Chapter 19- Sorry it's taken so long to update, i've recently had a loss in the family and work has been crazy.

2Dads woke with the worst headache, his bout was bone dry and his breathe stank. He looked around a little confused to where he actually was, he could feel a heavy weight on the back on his back. as he lifted himself to the seated position he realized he was on the floor in front of the sofa, the heavy weight was Charges arm. He shook his head feeling the room spin a little he gave a grin. "Charge.." He half spoke half whispered, the sound of his own voice hurting more than it should. "Charge.." He shook him. "Mm". Charge moaned, he shook him again. Charge jumped slightly. "What!, what is it.". "Where are we?.". Both men looked around, a look of question on their faces. From down the hall they could hear someone whistling. Both walking along the hallway they peered round the wall. "Morning sleeping beauties.. " Swain said with a grin on his face, he was stood in the kitchen making a brew. "Oh Swaino, what happened last night?". 2Dads said with a look on his face that expressed just how his head was feeling. "You two declaring your love for each other and ending up on my living room floor and sofa.".

After a cup of tea and some toast 2Dads stood and announced his departure. "Right my fellow men I am walking home.". Charge and Swain looked at each other.." You're walking?." "Yea you know the thing you do with your legs, what you should probably do more if Charge..". "Still, you're walking?." "Well the weather's nice, a nice walk along the beach.." "To scout for ladies.." Charge finished his sentence with a point of the finger. "I like your thinking..". With that Charge and 2Dads headed out with a eave of the hand.

Mike woke with a bit of a fuzzy head, the light from the sun coming through the curtains, with a little stretch of his arms and legs he swung himself up and out of bed. He could smell the aroma of bacon, with his mouth salivating he followed and smiled at the sight in front of him. Kate had already gotten showered and dressed, she had a few things she needed and wanted to do, mostly to do with the house and the nursery, she thought she would cook Mike breakfast, tease him into helping her. "Good morning sweetheart". Kate smiled, she had her back towards him but just the sound of his voice could get to her. "Good morning Mr Flynn, I thought you might like a hearty breakfast for you poor stomach.." Mike had been a little ill when they had gotten home, she thought during pregnancy women were meant to be the only ones having to worry about sickness… "Oh, I'm sorry. I promise from now on i'll behave.." Kate just looked over and gave him 'the look'.

Kate had gotten her way and they spent the majority of the day fixing up the house and making last minute adjustments to the babies room.

As for the rest of the crew, ET and Nav obviously went home together, to Bombers disappointment she went home alone as 2Dads had his bromance with Charge. Even RO got luck, and yes, he made sure she was definitely a woman!. Dutchy, as per usual was a hit with the ladies and well he had his pick of them and pick he did.

The Wedding Day;

Mike woke up on a familiar lumpy bed. A few minutes after there was a knock on the door. "Come in.". "Today's the day Mike Flynn…" Swain stood leant against the door frame with a brew in hand. "Yes it is" He had a huge smile on his face, today was the day he would marry Kate McGregor, his Katie. He had wanted and waited so long for this now he couldn't wait for it to be done so he called call her his wife. "You know it's never too late, you can walk away, last day as a free man and all that.." Sally walked past and gave him a slap on the arm. "Don't listen to him Mike, there's food down stairs, your suits are all prepared and waiting. I'm heading over to see Kate.." She began to walk off. "You have four hours.. Don't be late.." She shouted as she walked out the door.

They headed downstairs and got something to eat and drink, Swain was sorting out the last of the bits, putting the flowers in the button hole and more importantly making sure he puts the ring in his suit pocket. Mike headed upstairs, had a shower and got changed into his No.1's.. As Swain did the same he waited downstairs, going through how he thought the day would pan out and run through his speech in his mind.

Once they were ready Swain drove them to the manor where they were getting married.

Kate woke earlier then she needed to, she wasn't sure if it was morning sickness or if it was the nerves. Nikki had woken up to find Kate sat by the window with a cup of coffee in her hands. "Good morning, how are you feeling?." Kate smiled and turned to face her. "Nervous. How did you sleep?". "Mm like a baby..". After pouring herself a brew she joined her. "So today's the big day…" She said with a cheesy grin. "Today is the big day." Kate repeated. "A married woman.." Nikki couldn't help but let a little squeal out, she was so excited. "Well you best go get in the shower, we need to do your hair and makeup." "We?" Kate asked. "Sally's on her way over.. Now move it.."

With that Kate made her way up the stairs and began to get herself ready. Meanwhile downstairs, Sally had arrived, they both got a brew and some Champaign for them and Kate and moved upstairs. They were using Kate's room to get everything done. Nikki had gotten hers and Kate's dresses laying on the bed. They got the hair straightness and curlers on the dresser and started to unpack the make-up. Sally decided to start on Nikki's hair while Kate was pottering on nervously around the place. "Kate, relax, take a seat, we have hours to go and well your wearing the carpet thin.". Nikki stood and poured the champagne into the glasses, handing one to each of them and toasted. "To Kate the most beautiful bride, we hope you have a long and happy life together". "Cheers", they chinked their glasses together.

Kate was sat in the chair with Sally curling her hair, she was going to have it mostly down with a swivel bun at the back, giving some volume at the crown of the hair, her fringe set at it's usual position, some hair shaping her face and curly. Nikki was sat in front of her doing her make up, warm colours, peach and nude for her eyeshadow, a warm light pink for her cheeks, a light layer of mascara.

Once both woman had they hair and make up completed Nikki got into her dress first, a navy blue halter neck that crossed over at the back, chiffon material that had fine details, with a simple pearl necklace with matching earrings. "You look so pretty Nikki." Kate commented with Sally nodding in agreement. Now it was time for Kate's, she was a little worried at first in case the baby bump had gotten too big to fit. As she stepped in she could feel her excitement rising and her nerves easing. They stood in front of a mirror as they stood lacing up her dress at the back, it fit..perfectly. She smiled to herself as she looked on, turning to the side having a full look. "Kate you look beautiful." "Radiant".. Kate smiled and gave them both a little hug.

After half an hour or so they were in the car heading to the manor. On arrival Steve Marshall stood waiting at the entrance, she had asked him to give her away. He had always treated her like a daughter and she simply couldn't think of a nicer person to give her away. "Beautiful" he said as he helped her out of the car, kissing her hair. "Thanks Steve..". As they walked towards the main hall where the ceremony would be held she could feel her heart pounding. "You'll do fine Katie.". With a few more words of encouragement he began to walk her down the 'aisle'.

Mike heard the doors open and turned to face the entrance, his palms were sticky and his temperature had risen. The sight before his eyes took his breathe away. She looked perfect. He could feel a smile spread across his face as she looked him in the eye, he had never felt so proud as to that moment.

As they reached Mike Kate turned and gave Steve a kiss, she stepped forward, side by side with Mike. As the pastor began with a passage from the bible, a poem that Mike and Kate had picked, they had sung a hymn and read another passage. The pastor gave that most important moment of asking "Is there anybody here present that can think of a reason why these two shouldn't be joined in matrimony" after a deathly silent they continued. The time had come for Mike and Kate to face each other, take their hands in each others. Mike didn't take his eyes from hers, she had captivated him, his heart, his body and his soul. Swain stepped forward and gave Mike the rings. The pastor had instructed them to place the ring on the tip of her finger and say his vows..

"I Michael Flynn, take you Kate McGregor to be my wife, knowing in my heart that you will be my confidant, my best friend, my faithful partner for life and my one true love. On this special day, I give to in the presence of God and in front of our friends and family, my promise to stay by your side as your faithful husband, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, through the good times and the bad. I promise to love you, honor and respect you, provide for you, protect you and our growing family. I promise to grow old with you and to love you as long as we both shall live.." With that he slipped the ring on and looked back into her beautiful eyes.

It was now Kate's turn and she wasn't sure if she could speak without crying her eyes out, his vows were wonderful and she knew he meant every word.

"I Kate McGregor, take you Michael Flynn to be my wedded husband, I promise to love you, to cherish you, to build a home with you, I offer you all that I have and all that I am; the love of my heart, the warmth of my touch, the thoughts of my mind, the passions, dreams and hopes of my soul. You hold all the precious moments, days and years of my life, as my husband and my best friend. I will walk beside you through sunshine and rain. I will share all my dreams and fears with you, and tenderly guard the sacred trust you have placed in me this day by accepting me as your wife. I will be faithful to you always, in thought and in deed, as the days turn into weeks, and the weeks become years—even until death, I am yours.". Kate had a tear run down her cheek as she placed the ring on his finger.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. Michael, you may kiss your bride". Mike smiled and leant forward, placing a hand on her cheek and kissing her tenderly. "I love you Mrs Flynn.." He whispered as he looked into her eyes. "I love you, my husband..".

As the rest of the guests exited the hall for some refreshments the staff began to turn the hall into the evening reception. Mike and Kate had the official papers to sign.

After an hour of so of pictures being taken and mingling it was time for everyone to enter the hall and take their seats. Steve was the first person to make a speech, with a clink on the glass the room went silent and everyone looked at him. "I would like to say a big congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Flynn.." Everyone gave a clap and a cheer before he continued, " Well it's been a long journey for these two, they have had a lot going against them, including Navy regulations.." There was a little laughter from the 'group'.."but they have made it and well if I may say, about time too. Kate has always been a wonderful woman and it has taken a special man to capture her heart and well, I congratulate you Mike, you have a beautiful wife and a wonderful mother to your children." Mike smiled and nodded. "To Mike and Kate.." Everyone chorused him and raised their glasses. Mike stood up and shook his hand.

"Kate, my wife, I have never felt as proud as I did seeing you walk down that aisle towards me. You're my life and my love, you and our child are my future, my family and I thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to be the luckiest man alive. I am so honored to be your husband. I know it has been a long time in the making, there has been a lot of tears and tantrums, fights, explosions and god awful stinking fishing boats, but we have come out stronger every time. So here's to our future, a long and happy life. To my wife.. Kate".. Everyone also chorused with him. -

Everyone had eaten and the tables had been rearranged for the dance floor to appear. Mike and Kate had been walking round speaking to everyone they could. "Congratulations boss". 2Dads said shaking his hand with his side kick Charge by his side. "Real touching speech Sir, touched us.." Charge joked slightly but shook his hand, "We've all been routing for you both, from day one.". The usual group were standing nearby, drinking and talking. Kate was standing amongst them.. "Kate that was wonderful. I was a blubbering mess.." Sally laughed lightly. "Thank you, it has just gone so quickly, I can hardly remember walking in..". Kate was drinking water and plenty of it. "Nikki thank you so much for being my bridesmaid.." Kate hugged her. "Of course I was going to be, i'm so happy for you. You really deserve it..". They were interrupted when 2Dads walked over, "Nav isn't it right in me thinking that someone always ends up with the bridesmaid at a wedding?.." He laughed, he was the only one laughing. He saw ET glaring at him, he walked back slowly with his hands up.."Okay, okay, it was a joke.". As he walked off the other laughed. The music has started to play and it was time for their first dance.

Mike took Kate's hand and lead her to the centre of the dance floor. He pulled her close to him, his hand around her waist and the other grapes in hers, they stepped in chorus with each other, swaying softly to the music. "Thank you for marrying me Katie.". She looked in him in the eye with a sweet smile on her lips. "Thank you for being my husband Mike, today has been magical and I wouldn't change a thing.". He leant forward and kissed her softly. "My wife.." He muttered, he still couldn't believe it. He got his girl.

After a few more minutes they were joined by Nav and ET, holding eat other close and swaying to the music. "I can't wait for it to be our wedding day.." ET spoke softly, he was definitely the more romantic one in their relationship. "You really want to marry me ET?." he nodded and kissed her head. "I want you to be Mrs Holiday, I want you to be the mother of my children Nik, I want it all with you.". She smiled loving to him. "I want everything with you.".

As the evening continued and people, well 2Dads had a little too much to drink people began to leave. Giving their best to the happy couple and say the thank you's and goodnights. They headed up to their suit where they would spend their first night as Mr and Mrs Flynn.