Hey everybody! I AM SO SORRY THAT THIS STORY HASNT BEEN UPDATED FOR AGES! I really thank you for your patience, and I am so sorry, once again. At the moment, I am just busy when it comes up to school, work and so on. I just didn't have time and I know that isn't a good excuse, but it's the truth. Please, forgive me? But anyway - this chapter is based on third person's POV, which means from anywhere, however I wanted to include the character of Emily a bit more, as she will be very important shortly later on in this story. I really hope you do enjoy this chapter, even it is more like a filler.


Dean and Sam Winchester - Eric Kripke.

Katie Wilson and Emily Medlock - Mine.

Peace out, dudes. x

Third Person's POV

He never had help – he always protected himself and others, he always was the one who you could come to for problems, for help and support. He always saw himself as the invulnerable person and this showed that Katie truly changed him. He could rely on Katie, instead of him holding on himself.

Oh, shit…I never relied on her…which I should do… he thought.

"Thanks, Emily. Now, if you don't mind – I am going to find my girlfriend." Dean stood up quickly and ran out of the house, leaving Emily all alone at the house, feeling nervous but really happy.

"Well, Katie, I could tell that you are loved way too much." She giggled nervously to herself as she took a walk around the house as she never was in before. She clutched her grey cardigan to herself and felt the house a bit chilly.

She walked to the front door and found the problem of why the house being chilly, it was open. She closed it and locked the door, as the keys were already there. She then saw a sack of rock salt on the floor, just next to the door.

What is all this about? Could it be a door stopper? Or either they really love salt? Whatever, they might be hot, but they are weird. Emily thought.

She pushed the idea of rock salt out of her head and walked back to the living room, which had a long brown soft couch, which could fit three people in it.

Perfect for Katie and those two brothers. Emily thought with a smirk.

She walked up to the stairs and she found pictures on the wall, on the other side of the stairs bar. There were a picture of Katie, as about 15, when she was about to start high school. Katie was smiling, and she was standing in the middle of Dean and Sam. They both were very protective of her, as you could tell their body language…but Sam's eyes were all lovingly on Katie, as her eyes were on Dean who was actually facing the camera.

Emily chuckled to herself and she just couldn't believe that Katie was with these guys since she was what, 12? Emily considered herself to be really lucky to have her family…but she couldn't help it but envy of Katie.

She moved up to a step and saw another picture – but this time, it was just Katie. She looked like she was reading a book outside with a pair of 80s black sunglasses, but she was smiling at the camera, which showed that Dean was the one who took the picture. Katie just looked relaxed, but aware of her body language. It was like; she was really excited…but natural. Her blonde hair was up in a messy bun as she wore a pair of black short shorts and a white tank top that looked too big for her. It must be owned by Dean, who she might borrow the top from.

Emily smiled at the picture, as it was still innocent and Katie just was smiling for real, which Emily didn't see that often at the university – due to her deafness. Emily moved up to one step once again and saw another picture…and this time, it was Dean.

Dean was fixing his car, as he was bare at the chest, and you could see the sweat and the oil on his chest…but he had an amazing smile, as it just made Emily nearly blushed at. It might be Katie, who took it, because Dean didn't look at the camera, he looked at the space above – which could be Katie.

Emily moved a couple of steps ahead, as the pictures were just funny pictures of Dean, Katie and either Sam. But…one picture stopped Emily to move. She had to double-take to make sure if it was real, or just an illusion.

She gasped. It was a picture of Katie with Sam, they were hugging and Katie kissed on Sam's cheek, but Dean was the one who took the picture. It was quite a vivid picture, but it had meaning into it. Emily scoffed at the picture, but she was really pleased that Katie chosen Dean over Sam. She went up to a guest room, that smelt quite familiar…but she was really tired and she wanted to go to sleep.