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"OH GREAT WHAT NOW?!" I screched throwing my arms up in frustration. I stood up and stomped over into the hallway with the barage of characters watching me I was acting like a mad women. I heard music coming from my bedroom. With my firey bitchy strength I kicked my door open. I felt my, erradict, adrenaline beating heart stop instantly.

Why? Sitting on my bed were two boys around the age of 7 or younger. One had black hair that went down the back of his head a bit and was extremely spike and stuck at all angles, the lightest brown eyes I've ever seen, pale skin, very skinny, wearing a trench coat and a shirt with X's in the eyes and its tounge sticking out at you, black skinny jeans, and black metal clipped boots. The other had black and blued streaked hair, one dark lavender eye and a light smokey greyish blue eye, wearing a Irken uniform like ZIM's only his was navy blue with dark brown horizontal stripes and a cracked dark brown oval in the center, his sleeves were a blue and was covered by black elbow length gloves, a grey PAK was on his back, black pants, and black boots.

I knew who they were but couldn't believe it. I couldn't even breath. But they were here, staring, looking at me oddly and quite confused. They were my OC's Tok and Carter who I've written and drawn a million times. Now they were here they were real. Suddenly I screamed. "TOK AND CARTER!?" For no partcular reason. Then suddenly I felt extremely light head and everything went black.

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