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On a cool, dull November morning two and a half years later, I woke with Oz's face inches from mine. I smiled at his sleeping face, and brushed my lips softly against his forehead, trying not to wake him. He stirred slightly, but did not wake, muttering something I couldn't quite make out with all the background noise.

I smiled wider, feeling a warm sensation wash over me like a waterfall as I remembered the night on New Year's Eve those years ago; one of the nights I made sure was etched into my box of memories. One of the most important nights of my life. I remembered it clearly and perfectly, just like it was yesterday.

I remember that I looked at him with wide eyes. I remember I couldn't believe the words he said. I walked to him, and I spared no space between us. He looked up at me when I cupped his face in my hands, and I brought my lips to his.

"Is... that... a..." Oz mumbled after he ended the kiss. He kept his eyes closed tight; I could tell he was unusually embarrassed. "Is that a yes, then?"

I laughed. I ruffled his hair, the smell of his shampoo floating in the hair. How could I possibly refuse him? I thought to myself. I've admired him for far too long, after all. "Of course, Oz."

"I mean, it's oka wait, did you just say yes?" he asked, his tone indicating that he couldn't believe his ears. I looked at his face closely, and stared at his wide, emerald green eyed. "You'll... be with me?"

"I said yes, Oz," I said, my tone definite. After a short but tense pause, I added, "Do you think that's possible, though, Oz?"

"Nn? What do you mean, Gil?" he asked uncertainly, tilting his head slightly. His eyes became confused, and his brows pulled together like he was thinking about something with great determination. Sometimes he can be clueless.

"You and I, ah, getting married. Don't men and women only get married together? I've never seen two men get married before."

"You've got a point... But, then again, whose to say it isn't possible?" he laughed, taking me unexpectedly by the hand. He guided me to our room with a smile on his face.

Once he and I had discarded the usual clothing, we laid in bed. It was silent expect for the background noises for about sixteen minutes until Oz spoke.


"Yes, Oz?"

"When do you think we can get married and all?" he asked, staring absentmindedly at our entwined hands. He scooted a little closer, laying his head on my shoulder.

"I think we should wait," I said cautiously, narrowing my eyes at the ceiling in the darkness. I heard him make a noise of protest, and felt him squeeze my hand harder than before. Before he bursted out in complaints, I added, "There's a reason for waiting, though."

"Huh? What's the reason?" he asked, loosening his grip on my hand. He didn't sound mad, but he did sound irritated and impatient. I made myself suppress a smile.

"Well," I began, turning my head to look at him more clearly, "your body isn't exactly in-time with the years you spent in the Abyss. If we are to marry, we should do so when your body is eighteen."

"Yes, but aren't I technically twenty-six?" he challenged, his voice revealing that I was stepping on one of his temper bombs. The grip on my hand came back.

"Yes, Oz, I know that, I do. But you're body isn't in-time with anything," I told him, patting his chest with my free hand. I heard his sound of protest again. "You're body will grow in age as the years pass, but so will your insides, too. Just... ah... they'll age differently? I think."

He thought that over, making hmm-ing noises. "That's a confusing way of putting it. Don't you think, Gil?"

"Yes," I admitted in a whisper, nodding to make sure he didn't misunderstand.

"So why can't it be sooner than that, then?"

"I just think we should do so when your body is eighteen."

Another noise of protest, but this time, a louder one.

"Is there something wrong with that?" I asked as he laid on his back. I turned on my side to face him, and instead, he turned on his side to face me, too.

"No, not really," he finally said after a pause. He pursed his lips, narrowing his eyes at our hands. "I just thought you found the idea creepy, and you advised waiting in hopes of me falling in love with another person, or something along those lines..."

And before I knew it, I was laughing. I covered my eyes, not wanting to look at his scowling face. I tried to hold my laughter in, but it busted through my lips; I bit my lip with force, and soon calmed down.

"What?" Oz demanded when I looked over at him. He was glaring at me like I did something completely wrong.

"Now you know how I felt," I told him, squeezing his hand. I hoped my feelings went to him when I squeezed his hand. "Well, kind of."

"I don't understand. Explain it."

"When I confessed," I told him simply, then there was another pause. I decided to break it. "Then I kind of force kissed you and such... I thought you would never be the same around me. Then, Break got Alice drunk, got her to bring me up my food. But the that scene you witnessed..."

Oz made a noise, but not a noise of protest. I couldn't exactly tell what feelings were held in it: probably anger? The grip on my hand came back; I wiggled my fingers, and the grip loosened. He mumbled a sorry, but I waved it off like it was nothing.

"I thought you would never speak to me again. I kept thinking you'd be mad at me forever. Though you came right back after a few minutes, I thought I lost any of the chances I might've still had."

"Your chance to do what?" he asked, confused.

"To set my mind straight and try to prove myself to you," I told him simply, narrowing my eyes at the ceiling as I switched my position to my back.

He didn't comment, but he rolled over on the stomach and cuddled close to my side like he does every night.



"I do love you, you know. Although we're both men and such. My feelings for you, they won't change."

I tried not to smiled. I was unsuccessful as I replied. "I love you, too, even though we are both men."

And with that, we had fallen asleep. The next day, the first of January and the first day of the new year, Oz woke up before me, which was a first.

When I opened my eyes to see him up on his elbows, he was staring at me intensely as if his eyes were X-raying me. He covered his hand over my eyes, and I twitched unexpectedly; he removed his hand and I kept my eyes shut. When I asked why he did that, he told me, in a matter-of-fact tone, he likes to watch me sleep, even though I was now awake.

I pretended not to hear him as I laid, fully awake, with my eyes shut tight. I didn't move a single muscle, and neither did he. I didn't speak at all, and neither did he. He moved once to hold my hand, and after that, we didn't move again. We stayed like that for almost forty minutes until it got too late to stay in bed.

We had made out way sluggishly into the main room, to find Oscar sitting in his usual chair, alone, reading a book and glancing at the window. He barely noticed our arrival until we sat down on the sofa across from him; he looked up a little, and gave us a small smile.

Oz kind of huffed his breath loudly to indicate he wanted to speak with Oscar. I looked at him from the corner of my eye, wondering what he was planning. With him, you never really knew.

"Yes, Oz?" Oscar asked absentmindedly. I saw that his eyes were going from left to right rapidly; it must've been a good book.

"Can we, ah, talk to you about something?" he asked, his face and tone in serious mode. "It's kind of important."

"Yeah, sure. What is it, Oz?" Oscar replied, shifting his gaze to us instead of his large book. He marked the page he was on with a stray piece of paper and set it to the small table at his side. He raised an eyebrow to show he was ready.

There was a silence as Oz narrowed his eyes at his feet, thinking about what to say. Even so, Oscar and I waited patiently; he looked over at me with question in his eyes, but I had to shrug as though to say, "I honestly don't know."

Finally, Oz spoke. But he spoke slowly as if he were choosing his words with extra care. "What do you think about marriage?"

At first, Oscar had a surprised look in his eye, but gradually, he came to understand. He asked, just as slowly as Oz, "What kind... of marriage?"

"Well, ah... I don't want to call it gay exactly, but marriage between two men," he replied, nodding a little to himself. He seemed tense to me, so I reached out a hand and patted his own, trying to comfort him as much as I could without physical means: no kissing with Oscar there, after all.

"I see," he said with a small smile. He looked down at his hands, which were in his lap. A minute or two passed before he spoke again. "What have you two said about it?"

"I said we should wait until his body is eighteen," I chimed in, trying to sound calm and collected instead of excited and nervous.

Oz groaned, but he tried to pass it off as a sigh. He was unsuccessful.

"You do have a point, Gilbert," Oscar agreed, and that made Oz glare at the ceiling in silence. "Have you thought anything more of it?"

"Well," Oz began, looking at the floor, "aren't weddings supposed to be big and festive?"

"Naturally," Oscar said, looking slightly shocked at the question.

I mulled that thought over, taking unusual brainpower into it. Two men getting married, and a big, festive wedding? Aren't all the family members supposed to attend as well? I thought to myself, pursing my lips.

And as thought he were reading my thoughts, Oz said, "Since we are both men, maybe it shouldn't be a big formal wedding. I mean, it can still be a wedding and all, just not all the family members and a lot of guests. Since we are both men," he repeated, trying to make that fact clear.

"I understand that thought," Oscar said, winking.

"But what are your thoughts on it?" I asked Oscar, slightly nervous of his answer.

He took a while to respond. "I want whatever makes you two happy. If being married will make you two very happy, I have no objections. Though you are both men..."

Oz and I glanced at each other nervously, but then nodded in unison.

"Once you two get married, will you want to move out?" Oscar asked, sounding curious

"Ah," Oz and I said together.

Oscar laughed, staring at us, waiting for us to go on.

"I hadn't really thought about that," I admitted, looking over to Oz. He looked at me, shook his head, and said, "I hadn't either."

"Well, there is an old small-ish guest house we used to use. I assume you two remember it?"

We both nodded, recalling all the times we explored the Vessalius grounds all those years ago. As I remembered those times, they seemed like centuries ago to me.

"As we built another one, that one is kind of worn down. But if you two think it's a good idea, it can be renovated and you two can live in it. It's only about ten minutes away by walking, six if you take the carriage."

"That sounds like a good idea," I said in a whisper.

"Yes. Like most newly wedded couples, I assumed you'd come across the idea of moving out. Not that I want you two gone," he added laughingly.

"Thank you, Uncle Oscar," Oz said, smiling at his uncle while I nodded in agreement.

He laughed, waving off our thanks, saying it wasn't a problem. After that, Oz and I had stayed seated on the sofa in front of Oscar, silently staring at whatever was in front of our eyes while he continued to read his book. Some time later, Alice (Ada was still sleeping) had come in and seated herself on the floor in her small corner, having not forgiven Oz fully yet; as for me, she was always angry at me for something whether it was logical or not, but I paid it no heed as usual.

The day had went on uneventful, and after dinner (Break and Sharon stayed at Rainsworth), Oz and I headed to our room. I decided to take my shower first, ignoring Oz's remarks about that time he walked in when I was undressing, and the other remarks that made me face heat like there was a fire in my head. I put my night clothes on in there after my cool shower, walking out feeling clean and refreshed.

I looked where I left him, but he wasn't there. I looked that he wasn't at the door from the corner of my eye. "Oz?" I said aloud, focusing my attention on the bed, and sure enough...

I found Oz lying on the bed. His shirt was unbuttoned, but he was motionless and sleeping. I sighed quietly, and begun covering him with the blankets. I figured he'd take a shower in the morning or later that night, when his eyed snapped open, and his arms circled around my neck to drag me on top of him.

"You were pretending?" I asked, struggling with him to get free. I sounded more shocked than I felt, but not angry. I usually never get angry with Oz (there are expectations, of course).

"Yup," he told me in a playful tone. "Gil is so gullible, after all." He tightened his arms on my neck, thus making me quit the struggling. I laid still on top of him, my bare chest to his bare chest (I didn't put my shirt on. We usually go to sleep without our shirts, after all).

"... Oz?"


"Aren't you going to take your shower now?"

He thought for a second. I felt him shake his head from side to side quickly so I wouldn't mistake his "Nah" for a "Yeah."

I tried not to smile in spite of myself. "Why not, exactly?"

He didn't need to think this time. He answered before I got finished asking him. "I just want to hug you, Gil."

I narrowed my eyes, my face reddening. I felt him laugh, a rumble in his chest. I knew he'd felt my face heat up as it reddened. "You should go take your shower, Oz."

"I'm not really feeling up to it, though," he whined, rubbing his cheek against mine. He stopped rubbing as soon as he started, and his lips found mine like magnets; but just like when he rubbed his cheek on mine, his lips were away from mine as fast as they were on there.

I sighed before I put my lips to his again. I felt him laugh, and he opened his mouth willingly. I took the invitation quickly without a second thought (or a first one), exploring his mouth with my tongue. He moved a little, and lingered his tongue on mine before he backed away to bite my bottom lip.

"Oz!" I gasped, jerking away from him. "You... you b-bit my lip!" I stared at him with wide eyes, and he stared back with his emerald green eyes that were full of excitement; he must've liked my reaction. He smiled at me, and sat up, situation himself so he sat on his knees in front of me. He bent a bit, and kissed my bottom lip.

"Yeah... I think I'll go take my shower now," he said, mostly to himself, as he nodded. He kissed my forehead before he got up and walked over to the dresser to retrieve some night pants (though they were more like lazy shorts to me).

I stared at him as he walked to the bathroom floor, telling me that he'd try to get out as quickly as he could. After he shut the door and started the water, I'd calmed down. I wasn't breathing as hard, my face was regaining its usual color, and my eyes weren't as wide. I let myself fall back into the bed, images of the day running through my head.

Five minutes must've passed when I decided to get up and actually get into the bed, covering myself halfway with the blankets. I waited for Oz to get out, touching my lips; true, his kiss always left me feeling light as air, but they always made me want more and more of them.

Ten more minutes must've past, and I began to slip in and out of my sleeping mode. But when I heard the faint noise of water hitting the tub fade and then quit all together, I became more alert. I almost jumped up and waited by the bathroom door as he does with me, but I changed my mind at the last second, thinking how that would be "un-Gil like."

Two more minutes, and he was finally out of the bathroom, rubbing his blonde hair frantically with a fluffy towel (without a shirt on, of course).

"Miss me?" he asked, setting the towel on the floor. He climbed in bed beside me, cuddling next to my side. I could smell his shampoo, and Oz's natural scent as he moved to get closer.

"Yes," I told him, putting my fingers in between his.

"Oh, really?" He didn't sound that surprised, though.

"Yes, really."

He laughed a little, and we stayed like that for a while until something came into my mind about the New Year's Eve party. Sure, it's been on my mind ever since then, but I hadn't ever brought it up... Until now.



"Can I asked you something? It's about the New Year's Eve party."

"You already asked me a question, Gil," he laughed playfully. "What's on your mind, huh? You don't need to ask permission to throw a question at me."

I hesitated a moment. After I didn't say anything, Oz said, "Well? What is it?"

"What did... Vincent talk to you about? I mean, I heard him say something about mistreating and he'll have something to do with something. It' been on my mind a while, that's why I'm asking."

"Oh, that..."

A pause.

"Are you not going to tell me, Oz? You don't have to."

"No, no, I'll tell you, of course. I'm trying to remember all of it."

Another pause, but this time, it wasn't a short one.

"Ah, yes. He began asking me what you are to me, and when I said you're my best friend and my servant, he kind of snickered and pressed his lips together tightly like he was trying not to scream at me..."

"What else?"

"Then he asked if we were lovers. Or, well, are lovers, to be exact. 'Are you and my beloved brother Gilbert lovers,' that's what he asked me."

"L-Lovers?" I asked slowly, feeling myself heat up.

"Yeah, lovers," he said, nodding. I heard a hint of a smile in his voice.

"What did you... say?" I couldn't help it. I was curious.

"The truth, of course."

"And that truth is...?"

"That we are lovers," he told me, smiling a little. And before I spoke again, he went on. "Apparently, Break let it slip to Vincent that you and I are on the, ah, gay side. So I guess he wanted to confirm it. He asked if I was being serious or if I was pulling his leg, so I told him flat out that I love you and you love me; that we've kissed a ton of times and we've seen each other naked."

I couldn't help but laugh a little. Then I flicked his forehead with my free hand. He protested a little, but he still smiled. "What else?" I asked.

"Then he glared at me a bit, leaned down and started to pretend to behead me. You heard some of what he said. 'If I hear that Gilbert is being mistreated, I'll do something about it,' blah blah blah. Then he leaned in some more, and I could've sworn he was going to kiss me or something. As you can image, my temper started to come out. I was about to smack him, too. But then you interfered. My lovely knight, my one hero," he added in a dreamy, playful voice.

I tried not to smile. "I see."

"Yes. I saw you glancing every two seconds at us while you were standing by the stairs," he admitted. "You might as well have been staring, you know."

I shook my head, trying to forget what he said. "So we're, ah, lovers now?" I asked.

"Of course we're lovers, Gil. How could we not be? We've basically stuck our tongues down each others throats."

"Okay, okay, okay. I get it, I get it."

He laughed, and stretched up his neck to kiss my cheek. I turned my head a little so he kissed the corner of my mouth instead.

"That sounds kind of weird. Lovers, I mean."

"It does," he said and laughed a little.

"But I'm glad to be... your lover. I wouldn't want to be anyone elses. And I couldn't stand it if you were with someone else. Now that I think about it, I'd probably go mad if you were with someone other than me."

"And you're my best friend."

"And I'm your servant."

"A faithful and loyal one at that," he laughed.

"Always," I had told him, closing my eyes. I felt him shift a little, and I could feel his breath on my lips. I continued to smile as I brought my lips to his, giving him a not-so-quick kiss.

And that's how the New Year's Eve night went, and the day that followed. Now, here we are two and a half years later, on a November morning. As I began thinking about the exact date, today was the day (two and a half years ago, of course) that I had confessed to Oz.

Oz, still blonde and emerald green eyed, is twenty-nine, but his "not in-timed" body is (finally) eighteen years of age. He did grow a little taller, but maybe a half on inch more. So I, Gilbert Nightray, golden yellow eyed and uncontrollable black hair, am twenty-eight, and still taller than Oz (which I always tease him about).

I continued to stare at his face as I kept thinking of that night. I sighed, but not an angry, irritated sigh more like a happy, excited sigh. I could tell that today would be another memory to etch into my box of memories, and not only because today's the day that Oz and I are getting married. Although it's a "gay" wedding...

I couldn't resist it any longer. I narrowed my eyes, leaned over to Oz, and kissed his lips quickly, wondering if that would wake him up. I waited anxiously, and just as I thought, he said, "Huh?" and his eyelids fluttered open so he could see.

His lips pulled up to an automatic smile once he saw me. He scooted closer and closer until he could've been laying on me; he put his lips back to mine, but just a quick kiss, as mine was.

I sighed, and he looked at me, worry on his face.

"Was something wrong with my kiss, Gil?"

"No, no, not at all... Well, expect for one thing."

"And that is...?" he asked, his brows pulling together.

"It was too quick for my tastes," I told him with a smile.

He laughed a booming laugh, and set his lips to mine again. It was longer this time, as I had hoped. After the kiss ended, he rolled over on his back, and held my hand in his.

"Well, should we go walk over to the Vessalius mansion? The wedding is going to be there, after all. I know it won't be starting for a while, but we or, well, I slept in kind of late."

A week ago today, Oz decided he wanted to move into the guest house early, instead of the night of the wedding, which that was the decided date for it. It was kind of a surprise to all of us who were in the room (Break, with his snide remarks; Sharon, with her master-servant muttering again; Ada and Oscar, with there smiles and helping hands; and Alice, with her sounds of anger mixed with protest, along with the death glares).

But either way, Oz and I packed the stuff we needed; like clothes and such. Since I wouldn't need my apartment anymore (with living with Oz in the newly renovated guest house), we made a trip there to get the utensils we would need for the kitchen and other things.

"Wouldn't you like breakfast first?" I asked, feeling self-conscience about the wedding.

The wedding isn't going to be a big one, of course because of one, big factor: Oz Vessalius and I are both men. But even so, Oz insisted we get married either way, whether we were both men or not. It's going to be held in the Garden, although it's going to be kind of chilly outside. Few people are going to be invited Oscar, Alice, Ada, Break and Sharon, of course; but Oz also decided he wanted to invite Reim, which was fine by me. He also hinted about inviting Elliot, Leo, Vincent and Echo, but I thoroughly declined on that one.

Elliot would mutter to himself about his adopted brother being: gay, or homosexual, or a Vessalius-loving idiot; he wouldn't enjoy it at all. Leo would try to chew his master's, in this case Elliot's ears off about social events, but as Elliot is "as stubborn as a horse" the ending result would be the same: they weren't going to come no matter what.

Vincent well, I don't know what he would do. Even I don't understand my own brother's emotions or actions, and I've been with him for almost all the ten years Oz was gone. Echo and again, I don't know what she would do; she's usually heartless and emotion-free, anyway, so maybe she wouldn't do anything at all?

"No, no," Oz said, stretching beside me in the bed. "We can have breakfast over there, I'm sure they'd want us to, after all."

"If you say so," I agreed, sighing to myself.

Once we drug ourselves out of our bed, we got dressed and all the usual things for a morning. I waited for him by the door as he walked briskly toward me, buttoning his shirt in a hurry as he complain that I always get dressed too quickly for him.

We walked the ten minutes slowly, wanting to stay in each others company longer. The ten minutes turned into twenty, we were walking so slow.

The Vessalius household came into view, and we slowed our pace even more. I couldn't tell whether he was nervous or not, but by the look on his face, I'd say we was... anxious. I knew how he felt I wasn't just anxious; I was nervous, excited and the butterflies in my stomach made it hard to swallow.

And finally, we were in front of the door. I sighed loudly, making Oz laugh. He took my hand reassuringly, opened the door without a knock (well, he is a Vessalius, after all), and half-drug me past the threshold, leading me into the main room.

Everyone we had invited was already there Ada and Oscar and Alice; Break and Sharon and Reim. It wasn't much, but this is what we were comfortable with, after all. We stuck to our word about not having a big, festive party; though there was food there.

Oz and I ate in the kitchen silently, too nervous to look at each other.

"Are you two excited?" Sharon asked, an unusual light in her eyes. She smiled sweetly at us, her hand over her heart.

"Oh, I'm sure they are very much excited, Milady," Break said, nodding to himself. "After all, they did move into that little ol' house quite quickly..."

Sharon's eye twitched slightly, but she continued to smile at Oz and I, waiting for an answer as if Break didn't say a thing.

"Nervous, maybe..." Oz muttered, staring at the wall over Sharon's head.

"Oh, it'll be okay," she assured us, her hands clasped together. "It's not that formal, after all."

"Right," I said, trying to convince myself it was going to be fine: but what if I forgot what finger to put the ring on at the last minute? I thought, shaking my head. I put my left hand over my eyes, remembering Raven and the risk I took to stop Oz (and Alice) and myself, too, into the Abyss.

Break did something I would never have expected of him. He walked over with a strange look on his face, and patted my shoulder. "It'll be fine," he said confidently.

Then, he turned to leave Oz and I alone, following Sharon as she beckoned to him.

"That Break," Oz said, shaking his head.

I nodded silently, and after that, we didn't speak. We held hands under the table, and let the time pass for when the wedding would arrive.

Alice bursted through the door in her dressy clothes about an hour and a half later. She glared at us, and pointed a finger at Oz, and jerked her head to the door as if to say, "C'mon, manservant, you need to get ready for your damn wedding."

Oz gave my hand one last squeeze, and as Oz and Alice made their way out of the kitchen, Break came in with a slight smirk and said, "You need to get ready, too. Follow me."

I got up unwillingly, and followed him up the stairs. We didn't speak, but him and Emily hummed a tune that wasn't exactly meant for this particular day: it was the one that plays at a funeral.

We made it into my or rather, mine and Oz's former room. I glanced across the hall to Oz's old room; it was shut with the light glowing underneath it.

Break handed me my tuxedo, telling me that Oz's ring was in the front pocket. "Go in the bathroom to change," he told me, so I did, figuring he was going to stay in the room while I did everything.

About ten minutes past, and I came out dressed for my up-coming wedding. Break nodded approvingly, though he eyed my unmanageable hair.

"Has your hair... always been like that?" he asked, his hands on his hips as he glared at my hair.

"Yes," I told him, trying not to speak too much. "It always stays like this no matter how much you try, so don't get any ideas."

He shook his head while I brushed through my hair anyway. Once I got done brushing it, he took out a blindfold from his pocket. "Turn around and let me cover your eyes, Gilbert."

"Is this... part of the plan?" I asked suspiciously.

"Oh, just let me. It's your what is it? Ah, yes it's your big day. I'm not going to screw it up for you..."

I bit my lip, but unwillingly turned around so he could blindfold me. Once he was done with that, he guided me to the door, but he first made me run into it.

"Oops, sorry, sorry."

"Just lead me, Break."

I heard him open the door. He guided me out of the room, and I heard him knock on the door of the room Oz (and Alice?) were in.

"We're coming, stupid clown," I heard Alice hiss, then the door open.

"What? Why's Alice there? What about Oz? She said we, Break, we."

"Huh? Gil? Where are you?"

"Oz? I'm right here, idiot."

"Yes, yes, it's Oz and Alice," Break said, pushing me so I walked forward.

"Gil? That you?"

"Of course, it's seaweed-head, idiot," I heard Alice say.

"Why am I blindfolded?" Oz asked as Alice (I assumed) led the way for him as Break led the way for me.

"Huh? You're blindfolded too?" I asked Oz, whom I could hear and sense was beside me. That would be why he asked where I was at, I thought.

"Yes. Weird, huh? It's like us being gay is having us kidnapped!"

I shook my head, although I knew only Alice and Break could see it. We were guided down the stairs, a difficult process, and then the front door opened, and we were headed outside (I could feel the cool air) to the Garden, where the marriage would take place.

We walked for about five minutes, then we stopped suddenly Break's hands were off my shoulders, and I could hear Alice's heels click clack away to go sit down after she let go of Oz.

"What about the blindfolds?" I heard Oz ask, his voice irritated.

"Oh, honestly, Break you can't expect them to get married blindly!" Sharon said, her voice even more irritated than Oz's. I heard her heels clank toward us, and my blindfold fell off, falling to the ground, as Oz's did, too.

Once I was sure the blindfold was off, I opened my eyes to see Oz's bright, smiling face. I laughed slightly, seeing the excitement in his green eyes. I glanced to my left and I could feel my face fall.

Break, in his own tuxedo, was standing in front of Oz and I, a notepad in his hand, and a smile on his face. Emily, too, was laughing crackily on his shoulder.

"You... will be... ah," was all I was able to say.

"Oh, it won't be that bad, Gil," Oz assured, taking my hand.

"Yes, yes," Break agreed, nodding. "Now," he said in a more playful but serious tone, "are you two guy-lovers ready to start your gay lives together?"

"Definitely," Oz said.

I was too shocked and scared to speak, so after a couple seconds, I managed an, "Of course."

"Okay!" Break exclaimed, narrowing his eyes at the notepad. "You are now husband and bride excuse me, I mean, husband and husband."

"Break!" Sharon yelled from the sidelines. "That's not the way it's supposed to go!"

"Oh? I thought that was enough, Milady?" he asked, waving his notepad. "I followed what the notepad told me to do."

"Because you wrote it!" Sharon said, marching her way to us again. "Let me do it!" She pushed Break out of the way, clasped her hands together, and smiled at us both.

I took a glance at Oz, whose face was confused and on the verge of laughing. I'm sure my expression was like that, too, so I looked back at Sharon.

"Do you, Oz Vessalius, take Gilbert Nightray to be your husband? Although you are both men you will love and cherish him for the rest of your life, take care of him if something is wrong, and help make his life not so much a living hell?" she asked Oz, all serious.

"Of course. I mean, who wou ?"

"Okay! The ring, the ring, Oz, the ring!"

"Oh, right," he said, taking out a ring. He held out my left hand, and put it on my fourth finger. He smiled widely, taking that hand in both of his. "Gil, can you beli ?"

"Now, Gilbert," she interrupted before Oz would go on a rant. "Do you, Gilbert Nightray, take Oz Vessalius as your husband? Same conditions as his, of course."

"Definitely," I told her, squeezing Oz's hand. "I mean, like he was about to say, who wou "

"Alright! The ring, Gilbert... the ring..."

"Aah," I said, taking out Oz's ring. I did the same thing he did, but before Sharon would have the reflex to go on, I bent down slightly, and kissed the ring on his fourth finger.

"Aah, so sweet..." she said, closing her eyes. "Now, I declare you two husband and wi husband! You may now kiss someone cover Alice's eyes! We don't need her moping again!"

I shook my head at the name of Alice's name, but even so, I turned fully to Oz, and cupped his face in my hands. I kissed his lips as though they were glass, and only pulled back when Sharon's squeal and everyone elses groans of disgust came into my ears, reminding me where we were and the people we were with. I saw, from the corner of my eye, Reim cleaning his glasses frantically.

"Okay, now that that's over, where's the meat?" Alice asked, pointing to the manor. "Is it there? The meat is there, isn't it?"

"Yes, yes... Let's go celebrate," Sharon sighed, patting Oz and I on the back, motioning us to follow.

We followed, and the party lasted longer than I expected. Once it did end, Sharon was tipsy, Alice was passed out drunk; Oscar was laying on the floor, smelling like booze; Ada was looking over the situation with a glass of water in her hand, and Break was laughing, Emily following in his lead.

"Do you think they'd notice if we left?" Oz asked me in a whisper.

"No, I don't think so... Let's go before we don't have a chance," I told him, and he took my hand, and we made our way to our little house.

Once we stepped inside, Oz didn't let go of my hand but let me to our bedroom. He started discarding all his clothes, saying tonight was a night for naked sleeping. I shook my head, my face reddening as I discarded my clothes slowly.

We layed in bed soon after, holding hands and staring at whatever was in front of our eyes.



"I love you," he said, looking up at me from my shoulder. His eyes said that they love me, too.

"And I love you," I told him. I felt him laughed, and he squeezed my hand.

"Are you happy? That we got married."

"Of course I am, Oz," I said, my voice convincing. I lifted his chin with my finger so I could look at his eyes. I smiled as I read what was in his eyes. As I bent my neck slightly to put my lips to his (I planned the kiss to be a nice, good long one), I could tell our marriage was going to be a good one although we are both men.

~The End.