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"Fuck!" Paul clenches his hands to keep him from grabbing a random object to hurl across the room. He's been cursing all night, fist hurts from hitting the wall earlier and the big toe on his right foot smarts because of his stupid impulse to kick the door with his bare foot.

He can sense his brother's eyes burning a hole at the back of his head and when he pivots around, he catches Reggie watching him with blatant amusement, one corner of his mouth curled up.

"What the fuck's so funny?" Paul snaps, every word seasoned with half-hearted animosity.

Reggie snorts. "You. You look like you've been told you're disqualified from any regional league for the next ten years."

"That's not funny at all." Paul knows what Reggie means, that it's only a metaphor, but to think of not being able to compete in leagues is like the end of his life.

"What's bothering you anyway? Is it Ash?" Reggie asks, phrase punctuated with insinuation that seizes at Paul's heart.

Paul whips around to glare at his brother, face (hopefully) contorted to a mask of disgust. "Why would Ash bother me?"

The lie obviously doesn't hit its mark because Reggie just shakes his head and says, "It's practically written all over your face, Paul. Why are you so aloof to him anyway? I thought you two were starting to become friends?"

"I can't be friends with someone who only pities me," falls from Paul's lips without him meaning to say it out loud but he did and he can't take it back.

"What makes you think Ash pities you?"

Paul doesn't respond right away, his mind traveling back to that night in Ash's house almost ages ago. "His friend told me."

Wrinkles form in Reggie's forehead. "Who? It can't be Brock or Dawn."

"Neither. Ash's friend from Pallet. Gary, I think is his name." Paul's not one to remember the names of people of less importance, but there's something about that guy that triggers the alarm in Paul's head somehow.

"Hmm." Reggie's stroking his jaw with his forefinger, thumb resting on his chin. "That doesn't sound like Ash at all. Far as I know, he respects you, thinks highly of you if not his equal." He meets Paul's eyes and the burning honesty in Reggie's gaze almost makes Paul's obstinate pride melt. "You should at least give him some benefit of the doubt."

"Yeah. Sure. I'm going to bed." Paul heads straight to his room, Reggie's strident reminder to set his alarm clock at eight trailing behind him.

As soon as he's in the safe sanctuary of his own room, he throws himself on the bed, face digging into the sheets. Maybe he can choke himself to death, if only to stop the image of Ash from dancing inside his head.

Ash. He certainly has changed physically over the last year and so, has grown a couple of inches though Paul is still taller, his dark hair longer than the last time Paul saw him. Looks like Ash has finally gotten rid of that ridiculous hat and gloves. And he looks good. Really good, damn it.

Paul hates himself for being weak, for succumbing to the temptation of watching Ash from the dark corner of the restaurant earlier like some creepy stalker. He knows what this is – these strange feelings that have been consuming him. It took a chance meeting with Ash's friend from Unova – that girl, Iris – for him to realize that this whole ordeal involving Ash has been nothing but some stupid attraction.

For the past months, Paul thought he had been successful getting Ash out of his system. His unnecessary prolonged journey in Unova and his pointless journey in Fiore have certainly kept him busy. He's supposed to move on, supposed to focus on obtaining his dream of conquering regional leagues now that his Pokémon have all grown stronger and his skills as a trainer have been honed to near excellence.

But Ash is back, looking all grown up and—

Paul shifts until he's lying on his back then slips his arms behind his head. Recalling how Ash looked during dinner that night stirs some unwarranted reaction in his body. And he just wants to—

Ugh. He bolts upright, desperately shaking off the polluted thoughts creeping in his brain. A cold shower might do him good. He grabs his towel and hurries to the bathroom before Reggie can beat him to it.

The water trickling down his body eases the pressure that has been building up in his groin but it's not enough to wash away the images of Ash. It's futile so… and he loathes how he just loses control. His dick twitches and throbs to full hardness, his hand moving to curl around the shaft.

This is the part he hates most in this whole growing up shit but there's nothing he can do to stop it now, just… just go with the flow, moving his hand up and down in slow strokes at first. His hand rests below the head, thumb sliding over the tip of his cock, smearing precum over taut skin. Then he slides his hand down and up, grip tightening.

Paul pictures Ash naked, sprawled over his bed – Paul's bed – looking lewd and wanton and so sinfully delicious (delicious? What the fuck?), those full lips partly open, tan body glistening with sweat.

Shit. The pressure in his groin grows stronger, balls tight, prickling pleasure surging through his veins. A sound, low and rumbling, rolls out from his throat. Paul squeezes his erection, pace increasing until he finds the perfect rhythm, stroking and stroking and… ohhh. His body stiffens and he's spilling on his hand, on his stomach, all over the shower floor. The running water glides against his skin, washing off his cum, but not the dirty thoughts still reeling in his head.

Once Paul finally comes down from the high, he feels disgusted – to himself, mostly, for losing control over his own body. He doesn't bother drying when he's done, just slips on his nightshirt and a pair of boxers then heads straight to bed, struggling to find sleep.






Little did Paul know that his little stunt in the bathroom last night is just the beginning of his pathetic need to seek release every time thoughts of Ash invades his mind. He wakes up with a morning wood so he strokes his cock, slow and languid then fast and determined. It doesn't take long before the orgasm is thrumming throughout his body and he's coming – coming to the image of Ash.

He does it again that night, and the next morning. And the next.

On the fourth day, the frustration is clawing at him both physically and psychologically. He stumbles into the kitchen where Reggie is preparing breakfast then slumps on a chair.

"You look like you've lost a gym match ten times over," Reggie says with a smirk. He slides a plate filled with eggs, bacon and toast in front of Paul. "Guess what? Ash and his friends are driving over to Veilstone later. They're doing a bit of sightseeing without the pressure of trying to win gym badges."

The sound of Ash's name makes his dick twitch and he thinks, Fuck, this is really getting worse. But Reggie can't know. So Paul schools his expression to something close to nonchalance and says, "So?"

Reggie's lips twitches. "So maybe you'd like to show them around."

No way. "Why should I do that?" Paul shoves a spoonful of eggs in his mouth while grumbling.

"I could do it but a trainer is dropping of his Skuntank with an incredible separation anxiety later. And you know how messy that can get. Unless you want to stay and do it for me." There's a sinister glint in Reggie's eyes and a smooth incriminating lilt in his tone.

Paul doesn't give Reggie the satisfaction of a direct answer, just rushes out of the kitchen after he's done eating with a snappish "I'm going out."

"Wait! Paul! Where are you going? What about—" Reggie's words are cut off when Paul slams the door behind him.






It's just Paul's luck that when he's trying to avoid the one person that's turning his life upside down, he runs into him in the least likely place.

Since his dear brother had so blatantly mentioned that Ash and his friends are driving to the city, Paul avoids the roads, the park and the business district. He heads to the forest to do a bit of training instead. Getting his newly acquired Gallade ready for battle is a better way to spend his time than acting as a silly tour guide to a bunch of losers.

Of course, fate seems to be toying with him. They're in the middle of practicing Gallade's Swords Dance when a Furret holding something in its mouth zooms past them and just seconds later, Pikachu dashes after it, screaming, "Pika!"

It doesn't take a psychic to know that this Pikachu is Ash's. Paul knows it too well by now, even before Pikachu stops just a couple of feet past him, a glow of recognition on its face, even before Ash bursts out between trees, shouting, "Pikachu!"

Ash makes a sudden halt, eyes wide. "Paul!" A variety of expressions cascade on Ash's face – surprised, delighted, confused, agitated, worried, and finally, impassive. "Did you uh… did you happen to see a Furret around here?"

Paul is on the brink of saying 'no I haven't' but curiosity gets the best of him. "Why? Are you trying to catch it?"

"Uh, no." Ash's eyes dart away from Paul's and he stares off at a distance, as if searching for the small creature. "It jumped out of nowhere and snatched my Pokégear out of my hand."

So. That was the thing in that pest's mouth. Wait—

"Where were you exactly when it took your Pokégear?" Paul asked because he can swear….

"At the Veilstone Gym. We've come to visit Maylene then this Furret appears and… I don't know."

Of course. Reggie and his pathetic schemes. "I think I know where to find it."

Paul traipses along the path leading back to their house, hyper-aware that Ash and his electric rodent is following closely behind.

"Where are we going?" Ash asks, wariness clear in his voice.

"Shut up and follow me."

Reggie is out on the front lawn, petting the Furret he's been keeping an eye on for that pesky coordinator, Ursula, who had been overtly flirting with Paul. When he sees them approaching, he flashes a conniving-but-cloaked-with-innocence smile.

"Ash!" Reggie springs up on his feet then holds out a Pokégear and says, "I believe this belongs to you. Brock called to see if you've gotten it back." The Furret climbs up on Reggie's shoulder and he scratches it behind its ear. "Sorry about that. This little one sure likes to play pranks."

Pranks my ass, Paul thinks because he can bet his life savings that Reggie is responsible for having the creature lead Ash into the woods. His brother knows the exact area where Paul spends a lot of time training.

"It's okay." Ash reaches out to mimic Reggie and rubs the Furret's body. "I'm glad you know this little fellow. Or else I probably would've lost my Pokégear."

"Pika, pika," the yellow Mouse Pokémon chirps.

"Well, Brock says they're on their way here, so why don't you come inside?" Reggie's gaze skips to Paul. "Why don't you keep Ash company while I prepare them drinks?" he says with a wink.

Ooh, how Paul wishes he can sic Gallade on his own brother.






Paul doesn't have proper manners, he admits, and he doesn't give a shit. People can hate him all they want, but he's not going to stoop low and play nice. He leaves his brother to entertain Ash and his friends and stays at the backyard with his Pokémon.

"Torterra, Giga Drain," Paul commands and beams of green light shoot out from the spikes on Torterra's back and straight to Gallade.

"Now, Gallade, dodge and use Fury Cutter."

Gallade jumps out of the way, showing excellent agility, then leaps up and lands a perfect hit on Torterra's head.

The rhythmic clapping startles Paul out of his concentration and he doesn't need to turn his head to see who it is.

"That was awesome!" Ash exclaims in a sugar-high enthusiastic tone. Some things never fucking change. "You sure have a powerful Gallade, Paul. When did you get it?"

"None of your business." Paul resumes training, calling out his Ursaring to face off with Gallade.

"Why don't we have a battle, Paul? Your Gallade against my Krookodile."

Paul huffs. Seriously. "You've got to be kidding. You know that Dark types aren't effective against Fighting types like Gallade. I've been to Unova. I've done my homework. I know Krookodile is part Ground and Dark type."

"Type disadvantages have never stopped me in the past," Ash says with a pompous smirk.

True. But still.

"Just because you won the Indigo League doesn't mean you're worth battling with," Paul snaps back, consciously letting malice leak in every word. "Don't waste my time. Get lost." Seeing the pure anger surfacing on Ash's face ignites something in Paul's chest. He yearns to see how long it will take before Ash breaks. "If you want to prove to me you're a lot stronger than before, save it. I'm not as blinded as everyone else. To me, you're still a foolish little kid."

Ash turns a darker shade of red, fists at his sides. "Why, you."

"Paul!" Reggie storms out of the house, hands on his hips, obvious that he's been eavesdropping because he asks, "Why are you doing this?"

Paul doesn't even fight the smirk that forms on his lips. "I like seeing him get all worked up," he says to his brother though his eyes remain on Ash.

Ash seems to relax a little. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Through the corner of his eye, Paul can see Reggie watching them both with interest. Paul starts to march back inside the house, pausing beside Ash to say, "You'll figure it out." He blocks out Ash and Reggie's voices as soon as he crosses the threshold and completely ignores Ash's friends when he walks by them on his way to the stairs.

It doesn't take long before he hears Reggie call out from downstairs. "Paul! I'm going with these guys to the mall. Do you need anything?"

"No, I don't."

Paul waits for them to leave, stealing a peek out his window to watch Ash sashay over to the car. Once he's certain he's alone, he climbs on his bed, undoes the button and fly of his jeans, shoves his hand inside his boxer briefs and pulls out his half hard dick. He jerks off with Ash in mind – all fired up and flushed with anger, beautiful and threateningly pissed at the same time. And he comes hard, spilling all over his abdomen, Ash's name slipping past his lips.





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