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chapter 1, season 2:episode 1, Return of the Darkstalkers

location the Makai world, at the house of Jedah Dohma,

Jedah: Lilith where are you hiding? I demand a word with you this instant! Ah, Q-Bee surely you can tell me where Lilith is at? Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz, bzzzz. Ah, upon the the roof you say?

on the roof where the little succubus looking up, at both the sky, &something within her hands, Lilith: soon the balanced to the world of Makai will be restored, once the rightful heir of the family of Aensland returns, both to this world &to me.

Lilith what is this that I heard, that your demon-boarding school suspended you again? oh, Jedah like any of that really matters, after all I know for a fact that school was your way of saying, I'll keep you so busy with busy-work, that you won't notice that I broke your promise to find the other half of your soul, the rightful ruler of the Makai. Lilith! have you already forgotten that it was I the one who released you from that sealed realm, &gave you a body to call your own? to accuse me of not wanting to return you to your sister! granted I might be a monster, but I am certainly not cruel. then prove it by you letting me go to the human realm to search for her& you to have a meeting with the alien Pyron, like you keep saying you'll do. oh very well then, we'll head for the human realm in the mourning, after all the time differences &all between both realms, for our mourning is their night. very well I hope this time you mean it, for your sake.

location Pyron's ship,

Pyron: intolerable that we lose yet again, to conquer the Earth, what am I paying any of you all to do?
Demitri: Pyron you don't pay us at to begin with, secondly oh really now, like it's all our fault that your plans don't work before they even get started with! &finally did you even look at ones you're up against? two demon hunters with powers of their own, an army made up 5 with the enemy's side made up 6, correction it's 4 vs.7, &after all did you remember who you hired in the first place? A Lunatic &An Idiot! Lord Raptor: hey now, wait a minute I am not crazy, wait a minute? do you see what I have to work with? Morrigan: yes Pyron do you see how half/all of the failures is Demitri's fault. you stay out of this witch!

Jedah: oh my, is this a bad time?
who the devil are you? indeed where are my manners, I am Jedah from the house of Dohma, ruler of the Makai world. the Makai word? yes that would be the realm where all Darkstalkers originated from, more importantly, I am here to swear loyalty to Pyron, &to help in your mission of intergalactic conquest, what is it that you have to offer as proof of your said loyalty? for starters if not myself as a fighter, then I in fact offer more Darkstalkers to help in our cause& anything of mine, riches, power, knowledge, I will gladly share for the sake of the Makai world to rule over the human realm. when you said more Darkstalkers, what do you mean by that? hmm(slight chuckle) I have in fact brought 3 others with me here, Q-Bee please be polite &introduce yourself. Bzz, bzzz, bzzzz, bzz, bzzzz. the other Darkstalker with me goes by the name of Shadow, now Shadow show them your abilities, he then jumps from body to body. do not worry he is only able possess opponents he just defeated, but do that he can learn our enemies powers, weaknesses, and their secrets. wait you spoke of 3, &yet we've only met 2? ah yes, the third would be Lilith &I'm afraid to say that, she'd rather then be here, she is exploring the human planet, for the first time in her life, if anyone would like to meet her, would Morrigan or Demitri like to gladly go get her then?
both: I'll bring her back faster.

location Harry's house,
hmmm, I feel a strong energy, could this be the one I must be reunited with, in order to continue my existence, when she stares at her hand, she sees how transparent it has gotten, I really do limited time to find her.

ah man Felicia, you promised we'd hang out together?(Felicia over the phone) sorry Harry this is so last minute, I know. Felicia I wanted to talk about what I found out about, that I think can help the Darkstalkers. Harry lets talk this another time, right now I have to hang up. ah alright. man Felicia with her new job, Victor turning his home into a haunted castle, Rikuo searching the globe for any other surviving mermen, Jon on his quest to find himself, Bigfoot &hairball hibernating this time of year, feels like we've all drifted apart.

well, well, well, looks like you're not the one I seek, but your energy is just as strong now isn't it? who are you? I am only called Lilith& I am the next ruler of the Makai realm, the Makai realm? yes the home realm of all Darkstalkers, now I really should get going after all Morrigan isn't going to have her true power resorted all by herself?, Morrigan! but she's with the bad guys? that may be true but doesn't make her any less my sister, nor any less the true ruler of the Makai,

(puff of smoke) ah so you must be Lilith, Jedah sent us to get you, now will you come with us the easy way, or the hard way? Harry: she doesn't have to go with any one, that is sided with Pyron. oh please Harry I can make my own decisions, specking of which(makes a bow &arrow appear) dear Morrigan from the noble house of Aensland this is from your father Belial, shoots her with the arrow that was in fact the one-third power that was sealed away, part of her power, that was sealed within him. suddenly a power surge strikes the house &with it, the whole neighborhood, but within here Morrigan cries with sudden pain. ahhhhhhhhh. did she not learn to control during her time in the human world? can't you reverse what caused? afraid not, but there has to be a way to split her powers and isolate them? Demitri: allow me,(then bites her shoulder &is able to absorb half the power returned to her)
she is now unconscious, now Lilith do know where Pyron's ship is? or would you like to return with us now? gladly as I'd like to meet others I'll have fun fighting the enemy with, see you soon Harry Grimorie,