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Sweet Betrayal

Chapter 2.5: Fault

"-so in conclusion the light we saw yesterday was a spirit ball that's been giving Rako-baasan a creep since a week ago!", Sasada exclaimed, thoroughly proud at her deduction abillity.

Taki frowned before tweeting in, "But that didn't explain why it produces a screeching sound at night. Spirit balls are normally just quiet floating round objects."

Sasada slumped in disappointment with a sigh.

Nishimura grinned at her, his head was resting on his folded arms on the table, "Just give it up, give it up Ms. President~! Admit it already, you have no talent in supernatural anylisis!"

The bespectacled girl fumed, giving the boy her famous glare.

As they set on a verbal fight, Kitamoto glanced towards the door of their class, wondering about a particular pale boy's absence during the brief time of their club meeting, 'What on earth is he doing in the toilet that takes the whole break session anyway?'

Almost as if on cue, a golden-headed boy could be seen running swiftly before vanishing at the edge of the slightly ajar door. His already pale skin was almost white just now as his face was scrunched up in distress.

Kitamoto blinked, "Eh Natsume?"


The bell rang. But the thought of missing his period was the last in his mind as he kept on running in the empty hallway. His eyes flicked left and right, trying to catch on the sight of something misty and black. And probably stony.

Natsume didn't even spare a glance to stray ayakashi beckoning and calling to him.

If that Sess-something stone had indeed the power to kill a person by a mere contact... Natsume gritted his teeth. The people in the school were all in danger, because of his carelessness! He needed to stop it before anyone got hurt-

His negative thinking was cut short as he heard a faint howling sound. The teen increased his pace.

He skidded around a corner and with a sharp intake of breath caught the sight of a grotesque stone-like object with dark mist swirling around it hovering above an oblivious male student.

"Watch out!"

The dark-haired teen turned his head over his shoulder, "Huh? Wh-" before his breath was violently knocked out of him by Natsume's powerful tackle. Both boys tumbled to the ground simultaneously.

The victim coughed and angrily glared at the body hovering over him, "What the heck dude?", as he glanced up, he noticed that the psycho boy who had just knocked him down out of nowhere had his hands rooted on both sides of his head, "A new technique for homo guys to pin down another male? Sorry dude it ain't wor-

"Sorry for that! I'm not looking where I'm going!", Natsume exlaimed hurriedly, glancing down to the body below him briefly and then took off without a word.

The teen gawked at the briefest of second Natsume spared him a full view of his face, before the boy was suddenly gone. He rose up with a blush on his cheeks, staring at the place where the mysteriously beautiful guy had disappeared to.

"Was that really a boy just now? How cute...", he murmured in daze before shaking his head furiously, "Wait, I did NOT just say a guy is cute! But come to think of it, looking at his face he can easily pass as a girl..."

The male student stood up, "Ah that's it! She might be a chick from the drama club disguising as a boy!", he exclaimed confidently in the silent hallway, looking very proud at his brilliant guess.


Natsume was getting desperate now.

Sessho-seki had practically made him ran a marathon throughout the whole gigantic school's building and he was losing stamina, fast. But the good thing was almost all the students were safely seated in their class and for some reason the spiritual stone had no interest to go into one so far.

Natsume also noticed that the stone kept a pace of which he could follow, though not so easily. This clearly unsettled him, it's almost as if the stone was leading him somewhere. But he couldn't just let the stone out of his sight now.

And then, with a strangely beckoning howl, the flying stone disappeared into the ajar door of a room. The biology lab.

Natsume ceased his pursuit as his hands immediately fell to his knees, huffing heavily. His lungs were gulping the air greedily in the brief break to try to compensate the adequate amount of oxygen his lungs failed to offer during his tiring running sessions.

But this was no time to rest, Natsume lifted his head and his dilligent golden orbs confirmed that the stone had made no further move out of the lab.

He grabbed hold of a broom stick leaning near him and tiptoed towards the ajar door. With a nervous gulp, he peered a golden eye into the room.

The eye comically widened at the sight of the previous female student-turned-out-to-be-ayakashi was standing in front of the row of experiment tables. The 'Killing Stone' was hovering in the space between her cupped palms, even when she had her back on him, he still could see the sinister grin plastered on her pale face.

She was whispering to the stone in hushed voice, Natsume couldn't make out the words but he was positive that it was centering about killing people, and he was totally not going to let the evil woman execute whatever plan she had in her mind.

He gripped the makeshift weapon in his hands tighter and crouched down slightly. As the countdown he had silently in his head reached zero, he dashed forward with eyes dead set on the target, broomstick high in the air.

By the time the ayakashi seemed to notice his presence, the wooden solid was already making a hard impact on her skull. Her scream was cut short as the back of her head struck the marble table. And the force of gravity sent her tumbling helplessly to the ground.

Natsume panted from the brief adrenaline as he wide-eyed observed the ayakashi fallen form, expecting it to come back to life again. But the body didn't even twitch and her fatal wound was clearly seen from the blood pooling around the messy mass of black hair.

"Huh? I-I defeat her? That easy?", Natsume whispered in disbelief.

The 'Killing Stone' vanished into thin air with a wave of black mist, clearly indicating that its master had failed to keep pumping life to it.

The silent boy stared at a trail of red liquid making way between her eyes and down her cheek. A pang of guilt suddenly gripped his heart. It maybe true that the ayakashi was the possible cause of his grandmother's death but then again she might be lying for all he knew... 'but even so maybe I didn't need to hit her that hard' . Ayakashi were obviously tougher and possessed greater life-force than humans and so he used all his strength in that one strike in hope to be able to bring the female ayakashi down for a while. Then maybe he could convince her in her weakened state to promise not to use the stone to hurt anyone because she definitely wouldn't listen to him under normal circumstances.

Even so... why wasn't she waking up?

"Is she dead?", the boy whispered to particularly no one and decided to kneel down to inspect the body. He stretched his hand towards her f-

"Oh my, look at all the mess you've made..."

Natsume widened his eyes at the familiar voice before turning his body in a neck-breaking speed. A vicious feeling of dread washed over his limp body as he stared at the uniform-clothed VERY alive female. She was smiling at him like the way she did when he first met her in the toilet, only now she was sitting on a chair made of elaborated braids of dark charcoal branches, hovering a little above him with Sessho-seki dormantly swirling above her opened palm. She was currently in her fake human form of a female student called Maeda Tamamozuki, looking absolutely innocent. Her disguise was without doubt a perfect piece of work, she could easily pass as a normal student, if not for the numerous lilac fox spirits with red beady glowing orbs weaving the air around her forming a protective shell of impenetrable defence.

"Ho-how...", Natsume whispered with trembling legs, "If you are there then who..."

Tamamo-no-Mae shook her head in mock sadness, "Poor boy, you didn't need to kill him did you?"

With a cold realization Natsume turned back to the body slumping lifelessly behind him.

It was not the body of a long-haired girl he saw, it was not her blood that he looked upon, and it was not her face he stared at. His eyes widened in a horrible revelation as he finally realized who he had just mercilessly smashed dead on the skull that caused even the hard weapon to crack slightly.

There lied the body of a chocolate-haired boy, older than him which led him to the conclusion that he was a third-year student, with the fiery hue of blood red stain marring his formerly pristine white lab-coat.

'She... used an illusion to...', but before he managed to contemplate what to do next, a male voice was heard at the door step.

"Kazusa-kun, please start the aeration on the B-sample of Artemia eggs and make sure the salinated-water is kept at thirty... percent...", the teacher's sentence was cut in his throat at the sight of a sandy-haired boy gripping a bloody broomstick. Alarmed, he took a defensive stance, but then he noticed a more disturbing and atrocious scene. The emotionless body of his student laying near the mysterious boy's feet.

His files dropped to the floor in a noisy display of shock.

Natsume wide-eyed stared at the petrified elder man as his grip on the broom finally loosen. The sound of wood clattering to the floor was the only thing breaking the thick silence manifesting between both stunned humans.

Tamamo-no-Mae only chuckled coldly before her form slowly broke into tiny pieces of black dust before vanishing gradually, leaving absolutely no trace.

"Kukuku, I'm looking forward to our next encounter, Takashi Natsume... Thank you for sparing me quite an amusing performance, I've had a looot of fun...", the woman's evil cackle of laughter echoed on the bloody scene as a scream of terror penetrated the very room, no doubt alerting other teachers and students present in the vicinity.

Natsume could only do nothing other than standing there, looking very much like a deer caught in the headlight.

Now what would happen to him?




Nishimura: Ha! Now look at that! What a naughty boy you are Natsume-chan~ Already eager to seduce guys with your cute look aren't ya? *giggling while slapping Natsume's back repeatedly*

Natsume: *blushes red* Wha- it's not like that! He is the one at fault for mistaking me as a girl!

Nishimura: *shrug* Well it won't happen in the first place if you didn't attack him first~

Natsume: I told you it's not like that!

+conclusion: Seducing guys is an effortless work for Natsume.

A/N: Tamamo-no-Mae and Sessho-seki are actual Japanese legends, their connections to each other and to Reiko will be revealed as the story goes on.

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