Last time in Pokémon Live!, Ash and his friends set out on their quest to win the one-of-a-kind Diamond Badge. But the Badge is part of a clever ploy by Giovanni, who has already captured Ash's mom and Professor Oak, so they wouldn't interfere with his latest scheme! Giovanni's new super-Pokémon, MechaMew2, has the power to learn, then amplify and return the attacks of any Pokémon it battles! Now, it seems Ash and friends may not have the power to destroy this mechanical creature, and worse yet, Jessie and James were sent to capture Ash's Pikachu - and they've succeeded! Oh, the horror of it all! Can our heroes save the day? Let's find out, shall we?

Ash turned around and called to Misty and Brock. "C'mon! We gotta find Pikachu! Team Rocket must have captured him! Let's split up!"
Brock headed off into the nearby forest.
"Wait a minute," Misty said to Ash. "Maybe Pikachu wasn't kidnapped at all. He probably left you of his own will."
Now why would daddy's favorite Pokémon do that? Togepi thought.
"HE WOULD NOT!" Ash shouted at Misty. "Why would he want to do that?!"
"Well, after all, you seem to have gotten a habit of ignoring your friends. Think about it." Misty followed after Brock. "Wait up, Brock!"
Ash stared sadly at the sea. Maybe she's right, Ash thought. Maybe Pikachu doesn't want to be my Pokémon anymore. Maybe he did run away. I didn't think it would, but it looks like the time has come...

"I close my eyes and I can see the day we met," he warbled.
Just one moment and I knew
You're my best friend, do anything for you

We've gone so far, and done so much
And I feel like we've always been together
Right by my side, through thick and thin
You're the part of my life I'll always remember

The time has come
It's for the best, I know it
Who could have guessed that you and I...
Somehow, someday, we'd have to say goodbye

You've helped me find the strength inside
And the courage to make my dreams come true
How will I find another friend like you?

Two of a kind, that's what we are
And it seemed like we were always winning
But as our team is torn apart
I wish we could go back to the beginning

The time has come
It's for the best, I know it
Who could have guessed that you and I...
Somehow, someway, we'd have to say goodbye

Somehow today... We have to say goodbye."

Meanwhile, at the Secret Gym...

Ash's mom and Professor Oak had been locked in separate cages, hanging from the ceiling above Giovanni's battle arena.
"No matter what, Delia, I won't let Giovanni hurt you!" Professor Oak declared. He did not realize that he may have been verifying that he had a secret relationship with Delia, like Ash had teased him about that morning.
"We've got to get out of here!" Delia said, tugging at the bars on her cage. "Thank goodness Ash didn't come with us. At least he's home, safe."
"We'll find a way out of these cages. I promise!" Professor Oak said. As he said this, his face suddenly looked ill. "Oh, dear."
"What's wrong, Professor?"
"I'm still feeling a little queasy from that helicopter ride over here. Dangling in the air in a cage is not my idea of fun!"
"Take a few deep breaths," Delia instructed.
The Professor did so.
"How's that?" Delia asked.
The Professor was now no longer looking weak. "Better. Much better," he answered. "What's the scientific principle behind that?"
"I don't know. It's a mom trick."
"It's good. Do you have any mom tricks for opening locks?"
"I wish I did," Delia said, her head hanging low.
"Then, I'll just have to resort to my martial arts training." Professor Oak put up a fancy preparation, then performed a martial arts kick on the lock of his cage door. The lock didn't feel any effects from the kick, but Professor Oak wound up in extreme pain. He jumped around his cage, holding his sore foot. "Yow!" he cried in anguish pain.
"Professor, are you all right?" Delia called from her cage.
"Maybe I should've kept up my lessons," the Professor said, rubbing his foot. When he was finished doing so, he turned to face Delia's cage and inquired "I don't mean to pry, but... what did Giovanni mean... about you and he being back together again?"
Delia paused for a short moment as she decided to tell her story. "I might as well tell you. I wasn't always the upstanding woman you know. As a teenager, I fell in with a bad crowd. There was this one boy who I eventually married. He always claimed he was 'practicing' leading a gang he said that his mother started, which he called Team Rocket!"
Professor Oak was in shock. "You're telling me that Giovanni is Ash's father!?"
"But I didn't stay with him long," Delia continued.
"Does Ash know?"
"No!" said Delia, rather upset. "And he musn't. He'd never understand. I came to hate Giovanni and all he stands for!"
Giovanni came in just as Delia was finishing telling Professor Oak her flashback. He had overheard Delia saying that she now hated him. "You really have changed," the leader of Team Rocket observed, petting his Persian. "The Delia I knew would never be so mean!"
Delia caught site of Giovanni. "But you would! You hate everyone and everything!"
"I don't hate you, Delia," Giovanni said tauntingly, shaking his fist so that Delia could see his wedding band. "I have wonderful memories of those early days."
"You're a monster!" Delia insulted her ex-husband. "You only wanted heir to your leadership! Am I glad I divorced from you!"
"Show us your 'greatest achievement', whatever it is," Professor Oak demanded, "and let us go!"
Giovanni laughed demonically. "Always in such a rush, Professor. You really should learn to relax. You'll live longer."
"You've had your fun, Giovanni," Delia said angrilly.
"The fun hasn't even begun." Giovanni signalled a Rocket Grunt to open the sliding door behind him. "Behold... MechaMew2!" The mechanical Pokémon appeared behind him from out of the sliding doors again.
"There's no such Pokémon!" Professor Oak said, not amused.
"I know. It's mechanical. I created it. All by myself," Giovanni bragged. "MechaMew2 has the power to learn and the amplify the attacks of any Pokémon it battles. Once it has battled every type of Pokémon, it will be invincible! And then, the world will be mine!"
"You're mad!" Delia shouted.
"I'm not mad. Maybe a little angry," Giovanni muttered, rolling his eyes to his right.
"You'll never accomplish all that!" Professor Oak argued.
"I already have. Observe..." Giovanni had one of the Rocket Grunts bring out the Tally Board of MechaMew2's learned attacks. There were tally marks next to just about every attack listed. The only ones not marked were Thundershock and Thunderbolt. "We've had a very busy couple of days," Giovanni continued. "The only attacks left to be learned are electric. And one little electric Pokémon is all that stands between me and world domination! And you two are here to witness the final battle. You should feel quite honored." With that, Giovanni let out another loud evil laugh.

"One more, won't be much longer," he sang,
"Till my... plan is complete!
One fight, then after that
You'll all be at my feet!

One hand, ruling the planet!
Each day... is mine to run!
You'll live... to serve your master!
My reign has just begun!

My world... you and me, my Pokémon
We'll beat one more Pokémon..."

Giovanni laughed for quite a while before Professor Oak shouted at him. "You won't get away with this! You'll be stopped!"
"By whom?" Giovanni said assuredly. "Certainly not you!"
"By someone!"
Just then, Giovanni heard familiar shouts behind him.
"Prepare for trouble!"
"Make it double!"
Giovanni could immediately recognize the voices. "Oh, what is it now?" he complained. "I was in the middle of some heavy-duty taunting!"

Jessie, James: "Prepare for trouble!
Make it double!
Prepare for trouble!
Make it double!"

Jessie: "To protect the world from devastation!"
James: "To unite all people within our nation!"
Jessie: "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
James: "To extend our reach to the stars above!"
Jessie: "Jessie!"
James: "James."
Jessie, James: "Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
Meowth: "Dat's right!"

All: "Team Rocket's rockin'!
Talking trouble, walking trouble,
Double trouble, big trouble's gonna follow you!
Team Rocket's rockin'!
Talking trouble, walking trouble,
Double trouble, big trouble's gonna follow you...
We captured Pikachu!"

Meowth brought in Pikachu, who was tied up in the rope that they had used to get out of the pit, and presented him to Giovanni. The Boss was in shock, from Team Rocket being successful, not from Pikachu, that is. "I can't believe it."
Delia took a look at the roped rodent and, with quiet urgency, said to Professor Oak "That's Ash's Pikachu!"
"I know," said the Professor.
"It was easy!" James said to his chief. "We snatched him from that Ash kid out by the lagoon!"
"It was like taking Pokémon Fruit Snacks from a baby!" Jessie said.
Delia and Professor Oak exchanged a look as Giovanni untied Pikachu.

Jessie: "We're Team Rocket and we fight for what's wrong,"
James: "For mayhem, and madness, and rare Pokémon!"
Jessie: "I'm so gorgeous!"
James: "I'm always the man!"
"You're just the players in his master plan!" Delia shouted, saying what Giovanni would normally say in this kind of song.
"Jealous?" Jessie and James asked.

"Team Rocket's rockin'!
Talking trouble, walking trouble,
Double trouble, big trouble's gonna follow you!
Team Rocket's rockin'!
Talking trouble, walking trouble,
Double trouble, big trouble's gonna follow you...
We captured Pikachu!

Team Rocket's Rockin'!"

Giovanni finished untying Pikachu. He lifted him by the ears and handed him to his lackeys. "Take the Pikachu and order him to attack MechaMew2."
Jessie and James were a little surprised that Giovanni wasn't going to give them a reward for a job well done. But they figured that maybe he was going to wait until MechaMew2 had gotten the needed attacks to give them their reward.
"Why don't you do it, Boss?" James asked, in a griping tone.
"I can't have a Pokémon battle with myself, you idiot!"
"Oh, yeah." James took one end of the rubber rope, to which Pikachu was still tied to, and turned to Jessie, who looked as if she wasn't paying any attention to The Boss's order. "Hey, how 'bout a hand, my short, magenta, and useless partner?"
"I was just fixing my hair." Jessie took the other end of the rope.
They dragged Pikachu up to MechaMew2. James took the last of the rope off and gave an order to Pikachu. "Okay, Pikachu, do that thunder thing you always do to us! Now!"
Pikachu readied up a Thundershock. "Pi... KA... CHU!" He delivered a mighty blow to Jessie and James.
"Yow!!!!!" the couple screamed, during which their hair stood up. The electric attack sent them flying at the cages. They accidentally hit the bolts that were keeping the cages locked. This caused the cage doors to open up. Jessie and James fell down and landed on the ground below the cages.
Delia jumped out of her cage. "Let's go!" she said to Professor Oak.
"But we should try to save Pikachu," the Poképrof said, climbing out of his cage.
"There's no time!" Delia said, grabbing Professor Oak by the hand. "We've got to get to Ash!"
As the pair raced off, Giovanni grabbed Pikachu from behind, furious that the red-cheeked rodent wasn't obeying the given commands. "Very funny, my little yellow friend," he said, placing Pikachu in a cage that a nearby Rocket Grunt was holding up. "But we'll see who has the last laugh. Rocket Grunt, take him out of here!" The Rocket Grunt did so.
Jessie and James got up and saw Delia and Professor Oak escaping through the front door of the Gym.
"Boss!" James alerted, pointing to the escapees. "The prisoners are getting away!"
"You want us to go after them?" Jessie requested.
"Don't bother," Giovanni said, rubbing his hands gleefully. "They've served their purpose. They'll be able to give the world a firsthand report of my power! And of my beautiful MechaMew2!"
Oh, brudda, Meowth thought, he's real serious about dis...
"But I need Pikachu's trainer. Obviously he's the only one Pikachu will obey." Giovanni turned around to give Team Rocket their latest mission. "Do you think you can handle it?"
"We got you a Pikachu, didn't we?" Jessie said.
"The trainer will be a snap!" James said positively.
"Then stop that incessant snapping," Giovanni commanded, "and go do it!"
"Hit it!" Jessie cued the reprise.

"Team Rocket's rockin'!
Talkin' trouble, walkin' trouble
Double trouble, big trouble's gonna follow you!
Team Rocket's rockin'!
Talkin' trouble, walkin' trouble
Double trouble, big trouble's gonna follow you...
We're gonna capture Ash-y too!"

Meanwhile, our heroes continue their search for Pikachu.

Wild Mankeys swung through the trees as Misty and Brock looked for Pikachu. But there was something that was confusing Brock: Misty telling Ash that Pikachu may have run away. Misty never usually said something to upset Ash that much. Misty had been a lot nicer to Ash during their journeys' course of time, and one time Misty had even said that someday she and Ash would be married. And it puzzled Brock as to why Misty would say something to cause such emotional harm to Ash.
Misty was looking through some tall grass to see if Pikachu was hiding behind there when Brock asked her "Misty, do you really believe that Pikachu ran away? Ash may ignore his friends sometimes, but he always treats his Pokémon well."
Misty got up, taking Togepi with her. She realized that Brock had a point there, and she couldn't hide the truth behind her claim of Pikachu running away anymore. "No," Misty sighed, "I don't believe Pikachu ran away."
Aah, it was stupid to think so anyway, thought Togepi.
"I wanted Ash to realize he's alienating his friends," Misty continued. She remembered that Ash had forgotten their date that he had promised for her birthday, and Misty felt that Ash was ignoring her for his Pokémon. Misty sighed again, this time in a sadder tone. "Oh, why is it some guys never notice girls?"
"Where did you get that? I myself notice girls a little too well," Brock said, as if in contradiction to Misty's pining. "Unfortunately, I can never decide on my perfect girl. So many of them seem right! But I'll tell you this. Of all the girls I've met, there are only two perfect girls for me - Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny!

A one-woman man's what I wanna be,
To stay by her side so faithfully!
I would if I could, but it's just no good,
'Cause there's two perfect girls for me!

Jenny, oh Jenny!
Joy, oh Joy!
A one-woman man's what I wanna be
But there's two perfect girls for me!

Officer Jenny, oh, can't you see
You can lock me up and throw away the key?
Jenny, if lovin' you's a crime
Then sentence me now and I'll do the time!
My uniform beauty is simply the best!
She's got my heart under house arrest!
But before that cop names me her boy,
I'm head-over-heels (He's head-over-heels)
I'm head-over-heels for a nurse named Joy...

Jenny, oh Jenny!
Joy, oh Joy!
A one-woman man's what I wanna be
But there's two perfect girls for me!

Nurse Joy, won't you please
Cure me of this bad disease?
Oh, Joy, the diagnosis is bleak!
When I see your face my knees get weak!
Well, I'm burnin' up, I got the fever!
She's my perfect nurse and I'll never leave 'er!
Her bedside manner has healed so many,
So why am I in love (Why's he so in love?)
Why am I in love with Officer Jenny?

Jenny, oh Jenny!
Joy, oh Joy!
A one-woman man's what I wanna be
But there's two perfect girls for me!

A one-woman man's what I wanna be,
But there's two perfect girls for me!

Oh, I've tried (tried!) and I've tried (tried!)
And I've searched way deep inside (deep inside)
From these two, I won't choose! I can't stand the bad news
'Bout the name of the girl that I'm gonna lose!

This can't go on! Enough is enough!
I've gotta pick one, no matter how tough!
It's time for eeny-meeny-miny-mo...
But, wait a second! (Wait a second!)
Wait a second! (Come on and wait a second!)
What's her name? I've just gotta know!
I've just gotta know!

Oh, Jenny, oh Jenny!
Joy, oh Joy!
A one-woman man's what I wanna be
But there's...
One, no, two!
No, three! Four! Five! Six! Seven!
So many! Perfect girls for me!"

As Brock tried to decide which of the girls he liked best, Misty walked a few feet away. Oh, brother, she thought. He thinks he's got a love problem! He should look at mine... She reached into the left pocket on her shorts and pulled out a heart-shaped locket with a picture of Ash winking and giving a thumbs-up in the frame. Misty had had this locket for quite some time. She looked deeply at the locket as she continued thinking. Ever since I met Ash, I've always wanted to become Misty Ketchum! But what if Ash doesn't love me the way I love him?
At that time, Ash had more on his mind than his crush on Misty. He also realized that although Pikachu, his closest friend, may have been gone forever, he would have to get on with his life.

And, not too far away...

Delia and Professor Oak were rushing through the forest to escape, continuing their discussion about Delia's past. "Tell me more about your marriage to Giovanni," the Professor inquired.
Delia went on to describe what it was like when she and Giovanni gave birth to Ash. "He was always trying to make Ash an ideal future leader of Team Rocket. I didn't like it, so I divorced from him. I'm afraid to tell Ash of my past, but I want him to know the truth of what happened years ago."
It's times like this I think to myself, I could've been a psychiatrist when I had the chance, Oak thought to himself. But nooooo, I had to choose being an animal researcher!

Delia: "I can never tell him what happened long ago.
The truth about my past is something he should never know."
Misty: "I can never tell him my feelings deep inside.
The truth within my heart is something I must always hide."

Delia: "He's whole life lies ahead, so much training to be done,
And as his mother, I'll protect the future for my son."
Misty: "His love is overwhelming, in it's light I'd like to be,
But he shares it all with Pokémon, there's just no room for me."

Misty, Delia: "I've got a secret, that tears up my soul
And keeping it hidden, has taken its toll
I can't tell the truth, he might turn away
So I'll keep this secret, it's better that way."

Ash: "Each end's a new beginning, every darkness has its dawn.
My tears can't fall forever, so now I must move on.
My hopes are still the same for the man I'd like to be.
And I will make those dreams come true, just you wait and see!

(Misty, Delia: "I've got a secret") There's no turning back!
(Misty, Delia: "That tears up my soul") There's no giving up!
(Misty, Delia: "And keeping it hidden") Life still goes on!
(Misty, Delia: "Has taken it's toll") No matter how long!
(Misty, Delia: "I can't tell the truth") I'm gonna miss you
(Misty, Delia: "He might turn away") More and more each day!
(Misty, Delia: "So I'll keep this secret") But I'll keep on going."
All: "It's better that way."


Ash met up with Misty and Brock, having not found Pikachu anywhere. "Did you find Pikachu?" Ash asked his two friends.
"No," Brock replied.
"No," Misty responded, in unison with Brock.
"I fear the worst," Ash said, getting ready to walk to the right, but facing the other direction, since he was talking to them. "I may have to live without Pikachu."
"Ash!" a familiar voice said.
Ash turned around and saw Delia and Professor Oak right in front of him.
"Mom!" Ash said, surprised. "How'd you get here?"
Before Delia could explain to her son, Professor Oak spoke up. "We've got news for you, Ash. Giovanni is the mysterious Gym Leader, and he has Pikachu trapped in his hideout!"
Ash was confused. "'Giovanni'? Who's he?"
"Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket!" Professor Oak explained to the 13-year-old Pokémon Trainer. "And he plans to take over the world!"
"I do believe I've seen him before..." Ash said. He recalled his first encounter with Giovanni at Mt. Quena. He and his friends were trying to help heal Mewtwo by getting him to the self-healing spring at the top of the mountain. Giovanni had gotten in the way, and that was how Ash had his first encounter with Team Rocket's Boss.
Ash began to head off in the direction of the secret Gym. "Well, I'm going to go free Pikachu and get the Diamond Badge!"
"Wait, Ash!" Delia called behind him. "I must first let you know that... Giovanni is your father!"
"WHAT!?" Ash screamed.
Delia immediately confessed about her past, mustering the courage to do so. "I hung out with him as a teenager. But I divorced from him when he tried to make you Team Rocket's next leader!" But down inside, Delia was still worried that Ash would have a negative reaction to that.
Instead, however, Ash patted her on the right shoulder. "It's okay, mom. That gives me more reason to crush him."
Huh? Delia thought, surprised. He understood?
Just then, the five humans heard two very familiar voices.
"Prepare for trouble!"
"Make it double!"
"To protect the world from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend our reach to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth! Dat's right!" Meowth chimed in.
Team Rocket had showed up riding scooters. They pulled to a stop and Jessie pointed her left index finger at Ash. "There you are, Ash! We want you to come with us!"
"And why would that be?" Ash questioned.
"Well," James explained, "we're bringing you to save your electric rodent."
As James was saying this, Jessie's Wobbuffet came out of his Pokéball. "WAAAAABBA-WOBBA!" he cried.
"And it's none of your business!" Jessie scowled, recalling Wobbuffet.
"OK, I'll go," Ash said, agreeing to Team Rocket's invitation.
"WHAT?!" Team Rocket was shocked that Ash wasn't going to put up a fight.
"I'm looking forward to a little 'reunion'..." Ash shook his right fist. Team Rocket didn't know what Ash meant, but at least they were going to accomplish their mission, so they led Ash to their headquarters.
"What a relief..." Delia said as she watched Ash follow Team Rocket to the gym.
"What do you mean, Mrs. Ketchum?" Misty asked Ash's mother.
Delia explained why she was surprised earlier. "I was afraid Ash would have a negative reaction to my telling him that Giovanni was his father. I'm surprised he doesn't think less of me for my bad past." She was by now smiling. "I guess that Ash growing up may not be such a bad thing. Maybe change can be good...

Everything changes, changes
Things are changin' constantly
Everything changes, changes
It's evolutionary
Everything changes, changes
Changin' all the time
Playin' with your mind
Modified or rearranged
Everything has gotta change."

Soon, at the Gym...

Giovanni chortled demonically as he gloated at the caged Pikachu. "Heh heh heh... Finally, my plans are coming to fruition! Soon, your trainer will make MechaMew2 invincible!"
Pikachu didn't know what Giovanni was talking about, but he was going to get an answer soon. Just then, Giovanni heard Meowth calling him from the front door. "Boss!"
"Ah," Giovanni said, turning around, "he's here..."
"HA!" Jessie laughed. "Now, we've not only captured Pikachu, but we've also got Ash!"
Ash stepped in front of Team Rocket, a few feet away from Giovanni. "Hello, dad," he said, using as much anger as he could use on "dad".
"What?!" Giovanni was annoyed by this. "How did you know I was your father?!"
Jessie and James rolled their scooters closer to the steamed Giovanni, and Meowth followed them. This time they weren't going to wait for their rewards. "So now," Jessie said to Giovanni, "how about our reward?"
"Do I get t'be Top Cat again?" Meowth added.
"GET... OUT... OF MY SIGHT!!" Giovanni shouted in their faces.
Team Rocket was shocked again, this time by how antagonistic Giovanni was acting to them. "But... but..." James pleaded, "but we did everything you told us to do!"
"Exactly," Giovanni said. "And now I have no further need of you two!"
Jessie and James didn't have to think twice to realize that Giovanni had just fired them. "Fine then!" Jessie said. She and James turned their scooters around and scooted the other way.
"Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again..." they both said, "for the final time!"
Meowth saw where they were going and shouted, "Wait! Stop! Dat's da..."
"...broom closet." Meowth shook his head and went after Jessie and James.
Giovanni called to the Rocket Grunt who had brought in the cage Pikachu was in. "Rocket Grunt, release my son's Pikachu."
The Rocket Grunt did so, and Pikachu ran and got up on Ash's left arm.
"Pikachu!" said Ash, joyfully reunited with his Pokémon. "It's good to see you again!"
"Chaa!" Pikachu squeaked.
Giovanni just laughed evilly. "Enjoy the pregame show while you can, son, because you just can't win!

You're way out of your league, you've more than met your match!"
Ash: "I guess you're slowing down, old man, you can't hit what you can't catch!"
Giovanni: "Soon the whole world will know the genius of my plan!"
Ash: "I will find a way to stop you any way I can!"

Giovanni: "You're such a goody-two-shoes! It's more fun being bad!"
Ash: "No one's gonna side with you - you're stark raving mad!"
Giovanni: "Oh yeah? Just ask your mother!"
Ash: "That's all in the past!"
Giovanni: "Listen to me, little boy, nice guys finish last!"

Ash: "Oh no! You just can't win!"
Giovanni: "You're not that strong!"
Ash: "Time to pay for your sins!"
Giovanni: "You've got it all wrong!
You just can't win!"
Ash: "I'm gonna shut you down!"
Giovanni: "Your chances are slim!"
Ash: "No more fooling around!"
Both: "Let the battle begin!
You just can't win!"

Ash watched as his ex-father said "I have a super-powerful Pokémon, and I'm going to use it for this match. Behold... MechaMew2!" Once again, as Giovanni announced it, MechaMew2 came out from the sliding doors.
"'MechaMew2'?" Ash was baffled. "But there's..."
Giovanni slapped his face. He was so tired of hearing that! "I know, I know. 'No such Pokémon!' MechaMew2 is a mechanical Pokémon I created all by myself. It has an attack so powerful, your Pokémon will feel like it was hit by its own attack!" Giovanni took the Diamond Badge out of his coat pocket and gave it to Ash. "Here - I give you... the Diamond Badge!"
Ash was by now even more bewildered. "You're giving me the Diamond Badge ahead of time? Why?"
Giovanni walked back to MechaMew2 and got behind it, his eyes rolling toward Ash. "I'll retrieve it after you lose."
"We'll see about that!" Ash took the tip of his Pokémon League hat and twirled it around his head, like he always did at the start of a battle.
The battle began.
"Pikachu, THUNDERSHOCK!" Ash shouted to Pikachu.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu said, as he sent a mighty Thundershock to MechaMew2. But the machine didn't look as if it had felt the attack.
Ah, excellent... Giovanni thought. The fish has taken the bait.
"That didn't work?" Ash said. "Well then, Pikachu, THUNDERBOLT!"
Pikachu got in front of MechaMew2. "PIKA!" he cried, signalling a Thunderbolt. There came the same result.
Giovanni stood up victoriously.
"It can't be..." Ash felt he was at a loss.
"HA HA HA HA HA!!" Giovanni cackled loudly. "You see, MechaMew2 has the power to learn and copy the attacks of its opponents. And you, my son Ash, have completed MechaMew2's collection! As of today, I, GIOVANNI, RULE THE WORLD!!!!!" Giovanni laughed insanely, and his Persian's eyes flashed evilly. When Giovanni finished laughing, he pointed his right index finger to Ash and Pikachu and turned to MechaMew2. "Now, since I have no further need of you, prepare to die! MechaMew2, give them a Thundershock!"
For a second there, Ash felt that this was it. He has lost all hope. He was never going to see his friends and family again. Because of him and Pikachu, MechaMew2 was now invinicible, and ready to give them a Thundershock. He had been shocked by Pikachu before, but the shock he was about to feel was going to take him and Pikachu out for the count... permanently.
But then, just as MechaMew2 was warming up the commanded attack, a crack appeared in the wall. It elicted a "Huh?" from Ash and an "Eh?" from Giovanni.
Soon, the crack turned into a large hole, and the wrecker appeared, flying in through the wall. It was none other than the real Mewtwo!
"Giovanni!" Mewtwo spoke psychically. He got in front of Ash and Pikachu, defending them from MechaMew2's powerful Thundershock.
"Mewtwo!" Giovanni addressed him coldly.
"Yes, Giovanni," Mewtwo spoke. "Your 'slave' is back to defeat you once more. In our last confrontation, I erased myself from your memory. But it must not have worked!" He shook his right paw at MechaMew2. Giovanni knew exactly what he meant.
"Oh, no!" Giovanni explained to the Psychic-type Pokémon. "Your memory erasure obviously worked fine on me and most of Team Rocket. I found out of your existence from Jessie and James, the only two Rockets who knew of you, and built MechaMew2. This mechanical replica can learn and copy its opponent's attacks. Now that it has learned every single attack, I don't need you any longer!"
"Learn attacks, eh?" Mewtwo said. He warmed up a Psychic shot and got ready to fire it at his mechanical equal. "Well, I've got an attack I want it to learn!"
"Go ahead and attack, Mewtwo!" Giovanni taunted. "MechaMew2 will just send it right back at you!"
So Mewtwo sent a shot at MechaMew2. It appeared to be a collection of Ash's happy memories: from when he first met Pikachu to when he and Misty danced at the Summer's End Festival at Maiden's Peak to when he released Butterfree to find a mate to when Pikachu decided to stay with him after the incident in the Pikachu Forest to when he won the Earth Badge to when Gary Oak lost at the Pokémon League Reigonal Championships to when he made friends with Ritchie to when he made it to the Top 16 in the Championships to when he saved the world with the help of Lugia, the 249th Pokémon to when he beat Drake the Dragonite Trainer to when he helped Mewtwo defeat Giovanni at Mt. Quena
"All right, MechaMew2," Giovanni commanded, "attack your counterpart!"
But MechaMew2 did nothing.
"What are you waiting for?" Giovanni was furious. "Attack!"
Suddenly, MechaMew2 turned toward its creator and began to speak. "Giovanni..."
"What the--?!" Giovanni was surprised to hear his own creation talking to him.
"The 'attack' I learned from Mewtwo was 'love', 'friendship', and 'caring'. Now that I know of these virtues..." At that point, MechaMew2 grabbed Giovanni around the neck.
"Ack!" Giovanni choked.
"...I won't let you carry out your evil plans!" Mecha-Mewtwo finished its statement.
As the automation choked its creator, Mewtwo turned to face Ash and Pikachu. "Stay back, you two. This could get ugly..." He summoned a Barrier that shielded around him, Ash, and Pikachu.
MechaMew2 prepared an attack on Giovanni. "The attack I'm now going to use to level you and this Gym will be my final attack... SELFDESTRUCT."
"No no no no no!" Giovanni pleaded. "I'll make you a deal - It will all be... ours?"

Mewtwo turned off his Barrier. Ash and Pikachu looked around at what was left of the Gym. The only part of it not completely destroyed by MechaMew2's Selfdestruct was the broom closet that Jessie and James had crashed into. Pikachu looked down at the limp, lifeless body of Giovanni.
"How did you defeat MechaMew2, Mewtwo?" Ash asked the 150th Pokémon.
Mewtwo gave his reply. "I took your happy memories and love, and taught them to MechaMew2. Because of that, it sacrificed itself to stop Giovanni from carrying out his world domination." He took off into the air and flew away. "Well, I'll be going now."
"Will I ever see you again?" Ash called.
"Maybe someday," Mewtwo answered, disappearing into the sky.
Just after Mewtwo disappeared, the broom closet opened up, for the door had been badly damaged by the Selfdestruct, and then the now-no-longer-members of Team Rocket tumbled out. Jessie was hugging James, who had kiss marks all over his face.
"Oof!" Jessie said, landing on James's head, which she didn't mind landing her lips on. "What'd we miss?" she interrogated to Ash.
"You won't believe it," Ash told the ex-Rockets, "but it looks like your Boss is out like a light!"
"That's good!" said James, weak from Jessie kissing him. "Or is that bad?"
"Ash!" a familiar feminine voice called from behind.
Misty, Brock, Delia, and Professor Oak came in, asking questions about the battle.
"Did you defeat Giovanni?"
"How did you do it?"
"Did you hit him with everything?"
"Why are Jessie and James in that broom closet?"
"Well..." Ash reached his right arm into his left jacket pocket and pulled out the Diamond Badge. "I won the Diamond Badge after all!" He struck a trademark victory pose.
"PIKA CHU!" Pikachu made the same pose.
Ash remembered that he still had to make it up to Misty. And he knew exactly how to do it.
"Uh... Misty?" Ash walked up to her. Blushing deeply, he held out the Diamond Badge. "I'd like to give you the Diamond Badge. It's my late birthday present to you."
Misty blushed real deep, and her heart beat really fast. "Oh, Ash, that's so sweet of you..." she said, picking the Diamond Badge from Ash's outstretched hand. "...but why?"
"Because..." Ash could now give only one explanation for giving the girl he loved the Badge he had won. He gave his answer. "...I love you, Misty."
A tear of joy fell from Misty's beautiful aqua eyes as Ash said that. "Oh, Ash..." she said, blushing hotter than she ever had before. "...I love you too!"
Happy to hear that, Ash and Misty embraced, and brought themselves together for their first kiss. This first kiss would be the start of a beautiful relationship. Someday, they would be dating. Someday, Ash would be putting an engagement ring on Misty's finger. Someday, they would be saying "I do", which they would seal with their first kiss as husband and wife. Someday, they'd have children. But for now, all they had on their minds was their first kiss.
Yay! Togepi cheered. Mommy and daddy are happy again!
The kiss broke soon after, leaving a mark of light pink lipstick on Ash's lips.
Professor Oak observed them gladly, Brock gave a "way to go!" thumbs-up, Pikachu and Togepi cheered them on, and Delia smiled at her son and future daughter-in-law. "Oh, that's so cute!" she said. "My little boy has gotten a girlfriend!"
"Mom!" Ash said to his mother. Misty hugged him around the neck, the Diamond Badge in her left hand. Ash paused for a bit, looked at how happy Misty was smiling, then turned back to Delia. "Well, I suppose you can kiss Pokémon Trainers if they're your son or boyfriend."
Misty tightened their embrace. "And you're always a Pokémon Master to me."

Ash: "One world... (Misty: "One world") Now and forever!
Best friends... (Others: "Best friends") Loyal and true!
One dream... (Others: "One dream") Put side by side!"
All: "There's nothing we can't do!"
Misty: "One hand... (Others: "One hand") Helping the other!"
Brock: "Each heart... (Others: "Each heart") Beating as one!"
Delia: "We live..." (Others: "We live") Oak: "Always together!"
All: "Sharing the same bright sun!
You & me & Pokémon!

(One world!) 'Till the end I will be with you!
(Best friends!) We will go where our dreams come true!
(One dream!) All the times that we have been through!
You will always be my best friends!

(One hand!) 'Till the end I will be with you!
(Each heart!) We will go where our dreams come true!
(We live!) All the times that we have been through!
You will always be my best friends!"

(All: "One world") Ash: "A magic feeling..." (All: "Best friends") Misty: "It's grown so strong..."
(All: "One dream") Oak: "Always leads me to the place where I belong..."
(All: "One hand") Delia: "Won't go away..." (All: "Each heart") Brock: "Never let me down..."
(All: "Best friends") All: "We've got the greatest friends that ever could be found!

Across every river! (Behind every tree!)
You & me & Pokémon! (Pokémon!)

(One world!) One world... Now and forever!
(Best friends!) Best friends... Loyal and true!
(One dream!) One dream... Put side by side!
There's nothing we can't do!
(One hand!) One hand... Helping the other!
(Each heart!) Each heart... Beating as one!
(We live!) We live... Always together!
Sharing the same bright sun!

You & me & Pokémon!
You & me & Pokémon!
You & me & Pokémon!
You & me & Pokémon!
You & me & Pokémon!
You & me & Pokémon!

One world!"

Jessie and James looked at each other.
James started to say something. "You think we should..."
"...go with them?" Jessie finished James's sentence as if they were already a married couple.
Meowth thought about it for a moment. "Guess so," he decided. "We'll probably do better as good guys!"
The good guys were just about getting ready to leave. Misty scooped up Togepi in her right arm, and put her left arm around Ash. Ash put his right arm around Misty, and they walked out with the others. Brock and Professor Oak gave Ash compliments for winning the battle, and Delia tried to get to know her future daughter-in-law better. Team Rocket followed them out, hoping to become good guys.
But no sooner had they left, when Giovanni opened his eyes and lifted himself up, shaking his fist in vengeance...

The End(?)