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Day of Operation D.A.T.A.K

"Naruto get ready because we have a long hard day ahead of us." said Aizen. The brown haired man looked down to see his surrogate son doing a mock salute. This put a smile on the man's face and saluted back.

"Yes sir! Oh and Aizen." said Naruto.

"Yes Naruto?" asked the brunette.

"Thank you for being there" said Naruto with a giant smile. The older man looked down to see his son grinning ear to ear and rubbed his head.

(A few minutes later)

"Shunsui, Toshiro, Ukitake, Mayuri, Kenpachi, and Byakuya Uzumaki, I want you all to battle Kushina and Natsumi. Soifon, Gin, Tousen, and Kouruma I want you to distract the vizards. Under no circumstances are you to eliminate them, but combat is acceptable. Try to lose your fights without them catching any suspicion. Finally Retsu, Aizen and I will handle the arrancar." barked Yamamoto Uzumaki. The grey haired man gripped his staff and slightly opened his eyes. He sadly looked down the aisle and began his next set of orders.

"Please remember that since Kushina exterminated everybody but the Fuku Taicho, our numbers have been severely crippled." the old man said sadly. He glanced around to see the annoyed faces of his council and decided to continue his news.

"Also be aware that you will be fighting while half of your power is sealed, so do not hold back. Before any of this can happen I need Aizen, Gin, Naruto, and Tousen to rendezvous with Neliel and if you can Grimmjow. You are to discuss your plans for how the next 9 years will be spent." the war veteran said. He looked at Naruto in general and then turned back down to the middle of the aisle.

"Naruto your specific orders for the day are use Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu to keep up the façade of being an idiot. You will train with your Zanpakutō spirit to at least learn flash step and some lower kido. Once you learn it you are to rally a mob till at least half of the village is here to see who Kushina really is." Yamamoto said with a tone of anger. He then took a specific look at Kenpachi and said his words straight to him.

"Under no circumstances are you to harm any citizen." he yelled. Kenpachi rubbed his neck in a sheepish fashion and said "Alright, alright I won't harm the mangy civilians."

"Now finally your last order is to take Hinata to the transfer ceremony. There we shall implant her with our DNA and give her a Zanpakutō" Said Yamamoto.

"Does every body remember their orders" yelled Yamamoto. Everybody yelled with a chorus of "yes".

(With Naruto (fake) and Hinata (fake))

"Hey Kiba" said Naruto appearing out of nowhere. Naruto then glanced around the occupants of the room and closed his eyes.

"Don't talk to me loser" said Kiba

"Hey Ino, hey Sakura, hey Sai, hey Sasuke, hey Itachi, hey Shikamaru, hey Shino, hey Choji, hey Ami, hey-" said Naruto darting to each one.

"Shut up" yelled Sakura. Everyone held their ears at the magnitude of her scream and Naruto being directly in front of it was rolling on the ground in pain. After a minute or two he recovered and got back up.

"Hey Naruto" said Sasuke, Itachi, and Shikamaru. The three saw his rehearsed smile appear and shook their heads.

Now the Uchiha brothers know this is a fake Naruto because they always suspected that something was off, especially since they followed Shikamaru and that fake the saw the real Naruto inside his house 5 minutes later. Shikamaru knows this isn't Naruto but doesn't get involved saying it was way too troublesome. Shino thought it was "illogical" that the Naruto they saw was happy despite the way his life was. The other classmates were however on different terms with the situation.

Sakura just plain didn't care and Ino was in the exact same boat. Choji was told to stay away from him by Ino, and lastly Sai just didn't fit but his assignment was to spy on Naruto by Danzo.

Hinata walks up and blushes, then says "Hey Naruto and everybody else." Everyone was shocked that they couldn't sense the meek girl approaching but quickly said their hellos regardless.

"Hinata don't associate with that demon my mom said he was nothing but trouble." Kiba said with an evil smirk. He was jealous Naruto got a special hello and he got the one like it wasn't directed to him.

"Why don't you hang out with a hunk like me?" he said flexing his imaginary muscles. Many of the people in the room gagged on imaginary crud while Kiba c=kept thinking he was a god.

"Kiba get over yourself" said Ino with a look of disgust. Kiba ignored her comment and went back to his usual thing, pestering Hinata.

"Hinata, hello, earth to Hinata" said Kiba. He valiantly waved his hands in an attempt to get her attention, but alas she wouldn't even glance at him. Not getting what he wanted the dog boy started flailing angrily to show his frustration.

In the back ground Shikamaru thought it was odd how Hinata wasn't listening to Kiba and then some cold hard evidence slapped him in the face. He, Sasuke, and Itachi saw what they sometimes saw on Naruto's skin even though it was a faint moment; her body cracked up and repaired itself. The trio all came to the same conclusion "That Hinata is a fake just like the Naruto".

Now they were thinking if Hinata and Naruto is like this then there must be something big going on. The only question that bugged them was "What?"

(After class but before Naruto started the meeting with Aizen and Nel) ( An: Remember Hinata gets the ritual before Naruto trains which is after the meeting Naruto is about to have. I know it's confusing)

Here we are with Sasuke, Itachi, Shino, and Shikamaru. The four were sitting in a circle discussing the disturbing events that happened in class.

"Guys you all saw that crack on Hinata when Kiba touched her right?" asked Sasuke. He looked slightly worried when the others nodded confirming his suspicions.

"Yes and as strange as it was my bugs said that wasn't Hinata or Naruto but they had all of their signs like smell, sight, feel, and even chakra signature." said a bewildered Shino. Shino gained a pondering look and laid his head on his arms. Itachi who was sitting across from him sat in the same position until a light bulb lit over his head.

"Wait Sasuke, when I was going through Uchiha clan achieves I read up on our two sister clans, the Uzumaki and the Senju. It said the Uzumaki had amazing spiritual chakra and could manifest this reiatsu into sword, with each possessing different random powers. What if someone in the clan had the power to make identical clones!?" said Itachi. Itachi went over it in his head then developed a surprised gaze since his information made since.

"That may very well be our best bet Itachi." said Shikamaru. The lazy boy closed his eyes in an attempt to think of why this was happening but came up with nothing. If they wanted answers they would either have to wait or pry the answers out of Naruto himself.

"But what I want to know is why now? There must be some reason in the long run or maybe something is happening tonight?" asked Shikamaru. He glanced at the sun and clouds then back to his comrades.

"All we know is something big is going to happen to the Uzumaki, I mean to resort to making a pseudo clone of Naruto and even Hinata" said Shino.

"This has been bothering me bro?" asked Sasuke.

"What does Sasuke?" asked Itachi looking at his brother.

"How does Hinata fall into place in this?" Sasuke asked.

"I don't know Sasuke, I just don't know" said Itachi.


Naruto was meeting with Aizen and Nel just arrived. It took some incentives but Grimmjow finally swayed to the double agents side. That man was harder to please then Frieza after blowing up a planet.

"So it's clear Nel will wait to before the chunnin exams then she will leave with Grimmjow" said Gin. He looked at everyone present to see nods of approval and smiled. After he was done he glanced back to the table.

"Naruto no offence but I always hated that bitch why do you still respect her?" asked Grimmjow. He truly hated Kushina and it started way before that incident with the vizards.

"I just do so because and only because she could have done worse. Though it is not necessarily respect, but more of pity" he said.

"But she raped you?" said Hinata who just arrived. The blue haired girl frowned at her comment and proceeded to ask another.

"I can never forgive her for that and neither should you." said Hinata while Nel nodded. It was confirmed they would be two of his wives and they wouldn't tolerate a weak husband. Naruto agrees with them all the way but wants them to see his point of view. He foregoes those thoughts and thinks about adding Kurana-Chan and Anko- Chan to his harem list.

"Man I still remember when that bitch embarrassed me in front of the arrancar and vizard." said Grimmjow with a frown.

(Flash back)

"Alright does everybody have some tea? Good, let's start." Kushina said with her usual evil smirk. Natsumi hit the projection screen and Kushina started discussing her plans.

"As you can see fighting the gotie will be the main focus. Naruto will probably get spectators and I'm counting on that. We will reveal my true motives and escape that stupid village. But it has come to my attention that I've seen Naruto fulfilling the prophecy." she said with a frown. Grimmjow gets up and starts walking for the door.

"Grimmjow where are you going get back to you seat. Lord Kushina didn't say you could leave" said Aizen with a smirk. Tousen and Gin walked towards the door right when Neliel got up too.

"Grimmjow Neliel please return to your seats, I didn't finish my meeting yet." Kushina said. She looked at the two with a psychological smirk and prepared her spiritual pressure.

"Look I'm doing you a favor, you need to exterminate pests before they start infesting you home." he said. He turned to the left to see Nel and Natsumi standing there.

"For once I agree with him" said Nel with a grunt.

"Return to your seats now or there will be consequences" said Natsumi with a look that would scare Garra. She developed a tick mark when neither of the two made a move and put her hand on her Zanpakutō .

"….." was heard as the two arrancar stood in their spots.

"What's that I can't hear your replies Grimmjow and Neliel. " said Kushina while smirking. All of a sudden a dense pressure slammed down full force on Grimmjow while Nel struggled to stand. Grimmjow started wheezing and then the pressure stopped. The espada started laughing while the vizards smirked.

Then Grimmjow glared and just stood up and left with Aizen, Gin, Tousen, and Neliel right behind him. "Keep an eye on them everybody; ever since Uluquiorra disappeared we lost out tracking system" said Kushina.

(Flash back end)

"Don't worry guys I will get her for me and all of you" Naruto said with a nice guy smirk.

"Come on Hinata lets go do the ritual so I can train and we can start the plan but remember after tonight we shall go to Urahara's grounds and help you and I with our powers." he said as he started walking away.

(The transfer ritual)

"Naruto- kun is this going to hurt?" asked Hinata.

"I've never done this so you might possibly be in pain. Neliel said that after you do this you'll awaken in your mindscape. She couldn't be here though since she had to start with the plan" said Naruto picking up some clear tubes. He punched the tubes into her chakra pathways and then put some of his cousin's spiritual pressure into a container. He then set up a blood transfusion machine to truly make her an Uzumaki. This meant her byukugan won't work anymore and her eyes will turn brown.

"Ok Hinata it is time to start. Please know that once this ritual is over you will never be able to use you byukugan again. Also before you ask this is not my blood so we won't be that closely related. It's my cousin Toshiro's so this makes you his blood sister.'' said Naruto.

(Please know Hinata will from here on be Naruto's future wife and is an Uzumaki. Same with Nel but the lemons will be many chapters away. Also I know I didn't write it but her father threw her out on the streets when she was three. There will be a confrontation scene in the later chapters.)

Naruto clicked the switch and the ritual started. Hinata's blood poured out of the tube and then Toshiro's came into her. The Uzumaki spiritual pressure allowed her to calm down while a shadow figure started becoming visible to her. Naruto already saw this. While this happened Naruto kept an eye on her chain of fate that was counting down. Then the process stopped by her chain glowing then disappearing.

She panted for a while then finally fell out.

Naruto had to get training so he left Hinata a note.

Dear Hinata I had to go train so please go to Toshiro's house and await till I come back with the mob. Our class will be among them so try to act natural. If you see you father stay away ok bye hun.

(Hinata mind scape)

(Hinata normal Kirro bold)

"Hello!" Hinata yelled.

"Hello!" she yelled again. She stared as the white plain turned into a black floor. The ceiling shined yellow every now and then and the was a swooshing sound that was constantly going on.

"Anybody here!" she yelled out.

"Yes child ever here" said a man with a jounin vest and golden blonde hair. He was 5"8 and looked just like the 4th hokage.

"Naruto!?" asked Hinata.

"No that is the other boy I am the representation of your powers. Though I see I've been modeled after the boy's father." the man said.

"Who are you?" she asked with a look of innocence.

"Hinata it makes me so sad that I've been with you your whole life but you could never hear me. Though it wasn't your fault your spiritual powers were just awakened." he said with his head down. He cupped her check and kissed her forehead.

"Hmm?" she said in shock.

"Sit down child. I have been here your entire life since I am you. Don't ask most spirit cleavers, or Zanpakutō look totally different from there master. When you begin you training you at the Urahara shop you'll be training with me. He'll just make an excuse saying I can only teach you how to be ready. I'm the only one who can teach you how to wield me."

"Wait I forgot to ask you one important question. What is your name?" Hinata asked.

"My name is Kiiro ….." the man said with pride.

"Yellow but what was the second part?" she asked.

"You aren't ready to learn my bankai name. But to use my shikai call out my name after saying "disappear." he said with a look of pride. He held his hand down and a standard katana appeared in a flash of yellow. He then tossed the blade to the girl and she caught it with one hand.

"Please try it with that katana" he said.

"Disappear Kirro." yelled Hinata.

When Hinata said that the blade grew two horizontal prongs, thus making it a tri pronged sword. Her hands had black marks and the kanji for 'teleport' on them. Her hair took the most drastic change though. It became white with a tint of gold and stood up like Toshiro's hair.

"Hinata my power allows you to teleport to locations, but there's a catch. When the blade touches something you must say the color of it. To teleport she must say that color. If the color changes then it won't work. You can throw the blade to automatically flash towards it but it will be slower by at least 2 times. There are seals on your hand to bring the blade back."

" So what do I do now?" she said/

"You should wake up and read the note you fiancé left"

"Ok bye Kirro"

(Later that night after Naruto finished training)

"So you all came, well my old clan this day marks the beginning of the end and I thought of something, why stop and just the kyuubi, I'll collect all nine biju and then I'll the stronger then the prodigal son. Now let's start" said Kushina."

(Meanwhile with Naruto)

"Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrives with the wind and depart with the rain. Bakudo # 58 Kakushitsuijaku." yelled Naruto.

"Good I found them and now to send my message." he said with a smirk. Naruto held out both his hands in a parallel stance and began his second incantation.

"Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens. Bakudo # 77 Tenteikūra." he yelled.

"Is this thing on?" he asked testing out the kido spell. When Naruto felt the chatter in his mind he began his message.

"Citizens of the leaf, this is Naruto Uzumaki and I have and emergency message from Yamamoto Geinruysai has said to come to the Uzumaki compound for there is a battle of the heavens going on. The woman Kushina Uzumaki has just announced that she will defect and try to destroy the leaf village."

(Various civilian houses)

"Hey lets go"

(Uchiha compound)

"Wow the dope has the power to talk to the village, I knew he was strange, but I'm one to talk I like him but that is gay. I don't know what's wrong with Me." thought Sasuke.

"Sasuke were leaving, and after tonight it will be the perfect opportunity to defect." said Itachi.

(Ino and Sakura sleepover)

The rookie 11 (yes even Shino, Choji, and Shikamaru were there) heard what just happened.

"Let's go everybody"

(Uzumaki compound)

Shunsui appeared above Kushina with his Takaoni slashing down but she never drew her sword to block. Instead she raised her right hand grabbing the blade and twisted his left sword, then kicked him square in the gut. Korayaku went flying from the powerful kick and landed in a white building. Kushina beckoned Toshiro to rush her and he angrily rushed in.

When the 15 year old boy ran to Kushina he pierced right through her. He smirked in victory and said "Ha Kushina, did you should have been more careful."

Toshiro got a shock when Kushina tapped his shoulder and he turned to face her. The other Kushina started fading into nothing and Toshiro asked her "How?"

"How did I do it? Why it's simple" she said backing away from him. Toshiro never blinked but suddenly he saw Kushina in front of him smiling. He looked down to see her blade sticking out of his body and coughed up some blood. It landed on Kushina's face and she licked it off.

"I just simply moved faster than your eyes could see. Goodbye Toshiro Uzumaki." she said while laughing. While she was laughing Kenpachi showed some uncharacteristic traits and tried to slice her while she wasn't looking. She quickly disabled him with a single punch and he fell from the sky like a comet.

Everyone in the village arrived to see the Uzumaki's fighting Kushina and then Naruto showed up.

Byakuya decided enough was enough so he unleashed his Bankai. "Bankai Senbonzakura Kageyoshi" he said. Suddenly he dropped his sword and billions of Sakura petals tried to smother Kushina. She laughed and charged up her Reshi. "Sokatsui" she yelled as a blue ball of energy blasted towards the petals.

Naruto knowing the explosion could kill the surrounding populace flash stepped up to the explosion and yelled "Bakudo number 81 Dankui". A translucent wall of Plexiglas appeared in front of him blocking the explosion.

"Look it's the demon brat and he's about to fight his mom, but who should we root for" said a random villager. Soon everyone looked up at their savior and was shocked he blocked a blast like that.

"Naruto baka you won't stand a chance she'll annihilate you" Yelled Sakura.

(In the sky)

"You should have stayed away, didn't you learn after I raped and threw you out" said Kushina while Natsumi came up. Natsumi stared at him with hatred and Naruto looked at her with compassion.

"Well brother lets settle this" said Natsumi. She threw off her tunic and took the first basic zanjitsu stance.

The villagers were still shocked that Naruto was raped by his own mother. Naruto lightly fingered his Zanpakutō hilt and slightly edged his right foot forward. He started rocking it front and back and was poised to kill if needed.

"Let's sister dearest" said Naruto. Naruto gripped his Zanpakutō and the base of the hilt just like his surrogate dad Aizen showed him. If he pulled the sword out of its guard it would swing in a wide arc that enemies won't be prepared for.

"Awaken Anakin" yelled Natsumi. Her hilt transformed into a silver cylinder with no hilt and her blade blazed a light blue. Everyone below could hear the humming sound the blade made when she moved it.

"Give up Naruto with this blade I can use a force and blast you away" she said. "Oh I also got this cool mask" she said as she pulled it down.

When she did that many were brought down by the force and most jounin were breathing heavy.

"Sister you aren't the only one with power like that" said Naruto "I'll show you something I never shown any of the gotie nor mom, only Hinata has seen me use this and it isn't the kyuubi power."

(Below them)

"He's bluffing right Naruto can't be powerful….right?" said Sakura.

"I see that what that was." said Shino out loud. His eyebrows rose up high and he developed a look of satisfaction.

"What do you mean?" asked quite a few people.

"In class there was always something off about him, and then he would always get a little fuzzy when you touch him. Maybe now he'll show us why?" said Shino.

(With Kushina)

'Damn his power is fluctuating and when it does that it's stronger then the Segundo, but if he added the kyuubi into this, it's almost as high as mine now.' she thought.

(With the gotie 13)

'Wow, so in all of those spars for the past week, he held back" thought everyone in the gotie.

(In heaven)

"That's my boy" said Minato. He was extremely proud of his son right now.

"Ah yes my great grandson is fulfilling the prophecy" said Riku.

(Back to the fight)

"I'll show you true despair" he said with his head down.

He then looked up with a blank face and said "Enclose Murciélago."

As he said this his blade vanished and it started raining. But it wasn't raining water it was actually a fusion of green blue reiatsu that felt so heavy to Natsumi she dropped from the sky.

(With Natsumi)

Natsumi was crawling out the hole when she and the villagers look up and said "Damn he looks completely different".

(With Naruto)

When he did his hair got black streaks, and his shirt turned into a long overcoat. The number 4 that was on his torso faded out and he moved his hand over his head. This created a mask that looked like a Spanish explorer helmet with extended sides. His face had drastic changes. It became completely pale and the faint green lines became light grey. His eyes also changed into a blue green hue. The most shocking part was his bat like wings.

Natsumi couldn't stand so he went down to the people. Since they can't feel reiatsu they were ok.

He calmly walked towards her and he said one word the made the gotie and Kushina scared. "Cero" he said.

He fires two green beams of energy that hit Natsumi dead on. She could barely move after the first one and the second was approaching fast. She would have been blasted to smithereens but Kushina flew down and stopped the second beam. She ran to Naruto and sliced his arm off, but what he said and did next scared everybody even the arrancar that just showed up "If you stop to stare after cutting off a measly arm then you won't live that long".

"What do you mean, I can easily kill you" said Kushina with an angry face.

"Just watch whelp" said Naruto. Naruto's arm started budding till people could see his tissue and the arm finished.

"Everyone back up this is going to possibly blow up the surrounding area" he said calmly. Once everyone backed up he started forming a rasengan. The arrancar came down and teleported knowing where this was going.

Kushina then said "What's a measly rasengan going to do to me?"

"Just watch woman" he said. Then Naruto formed a cero in the other hand. What shocked everyone next was he pushed the together and then swallowed the ball.

"This is the power of the nine tails combining her power with mine." Naruto said. Kushina could see faint outlines of gold and felt the power he was making. Her real power was far stronger but a blast like that would severely injure her still.

The bijudama as she remembered it formed but instead of being purple and black it was pure white. Naruto formed a series of complex hand signs and held his arms parallel to the ground. "Well traitor this is my first original kido, here goes. In brightest day" yelled Naruto.

"What's he doing?" asked the sandiame. The old man widened his eyebrows realizing what was about to happen.

"In darkest night" the blond yelled. While he was yelling the ground started lifting itself into the air and the atmosphere distorted. People looked at the sky and grew worried. They looked around for the hokage but he was long gone.

"If he keeps this up hell destroy the whole village." thought the rookie nine and the UchihaSiblings.

"No evil shall escape my sight" he continued. The air pressure in the area become too dense for some people and they promptly passed out.

"I got to get Natsumi and myself outta here." Kushina thought to herself. No one in the clan could survive a blast like that while they were all severely limited. If she took off two of her limiter tags she could easily bat the pathetic kido away but that had no chance of happening.

"And let all those who worships evils might" he yelled.

"Damn I knew he was faking his strength." thought Shino and Shikamaru. The two gathered all they could and ran away before that blast would be fired.

"BEWARE MY POWER TRUE DESPAIRS LIGHT" he yelled. For a brief second everything was calm and quite, and the immense spiritual pressure was lifted from the civilians.

"Hey were still alive" one of the foolish ones yelled. If only he knew he was about to die, he would have ran away.

"Take this hado infinity CERODAMA" the blond yelled. The blast shot like a rocket and incinerated all in its path, leaving many scorch marks on the ground.

When he fired the blast Kushina made two blood clones to take the blast while she blast left a crater in the forest of death and all the wild life was completely obliterated.

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