The blonde girl nodded, "A 3rd generation model?"

Chifuyu smiled humourlessly, "If your Blue Tears is the 3rd generation, then Naruto himself is Generation Zero. He rebuilt his body from the ground up in order to create order, forcing other countries to stop abusing his parent's work."

"Alone, he fought the armies of 23 countries until they suffered so much losses that they conceded defeat and rules we live by today was created."

She took a deep breath, "That machine you saw? That wasn't an IS. That was him."

****Fata Morgana****

Chifuyu quietly stepped out into the halls of IS Academy, without missing a beat, she spoke lowly, "You sure you don't mind me telling them that?"

The figure leaning behind the door to the infirmary with his arms folded, smiled, "Meh. It's old news anyway."

"... I'm sorry I didn't help you stop Tabane." She breathed out gustily, "When she asked me to pilot the White Knight to stop those missiles, I had no idea what her real plan was."

Naruto simply smiled crookedly at her, "I already said it was alright the first three hundred times you apologized to me. I don't really care, it's in the past already."

"You're too carefree sometimes."

"Yeah I agreed with you when you said that the first three hundred times as well."

****Fata Morgana****

I've actually been working on this fic for a while, since last June if I'm not wrong, but the general framework of where I wanted to bring the story took a while to materialize, so it wasn't until today that I finalized it and rolled out the first chapter of Fata Morgana.

The Mirage.