chapter 2 episode 2 hey there B.B. Hood,
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hour 11:45,

Jon runs through the woods as his life does indeed depend on it, Jon Talbain; hear me werewolf, beast of evil,
Donovan I thought you had accepted that the friends of both Harry Grimoire& Felicia are the allies for good,
am I to remind you that I am a Dark-hunter, &that therefore I not will not rest until the complete destruction of all monsters,

Jon is luckily able to escape,
although what I do would seem cowardly, running like a scared animal, I do this only because I have tried to fight another non-violently, with the results being only my injures,

come on out darkstalker, I challenge you,
tsk, tsk, tsk, such great power &yet it, I had hoped it would have been coming from another darkstalker, but a human, well isn't that just special,

who are you, darkstalker tell me your name?
the name would be Jedah Dohma, but that to you will be useless,

Jedah then attacks Donovan, both are able to hold their own ground during the fight,
hmm. you fight well for a human, but that is not enough to win this fight,
long ago I made it a vow to rid this world of the darkstalkers,
suddenly Donovan finds himself paralyzed,

ahhhh, what is going on!,
as I said not enough to win this fight, but in way it sounds like to me that you're not seeing eye to eye with the darkstalkers you're
trying to rid the world of, (wicked smile) yes eye to eye, tell you what, I will spare your life for a curse upon your head, after all you
are faced with defeat, you'd better take the offer on the table,
I am a Dark-hunter I will therefore never admit defeat to any likes of the Dark.
pity the truth is that you know that you don't have a choice in the matter,

(Jedah places his hand on the right eye of Donovan's face) ahhhhhhh,
be only half of what you hate the most, for I will find it, most delightful when you finally embrace your dark-side, &become a real
Darkstalker. (Jedah then leaves via Pyron's space beam)
huff, huff, huff, it feels like I'm about to blackout, I can barely breath, (twig breaking sound)

well look what I found, won't you be wroth a fortune,
location Harry's collage,

thanks for the lift Felicia,
hey it's the least I can make-up, for ditching you last night, speaking of which, I'm gonna yet all the darkstalkers know that Pyron
is back in business &with new allies of his own, also I found out that Jon is in town so I've asked Him to watch over you today,
aw, Felicia you know I don't need a babysitter,
shouldn't risk it Harry, especially after last night, besides don't think of it as babysitting, think of it as catching up,
guess you're right, so will you be able to come over tonight to hang out?
count on it

location advance English class,
(Harry sees Jon outside under a tree, in the shade)
class today we will be talking about idioms, expressions, &phrases, but first we have a new classmate joining us today, you may introduce
yourself Ms.? (the class then sees a girl dressed like it's the 80's with purple
hair) Tilli Shelling. will be fine, also I look forward to the hope, that I'll be able to call my classmates friends soon in the future,
I'll seat myself now &thank you sir,
alright as I said today is about idioms, expressions, &phrases, can anyone give an example?
(Tilli raises her hand) one of the oldest
phrases is "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"
very good, &since it is one of the oldest, therefore everyone might be able to know what it means,
it means the concept that because two parties have a common enemy, then they can work with each other to advance their common goals.
exactly (suddenly the bell rings) that's odd it looks like class is dismissed, well I guess we could finish this up tomorrow
harry looks around to see if anyone followed, Jon it feels like ages
since we last got to hang out,
that it does harry, I would get up to hug you, but it hurts to even breath,
whoa, did Donovan do this to you?
not exactly, even though I did have a run in with him, it was a another dark hunter that wounded me,
was it Hsien-Ko then?(both look to see that the one who said was Lilith)
Lilith what are you doing here?
learning that human school better daemon school, oh come on harry, you should know that it doesn't matter why, also he is not the first werewolf I've seen in my life,
Grrr, what do you what with us,
easy there, it would be no fun if I told my reasons for my actions, secondly let me take a look at that wound of yours, after all I did
learn healing magic from Q-Bee, when Jedah wasn't looking,
fine then,
hmm, residue of silver is the cause, so then if it wasn't Donovan, or Hsien-Ko? then does that mean I'll be meeting a new enemy, oh what fun
that might be, by the way I do have a spell that could make people see you as a human, also I'm done now,
strange I actually feel better,
suddenly they hear an explosion,
all run towards it, they then see Donovan acting unstable, while fighting a girl,
get away from me, I don't want anyone to get hurt,
then Jon rushes head first into the chaos, just then Lilith grabs harry by the shoulder,
don't you think you shouldn't get involved in this private matter, after all you would only hinder both your friends, what with your
regard for safety,
but, I'm not gonna just sit here,
who says you are? point being I actually have a plan, &I think I can do it a lone unless you'd like to help,
I will, but I don't like where it might lead,
then we're agreed,

(B.B. Hood hiding behind a tree watching the fight escalated ready to fire at both) well now this just gets, better& better,

then suddenly the branches come to life& tie themselves around B.B. Hood
what the Heck! is going on here!
don't worry, we're willing to let you go, if you leave us be for today, hunt us again another day, so to speak,
awww, man like I'm gonna be able to find another Dhampir or Werewolf anytime soon, no dice,
what if I gave you a sack of gold& silver?
hmm, I'm willing give you guys a 24 hr. head start, considering that I have another job to get to in 15 minutes,
deal then,
well that's one problem down, &one to go,
wait she said a Dhampir what does that mean?
what it means harry is that Donovan is half-vampire now, which I think Jedah is to blame for, (the fight grows more fierce between Donovan
Lilith I found Amanda,
that's great harry,
what do you need her for anyway?
I need only her anger, lets start off with a little tough love for that to happen,
(she then takes her doll &takes it head off)
Lilith! that was very mean!
look at her face, harry
then suddenly she has an expression of anger &responds with a violent psychic force. aimed at Lilith but she then deviates it, so it ends up
hitting Donovan instead, he ends up easily subdued to the attack, after now the blast has in fact for now repressed part of the cruse,
it appears that I am not immune to desire, but that desire becomes anger, &that anger wants to destroy the dark. said Donovan
your impulse causes you doubts. this is the root of your urges listen this doubt of yours it is the sign of a human heart. said Jon
both Donovan &Amanda then leave without saying anything more,
look Jon within this bag is an temporary illusion that will make appear human other then to your friends, but know that silver
moonlight&your own anger will reveal your true from, but the only way to counter is shadows& temperance, but I'm afraid there is nothing
that could counter silver, also I'm gotta head back to the ship, before either Jedah or Pyron start calling for me &I promise to keep it a secret that we worked together today,

location a diner outside the campus,
Felicia, how did it go today,
word is differently out, how was your day guys
ah, well nothing exciting actually happen, other then how Jon can take human form now,
sounds like a good day today,
(waitress arrives, they then see her face &read her name tag) waitress Betty Bonnie with your food, ok that was one order of a number 3& an
order of dozen cheeseburgers, is that right,
ah, sure, thank you that will be all, from us,(they know it's B.B. Hood)
hey hold on kid, aren't you at least gonna introduce me to this hunk, who I'm guessing is your big brother,

on Pyron's Ship, the recovery wing,
ship how long before big sister is out of her healing trance?
my best estimation, is next week,
good to know,
(she hears the door opening but is glad to see that it is only Demitri)
did Pyron or Jedah send you to check on me or her,
you have my word that I am here of my own accord,
that is really good to know,
if I can ask another question Demitri, what was going through your mind the day you challenged her father Belial?
what are you talking about Lilith?
(she then manifests a book)
is that not you in the picture challenging the formal king of the Makai world Belial? &on the next page is a picture of your defeat &exile? You can't tell me you don't remember any of it?
hmm, the man in the picture of this book does look familiar,
suddenly Jedah appears,
what is it you both are doing in here?
(luckily Lilith makes the book disappear)
I came in here to check on my big sister& found brother Demitri saying how lovely see looks when she's not trying to usurp him,(whispers
Demitri please play along)
hmm, is this true Demitri?
oh, please even when she sleeps, I know she only dreams of ways to relish in my defeat?
very well, come here Lilith, I would like to know what you learned at school today,
all I did learn is that you really are evil, I'm not surprised at all the thought of you turning a human into a Darkstalker, but I did learn
that there are more Darkstalkers hunters out there then we thought,

to be continued…