Author's note: So, I saw someone else do this with a fic, and I like it and decided to do the same. A little teaser will be posted here, and the rest will be in a totally new story. The new story will be called "Who Says You can't Go Home" and will have all of the sequel updated periodically. And by periodically I mean in short, vicious bursts with lots of time for angsting between, as usual.

Sam struggled against the demon, fighting uselessly as the knife scythed down, towards Bobby.

"Stop it, please!" He cried, but it was no use. A final spurt of warm blood washed over his fingers as he lifted the bloody organ from the old man's chest.

"Oh Sammy, I did stop. That was all you." Sam looked up in horror to see his brother standing across the room from him, grinning, his eyes deep black pools of hate.

"No," Sam whispered, looking down. Bobby's open eyes stared accusingly at him. Suddenly the hunter sucked in a breath, sitting up in the table and raising a finger to point accusingly at Sam.

"You did this, boy. I begged you to stop but you just kept going. Why did you do this to me Sam?" Bobby's chest hung open and empty, like a grisly piƱata that had served its purpose. Sam backed away, knife and heart dropping from nerveless fingers.

"Bobby, it wasn't me, I swear, he made me-"

"Whose hands are covered in blood, little brother?" Dean asked, holding out his spotless fingers for inspection. "Not mine." Sam could feel the sticky warmth between his fingers, caked under his nails, smeared across his skin. The smell was suffocating, and he vomited. Dean just stood and laughed. It was not the rich, warm chuckle he had possessed in life, but something far worse, twisted and evil.

Suddenly Sam's feet slid out from under him, and he splashed down into a pool of blood. He called for help, but there was no one to help him. As Sam slipped under the red liquid, he saw the demon across the room wink at him before taking an enormous bite out of Bobby's heart.

...kay now go find it in it's real home! :P Love you all!