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It had been a few weeks since the wedding, as Kate was heavily pregnant and Mike having to go straight back to work they only managed to have a few days honeymoon at a peaceful resort by the coast. Unfortunately everything had to go back to normal, Mike had been at see for the last week and Kate, well she didn't really know what to do with herself. She was almost ready to pop and had everything sorted. The weather being so hot outside all Kate wanted to do most of the day was sit on the porch and eat melon, melon and more melon with a little strawberry here or there.

Mike on the other hand was busy hard at work, still acting as CO of the Hammersley. They had had the second boarding of the day and things were going as smoothly as they could. He couldn't keep his mind off Kate, he was so nervous with the due date being so soon. He only had a few days left with this sea time and he would be home. Everyone kept asking how Kate was, was her nervous, have they picked any names. Each night Mike would try and call home, it always made him think clearer about things, he could let all of his stress out, tell Kate how he was really feeling and of course he could only imagine she was missing being at sea so he liked to keep her part of the team, which she would always be apart of.

Kate had her last appointment with the midwife. She was feeling a little more discomfort than usual and had noticed she had a few spots of liquid in her pj's during the evening. As she lay on the bed she could feel their little miracle wriggling around, it bought such a smile to her face but made her miss Mike so much. As the midwife did a sweep of Kate cervix she smiled. "Kate, I think it's time we checked you into the hospital. You're four centimetres dilated..". Kate's eyebrows raised. "Mike.." was all she could say, he was still at sea, she dreaded this happening. "If you go home, get your hospital bag and I'll see you at the hospital". The midwife smiled and finished up with Kate.

RO ran up to the bridge. "Sir.. Sir.." He was a little out of breathe and mumbling about was it really necessary to have this many steps on one boat.. "What is it RO.". "Sir, you need to read this..". RO handed him a piece of paper. It was an email from Kate, explaining that she was in early stages of labour.. "She's having the baby..", Mike said as he read through the email.. "Kate's having the baby". Mike jumped up, he knew he couldn't take the boat in to port without a solid reason. "Nav, you have the ship". "I have the ship". Mike ran down to his cabin and called Kate. "Hello?.". "How are you doing?." "I'm okay, I'm not in any pain at the moment, I've arrived at the hospital and I'm comfortable, well as comfortable as can be. I'm still in early stages so they aren't sure how long it could be…. I really wish you were here." "I know sweetheart, I promise I'm going to do everything I can to make it back in time. I love you Kate, keep me posted.". Nav's voice came across the speakers. "CO to the bridge.." Mike headed up to the bridge. "We've had a may day. Two p.o.b their yacht is sinking. We'll be there in fifteen.". "Right, let's get there.." Of course Mike wanted to make sure these people were safe an sound but he knew what this really meant,, he was going home.

When the Hammersley arrived at the coordinates the yacht was no where to be seen, Mike had ordered for all eyes on the water, he feared the worse. "Nav are you sure these are the right coordinates?." Nav gave him a sharp look, she was always a little offended when someone questioned her but she nodded. "Yes Sir, I'm sure.". 2Dads calls "Bodies in the water.." The rib had been dispatched and the usual crew had gone to check them over. Dutchy speaks across the radio. "They're alive Sir.". "Great, bring them in.". Once they were all aboard Mike asks Swain to check them over and to report to him in his cabin.

Kate was starting to progress quickly with the labour, she was now 7 centimetres dilated and was in much need of some support. As she relied on the good old gas and air she prayed Mike would be coming soon, she could kill him. The contractions were strong and lengthy, all she could think was it wouldn't be long until they had their baby in her arms. It would all be worth it.

Swain knocked on Mike's cabin. "Come in.". "Sir, they're going to be fine, a little shaken up but nothing too serious.". Mike nodded and thanked him. Swain was about to exit when Mike stopped him. "Swain, what's it like?, holding your baby in your arms for the first time." Swain closed the door and leant on it, she smiled thinking back to when Sally handed their baby to him. "It was magical, her little life was in my arms, she was so small I thought she could break. She was so peaceful and warm. I had never felt so proud until that moment. Mike, you're going to be a wonderful father." Mike stood and smiled. "Thanks Chris".

It had been two hours and the Hammersley had just arrived in port. Mike had made sure everything that would have to be done once they arrived had been completed before hand. The instant the boast harboured he ran off, the crew whistling and cheering from the deck.

Mike ran into the hospital and was pointed in the direction of Kate. When he arrived at her door she was surrounded with midwifes and a doctor. He knew it, he would be too late. As he opened the door he could see Kate, her hair had been put into a messy bun and sweat was dripping from her head. "Mike.." she exhaled. He wasn't too late. He stood by her side, naturally taking her hand in his, he kissed the top of her head. "One more push Kate, you can do it." Kate listened to the instruction and tried pushing. "Come on Katie, you can do this, push baby.." Mike took the routine of exhaling the breathe that she was doing. Kate held on to his hand so tightly she thought she might break it. With her chin on her chest she gave it her all. "That's it… That's it."

They both waited for their babies first breathe, it's first cry.

There it was. "Congratulations, you have a son". Kate smiled and began to cry as she placed their son on her chest. "Oh Mike.." she smiled up at him. "You did great sweetheart.". They sat there in silence, just looking down at him sleeping. "Can I hold him?." Mike asked, a little nervous in case she actually said yes. "Of course." His hands shaking a little he took him in his arms and smiled, Swain was right, he had never felt as proud and as happy as he did. "What are we going to call him?.". Kate thought about all the names they had thought of. "Archie.". Mike nodded and looked down. "Welcome to the world Archie Flynn. You have the most wonderful mummy and we both love you dearly.".

Kate couldn't take her eyes of her son, he had only been in the world a couple of hours but, he was her world already. She couldn't imagine not having him in her arms. Mike had been a bought her a bunch of flowers and Archie a little teddy. He just sat back and watched her, she was so natural with him. "I'm in love with you Kate, I'm in love with you and our son." He leant over and kissed her lips softly. This was his life, these two people, his whole life.

It had been a long road to get them to where they had always wanted to be, but to them every second, every day, every significant moment counted. There was only one thing that mattered to them.. Love.

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