Author's note: Look at me, I'm supposed to be NaNoWriMo-ing my arse off, and yet my brain still expends energy on evil dark scary fics. Violence, foul language, Demon!Dean, torture, gore, all going to be included here. Be warned- no happy endings in this fic ladies and gentlemen!

Backstory: In this "AU", Dean and Sam are nothing special and there are no angels to come to the rescue when Dean gets dragged below. One night about two years after the end of season 3, Sam corners Lilith and ganks her. Later, he is betrayed by Ruby and kills her too. Sam tries to find a way to save his brother, but never does (he also never gets addicted to demon blood), so he just continues to hunt with Bobby. At some point in this timeframe, Dean loses all traces of humanity and becomes a full-fledged demon, on par with Azazel and Lilith in terms both of raw power and cruelty. And then, finally, Demon!Dean claws his way out of the pit for some "rest and relaxation". Except Sam and Bobby are still hunters, and they've still got a job to do…

Dean hasn't been topside in three years, and damn does it feel good. Of course, three years up here was almost four centuries down below, but hey, who's counting? Certainly not Dean, not after the first fifty. It hadn't taken him long to become the top demon, besides Alistair of course, and when he saw the chance to make it back to the good old US of A he jumped at it, quite literally crushing several other demons to take his shot. Now he steamed excitedly into the sudden coolness of a summer night in Iowa. The air up here was fresh, and smelled vaguely of barbecue. The human kind, not the type they had in Hell, and Dean found himself wishing he had lips to lick as the scent washed over him. He did miss the screaming- it was too quiet up here- but he could fix that soon enough.

Two blocks down the street, Dean found the perfect body, sitting in a bar drinking his fifth whiskey. An alcoholic, and a good-looking one too. Dean imagined that the guy even looked a little like his body from when he was human, but he honestly had no idea. It had been a long time since he had looked like much of anything but the souls of Hell's worst nightmare. The important part was that the man at the bar was young, and fit, and at least three of the girls in the room were eyeing him.

Dean waited until the man went to take a piss, then billowed up behind him as he stood at the sink splashing water on his face. Black smoke suffocated the man as Dean's consciousness easily suppressed the will of the body's previous occupant. Dean considered killing him, but decided to just trap him inside his own mind. Why waste a perfectly good victim?

Smirking, Dean admired his new body in the mirror. Slim, handsome, with shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes that filmed over black as Dean blinked. He was wearing tight jeans and a form-fitting black teeshirt, neither of which left much for the imagination. Dean laughed out loud when he found the Swiss Army knife in his pocket, one of the fancy ones with a corkscrew, a serrated blade, and a four inch blade that looked as if it had never been used.

"Wow, it must be Christmas!" he exclaimed, trying out his new voice. True, it was no straight razor, but it would do for now. Flicking his eyes back to their original green-brown, Dean smiled winningly at himself in the mirror before sauntering back to the bar, eyes outlining the choicest targets.

"Hello gorgeous," he leaned casually on the bar next to a busty brunette, who looked up at him coyly from beneath long, fluttering eyelashes. "What do you say we blow this joint and go back to my place?" She giggled and allowed him to take her hand and walk her out the door.

As he pulled her towards the pick-up that belonged to the man he was currently wearing, Dean let his smile expand until it became wolfish and hungry. He was officially on vacation, and tonight he was gonna paint the town red.

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