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Kate woke to the sound of her alarm sounding out a tune, it was the last day of shore leave and as much as she didn't always like going back to the Hammersley today she was in a good mood and well wanted to get back to work.

As the song continued to play as she stepped into the shower she sang a line or two that was relevant to her…

"Love me, love me, say that you love me. Fool me, fool me, go on a fool me. Love me, love me. Pretend that you love me.."

As continued washing her vital areas and her hands where foaming the shampoo into her hair… "Say that you need me, I couldn't care about anything but you…".

At that moment she smiled, washing out whatever needed to be and another once-over with the water she stepped out, drying herself and wrapping herself into her dressing gown she stood in front of the mirror. She wiggled a little to the song still playing, it was at that moment she looked in the mirror thinking of the man that made her dreams come true. Not the man that she was seeing, no not Jim but Mike. The song fitted them perfectly. She couldn't stop herself from thinking of him, she tried to snap out of it and hurried to finish getting ready. Today, she was going to make a little more effort than usual.

After putting on her usual attire she went back into her bathroom, she usually didn't have the need for makeup but today she wanted to. She added the little amount of blusher and finally a squirt of her favourite perfume.

Stepping on board she quickly became very conscious of the makeup she had not long applied, going to her cabin she hadn't noticed Nav in the bathroom, as she stared at herself in the mirror fixing little strands of hair that fell around her face she heard Nav's voice..

"You look nice X, good shore leave?"..

Kate immediately stopped and turned to face her friend. Her cheeks pinking slightly at being caught.

"Thanks, it was uneventful, Jim couldn't get any time off so I just pondered really.. How about you?.".

Nav thought for a moment, her and Kate had recently began to bond and become friends, was she to put her trust into her fully?.

"Just the usual.." She gave a light smile before excusing herself to go to the bridge.

"XO to the bridge".. She heard Nav call.

Taking a last glance in the mirror she left and headed to the bridge. Walking up to the steps she felt a flutter in her stomach, butterflies are you kidding me?.

"Morning X".. Mike turned with a smile on his face, a smile she knew so well..

"Morning Sir".. Kate took her place standing next to him as he ordered the crew to set sail.

As she stood there looking out to the open sea he couldn't help but look at her, her soft skin, her plump red lips, her eyes glistening with the sun.. That perfume, mmm, it was killing him. At that moment in time she had looked more beautiful than he could have imagined, not that she wasn't naturally beautiful but perhaps he hadn't appreciated everything about her.

It was turning out to be a quiet day, she stood by the charts on the table, working out search areas and graph details, just to keep her mind occupied. She began to hum the song that had been stuck in her head since that morning. Mike smiled hearing her soft humming. He knew exactly what song it was.. As she got a look off the Nav she stopped and smiled a little embarrassed.

"X would you take over, I have a few bits of paperwork I need to finish. I'll be in my cabin."

"Yes sir, I have the ship".

With that Mike was off to his cabin, he didn't know what it was but she was occupying his mind, she had been all day. He looked at the paper work but his mind apart from her, was blank. He couldn't concentrate and well he didn't really want to.

It was time for scran and as per usual bomber was heading out the plates, rolling her eyes as 2dads as he made smart remarks with Charge laughing behind him.

"Ma'am" Bomber announced as she passed Kate her plate. "Sir" she said as Mike appeared at her side.. "Thanks Bomb.." They replied as they entered the eating quarters.

Kate sat down opposite Mike, the room was silent as they began to eat.. Mike kept glancing at her, trying to break the ice he spoke. "Did you have a nice shore leave Kate?..".

At the sound of him saying her name she smiled.. "It was uneventful, thankfully.. " She said with another smile, she could see him digging for information if she had spent it with Jim. "I just spent the week sorting out my new apartment. Relaxing.. Did you get up to anything?". Herself searching for any information if he had started seeing anyone.

He hated the thought of Kate with him, the man that had her heart, the man that didn't deserve her. He had watched them, getting off the ship together, the looks he gave her. He wished it were him, waking up to her every morning, kissing her, holding her in his arms. For her to be his Katie… He snapped out of this thoughts as she had asked him.

"New apartment?.." His mind started racing, did this mean Jim had moved in?. "I didn't do anything exciting. Fishing, reading, pottering on.." To tell the truth he didn't have anything to do, or to do it with.

"Yea, I wanted to be closer to the water, Jim helped me move my things in a few weeks ago.".. Finishing off her dinner she looked at him.

"Has he… moved in?." He couldn't stop the words escaping his mouth. "I'm sorry it's none of my business..". He added.

"It's fine, no, no he hasn't moved in." Feeling the air getting a little awkward she decided to retire to bed as she had a watch in a few hours.

"Goodnight Sir.."

"Night X..".

He finished up his dinner and went back to his cabin.

Kate on the other hand lay in her rack, eyes wide open staring at the bed on top of her. She couldn't help but go over the conversation with Mike, why would he be interested if Jim had moved in, does he care?. At that thought a glimmer of hope had started to spark in her mind… With the thoughts of her Mike in her head she drifted off to sleep, awaiting her watch.

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